Mael Gauthier

All gay porn videos and gay porn pics of Mael Gauthier.

Mael Gauthier is a handsome Hungarian who will be featured on both Freshmen and BelAmiOnline. When he is on production he is one of our best-behaved models, never causing any drama and always doing his best in every scene.

He made his debut on BelAmi in a scene with Raphael Nyon and also recently put his very thick dick to good use recently fucking Christian Lundgren.

Apart from providing us with viewing pleasure, he is a talented interior designer in his home city and he wishes to pursue this as his career.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Mael Gauthier gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Sexy ripped young stud Jason Bacall lies outstretched naked on the edge of the Koi pond as he reaches down and touches his big soft uncut dick which is nestling between his legs.

Fellow young hottie Mael Gauthier comes bounding over to join Jason as they pose for the cameras.

Jason stands as Mael reclines with his arms above his head, between Jason’s legs showing off his armpits.

Mael has a smaller-looking dick than Jason when soft. It is very veiny and flops around as his balls jingle jangle.

Jason is the first to start wanking his dick, getting it nice and hard and fully erect, standing tall like a rocket.

He flips it back and forth with his hand, his erection bounces right and left and we see his big cock head appearing as his foreskin retreats.

As he stands straight for the photos he rubs his hands up and down his ripped muscular body.

Mael stands at the door, with his foreskin hiding his cockhead, with a smokingly hot look on his face.

He touches his soft dick and it becomes fully erect in seconds throbbing hard.

They both jerk their cocks sliding their foreskins back and forth.

Jason spins around flashing his bubble butt before the two sexy boys walk across the grass to the bench where they take turns stroking each others’ cocks until they both blow huge cumshots across their rippling abs.

The horny guys kiss before they embrace once again.Join them!

Mael Gauthier gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Our Boot Camp series continues with Serge Cavalli and Mael Gauthier.

In this installment we learn Serge’s thus far successful tactic for fucking all the cute guys asking his buddies to tell him their techniques.

This tactic works this time as well, though his enthusiasm almost scares poor Mael off.

Fortunately, Serge gets it all sorted out with the help of a translator.

It helps that Mael has wanted to fuck Serge almost as much as Serge wanted to be fucked.

Serge’s excess exuberance is forgiven as soon as Mael witnesses Serge’s love of big cock.

How can you not forgive him as you watch his eyes light up upon seeing Mael’s massive member?

To show there’s no hard feelings, Mael gives Serge a hard fucking, pounding him in every position imaginable until Serge shoots his load while Mael continues stimulating his prostate.

Mael, in turn, ejaculates all over Serge’s hole and then lovingly pushes it back inside…Join them!

Mael Gauthier’s reputation for shyness is undeserved. He’s just a bit more reserved than the rest of our rowdy bunch. Two members of that bunch, Kevin and Adam, attempt to break Mael from his shell through a benevolent prank.

They tell him he is coming for a photo shoot, but their real intention is for him to give Pip Caulfield the fucking of his life. He’s surprised at first but recovers quickly enough to show Pip why Hungarians have a reputation for being great lovers.

Pip’s appreciation for his lover’s skills is matched by his love of cock evident throughout the video. Mael shows equal enthusiasm for Pip’s ass as he pushes his huge creamy load back into him….Join them!

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