Hans Lagerfeld

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Hardcore gay twink threesome Jim Durden, Hans Lagerfeld and John Leto big uncut dick ass fucking.

Jim is supposed to be the training supervisor in today’s scene between Hans and John, but as we all suspected, he is totally unable to remain on the sidelines.

Barely a minute passes before he is in the thick of the action, and a good thing that is too, as Jim can always be relied upon to turn up the heat in any encounter.

John Leto is our Lucky Pierre in this scene as he takes turns sucking and getting fucked by both our horny trainers.

Not to be left out, we have a surprise twist in the middle here when Hans decides that he likes the look of getting fucked by Jim just a little too much, and sidelines the newbie in favor of his own pleasure.

John doesn’t get completely left out though, as after the 2 old pros have sown their seed all over each other they return their attention to him to make sure that the session is one John will remember for quite some time.

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It’s the morning after Bruce Querelle’s birthday party and he’s bleary-eyed and just fixed himself a wake-up coffee when sexy young stud Hans Lagerfeld knocks at the door.

Hans had been eyeing Bruce throughout the previous evening’s party and they had flirted back and forth without actually speaking to each other.

Now horny Hans is not going to waste another second as he grabs ahold of Bruce’s hand and drags him to the sofa where he handcuffs Bruce’s hands together behind his back.

Bruce undresses Hans then sucks down hard on his huge erect uncut twink dick choking it down to the back of his throat, making him gag as it hits the spot.

With Hans’s hot bubble ass fully exposed Bruce bends down and runs his tongue along Hans’s ass crack getting it deep into his tight hole.

Hans loves Bruce’s rim job and he presses his ass down repeatedly onto Bruce’s face.

With his hole lubed to the max Bruce forces his slim raw uncut dick into his well-lubed asshole bare fucking him with large deep and long strokes going balls deep and making Hans moan with intense pleasure.

Hans enjoys the feeling of Bruce’s cock moving deeply inside him as Bruce picks up speed rhythmically barebacking the hottie twink.

They switch up positions a few times with the fucking getting harder and deeper until Hans can hold off no longer before he erupts spraying his hot creamy jizz all over his abs.

On seeing Hans’s orgasm Bruce pulls out and coats Hans’s bubble butt with cum before fucking his cum back inside as they kiss and enjoy a romantic moment together….Join them!

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Today Jerome Exupery is learning how to be behind the camera instead of in front. He is lucky as both Matt Thurman and Hans Lagerfeld are super horny with raging hard-ons.

As they sit next to each other on the couch, Jerome asks to see them kiss.

Hans is a little shy at first but once they lock lips he gets taken away with the action.

They kiss passionately while jerking each others’ long uncut dicks.

Matt gets on his knees and swallows Hans’s thick young dick making him moan with delight. The boys aren’t fazed at all by the cameras.

Hans enjoys Matt’s expert cocksucking skills before he leans forward and wraps his tongue around Matt’s big uncut cock licking it from tip to base before nibbling at his foreskin and tongue washing his big mushroom cockhead.

Matt then pushes Hans down onto the couch and lifts his legs in the air to expose his slightly hairy butt hole.

With both hands, Matt parts Hans’s ass cheeks and runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before plunging his tongue deep into his hot hole.

This makes Matt relax and he just wants to be fucked by Matt’s huge young cock.

Matt doesn’t disappoint as he pushes his big erect dick into Hans’s asshole until he is up to his balls then he pulls out slowly before pressing home again.

A couple of times, Hans is close to orgasm but Matt relaxes his anal onslaught just a touch and Hans continues to enjoy the feeling of Matt’s thick dick moving inside him.

They switch up positions a number of times, each time Matt’s ass pummelling gets harder and deeper.

Then without warning Hans can hold off no longer and cums, spraying his hot jizz across his abs and chest like a fireman’s hose.

Matt seeing all this cum, pulls out and explodes jizz all over Hans’s bare asshole before fucking his load back inside.

The two boys, then kiss sweetly and enjoy a cummy embrace.Join them!

Fortunately, Kevin exhibits the same energy and enthusiasm for interviewing and filming our Freshmen cuties as he does for fucking them.

Kevin’s persistence is why his interviews have been nearly as revelatory as the solos afterwards. Let’s see how Hans Lagerfield holds up against the dogged questioning of our intrepid on-set reporter…Join him!

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