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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Yannis Paluan gay porn scenes at Sean Cody

As all the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys gather around the outdoor dining table, Deacon’s gaze keeps coming back to cute brunette twink Yannis Paluan.

Their flirty eye contact grows more intense, and when Yannis gets up, Deacon follows.

Inside, Yannis immediately sucks the top’s cock on a chaise, and Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him doggy style.

Deacon penetrates the twink in missionary, then Yannis asks, “Can I ride you now?” “Get up here!” the top replies eagerly, enjoying the view of Yannis’s tight ass bouncing on his cock.

Yannis cums as Deacon pounds his hole, then takes a hot facial.Join them!

Yannis Paluan gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Today we have a hot gay Freshmen orgy with hot tops Yannis Paluan and Eluan Jeunet bareback fucking Tom Houston and Ashton Montana’s hot asshole.

The sexy foursome starts off chatting on the sofa in just their Calvin Klein undies. A few of them are already sporting hard erect dicks tenting their underwear.

The sex is hardcore and Tom and Ashton’s hot holes take a pumelling from Yannis and Eluan’s huge uncut dicks.Join them!

Big muscle boy Yannis Paluan is on his knees sucking down hard on Viggo Sorensen’s thick uncut dick making him moan in delight.

Ripped muscle stud Viggo is rubbing his nipples as Yannis’ lips envelope his big cock all the way to his balls.

Yannis spins Viggo around opening up his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, getting his tongue in there, licking his ass crack, and probing his hot hole getting it nice and wet.

Yannis stands sliding his shorts and underwear down just enough to release his massive erect cock.

He presses his hard dick deep into Viggo’s tight muscular boy hole, making him moan, again and again, each time getting deeper.

Viggo braces against the wall, pushing his bubble butt down onto Yannis’s dick.

They switch up positions a number of times finally with Viggo in reverse cowboy sinking his hot hole hard onto Yaninis’s powerful cock.

Viggo grinds his asshole down repeatedly feeling every inch of Yannis’s dick throbbing inside him.

Yannis is first to shoot his load, he pulls out quickly and coats Viggo’s ass with his massive cum load….Join them!

Yannis Paluan and Mario Texeira star in another episode of our Budapest Adventure series.

The sexy boys Yannis and Mario are visiting the city and enjoying the sunny weather.

After flirting continuously during the day the horny pair head back to their apartment to get to know each other better.

As soon as they arrive they strip off each others’ clothes.

Mario kisses Yannis passionately when Yannis falls to the floor taking Mario’s huge twink uncut dick deep to the back of his throat.

Mario returns the favor sucking Yannis’ big uncut dick licking it from the mushroom top to his low hanging balls.

Yannis parts Mario’s ass cheeks getting his wet tongue deep into Mario’s hot boy hole.

Yannis fucks Mario in doggie style in strong long strokes with his thick dick sliding in and out of Mario’s tight asshole.

They switch up positions to reverse cowboy with Mario taking control grinding his hole down deep onto Yannis’ huge uncut cock.

The hardcore bareback fucking continues until Mario shoots his load across his abs quickly followed by Yannis who pulls out just as he showers them both with his cum. He then fucks the cum back into Yannis before Mario sucks his cummy cock….Join them!

Yannis Paluan is a very impatient young man, he’s acting all nervous before he is due to fuck sexy partner Bruce Querelle’s hot bubble butt.

Fans are already well acquainted with both these young dudes. And they have been in action with many other of the Belami Boys.

Today in part one of a two-parter we see Yannis is bareback fucking Bruce’s hole with his huge twink dick.

Tomorrow in part two the roles are reversed…Join them!

Yannis Paluan gay porn scenes at Belami Online

The 4th episode from our hit mini-series, ‘BelAmi X Sean Cody’ features Sean Cody star Deacon along with long-time BelAmi fan-favorite Yannis Paluan.

Deacon tops Yannis in various positions in this chemistry heavy scene between these two sexy, beefy stars.

Don’t miss this standout episode from this extraordinary series.Join them!

Jerome Exupery is always horny for sex no matter what the time of day or place.

Most times his advances are reciprocated and at other times he needs to learn to wait for his moment, especially in the early morning when some of the other cuties are still waking up from the night before.

First Jerome asks Yannis Paluan if he wants to have his big banana in the supermarket and then again later when he is chatting on his phone. Both times poor Jerome gets blown off with a little irritation.

After two days without sex, Jerome tries one final time as he walks into the kitchen with his massive uncut dick super erect, bouncing around menacingly between his legs.

Bingo this time Yannis is in the mood and he pulls down his shorts to expose his own throbbing erection.

The sexy boys rub their hard dicks together as Jerome pulls Yannis in for a hot kiss.

They start making out as Yannis kneels down on the floor with Jerome flicking his tongue deeply along his smooth ass crack getting his tongue into his tight young ass hole.

Then with Yannis braced against a bar stool, Jerome presses home his solid thick uncut monster dick splitting apart Yannis’s ass hole getting his slick dick balls deep into his hole.

Yannis moans loudly with every stroke of Jerome’s huge cock moving inside him inch by inch. Yannis just loves that feeling.

He twists his nipples increasing the sensation as Jerome pummels his bubble butt.

The bareback anal fucking continues until both young studs are close to orgasm. While Jerome’s rampant dick is deep inside his hot asshole Yannis loses control and fires off a volley of huge cumshots across his ripped abs and chest.

He’s quickly followed by Jerome who pulls out briefly to coat Yannis’s own hot ass with a huge jizz load before fucking his cum back inside Yanni’s freshly fucked ass….Join them!

Sexy ripped young dude Yannis Paluan and hot blonde stud Olaf Mortensen in just their underwear make out kissing on the bed and feeling each others’ tight bodies.

Yannis moves down and sucks Olaf’s small still soft uncut cock which is nestling in a hairy bush of public hair.

It gets harder as Yannis envelopes the full length in his mouth getting his tongue around the inside of his foreskin.

Yanni’s expert blowjob makes Olaf moan with pleasure as he licks the pink mushroom head.

As Olaf wanks his cock, Yannis uses his hands to open Olaf’s hairy ass cheeks running his tongue along his ass crack and getting his tongue deep into Olaf’s tight hole.

Then with Olaf on all fours on the bed, Yannis plunges his bareback cock into Olaf’s asshole moving in long strong strokes each time getting deeper and pressing harder.

Olaf moaning gets louder and more frequent as Yannis raw ass pummeling increases in intensity.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Olaf pushing his ass back down hard onto Yannis’s throbbing bare dick until Olaf can hold off no more.

Olaf is first to spray cum all over his abs and chests before Yannis empties his balls blowing jizz all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking his load back into Olaf’s freshly fucked hole….Join them!

We continue our week of big dick flip flop fucks. Today we have Enrique Vera and Yannis Paluan who both have a huge appetite for sex.

Enrique loves to go out looking for sex, he is definitely the one on the hunt. Yannis, however, is much more relaxed and loves to enjoy a steady stream of good friends with benefits.

Both guys give us an excellent exhibition of their oral skills before Yannis decides that he will be the first of the two to take on the role of top…Join them!

The “Guest Star” for this scene is porn superstar Blake Mitchell. Our original intent was to have the entire Blake Mitchell series on BelAmiOnline.

We decided it would be wrong to deprive our Freshmen fanatics a taste of Blake, so we scheduled this scene with Yannis Paluan. The scene begins with an extensive outdoor workout session. This will be live on BelAmi soon.

Afterwards, the guys decide to take a shower. It might seem strange that Blake is showering with his glasses on.

Blake’s choice was wearing them in the shower or missing out on seeing Yannis’ perfect sexy body and supple ass wet and glistening from the water. What would you do? We suspect that Yannis would have preferred to top.

Sadly, Yannis didn’t get what he wanted. Happily, judging by the copious amount of cum Blake’s thick uncut cock power-fucked out of him, he certainly got what he needed.

Those who wish to see more of Blake may do so at BelAmiOnline.Join them!

The last of our new boys to be introduced here this year is Yannis Paluan. Some of you will already be familiar with Yannis from our documentaries and from BelAmiChat. Yannis is an extremely personable young guy who seems to get along well with everyone.

His spoken English is almost flawless and to top it all off, he is cute, sexy and loves sex.

We filmed this scene especially for Christmas with Nils Tatum and you will get to see more of Yannis early in the new year over on them!

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