Christian Lundgren

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Blond, tall and handsome Christian Lundgren’s stage name was chosen to loosely connect him with Dolph Lambert. In the beginning he was quite reluctant to shoot, but later became very enthusiastic and ambitious to become a 1st class model and we have no reason to believe that he won’t achieve that goal.

Contrary to Helmut and Jerome he is much more serious and has a bit of a missionary streak to his personality, reading too many self help books and trying to spread his book found positive energy around, which sometimes annoys the other boys who get theirs from a much more innate place.

He is quickly becoming the 4th ‘Musketeer’ in our team and once he starts to exercise some more we think that he may become a replacement for Kris Evans.

Hair Color: Blond Brown
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Gray
Dick Size: 6.5 inch dick / 16.5 cms
Height: 6’2″ / 190 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 190lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Finding suitable sexual partners for Jack Harrer is not an easy task. He has fucked just about everyone able to walk and handle his dick size.

So, the idea of filming him with Christian Lundgren proved a lucky one as both boys enjoyed the sex. This is one of your video treats for the summer…Join them!

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Belami says: Belami hottie blonde boy Christian Lundgren’s hole fucked by Nils Tatum’s huge uncut cock

It’s always good to mix things up. Last week we didn’t let anyone know that Christian had been fucked by Nils as part of a 2-day special. Today, Nils is taking Christian for a good pounding. It’s great that they can both fuck, since we don’t know whether Christian’s attempts are good for eating. Although the eggs are questionable Christian’s sex is a delectable treat and Nils isn’t a slouch in getting his share.

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Christian Lundgren, a blonde Christian Lundgren, who is a blonde, and Bruce Querelle, a dark-haired model, both are featured in this special flip flop. Both are quieter and more sensual models. They don’t have many of the raunchy behaviors but are still fun to watch while in the bed. Also, they are also 2 of the sexiest males. Both guys have more scenes in the bottom, but they are here to show us that they can make excellent tops. Christian is first up taking his turn on Bruce’s succulent hole and in part 2 (already posted on the website) our dark-haired legionnaire is given his turn on what is likely to be the most coveted ass around here.

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Blonde young ripped stud Niall Morris’s huge uncut dick raw fucking Christian Lundgren’s hot bubble ass.

It is always a sunny day when we can have a scene with the one and only Christian Lundgren.

Blond and beautiful, frisky and fit, he is truly the perfect model whenever you need a bottom with outstanding skills and talent or just want a healthy dose of physical perfection.

Today he has been tasked by BFF Hoyt to go out and test some potential threesome partners.

After doing the rounds of all the regulars, he settles on fellow blond Niall Morris.

While we are pretty sure that Hoyt meant for him to test the guy out as a bottom, Christian’s natural instincts get the better of him, and pretty soon cute and lean Niall is trying his best to satisfy Christian’s every wish and treating him a fuck that has to be every bit as good as Hoyt’s.

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Sexy ripped young stud Jeroen Mondrian’s huge uncut dick raw fucking hottie dude Christian Lundgren.

If Jeroen is your local TV repairman, I’m sure that all of us will be disconnecting the cable and requesting a ‘service’ call.

What may just be a fantasy for us is a reality for Christian Lundgren today as he admits to not being the most technical-minded person around and has to call in Jeroen for some emergency help.

Of course, once the repairman is there, he couldn’t let him go without requesting a service of another kind as well.

Beautifully filmed and acted, today’s scene starts with an extended shower from Christian before moving on to the main action.

As expected, both guys deliver a great show for us here today, and we hope that you enjoy two of our sexiest guys in action.Join them!

Today we have two fan favorites Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren holding a teach-in with newbie young cutie Frederick Perin.

Frederick feels ready for a bottoming masterclass lesson from our two experienced guys.

Hoyt and Christian are both accomplished lovers and they enjoy the privilege of being able to choose their scene partners and they both hit on Frederick as the obvious choice for their first-class choice for a scorching threesome.

Whilst we expected Hoyt to top today, we were blown away when Christian suggested he wanted to also fuck Frederik, so our newbie receives two huge uncut cocks and the full-on attention of two of the sexiest young men who have ever graced our screens.

The sex here is pretty intense, so get ready to give your marks for Frederick in the 3way masterclass.Join them!

When it comes to fidelity and monogamy there can be no better examples than our two power couples of Adam Archuleta and Christian Lundgren, and Andre Boleyn and Jerome Exupery.

Their love and devotion to each other set an example that we all could follow.

That is of course only up until they are no longer in the same room together, and as soon as Jerome boards the train to Bratislava their horny boyfriends are up to their usual tricks and have roped in Adam and Andre as substitute boyfriends for the day.

The original plan was for Adam to arrive with his tools so that they could assemble some furniture, but Adam definitely has another ‘tool’ that he wants to use today.

Great sex, sexy boys, and a lot of fun, just what we all need for the new year and we hope you enjoy this all-star 4way today.Join them!

After the hot fucking between Christian Lundgren and Antony Lorca, Christian’s boyfriend Hoyt Kogan returns to find Christian alone.

Hot muscle dude Hoyt is a little suspicious as Christian is covered in cum. He tastes the jizz and says this is not from you, is it?

Hoyt then hearing the shower, heads to the bathroom and finds a stranger, Antony Lorca cleaning himself off.

After a brief discussion, Hoyt starts to make out with Anthony under the water shower.

They are joined by Christian Lundgren who wants to make it up to Hoyt.

The three dry off and make their way to the bedroom where they lie on the bed sucking each others’ huge young dicks.

Anthony lies between the sexy boyfriends sucking first on Hoyt and then on Christian’s big uncut cocks.

While Anthony is blowing Christian, Hoyt slides his huge uncut dick deep into Christian’s hot bare hole till he is balls deep inside fucking him in long forceful strokes.

Anthony then takes over barebacking Christian’s hot hole while Christian rims Hoyt’s bubble butt asshole.

The sexy boys are all close to orgasm first up is Hoyt who gives Christian a huge cum facial quickly followed by Anthony who pulls out just in time to spray a huge cum load all over Christian’s ass before fucking the cum back inside his freshly fucked ass.

So all three lie back exhausted on the bed arm in arm like three musketeers that sure makes for being a merry threesome after all….Join them!

Today is the day that sexy blonde young stud Christian Lundgren’s boyfriend Hoyt Hogan is moving out of their shared apartment.

A new dark-haired dude Antony Lorca is moving in.

Christian is missing Hoyt’s big cock already and is thinking of going back to using his huge dildo to get his daily dose of big dicks.

He soon realizes that Anthony might just be a suitable big dicked alternative and they start making out as soon as he arrives.

Anthony smothers Christian’s hot ripped young body with sensual kisses, all the way from his sweet lips down to his huge erect cock which he sucks down hard with his big mushroom cockhead hitting the back of his throat.

Anthony blows his dick whilst probing his asshole with his fingers getting him nice and ready for his own huge dick.

As Christian lies on the bed with his knees together and his legs held aloft Anthony forces his big hard cock deep into Christian’s tight ass hole, getting it balls deep with long hard strokes.

From all the moaning it is clear that Christian loves the feeling of Anthony’s inches moving inside his raw ass, he can feel every thrust, making him horny for more.

The switch positions with Christian in a sideways missionary position allowing Anthony hardcore bareback pummeling to pick up speed as both horny studs get close to orgasm.

Anthony stops briefly to catch his breath before once again hammering his raw cock home as Christian’s moaning gets louder, he can feel his cum rising up from his balls, not long now.

Christian tighten’s his ass muscles gripping Anthony’s fuck tool as Anthony wanks Christian’s dick too.

First Christian loses control firing off a huge volley of cum shots all over the place.

He’s quickly followed by Anthony who pulls out spraying Christian’s bubble butt with his huge jizz load before shoving his wet cock back inside Christian….Join them!

Today it is the first day of Sex Safari week with both Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning enjoy their time in Cape Town.

Both these sexy boys have a few fetishes that turn them on. Christian is really turned on by a guy’s feet and he licks Kieran’s bare feet in the bathtub.

After he has licked and kissed Kieran’s feet he settles down to his first love, sucking down hard on a guy’s big rock hard dick.

Kieran is the perfect partner to fulfill this desire as well, bareback fucking his ass in every position imaginable until Christian cannot hold back any longer and erupts with a huge load of sticky love…Join them!

Hoyt Kogan and Christian Lundgren are easily two of Belami’s most sexiest models and are a couple in real life. So they are hooking up both in front of the camera and behind also.

Hoyt is known for being a little aloof with scene partners but this all changes when Christian is on the receiving end and it is clear that the pair share a special bond.

So today we are up for a very hot bareback fucking scene. Christian rides Hoyt’s huge raw dick violently until he orgasms spraying cum all over them both before Hoyt releases his own cum load…Join them!

This is the finale of our quartet of American Lovers scenes this season, and there could not be a better way to go out than with our own Christian Lundgren and Falcon’s Ryan Rose before his retirement.

There is no denying that Ryan is one hell of a top and the perfect scene partner for Christian, who loves to bottom.

We start the scene with Christian showing Ryan some of his favorite places in Prague before we head back to the bedroom and Christian gets to experience his first American Lover….Join them!

Torsten Ullman has had the hots for Christian Lundgren for quite a while, but has never had the opportunity to seduce him before now.

The boys start the seduction in the gardens of the Castle before heading inside to the bath and eventually the bed.

As we have come to expect from Christian, he literally explodes with cum while being fucked by Torsten, and then offers his other end so that he can taste as much of Torsten’s load as possible…Join them!

We have been saving this Kris Evans scene for you for a little while now. We always thought that this combination of power top and hungry bottom would be a great one to film and we certainly were not mistaken.

The more that Kris gives, the more Christian Lundgren wants.

Overall, Kris spent more than 10 years filming with us, and his wealth of experience shines through here, enhanced by the fact that Christian is another of our models who really appreciates a great body and there is nothing that Kris loves more than being appreciated, and he shows that with one of the biggest loads he’s ever shot…Join them!

It must be true love if Rhys Jagger is willing to forego a threesome with Joel Birkin based only on Christian Lundgren’s insecurities.

Luckily just the willingness to do it is enough for Christian and there long awaited threesome goes ahead as planned.

Before watching the scene I was pretty sure it was going to be Joel who fucks both of the others, so I was more than a little surprised to see Christian taking his turn at topping first.

Not that his beautiful ass gets left out in this scene with both Rhys and Joel taking turns in fucking him afterwards…Join them!

Our two blondes, Zac Dehaan and Christian Lundgren, have been on the set for a couple of days by this time and somehow managed to miss out on the action, so they decide to take things into their own hand.

Everywhere they look there are already couple and groups fucking, so they end up settling for the first private spot they can find, an empty bed in the barn.

After reading your comments about Christian in the forum and for his scenes, we see that he has developed quite a following.

His intense but reserved sensuality really comes to the fore when he is getting a good fucking, as he does from Zac today…Join them!

This is the finale of Christian’s Accidental Lovers, and it certainly looks like George saved the best for last for us in this series. Christian Lundgren lover for this flip flop special is fellow blond beauty Jon Kael.

Both boys have a reputation for being excellent bottoms and in this scene they are out to impress us with their skills at topping as well. It seems like just yesterday when we were welcoming both of these boys onto the website, but already they have developed into expert lovers, being able to respond to their partner and anticipate their every need.

In part one we have Christian waking up alone in bed and having to head to the bathroom to find Jon already horny and starting to jerk off. Christian though has other ideas and happily surrenders his ass for Jon’s pleasure.

The roles are reversed in part 2, but I’m still not sure if I can pick a favorite part as both are equally arousing…Join them!

Today we have another of Christian Lundgren’s Accidental Lovers, Andrei Karenin. A night out on the town may have put Andrei to sleep as soon as they got home, but it certainly made him as horny as hell the next morning.

This is a high energy encounter between two expert lovers as their primitive urges take over and we move from serene ‘wake up’ sex, to some of the most frenetic love making we have seen for a while.

Whatever Andrei can give Christian takes and then asks for more. Maybe Christian have just discovered the best hangover prevention ever…Join them!

The scene was originally filmed to be shown over 2 days, but it didn’t quite turn out as we hoped, so we turned it into the one day version that you see here today and as a result we all get double the cum and double the fun. Christian Lundgren and Brian Jovovich bareback ass fucking orgy…Join them!

We started our ‘Christian’s Accidental Lovers’ special last week with a scene featuring Brian Jovovich, and today Christian Lundgren is back, but this time on his own answering the probing questions of GD. Christian’s follow up solo will be coming our way on May 5, but in the meantime take a look here and see what you will learn about Christian…Join him!

Our final double scene this month is with Christian Lundgren and Rocco Alfieri. (We will have a special coming up with Christian right after ‘Loving Kris’ is over). The boys are back at home here after a fairly heady evening where Brian’s recent ex had tried hard to pick up Christian.

Luckily Rocco was there to keep him safe from marauding hands and keep him all to himself. In the first part of this scene we have Rocco fucking Christian, and to exercise a little equality in the relationship they swap roles for part 2 on Saturday.

Like day and night, these 2 seem like the perfect couple, both different but completely complimentary…Join them!

Apart from Lars and Kevin, we also have another rising star that is featured on both our websites during the holiday period, and that is Christian Lundgen. When we talk about our group of ‘Musketeers’ they can normally be divided into 2 sets of couples.

Firstly there is Jerome and Helmut, and then making up the other half are Hoyt Kogan and Christian. In today’s scene it is Christian bottoming for Hoyt. As a bit of side news, Christian moved into the same apartment as Helmut and Jerome a little while ago, bringing our newest Musketeer even closer into the core group, so expect some very exciting things next year…Join them!