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Rocco Alfieri’s name came from an unexpected source. It was actually recommended by our Italian friend, Lucas Kazan. To be precise, because of Rocco’s Italian look, Lucas recommended 3 different names and this is what we settled on.

The boy himself comes from the same village close to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) as Andre Boleyn. I suspect Andre lusted after him in private for a while, and bring him to work for us was his way to get to have sex with him without have to admit the attraction.

As for Rocco he is smiley, has a sense of humor and is very sensual. He is trained as a waiter and cook and currently works at one of Prague’s classier restaurants. As you may know from his interview, his ambition is to open his own restaurant.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Aquarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 5.75 inch dick (17.5cms)
Height: 5’7″ (187cms)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 144lbs (65kgs)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Hoyt Kogan and Rocco Alfieri are both archetypal beauties, and this scene was originally shot as a boutique scene for KinkyAngels. Since we determined to keep occasionally keep releasing KA scenes here we decided to make this this week’s cover scene…Join them!

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Today Rocco Alfieri is introducing a new Belami boy Thom Jacobs. Rocco will take him through his first tentative steps and although Thom is very nervous, Rocco will guide him gently. Rocco assures Thom that he suffered from first-time nerves but he soon got over them.

Marty’s introduction explains that in a previous scene, Rocco broke a record in that he managed to hold off cumming for two hours. Not sure if that is a record to be proud of as a gay porn star, surely delivering on time is what you need. I am sure he was also nervous trying to produce the goods. Anyway, no such problem today as Rocco literally fucks the cum out of newbie Thom.

Rocco is a gentle caring top who can’t hold off too long and shoots a huge load of jizz all over Thom’s back, before licking all of his cum and feeding it back to his buddy…Join them!

Belami orgy with Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Rocco ALfieri, Yuri Alpatow and Scott Reeves. There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as with open with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble in the snow. (Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by Marty Stevens.)

When the boys all get back inside it does not take them long to gravitate to Joel’s dick in this cum filled oral adventure. As it is a 2 part scene, you know we are in for a treat tomorrow as they all get together for a good old fashioned, although small, orgy…Join them!

Our final double scene this month is with Christian Lundgren and Rocco Alfieri. (We will have a special coming up with Christian right after ‘Loving Kris’ is over). The boys are back at home here after a fairly heady evening where Brian’s recent ex had tried hard to pick up Christian.

Luckily Rocco was there to keep him safe from marauding hands and keep him all to himself. In the first part of this scene we have Rocco fucking Christian, and to exercise a little equality in the relationship they swap roles for part 2 on Saturday.

Like day and night, these 2 seem like the perfect couple, both different but completely complimentary…Join them!

There’s something about Gregg Meyjes. I’m not talking about his haircut nor of his sexy toned body or his gorgeous sharp roman profile. It’s something else. Maybe Rocco Alfieri has something to do with the incredible load size his carrying in his hair at the end of the scene…Join them!