Serge Cavalli

All gay porn sex pics and gay porn sex videos of Belami Boy Serge Cavalli. Freshmen gay porn star Serge Cavalli is naked jerking his huge uncut cock cumming all over his ripped six-pack abs.

Whilst Serge Cavalli has been primarily a Freshmen model throughout 2017, next year will see him have a greater presence on BelAmiOnline as well.

His debut scene was bottoming for Hoyt Kogan, but Serge is a truly versatile model and you will get to see plenty of him both topping and bottoming in the future.

He is an avid football player, and personally thinks that he looks a lot like Christiano Ronaldo.

We’re not so sure about the similarity, but we are sure that he is a great performer.

One of his dreams is to win a ‘Porn Oscar’

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’11”
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 176lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Serge Cavalli gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hottie young top stud Torsten Ullman’s massive thick uncut dick splits bottom boy Serge Cavalli’s ass cheeks
Today is a day when the big boys come out to play. This week’s edition of our feature update has us channeling a blond and brunette version of Serge Cavalli and Torsten Ullman, respectively. Because today’s models are both extremely horny and extremely experienced lovers, it is reasonable to anticipate that there will be a lot of sparks flying between them. We are so fortunate that Serge is currently in super-slutty bottom mode and just can’t get enough of Torsten’s rock-hard cock because he is making our lives so much better. Although for some guys the bottoming phase ends the minute they cum, it does not appear to have this effect on Serge as it just seems to heighten his desire to be fucked more intensely.
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Ripped young muscle dude Niko Vangelis’s massive uncut dick barebacking active bottom Serge Cavalli.

Since the first match ended in a 1-1 draw, we thought that we definitely needed a rematch, so here we are back with Niko and Serge for round two.

After all the energy expended moments ago, Niko is ravished and can think of nothing more than Serge’s cake.

Luckily he is more than happy to indulge him with some hungry ass-eating and cock sucking in lieu of cake.

While Serge is quite nice to watch as a top, for us he is always at his best with a dick buried deep inside his ass.

In an instinctual way, Serge responds to every thrust from Niko, whether it be from his tongue, finger, or cock.

Serge may be the bottom here, but there is no way to describe him as passive.

While he is not quite as demanding as Marcel, he is definitely a ‘take-the-lead’ kind of bottom and knows what he wants from his top.

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Young hottie stud Serge Cavalli’s massive uncut dick raw fucking sexy boy Niko Vangelis’s hot hole.

Today is going to be all about hockey.

Good little house-husband Serge has prepared everything so that Niko can just come in and enjoy watching the game, that is except for the fact that Serge actually has no intention of letting Niko watch the match at all.

Luckily for us, he wants to exchange the puck for a fuck, and cannot wait to get his hands all over his buddy’s buff body, and his raging boner inside Niko’s beefy ass.

There is a lot of high-energy fucking between these two jocks as Serge pummels and pounds his hunky lover until he shoots his load all over Niko’s raw hole.

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Sexy young ripped studs Enrique Vera, Serge Cavalli and Kirk Gauguin’s big uncut dick ass fucking.

The second of our threesomes this week is more of a classic BelAmi than what you saw on Tuesday and features Kirk, Serge, and Enrique in action together.

Serge is the bottom for this fuckfest, and for the first time he cannot keep up with the pounding that he gets from his buddies and actually needs to a break.

Luckily the temptation of 2 beautiful dicks is too much and his ‘time out’ literally only lasts a few seconds.

It is Kirk’s fat dick that finally pushes Serge over the edge and he shoots his load into the eagerly awaiting mouth of Enrique before both our tops follow suit and cover our eager bottom with tons of sticky white cum.

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Ripped hotties Serge Cavalli’s hot holes fucked by Bruce Querelle and Riff Dornan’s huge uncut cocks.

There is no doubt that this is THE update of the week, maybe even the month as we join Serge, Bruce, and Riff, all prime examples of physical perfection, in this very hot and sexy threesome.

With this dream team of guys, it always had to be Serge who was going to be the meat in this sex sandwich, a role this he seems to relish more than most.

Those of you who enjoy rimming are in for a special treat, as it is also one of Bruce’s favorite activities, and he gives Serge an extended example of his talents in this field, savoring the taste of Serge’s ever eager hole.

Following this tasting entre, he is straight onto the main course, stuffing his buddy with his rock-hard dick.

Once Bruce has done the job of loosening up Serge, it is Riff’s turn to fill him up again before we finish off with Bruce yet again finally seasoning his buddy’s ass with copious loads of cum. Wanna see more of hot sex scenes with Riff Dornan at Freshmen here. and more of Serge Cavalli here. Catch all Bruce Querelle’s hardcore scenes also here.Join them!

Today’s hot post has Belami boy Serge Cavalli introducing a new young hottie Randy Squire.

Serge has been busy training up Randy to take a big hard cock up his virgin ass hole and he’s come on in leaps and bounds as you can see.

While we all know a lot about Serge, there is not much that we can tell you about Randy.

He came along, seemed very enthusiastic about the shoot, and then, as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone again.

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy his sole hardcore scene with us here today.Join them!

We are privileged to be able to see into the wonderful world of BelAmi Land, where everything is always perfect, all the horny young men guys are always on the hunt and always ready for it.

Our sexy young tour guides Niko Vangelis and Serge Cavalli take us on a journey into this sexual Shangri-la, when they hook up in part due to their mutual friendship with the otherwise unidentified secret ‘Tom’.

They’ve met up earlier in the park, where Serge manages to convince Niko that they should return to his apartment where they can find some more fun things to do.

Of course, as with all young pups of their age, their list of fun things involves plenty of passionate kissing, big uncut cock sucking, and hardcore bare bubble ass fucking.

Serge is going to bottom today, well we are in full fantasy mode, aren’t we?

He has a wonderfully calm and understated persona who never tries to hog the spotlight, and he is probably equal to Marcel Gassion when it comes to displaying such a lovely vibe.

As we had Marcel bottoming last week for Ariel (here), you can take a look and let us know who you think bottoms the best?Join them!

Timothy Blue has made the grade moving up from Freshmen to Belami with his debut scene with Serge Cavalli.

As we are all here to see our guys fucking it is easy to forget that some of them have talents other than sex. Today we learn that the guitar is one of Timothy’s skills but not Serge’s. As Timothy plays Serge makes up his own little love song.

Despite the effort, we’re not sure that either boy will make a living musically, so it is fortunate that they are both accomplished fuckers and can certainly make some cash that way…Join them!

Serge Cavalli is back again for our next American Lovers scene with Brazilian model, Alam Wernik. Last time we saw Serge he was getting fucked as part of NakedSword’s Last Rose movie, so we are happy to bring him back here to demonstrate his talents as a truly versatile performer. Since it only seems that people want to comment on the use of condoms in these scenes we have decided to save the effort of typing them again and disabled the comments section…Join them!

Our final scene for this week’s Jambo Africa brings us our diary cameraman, Adam Archuleta together with Serge Cavalli.

While we don’t get beaches, sand and surf, we do get a new look at a different part of South Africa and it’s wide open, and rural interior.

Both boys here seem oddly suited to this environment and relish the chance of some outdoor, rural love-making…Join them!

Our final scene for this month’s Jambo Africa stars Enrique Vera and Serge Cavalli.

As you would have noticed we have been integrating more videos from our new cameramen into the series as they bring a fresh new approach with them.

Luke, Marty, and Lukas however still provide the backbone of our filming, and this is another fine scene brought to us by Luke Hamill.

Both of our models here are what we would describe as ‘crossover’ models who started with more content on Freshmen, but gradually become more staples here on BelAmiOnline.

Serge and Enrique are well matched physically and both equally adept as top or bottom.

Last year we showed you a studio flip-flop with them both which ended up one of the highest rated scenes of the year, so we hope you enjoy them just as much here today…Join them!

Serge Cavalli gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Sexy dark haired twink Serge Cavalli’s bubble butt raw fucked by Riff Dornan’s huge uncut dick.

Power bottom Serge Cavalli is introduced to Riff Dornan and it is clearly a good match.

Serge loves giant cocks and Riff has exactly what he needs.

After an intense blowjob, Serge offers his ass for Riff to penetrate.

Riff’s massive dick cannot be taken by just anyone, but when he sees Serge enjoying every inch of it, he loses all inhibition and fucks him balls-deep in several different positions, eventually rewarding his ass with a nice creamy load.

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Tom Rogers arrives at his apartment with sexy young stud Enrique Vera introducing him to his BF Serge Cavalli.

Enrique realizes what the hot couple are offering and succumbs immediately undressing quickly so all three are fully naked.

They retire to the sofa and Serge gets on his knees and sucks down hard on Enrique’s huge uncut cock.

Tom switches opening his mouth wide to swallow Enrique’s young twink dick all the way down his throat.

Both boys work Enrique’s erection giving him a full tongue washing and licking his thick foreskin and big pink cockhead.

Then Serge kneels between the sexy young men as they stand kissing and feeling each other’s ripped bodies.

Serge takes it in turn blowing first Enrique then Tom’s hot dicks.

Then Serge goes down doggie style continuing to suck Tom’s cock as Enrique rims his slightly hairy hot asshole.

Now with Enrique lying on the floor, Serge hovers his asshole over his huge dick before sliding down firmly as Enrique forces his erect cock deep into Serge’s asshole.

Tom joins in sucking Serge’s dick all the while Serge’s ass is pummelled by Enrique’s huge uncut cock.

The young men swap places and Tom now power fucks Serge’s ass while Enrique shoves his thick dick down Serge’s mouth.

Serge loves the feeling of two hot cocks in both his holes.

While both hotties are still inside Serge blows his load, spraying his cream across his six-pack abs.

Next Tom pulls out blows his jizz over Serge’s asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

Enrique is last to pull out just as he delivers a creamy cum facial to Serge who laps up every drop of cum dripping down his face.

Finally, Tom and Serge take turns licking Enrique’s dick clean before kissing and embracing passionately.Join them!

Armand Rizzo can no longer handle his hot muscle daddy stepfather Max Konnor flaunting himself in front of him every morning.

He feels purposely tempted by his gorgeous step daddy when Max walks around half-dressed with his stunning body and juicy ass begging for his young, Latin stepson’s attention.

Armond is wound so tight his balls ache with desire as he makes his move, the sexy power bottom is ready for his big black daddy’s cock deep inside his aching asshole.Join them!

Our Boot Camp series continues with Serge Cavalli and Mael Gauthier.

In this installment, we learn Serge’s thus far successful tactic for fucking all the cute guys asking his buddies to tell him their techniques.

This tactic works this time as well, though his enthusiasm almost scares poor Mael off.

Fortunately, Serge gets it all sorted out with the help of a translator.

It helps that Mael has wanted to fuck Serge almost as much as Serge wanted to be fucked.

Serge’s excess exuberance is forgiven as soon as Mael witnesses Serge’s love of big cock.

How can you not forgive him as you watch his eyes light up upon seeing Mael’s massive member?

To show there’s no hard feelings, Mael gives Serge a hard fucking, pounding him in every position imaginable until Serge shoots his load while Mael continues stimulating his prostate.

Mael, in turn, ejaculates all over Serge’s hole and then lovingly pushes it back inside…Join them!

At Belami we often try to pair more experienced models with our Freshmen.

In this flip-flop scene Serge Cavalli and Enrique Vera force us to re-think that practice as they demonstrate that passion, lust and enthusiasm more than compensates for lack of experience.

This scene has a genuine sexual drive and both boys give us first-class performances as tops and also as bottoms. Marty, who filmed this scene, was particularly thrilled with the results…Join them!

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