Derek Caravaggio

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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.9-inch dick / 17.5 cms
Height: 5’9″ / 180 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 172 lbs / 78 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Derek Caravaggio gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Newbie young stud Cristiano Cruzo knocks at the door to be answered by the sexy young muscle boy Derek Caravaggio.

As the door closes the guys make out kissing passionately as Derek undresses his young friend.

Cristiano kneels on the floor as he pulls down Derek’s sweatpants revealing a huge uncut boner.

It is more than Cristiano can take in his mouth as he gulps it down pressing the big erection to the back of his throat, with his tongue caressing the large mushroom cockhead.

Derek then returns the favor blowing Cristiano’s thick veiny dick before Cristiano takes back control rimming Derek’s hairy asshole.

This gets Derek gagging for more, and Cristiano’s slides his hefty cock deep into Derek’s ass hole, making him moan.

The guys fuck in a number of different positions each time Derek’s ass gets a good deep bareback fucking, until Cristiano is on the edge of his orgasm.

He pulls out just as he spurts his full jizz load all over Derek’s freshly fucked ass.

Cristiano then sucks Derek’s dick till he blows his load all over his tongue getting cum all over his hot sweet lips.

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Bruce Querelle left the French Foreign Legion to join Belami and we were a little surprised when Derek Caravaggio expressed an interest in going from porn to the Legion.

Our concerns were abated when we found that Derek wasn’t interested in the job’s risks and perils but in the sex life of the guys in the legion. After all, the cutest boys and the hottest sex is at Belami and Freshmen, right?

Then our fears were “muddled up” when Bruce became the ultimate “recruiter”. Soon this Army of One deployed strategic sucking followed by relentless rimming that left Derek craving Bruce’s “assault” with a friendly weapon.

After the soldierly shagging received, we’re half expecting Derek to be on a train to Paris tomorrow along with a battalion of sexually satisfied hotties “recruited” by Bruce…Join them!

Here are two divergent philosophies cumming together. Kirk Gauguin wishes to invest his porn earnings wisely for a comfortable retirement. Derek Caravaggio, believes money, like youth and beauty is fleeting and should be enjoyed as much as possible before the upcoming stock market crash and old age take both away.

Derek’s point of view, augmented by his stunning physique, perfect ass and other oral skills, wins the day. Kirk puts off his long-term gains for short term yields and some quality fucking with Derek.

The return on his investment is worth it as his offering rises with every stroke. Soon Kirk gives Derek a valuable cum investment all over and inside his hungry hole…Join them!

Derek Caravaggio gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Sexy bottom stud Derek Caravaggio’s smooth bubble ass bareback fucked by Jim Durden’s huge uncut dick.

It’s a word that we don’t usually like using here at BelAmi, but sometimes ‘little whore’ is the best way to describe Jim (of course you all know that we mean it in the best way possible) and he is certainly on form today when the simple act of trying on some new clothes becomes an excuse to seduce Derek.

Apparently, the feel of the lycra turns Jim on so much that he just cannot wait to get it off and arm his raging hard cock into the equally horny Derek.

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Giulio Pasolini and Derek Caravaggio are stuck indoors as the lovely summer day gives way to rain and clouds.

The horny boys are in the mood for a little sexy loving, and it doesn’t take Derek long to convince Giulio to get naked and start sucking his big uncut dick.

More experienced Derek gets to fuck his younger buddy here today, but we hope we can get them both back in to let them swap roles as well.

We hadn’t really noticed it before, but having them together in this scene highlights how similar they look to each other as well.Join them!

Riff Dornan is feeling super horny and he just wants to have sex with young hottie, Derek Caravaggio.

Riff leans in and kisses Derek squarely on the lips as he pushes him gently back onto the couch.

Kneeling down Riff pulls at Derek’s sweatpants exposing his hairy crotch and soft uncut cock which springs to attention as soon as it bounces freely.

Riff opens his mouth wide and swallows naked Derek’s full dick length until his lips are on his balls.

He blows Derek expertly getting his tongue into his foreskin and polishing his big mushroom cockhead, making Derek moan with pleasure.

Derek then returns the favor sucking Riff’s thick uncut cock covering it in his saliva making it super lubed as he jerks his own dick.

Riff fucks Derek’s mouth with a hammer drill technique making him gag as it hits the back of his deep young throat.

Derek pulls his legs above his head giving Riff easy access to his hairy asshole.

Riff takes advantage running his tongue up and down Derek’s ass crack before pressing the tip of his tongue into his hot boy hole.

The sexy boys kiss then Derek hovers above Riff’s erect dick forcing his awaiting ass hole down onto it getting balls deep.

Derek loves the feeling of Riff’s erection moving inside him inch by inch, he really wants Riff’s cock.

They switch up positions now with Riff entering Derek’s ass from behind.

Riff power fucks Derek’s aching hole and a couple of times Derek comes real close to blowing his load but he manages to hold off.

It is Riff who then can take no more and he pulls out as his big hard cock delivers a powerful stream of jizz all over Derek’s ass hole before Riff fucks his cum back inside.

Derek then jerks his dick with Riff still inside him until he explodes in a huge volley of cumshots over his ripped abs.

The sexy boys kiss passionately and lie there together in each other’s arms savoring the intensity of the moment.Join them!

Sexy dark-haired young muscle boys Derek Caravaggio and Giulio Pasolini hold each other and stare into each other’s dark smoldering eyes.

They sensually stroke each other’s sexy muscular bodies and hairy bubble butts.

In just their white tight undies Derek’s moist lips meet Giulio’s and they make out kissing passionately.

Derek wraps his arms around Giulio’s waist pulling down his white underwear and feeling his muscular ass parting his cheeks and getting his finger into his hot boy hole.

Both young men are already sporting huge uncut erections and they play at sword fighting.

First Derek sucks down hard on Giulio’s big thick uncut dick before they switch and Giulio blows Derek taking his hard cock all the way down his deep throat till he chokes.

All the while Derek moans and enjoys the feel of Giulio’s tongue on his foreskin.

Derek then stands over Giulio as he swallows his dick again all the way to his balls.

They kiss again slowly and surely planting their sweet lips all over each other’s hot bodies.

Then they lie back next to each other side by side jerking and sucking until both young men are on the edge of orgasm.

First to blow is Giulio who fires off volley after volley of streaming jizz across his six-pack abs.

He is followed by Derek who’s relaxed wanking bring him slowly to the point of no return.

Derek then slows down further, breathing heavily as he jerks his long thick uncut cock blowing cum all over his ripped young body with a huge load spraying out in all directions and dripping down from his hand.

The two sexy young men lie in each other’s arms savoring the moment of intimacy for just a moment longer….Join them!

Derek Caravaggio wanders naked into the kitchen where Kieran Benning wrapped in just a towel is bored.

Derek wanders over to the refrigerator and brings out a can of whipped cream and begins spraying it across his chest.

Kieran attempts to lick it all off before the sexy boys start making out, kissing each other with a passionate streak.

As Kieran smothers Derek’s body with cream-covered kisses, he makes his way down to his big soft uncut dick where he douses it with cream and then proceeds to suck it clean.

Derek’s dick jumps to a raging hardon at just the slightest touch from Kieran’s tongue and he sucks it down hard, gagging as it hits the back of his throat.

As he is blowing Dereks’ huge thick uncut cock he’s jerking his own dick to a full erection.

Derek then returns the favor swallowing the whole of Kieran’s hard cock till his lips are on his hairy balls.

Kieran face fucks Derek, holding the back of his head, to make sure he takes his huge long dick all the way down his throat.

Derek bends over the countertop as Kieran parts his bubble butt ass cheeks with both hands planting his tongue deep within his hot hole.

He rims his hairy asshole licking his ass crack and getting it all lubed up for his big thick dick.

Then without warning Kieran forces his erect cock into Derek’s hole in long strong strokes all the way in to the hilt and back out till the tip of his cock is just inside.

Derek moans loudly as he feels every inch of Kieran’s fat dick moving inside him and he wanks his own cock hard.

They switch up positions again and again with Derek’s hole taking a pummeling from all directions until both are hot and sweaty.

Kieran then pulls out and fires a huge cum load all over Derek’s ass before fucking his jizz back inside, while Derek jerks himself to orgasm spraying a volley of cumshots all over his ripped abs….Join them!

Andrei Karenin is lying on his bed when the two dark-haired ripped muscle boys Derek Caravaggio and Giulio Pasolini invite themselves in.

Andrei pulls at Giulio’s sweatpants checking on the new guy’s big uncut dick.

The sexy young boys kiss passionately then Andrei releases his soft dick from Giulio’s underwear, it immediately stands proud and erect.

As Derek wraps his arms around Giulio’s muscled upper body, kissing his neck, Andrei goes in sucking on his long uncut dick balls deep in his mouth.

Andrei really works that blowjob from balls to the tip of his huge mushroom cockhead in steady strokes.

Giulio then takes control ripping Andrei’s undies off letting the horny dudes at his huge uncut cock with its raging hardon.

Andrei lies back enjoying it as the boys switch between kissing his body and sucking his throbbing dick.

Both Derek and Giulio get on all fours giving Andrei the choice of hot asses.

He rims Derek’s smooth hole before licking Giulio’s hairy hole, priming them both for his huge erect bare cock.

Andrei then bareback fucks their asses, first with Derek, he rides him deep and hard then Giulio hovers over Andrei’s raw dick pushing his bare ass down repeatedly onto Andrei’s rock hard uncut meat.

The boys take it in turns spraying their cum loads all over each other, After Andrei shoots he sucks the cum off the other two’s dicks. Swallowing their jizz loads…..Join them!

Ariel Vanean has a new boyfriend and despite all the newbie sex he is hornier than ever when he arrives in the office.

Today the lucky recipient of his pent up sexual energy is Derek Caravaggio, who was also wandering around the chateau looking for some action, so when production manager Rhys sends them off to have some fun together they waste no time in getting down to business.

There is some pretty amazing physical chemistry between the boys today as they literally ravage each other all the way though the scene, it is as if neither of them have had sex for months.

The fucking is particularly energetic as Ariel tries his best to satisfy Derek’s need to get fucked.

For his part Derek relishes every stroke of Ariel’s cock inside of him, eventually exploding with a huge load of cum all over his chest….Join them!

By his own admission, this new version of Derek Caravaggio is quite a change from when he first started at BelAmi.

He arrived at our door a very cute but rather undisciplined lad.

Now that a couple of years have passed he has turned into a very sexy young man with sultry good looks, a perfect dick and a body to die for.

Derek is still actively filming with us as well as creating a bit of a reputation for himself on BelAmiChat.Join them!

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