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Johnny Donovan AKA Sean Cody Deacon gay porn scenes at Belami

Cumming while getting your dick sucked or your ass licked is great, but the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys are gearing up for round two.

That’s when Ethan and Justin get home.

“I wonder where the other guys are,” says Justin, and Ethan replies, “I haven’t got the faintest idea.”

They’re amazed to find Asher, Deacon, Manny, Ashton, Bart, Jim, Tom, and Yannis naked in the dining room.

The horny hunks welcome Justin and Ethan, stripping them and inviting them to join the orgy.

Everyone stops to watch as Asher gets DP’d by Jim and Bart, and the Sean Cody guys show their gracious hosts just how much they’ve enjoyed their trip, and their cocks!Join them!

The Sean Cody guys have had a fantastic experience in Spain, sharing the stunning villa, delicious meals, and extremely hot sex with their BelAmi hosts, but unfortunately, the trip is drawing to a close.

Asher proposes a toast, and Deacon and Manny join him in raising their glasses to the hospitality BelAmi’s shown them, as Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim, and Ashton toast their guests.

The guys want some dessert, so they head inside, and Bart, watching from an upstairs window, comes out to follow them as everyone celebrates their last night the best way they know-how.

Not only does the formal dining table seat a crowd, but it can also hold eight guys sucking and rimming each other…and a whole lot of cum.

This oral only start to the orgy is a sight to behold.Join them!

The 4th episode from our hit mini-series, ‘BelAmi X Sean Cody’ features Sean Cody star Deacon along with long-time BelAmi fan-favorite Yannis Paluan.

Deacon tops Yannis in various positions in this chemistry-heavy scene between these two sexy, beefy stars.

Don’t miss this standout episode from this extraordinary series.Join them!

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Sports dudes Sean Cody Deacon’s huge dick raw fucking young gym stud Troye Dean’s tight hole.

Twink Troye Dean is hitting the gym when muscular hunk Johnny Donovan walks in and renders him speechless.

He can’t tear his eyes away from Johnny’s fit body and tries to follow along with Johnny’s workout routine… with much smaller weights, of course.

The twink’s firm ass attracts Johnny’s attention, and when Troye is trying to bench press, Johnny sits on his face, then fucks his throat.

The guys suck each other and Johnny rims the bottom, then fucks him doggystyle.

After Troye rides him, Johnny bench presses the twink, then fucks him till they both cum.

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Ripped muscle hunk Johnny Donovan’s bubble butt fucked by long haired stud Dom King’s massive dick.

Johnny Donovan is about to get married… and his best man, Dom King, can’t let that happen.

He puts together a special slideshow of memories of Johnny and his fiancee for the engagement party and sneaks in a video of Johnny giving him a BJ because he wants his best friend all to himself.

After the fiancee storms out, Johnny sucks Dom, then strips down to his jock and rides the top. Dom pounds his buddy against the wall, then sucks his cock and rims his hole.

The bottom cums as Dom pounds him in missionary, and the top celebrates his victory by blowing his load all over Johnny’s ass.

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Hottie twink athlete Joey Mills caught sniffing coach Johnny Donovan’s sweaty socks in the lockerroom.

Athlete Joey Mills had a rough practice, but as he angrily strips down and hits the showers, he has no idea Coach Johnny Donovan was watching him and plotting to sniff his socks.

When Joey returns, Johnny tries to offer some coaching, but he just can’t keep his eyes or his hands off the player’s feet.

He worships Joey’s toes, nuzzling and sucking them, and Joey gives the coach a foot job, then sucks his cock.

Johnny fucks the twink’s feet, then his hole, and picks him up for a stand and carry.

Johnny pounds his player doggy style, and Joey puts his socks back on for Johnny to enjoy as his coach fucks him missionary till he orgasms.

Johnny sniffs a sock as he cums on Joey’s ass.

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Sexy team player Damian Night’s bubble butt bareback fucked by Coach Johnny Donovan’s massive cock.

Coach Johnny Donovan gives hungry up-and-cummer Damian Night a little extra hands-on instruction in the locker room.

Damian needs some pointers on his swing, and Johnny takes his shirt off so he can really show Damian how to get his core and hips working.

The coach gets hard checking out his best player’s ass, and Damian eagerly sucks the top, then shakes his booty before Johnny pounds him doggy style against the lockers.

Riding the bench has never been so much fun as the bottom rides his coach’s bat till Johnny cums on his hole.

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Hot gay sex threesome Malik Delgaty, Johnny Donovan and Tony DAngelo’s big dick anal fuck fest.

Everyone knows this is the bathroom where hookups happen, and even when he’s all alone, Johnny Donovan can still enjoy the naughty graffiti as he jacks off.

When Malik Delgaty enters and makes it clear he’s DTF, Johnny gets down and sucks his cock under the divider… until Tony D’Angelo comes in.

Tony wants some glory-hole action, and Malik watches as Johnny sucks the tattooed stud, then gets fucked doggy style.

Tony switches stalls with Johnny so he can suck Malik and get rimmed, then Malik fucks Tony while the vers hunk swallows Johnny’s dick.

When Malik gets left out as Tony fucks Johnny, he punches the divider out so he can turn this into a threesome and get his hole tongued before lucky Johnny gets two loads on his face.

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Hottie muscle hunk Johnny Donovan’s huge raw dick fucking trans stud Stevie Trixx’s hot hole.

Redhead Stevie Trixx can’t find his headset and goes to check in his roommate Johnny Donovan’s room.

The Tguy finds something unexpected under the bed, a toy torso and cock that he just has to try out.

He strips down and starts riding the toy’s dick… which is when Johnny comes home and sees him.

The horny top strokes himself and watches as his trans roomie gets off on his toy, then comes up behind him to fuck him doggy style! Johnny goes down on the redhead, then fucks him missionary.

The guys share the toy, then Johnny fucks the bottom spoon, and Stevie shows why his hole is so much better than the plastic one as he rides the top till Johnny cums.

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Sexy ripped muscle dude Johnny Donovan’s bubble ass raw fucked by hottie twink Troye Dean.

Troye Dean has been waiting impatiently, and now his Cumpanion is finally here.

He wrestles open the crate and unwraps his hot sex robot (Johnny Donovan).

It’s even bigger than he expected! After turning it on, the Cumpanion detects Troye’s boner and demands to get fucked immediately, getting on all fours and demonstrating that dirty talk mode is enabled by default.

Troye sees what this Cumpanion can really do as it rides his dick, then gives that hole a workout in missionary.

Troye even gets to see his dick moving in and out in X-ray mode before giving the android a hot creampie, and it’s got another featurea realistic cumshot.

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We all need the D, even or especially your hole.

Johnny Donovan decides to try it out for himself after reading about the benefits of Vitamin D for where the sun doesn’t (usually) shine, so he heads to the balcony and upends his booty in pile driver position.

Upstairs neighbor Dante Colle gets an eyeful, and after the guys flirt, Dante joins Johnny downstairs.

After seeing what the Vitamin D did for Johnny’s hole, Dante’s drawn to lick it, then penetrate it doggy style.

Johnny’s vitamin-fortified ass takes every inch of Dante’s D in piledriver, then the bottom sucks Dante and gets his face covered with some Vitamin Cum.

Dante pounds him in missionary as Johnny jacks off till he blows his load, and the top’s got some more jizz for him!Join them!

In just their tight sexy undies, bearded muscle hunk Johnny Donovan hungrily makes out with curly-haired twinks Chris White and Felix Fox in the living room.

Felix is in the middle, sucking Johnny while getting rimmed by Chris, then Johnny gets his cock worshipped by both the blonds at once.

Felix moans as Johnny fingers his hole, then fucks him with a toy before Johnny climbs into his lap and rides his dick, as Chris rubs Felix’s socked foot against his bulge.

Felix gets spit-roasted by Johnny and Chris, who take turns enjoying his throat and his ass before Felix gets his hole stuffed with both cocks at once.

Chris is the first to orgasm, and Johnny penetrates Felix’s hole with the toy as he takes the bottom’s load on his face, then cums in Chris and Felix’s mouths.Join them!

Hottie young muscle dudes Johnny Donovan and Theo Brady have some bad news when their friend Clark Delgaty disappears for a time.

There are many sad mourners at Clark Delgaty’s funeral, especially his boyfriend Johnny Donovan and his best friend Theo Brady… which makes, the very much alive, Clark happy as he sneakily watches behind the curtain.

Clark is shocked when he overhears that Theo fucked his boyfriend yesterday, then has a view of Theo sneakily sucking Johnny’s cock behind the podium during his speech.

Clark bursts out and admits to faking his own death, and Johnny suggests they all celebrate that Clark is still alive with a hardcore anal threesome.

The guys start making out, kissing passionately as they undress each other, then Theo does a handstand on the couch as Johnny sucks him and Clark plays with his hole.

Theo sucks the other guys’ cocks, then Clark pounds his boyfriend’s hole as Johnny sucks Theo.

Theo swallows his best friend’s pole while riding Johnny, then Johnny rides Theo and sucks on Clark’s dick.

Theo cums as his best friend pounds his hole and Johnny fucks his mouth, then takes two big loads on his chest.Join them!

You’ve watched all his scenes, you’ve fantasized about him, but you want to know, what’s it really like to hook up with French Canadian muscle top Malik Delgaty?

Now’s your chance to find out.

Watch Malik strap on his boxing gloves and work up a sweat on the heavy bag, stripping out of his white t-shirt to show off his cut pecs and abs glistening with water.

Johnny Donovan admires Malik so much as the top does a handstand, he just has to go rub his face against Malik’s bulge.

Johnny sucks Malik’s big cock upside-down and right-side-up, then Malik pounds him doggy style as Johnny hangs on to the heavy bag.

Johnny rides that dick and then moans as Malik gives him deep drilling in piledriver.

Johnny cums as he gets penetrated in missionary, then takes a hot facial.Join them!

Johnny Donovan is enjoying a romantic, quiet night in with the handsome Ashton Summers.

As the two hunks make out on the sofa, Ashton unbuttons Johnny’s shirt and begins caressing the cute blond’s flawless body.

Turned on, Johnny hungrily kisses his tattooed boyfriend’s chest, then swallows up his cock and slurps his balls.

After the horny bottom pulls Johnny’s clothes out of the way, he bends over to let the adventurous top pound his tight hole in doggy style.

Now, it’s Ashton’s turn to slide his thick cock into the hot stud’s ass, fucking him missionary.

While being drilled by the cute top, Johnny strokes himself and spunks a huge load.

Then Ashton pulls out, jacking his cock and orgasming all over Johnny.Join them!

After a long day Pierce Paris and Johnny Donovan are kicking back and enjoying all the challenge stories going around on the Men Pop app.

If they had one complaint it is that they just wish all the posts weren’t so PG.

They decide to create their own sexy story, dancing in their towels and dropping them to windmill their big thick cocks.

As Pierce gets on his knees to suck Johnny’s dick, the app stops recording, but they keep the action going.

Johnny fucks his man doggy style and missionary before sucking Pierce’s cock and lowering himself onto it.

This flip-fuck heats up as Pierce pounds Johnny from behind, then turns him on his back till the handsome bottom climaxes before Pierce covers his face in cum.

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Sexy muscle hunk Reese Rideout is clearly showing off his feminine side when he organizes a lovely tea party with posh china and scones. Reese donned a tiara and frilly tutu and treats his blowup sex doll to an afternoon tea.

Reece’s housemate Johnny Donovan returns from a hard sweaty workout to surprise campy Reece who is sipping tea with his pinky out, Johnny can’t stop laughing.

Reece is deadly serious but Johnny grabs a fluffy wand and takes the piss out of him, laughing and joking all the way.

He forces Johnny to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea but when Johnny asks for a biscuit, Reece forces him to eat his rock solid huge cock.

Johnny on his knees swallows Reece’s dick all the way to his balls, making Reece moan with delight.

Reece parts Johnny’s smooth ass cheeks and presses his erect cock deep into his hot ass hole, it’s Reece who is smiling now.

Johnny’s hot bubble ass takes the onslaught with Reece bareback fucking him in a number of different positions each time Reece’s huge cock gets deeper and harder into Johnny’s raw hole.

Reese sprays cums all over Johnny’s hot body before the bottom boy shoots his cream onto the biscuits before eating one and feeding Reese the other….Join them!

Men hottie young stud Sean Cody Dale’s bubble butt raw fucked by Johnny Donovan’s huge erect dick.

Musclebound hunks Johnny and Dale are such strong competitors, there’s only one way they could get taken down at the netplaying dirty.

When Johnny takes a volley to the balls, he’s got to forfeit.

Dale walks him inside for ice, but the sight of Dale’s booty bent over the fridge makes it clear Johnny’s cock is still in perfect working order.

Johnny surprises Dale with a boning against the fridge, then Dale thoroughly checks out the top’s shaft and balls with his mouth to make sure Johnny’s okay.

Johnny pounds the bottom doggy style and missionary, and Dale does the splits on the counter.

He bounces on the top’s dick, shooting his load on Johnny’s hard abs, and Johnny’s feeling good enough to cum on the bottom’s face.Join them!

Bathroom gay threesome Edward Terrant, Johnny Donovan and Tony DAngelo’s big dick anal fuckfest.

Tony goes into the bathroom looking for a hookup.

The guy next to him at the urinal isn’t interested… but the urinal is.

A pair of hands appear from either side of the appliance and stroke him off, then point the way to a hole where an ass appears for him to fuck.

Security guard Johnny catches the top and decides to get in on the action, sucking Tony’s cock and cumming in the urinal before the tattooed hunk uses his cum as lube to go back to the hole in the wall until he blows his load.

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Hottie ripped muscle coach Johnny Donovan’s hot asshole fucked by young team boy Drake Von.

Triumphant after winning his match, wrestler Drake Von wants to celebrate with his hot coach.

But Johnny Donovan is so preoccupied with his clipboard, he barely even looks as Drake puts his jock strap on his head and shakes his boner around in his singlet.

Drake offers the stressed coach a full-body naked massage and gets Johnny’s attention as he strips too, then puts the jock on.

The guys suck each other’s cocks, then the athlete rims his coach and fucks his hole.

Drake bends his coach over to pound him doggy style, and Johnny rides the top till he fucks the cum out of him, then empties his balls on Drake’s face.

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Sexy ripped muscled stud Johnny Donovan’s huge dick barebacking hairy hunk Alpha Wolfe’s bubble butt.

Johnny Donovan had no idea his buddy Alpha Wolfe sold nudes online until a playlist of lewds and a hot tease video show up on Alpha’s TV while Johnny waits for him to shower.

Alpha comes back to find his friend with his dick in his hand, jacking it to a video of his tight ass in a jock.

The guys suck each other, and the tattooed sinfluencer begs Johnny for that dick in his hole, taking it deep in missionary, then riding the top.

Johnny pounds Alpha from behind and makes him cum hard with a reach-around, then shoots on his famous face! Alpha definitely got a new subscriber.

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Sean Cody Deacon AKA Johnny Donovan gay porn scenes

“Your body feels so good,” says Deacon as he gets his hands all over bearded, muscular bottom Phillip.

The guys kiss hungrily as they pull off each other’s clothes, and Deacon falls to his knees to suck Phillip’s cock.

“That’s fuckin’ sexy!” Phillip moans before fucking Deacon’s face on the couch, then lowering himself onto the top’s huge thick dick.

Deacon bends over and rims Phillip, teasing his hole with his hard rod before fucking him doggystyle.

Phillip gets plowed in missionary and piledriver till he cums on his own face, then Deacon covers him with a hot load.Join them!

There’s only one way the Sean Cody guys’ trip to Spain could end, and that’s with an orgy to thank their gorgeous BelAmi hosts.

After Asher proposes a toast on their last night at dinner, he, Deacon, and Manny lead Euro hunks Yannis Paluan, Tom houston, Jim Durden, and Ashton Montana inside, eagerly followed by Bart Cuban, as they all lick and suck each other until they cum.

That’s when Justin and Ethan return to find their friends naked and get their second wind, and the eight hunks undress them and pull them into the orgy.

The memory of bottoming for the handsome Europeans and Asher getting double penetrated by Jim and Bart Cuban is sure to be their favorite souvenir of this trip!Join them!

Clyde explains why it’s such a big day today in the Sean Cody studio, “I’m making my bottoming debut!”

He’s paired with Deacon, who’s glad he gets to be the first to top Clyde on camera.

“I’m excited to be fuckin’ this beautiful Texan boy! I do love my all-American football guys.”

It’s hard to say which of these hunks is more into the other as they compliment each other’s muscles, kissing each other’s chests, before Clyde sucks Deacon’s cock.

Deacon plays with Clyde’s bouncy ass as he rims his hole before easing inside for the first time.

Clyde is soon riding Deacon like a natural bottom, then the top fucks him missionary and shows him how good it feels to cum with a cock inside him.

Deacon bends the new bottom over the end of the bed and pounds him, then shoots a huge load all over his hole.Join them!

As all the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys gather around the outdoor dining table, Deacon’s gaze keeps coming back to cute brunette twink Yannis Paluan.

Their flirty eye contact grows more intense, and when Yannis gets up, Deacon follows.

Inside, Yannis immediately sucks the top’s cock on a chaise, and Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him doggy style.

Deacon penetrates the twink in missionary, then Yannis asks, “Can I ride you now?” “Get up here!” the top replies eagerly, enjoying the view of Yannis’s tight ass bouncing on his cock.

Yannis cums as Deacon pounds his hole, then takes a hot facial.Join them!

Deacon and Caden are in the studio today, and Deacon is taking the lead and telling Caden just what to do as he kisses down Deacon’s muscular chest.

“Oh yeah, fuckin’ worship me,” the top breathes, and Caden does just that.

Caden worships Deacon’s cock with his mouth too, and the top slides his fingers inside Caden’s hole before bending him over and fucking him on the couch.

Deacon has to have a taste of that big ass, and then he fucks Caden missionary before turning him upside-down to fill him with every inch in piledriver.

Deacon urges the bottom on as he orgasms before Deacon blows his load all over that hole.Join them!

“Fuck, that ass is so nice,” says Deacon, getting a handful of blond Blake Ryan’s booty.

The guys undress each other, kissing and running their hands over one another’s fit bodies, then Deacon lays Blake on the bed and fucks his mouth.

“Fuckin’ eat that hole, yeah!”

Blake moans as Deacon’s mouth finds his ass, and he isn’t shy to tell the top just how rough he likes being fingered and fucked missionary.

Blake takes that cock deep in doggy style, then rides Deacon reverse, encouraging the top with his dirty talk.

Deacon bends the bottom over on the couch and pounds him till Blake cums, then pulls out and covers that muscle ass with jizz.Join them!

Sexy Asian hunk Dale and hottie hunk Deacon are working out in the gym.

Deacon says “I like spotting with you it is great for my motivation” as they take turns spotting each other, then doing pushups and pullups.

As Deacon bench presses, he sucks Dale’s hard pole. Dale fucks the top’s mouth and then bends over the bench for Deacon to rim his hole before he sucks Deacon’s big cock.

“Oh fuck me,” the raven-haired bottom moans as Deacon’s tongue penetrates his ass once more, then he gets his wish as Deacon fucks him doggy style.

He rides that dick until Deacon picks him up and puts him on his back on a block before the guys move to the swing where Dale cums hard.

The top rewards him with a nice, long creampie.Join them!