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Brian Jovovich comes to us from the North Moravian region, which to our American customers would appear very similar to Pittsburgh, full of steel mills and factories. Maybe this is the reason that Brian likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. One of his favorite pastimes is fishing.

Currently, he is a personal trainer and nutritionist, although we find it quite funny to have a nutritionist who never eats any vegetables, only ever meat and rice…. However, the results are obviously very good.

For a boy of 20 years old, he is very well organized, reliable, calm, and with a pleasant sense of humor.

We asked Luke what he had to add to this little biography and his commentary was: He rarely drinks and never does drugs and is usually pretty silent, although whenever he does drink there is a ‘house full of him’ whatever Luke means by this.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Capricorn
Eye Color: Blue-Gray
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 5’7″ / 176 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 163lbs / 74 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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He continues rubbing Brian’s ass cheeks getting his hands deep between exposing his tight hole.

Jesse removes Brian’s shorts, licking his nipples and then unleashing his big erect uncut cock.

With one hand on his dick, Jesse kisses Brian passionately.

Brian returns the favor sucking Jesse’s thick uncut cock to the back of his throat.

He blows Jesse good whilst all the time wanking his own dick.

Brian then rims Jesse’s hole pushing his tongue deep inside making him wet and lubed ready for his big erect dick.

As Jesse relaxes Brian pumps his huge thick uncut cock into Jesse’s bare hole making him moan with delight.

The hardcore raw fucking continues with Brian making long deep strokes till his balls slap against Jesse’s bubble butt.

Brian’s expert anal fucking goes deeper and longer with Jesse crying out as he feels Brian’s big dick moving inside him.

They switch up positions several times each time Brian pumps Jesse full of his bare cock, until both of them are close to orgasm.

First Jesse shoots a huge cumshot over Brian’s chest closely followed by Brian whose jizz sprays over Jesse’s hole before he fucks the cum back inside of Jesse’s freshly fucked hole….Join them!

Sexy young ripped blonde boys Brian Jovovich and Zac DeHaan strip out of their clothes and stand together in their well packed Addicted underwear.

They pose naked for Marty the cameraman, Zac hands spread Brian’s ass cheeks wide so we can see Brian’s smooth pink hole.

Zac is lying on the bed with Brian in, cowboy position with his hot hole hovering above Zac’s big already erect uncut dick.

Brian wanks his own uncut cock and leans across and jerks Zac’s thicker uncut dick too.

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Budding photographer Brian Jovovich is paired up today with Hungarian beauty Raphael Nyon in our HUNGarian summer promotion. Both models here are in top physical shape so it is no wonder that they each seem to revel in the beauty of their partner’s body.

Sometimes there is nothing better than watching 2 jocks doing what comes naturally, and you can tell right from the moment Brian takes Raphael’s swollen cock into his mouth that this is going to be a very hot encounter…Join them!

Marc Ruffalo has finally had an amazing revelation: He loves big cocks, and he no longer is buying into his old mantra of ‘size doesn’t matter’.

For him now, it certainly matters and the bigger the better.

We start off by pairing Marc with Zac DeHaan, who has a nice thick cock, but when that is not enough to satisfy him we add another guy who just happens to love getting fucked by big dicks, Brian Jovovich into the mix as well.

Three Jocks, Three big cocks. How could it get any better?…Join them!

Filmed with a wry sense of humor, Andrei Karenin casually discards a selection of our new guys are being ‘too young’ for what he has in mind, and then settles on Manuel Rios to join him and Brian Jovovich for a promised threesome…Join them!

Antony Lorca is desperate to join the team that was about to head off to Cape Town filming, but to be able to go, he has to promise that he is ready to bottom as well as just top.

To ensure that he is, he enlists the help of Brian Jovovich to take care of his training in that respect. Even if this was his first time on camera, he hands in a performance that makes us suspect that maybe he had been practicing in private as well…Join them!

The scene was originally filmed to be shown over 2 days, but it didn’t quite turn out as we hoped, so we turned it into the one day version that you see here today and as a result we all get double the cum and double the fun. Christian Lundgren and Brian Jovovich bareback ass fucking orgy…Join them!

It’s time for another Offensively Large update today, and it is even better than normal in that is a 2 day double scene. In part 1 we have Brian Jovovich fucking XXL Peter Annaud, and in part 2 they are joined by perennial favorite, Jack Harrer, who turns the tabled on Brian and teams up with Peter to give Brian twice as much as what he gave to Peter in part 1…Join them!

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