Jamie Durrell

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick (19 cm)
Height: 5’8″ (178cm)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 146lbs (66kg)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Jamie Durrell gay porn scenes at Freshmen

We inadvertently uploaded the wrong video revealing that there are two scenes featuring Bobby Noiret and Jamie Durrell.

Director Marty remarked that these two are dressed the same and could be confused as brothers.

When you see the passion shared between them you’ll see that they share both a sexual appetite as well as a taste in fashion.

Both boys were eager for an encore performance with the roles reversed. Who are we to say no?…Join them!

Nate Donaghy’s freckled shyness nicely combines with Jamie Durrell’s cheery intensity to make a sweet and tender scene. This was filmed as part of last year’s Greek production and is the only scene with Nate as he had to leave early for a family emergency.

This scene falls in the “romance” category, so those who wish to see wild hard fucking should look elsewhere…Join them!

Jamie Durrell gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Dark-haired young hottie Marc Ruffalo’s massive uncut dick bareback sexy Jamie Durrell’s hot asshole.

Today we have a special treat for you. We have Marc and Jamie in a scene that is an early one for both of the guys.

This is one of the scenes that we had been saving for a ‘rainy day’ but decided that it was a good fit here regardless of the weather.

Director Marty Stevens has decided to let the guys basically do what they want for this scene, his only instruction being to, do it as you would at home, and that obviously means a lot of kissing and slow undressing in the lead-up to the main course.

Marc is the top here today, and we can definitely call this encounter a love-making session rather than just a fuck.

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It’s home video time again and this week we have the delightful Orri Aasen and the youthful Jamie Durrell here to give cameraman Kevin Warhol a bit of a show.

On his way to this shoot Jamie injured his leg.

Things were not so bad so he decided he would go through with the scene and see if Orri’s dick up his ass wouldn’t take his mind off his injuries for a while.

This may be a bit of a quick fuck, but it is certainly a very satisfying one for both of the guys…Join them!

Felix Gaul is a big fan of ‘street workouts’, rather than going to the gym. He wants to show Jamie Durrell some good exercises to keep his body in great shape. But Jamie gets distracted by Felix’s smooth rounded butt which he wants to see wildly riding his big dick…Join them!


Hottie young stud Jamie Durrell’s huge twink uncut dick bare fucking blonde Sven Basquiat’s hole.

It is a Battle of the Blonds today as we gather 2 of our cutest and sexiest males for this explosive encounter. It has been a long time coming, but Sven and Jamie will now have the opportunity to demonstrate to us that blonds really do have an advantage in this situation.

In the very first scene, we see Jamie visiting Sven in the gym, where he also takes some photographs for a “project” that he is currently working on. In point of fact, we believe that the initiative has little to do with capturing images and everything to do with adding new names to his list of conquests.

This is what we believe to be the case. The males offer us a presentation of some of the most creative and unique positions to have sex in, and it’s like seeing a real-life version of a gymnastics competition.

No matter how impossible the position would seem to us “normal people,” it certainly gives us a great view of two of our sexiest guys, and judging by the amount of cum flying out of both of the guys, this “adventure sex” seems to be a really big turn-on for both Jamie and Sven as well.

The most important thing is that the guys appear to be having a lot of fun.

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