Tom Rogers

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Tom Rogers arrives at his apartment with sexy young stud Enrique Vera introducing him to his BF Serge Cavalli.

Enrique realizes what the hot couple are offering and succumbs immediately undressing quickly so all three are fully naked.

They retire to the sofa and Serge gets on his knees and sucks down hard on Enrique’s huge uncut cock.

Tom switches opening his mouth wide to swallow Enrique’s young twink dick all the way down his throat.

Both boys work Enrique’s erection giving him a full tongue washing and licking his thick foreskin and big pink cockhead.

Then Serge kneels between the sexy young men as they stand kissing and feeling each other’s ripped bodies.

Serge takes it in turn blowing first Enrique then Tom’s hot dicks.

Then Serge goes down doggie style continuing to suck Tom’s cock as Enrique rims his slightly hairy hot asshole.

Now with Enrique lying on the floor, Serge hovers his asshole over his huge dick before sliding down firmly as Enrique forces his erect cock deep into Serge’s asshole.

Tom joins in sucking Serge’s dick all the while Serge’s ass is pummelled by Enrique’s huge uncut cock.

The young men swap places and Tom now power fucks Serge’s ass while Enrique shoves his thick dick down Serge’s mouth.

Serge loves the feeling of two hot cocks in both his holes.

While both hotties are still inside Serge blows his load, spraying his cream across his six-pack abs.

Next Tom pulls out blows his jizz over Serge’s asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

Enrique is last to pull out just as he delivers a creamy cum facial to Serge who laps up every drop of cum dripping down his face.

Finally, Tom and Serge take turns licking Enrique’s dick clean before kissing and embracing passionately.Join them!

Armand Rizzo can no longer handle his hot muscle daddy stepfather Max Konnor flaunting himself in front of him every morning.

He feels purposely tempted by his gorgeous step daddy when Max walks around half-dressed with his stunning body and juicy ass begging for his young, Latin stepson’s attention.

Armond is wound so tight his balls ache with desire as he makes his move, the sexy power bottom is ready for his big black daddy’s cock deep inside his aching asshole.Join them!

Today we say a big hello to newbie young stud Karl Ayers in his first bareback ass fucking.

Karl has been in training with Kirk Gaugin but this is his first attempt on a full hardcore scene.

Karl is teamed up with Tom Rogers as they share similar bodies and personalities.

Karl began as a chat model then decided he would like to try some action as well.

Though both boys are hesitant at the start, once the initial awkwardness passes, they really seem to enjoy their time together.

Tom is also making his debut as a top deciding he’d like to be Karl’s first onscreen fuck…Join them!

Tom Rogers gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hottie young studs Jeroen Mondrian and Eluan Jeunet’s huge uncut dicks Tom Rogers’s tight hole.

It is a blessing that there are boys like Tom. Too thick of a Dick? Never!

How about the cock? Never! Tom will gladly accept anything you can hurl at him and will do so with a smile on his face.

Today, instead of just giving him one partner, we have decided to give him two, so that both Eluan and Jeroen will get the opportunity to play on Tom’s hole, which is known for its friendly atmosphere.

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See all Tom Rogers gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.Join them!

It is undeniable that Tom Rogers has one of the most beautiful butts around, a fact that is certainly not lost on his partner here today, Raf Koons.

Luckily for us, our cameraman has decided to start our scene today with an extended opening with Tom in the shower, where we get some lovingly extended shots of Tom’s best asset before we head into the main action.

It is hard to imagine a guy that shows more pleasure than Tom when he is getting fucked, the pleasure is readable on his face from the moment he lowers himself onto Raf’s giant dick to the moment he blows his load with Raf still embedded deep inside.Join them!

Sexy young boys Torsten Ullman and Tom Rogers are lying on the bed making out, they kiss passionately feeling each others’ hot bodies with their hands.

Tom feels his way down Torsten’s ripped body and sucks in his big uncut dick until his balls are at his lips.

Torsten moans as the expert blowjob that newbie star Tom gives him. Tom really massages Torsten’s huge mushroom cockhead with his tongue, playing with his foreskin.

He returns the favor licking and caressing Tom’s thick veiny uncut cock and working his balls into his mouth one at a time.

With Tom’s legs held back over his head, Torsten plants a big kiss on his tight virgin asshole getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks and into his hot hole.

Torsten then plunges his hard erect raw dick deep into Tom’s bare bubble butt asshole. Barebacking his hole, pumping him full of his thick dick in long rhythmic strokes making Tom moan with pleasure.

Torsten pulls his cock almost all the way out before plunging down again until his balls hit against Tom’s peachy butt cheeks. Repeating this over and over changing positions as both boys get close to orgasm.

First Torsten cums spraying his hot jizz all over Tom’s freshly fucked asshole before Tom lets loose with a volley of cumshots across his abs and chest….Join them!

The introduction to today’s clip comes from Ariel Vanean himself, who had just been to the zoo the previous day and spotted a monkey .. well… doing what monkeys tend to do.

Once the little joke is over though, the boys get down to some serious monkeying around themselves.

Ariel’s experience is really on show in this video, as is his love of sucking dick, so it is great to see him partnered with such an enthusiastic lover as Tom Rogers.

We first got to meet Tom only at the end of last year, but there will be plenty of this hunky, husky-voiced jock coming our way in the future…Join them!

We recently showed you a quickie explaining how Jack Harrer got his black eye, and today we have the scene that was filmed just afterward. Luckily for Jack the damage was only to his eye, and his dick still works perfectly well.

Today’s scene features newcomer Tom Rogers, who apparently has more than a bit of a liking for big dicks, in fact, he claims ‘the bigger the better’.

We see here that it was not just some idle boast as he hungrily impales himself on everything Jack has to offer…Join them!

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