Sean Cody Brysen

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 180lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Hottie ripped bearded hunk Sean Cody Brysen’s big dick barebacking Angel Rivera’s bubble butt.

Horny bottom Angel has been waiting for his roommate to leave so he can have a little “me time.”

As soon as Brysen’s out the door, Angel hurries to his sex toy drawer and fucks himself with his favorite dildo… not realizing Brysen forgot something.

The top hears Angel’s moans and sneaks closer to eavesdrop, then decides to give the bottom a scare, but he gets a surprise of his own when the startled Angel launches the dildo right into his face.

Brysen feeds Angel his cock, and Angel rides his roommate, then takes a doggy-style pounding.

Then it’s Brysen’s turn to get drilled bent over the counter, and he continues the flip fuck, taking Angel’s cock in missionary till he cums and sucking out Angel’s hot load.Join them!

Sexy muscle hunk Sean Cody Brysen and his new love show up at the tailoring store owned by Joey Mills for his pre-nuptial wedding suit fitting.

Joey gets a dirty thought and he thinks that hottie stud Brysen would fit nicely in his tight ass hole.

After managing to distract the fiance, Joey sneaks to his tiny peephole and spies on Brysen’s impressive ass and dick in the fitting room before stepping in to offer some help sucking that cock.

The guys kiss and Brysen fucks Joey up against the wall as his man sits outside none the wiser, and even lifts him up for a stand-and-carry.

The twink moans as he takes it doggy style, and Brysen spanks his ass before fucking his face.

Joey rides the top and takes a hot facial before inviting Brysen back for another fitting.Join them!

Brysen gay porn scenes at Sean Cody

Sexy muscle bottom boy Brysen’s bare asshole fucked by mixed muscled hunk Ozzy’s huge cock
When Ozzy pulls his shirt off in the shade, you can see how humble he is about his muscular chest… while Brysen swings his shirt around and hams it up for the camera! Despite their disparate personalities, these two men agree they want to get their hands on each other. In the bedroom, Brysen quickly removes Ozzy’s clothing and descends on his knees to suck him. “It’s gonna feel so fucking good in my ass,” sighs he. “You take it like a pro,” Ozzy says, then goes on all fours to rim his hole. Brysen quickly begs to be fucked, and Ozzy delivers from behind and on his back, then leans back so the bottom can ride it! Ozzy gives Brysen every inch in piledriver, then demands for a hot load on his hole.
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Hottie ripped muscle dude Brysen’s massive dick fucking moustachioed Guido’s bubble butt.

Both Brysen and Guido are excited to try something completely different today. “I’ll be taking his dick,” Guido adds. “I’ll be taking his dick.”

“Which is a little switch-up game for us, because normally I bottom in real life, and normally he tops,” Brysen says with a smile. “Because normally I bottom in real life, and normally he tops.”

These guys are all in agreement that having a variety of experiences in life makes things more interesting, and they can’t wait to mix things up in the bedroom.

They rapidly strip each other and begin sucking one other, and then Guido has his first experience of Brysen’s thick cock in his hole. They repeat this process.

When Guido is ready for more, Brysen gives him a doggystyle fucking. After that, the bottom with the tattoos rides that dick till he cums, and then she gives him a facial.

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Horny top muscled hunk Brysen’s massive cock raw fucking sexy muscle boy Clark Reid’s bubble ass.

Ripped young stud Clark Reid bareback fucked by hottie muscle dude Brysen’s huge dick.

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Gay muscle orgy Blake, Brysen, Clark Reid, Eddie Burke and Axel Rockham’s big dick ass fuck.

What could be better than some of the hottest newbies paired with a few of our hottest veterans for a five-man orgy?

Brysen, Blake, Clark, Axel, and Eddie chill by the pool in their matching Sean Cody swimsuits, horsing around in the water and flashing glimpses of their cocks for the camera.

But the orgy action really begins in the gym, with Clark and Blake getting their pump on together until Blake fucks the curly-haired hunk.

They’re joined by Axel, who helps Blake spit-roast the bottom, and then Brysen joins the party.

Once Eddie arrives, he gets Clark to himself as Axel, Brysen, and Blake form a train, and these guys’ powerful thrusts give the gym equipment a major workout.

Clark bends over on a block and takes four big loads on his muscle ass, then lies back and jacks it till he cums.

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Sexy muscle hunk Brysen’s huge dick bare fucking young hottie stud Devy’s bubble ass.

Brysen’s already so hard, his boner is tenting his shorts as he starts kissing and undressing Devy, getting to his knees to eagerly swallow the top’s cock all the way to the base.

Devy pushes Brysen to the couch and rims his hole, then fucks him doggy style.

Brysen rides Devy, and the guys work up a sweat as the top fucks the cum out of Brysen with a deep pounding from the back.

Devy’s not done yet, and the hunks share intense eye contact as he penetrates the bottom in missionary before cumming all over his face.

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Today we have Sean Cody Phoenix’s first ever time bottoming for Sean Cody Brysen he’s looking forward to “Just something very sensual, slow…”

Brysen asks with a laugh, “Have you watched my films?” Nevertheless, Brysen seems to enjoy the change of pace as he and Phoenix kiss each other’s necks and chests, and Phoenix sensually sucks his cock, so he strips the bottom’s shorts off and slowly fingers his hole.

Phoenix shows the top just how much fun slow and sensual can be as he rides him.

With some deep doggy style till the bottom cums, Brysen takes his turn to demonstrate that a hard fuck can be just as enjoyable, then shoots his load on Phoenix’s gaping hole.Join them!

Outside enjoying the sun, Sean Cody Justin and Sean Cody Brysen steal a sly kiss under a shady tree, as they strip off their shirts and start flexing their gorgeous muscles.

After a couple more, sensual poses in front of the camera both horny studs are keen to get back to the studio.

As soon as arrive they make out, passionately kissing each other, and Brysen’s eager erection makes a tent in his whimsical dino-print shorts.

“Oh yeah,” Brysen moans as Justin kisses his neck, then Justin sits on the couch and tells the bottom, “Come here,” inviting him to suck him.

Brysen sits on the top’s cock, then gets fucked missionary till he orgasms, but Justin’s not done with him yet.

He forces the bottom on his hands and knees, fucking him doggystyle and choking him, until he cums on Brysen’s hole, then pushes the load in with his cock.Join them!

Cute sexy new muscle stud Sean Cody Griffin meets up outdoors with bearded muscular hunk Sean Cody Brysen. They take a stroll in the park before they return to the studio for a hot newbie bareback session.

The hotties hang out shirtless under some trees, flirting with each other and the camera, and find a secluded spot to kiss.

Once they return to the studio, they eagerly explore each other’s bodies and get out of their clothes.

“Fuck!” Griffin moans as Brysen sucks his cock, then Brysen gets on the bed to take Griffin’s huge cock in doggy style.

“Oh fuck, that dick feels so big!” he moans before he rides the newbie reverse.

The bottom spreads his legs wide as Griffin pounds him in missionary then drills him deep in piledriver till he cums.

Brysen eagerly sucks Griffin till the newbie gives him a facial. Join them!

Bearded hunk Brogan can’t get enough of scruffy Sean Cody favorite Brysen as they kiss in the living room, undressing each other before Brogan gets to his knees to suck the top’s cock.

Brysen puts the bottom on the couch to lick his hole and finger him before easing his hard dick inside.

He pounds the blond in missionary, then Brogan rides Brysen’s cock until he orgasms.

But Brysen isn’t done yet… and neither is Brogan.

As Brysen penetrates him on his back, Brogan moans, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” and shoots a second load as Brysen pulls out to cover him in hot cum.Join them!

You can tell how excited JC is to be shooting with Brysen in the studio today because he hungrily kisses him before undressing Brysen and pushing him down to the bed.

JC sucks Brysen’s cock and teases his hole with his tongue before easing his dick inside, and both guys can’t get enough.

“You feel so good. I’ll fuck you so nice and deep, baby,” JC says, while Brysen moans, “Fuck that hole!”

Brysen gets on top, riding JC until the top warns him he won’t be able to hold back from cumming if Brysen keeps it up.

That’s just what Brysen wants, so the hungry bottom keeps moving, taking JC’s load in his ass, then stroking his cock to cum all over him.

But these guys aren’t done it’s time to switch things up, and this flip fuck gets even hotter.Join them!

The chemistry is off the charts as handsome Caden makes out with bearded hunk Brysen on the couch, eagerly stripping out of their t-shirts and shorts before Caden sucks Brysen.

The top spanks Caden’s juicy ass, then rims it, and Caden moans, “Ohh yeah, get it wet.”

“You want that dick?” Brysen asks as he fingers him, and stretches out Caden’s tight hole in doggystyle.

After pounding him missionary on the couch, Brysen puts Caden in pile driver position, fucking him till the bottom cums all over his own face.

These guys aren’t done yet, so Caden rides Brysen till the top pulls out and shoots his load.Join them!

Asher and Caden are in the studio today, and these shirtless studs are feeling a passionate hunger for each other as they kiss and undress one another.

Caden swallows Asher’s cock, and the top asks him, “You like that dick?

Yeah, look up at me.”

Then it’s Asher’s turn to taste the bottom, tonguing his hole, and he fucks Caden doggystyle.

The bottom rides him, and Asher pounds Caden in missionary, making him orgasm, before cumming on the bearded bottom’s handsome face.

Asher and Caden seem to forget all about the cameras, getting caught up in their post-coital kisses by their sizzling chemistry.Join them!

Brysen and Dale get right down to undressing each other, kissing hungrily before Dale trails his mouth down Brysen’s firm chest and abs, then kneels to suck his cock and balls.

Brysen rims Dale’s hole and spanks him, then makes him moan, “Fuck, I want it so bad!” as he teases him with his cock before finally sliding it inside in doggy style.

Brysen pounds the bottom in spoon, and Dale rides him till Brysen just has to cum.

The top isn’t done yet, bending Dale over and penetrating his hole, then putting the bottom on his back as he fucks him deep in missionary until Dale blows a huge load! Brysen straddles the cute twink and strokes himself, orgasming all over Dale’s face.Join them!

Things are warming up nicely as Kyle and Brysen start making out, kissing passionately in the hot tub.

Kyle sucks Brysen’s big thick dick and Brysen rims the cute twinks hole getting his tongue in deep.

“Oh yeah, get it all wet,” Kyle says because he wants Brysen’s cock too.

The top fucks him doggy style in the hot tub, then they head to the patio so Kyle can ride Brysen on the couch.

Brysen turns the bottom over to fuck him missionary till they both cum, but Brysen isn’t done with him yet.

“Let’s take that fine ass inside,” Brysen says because he wants to switch things up with a flip fuck.Join them!

Cody Seiya and Brysen get straight to undressing each other as they make out in the living room, taking each other’s shirts off and caressing one another’s fit bodies as they kiss passionately.

Lean, handsome Cody squeezes Brysen’s cock through his shorts, then gets to his knees when Brysen instructs him, “Suck that cock.”

The muscular hunk fucks Cody doggy style, facing the big mirror so they can watch their reflections as they get off.

Cody rides Brysen’s dick on the couch, and the bottom loves every second as Brysen spanks his ass, then puts him on all fours.

Brysen turns the sexy twink on his back to fuck him nice and deep as Cody strokes himself, their eye contact blazing.

Cody shoots a massive load on his abs, and Brysen adds even more, then feeds it to the hungry bottom.Join them!

Ripped muscled newbie Blake Ryan has wanted to partner with Brysen for a long time, so he’s super pumped to get to do his first-ever scene with the sexy hottie.

Brysen is keen to know what the blonde muscular bottom is into, and he immediately replies, “Having my ass totally dominated by a hung top like you!”

Brysen is certainly up for that challenge, making Blake beg for his cock as spanks the bottom and pulls his hair, then pulling down Blake’s shorts and demanding, “Whose fuckin’ hole is this?”

He rewards Blake for the right answer by licking and fingering his ass, then it’s time for Blake to ride Brysen’s cock reverse on the couch.

Brysen puts Blake on all fours and pounds him where they can watch themselves in the mirror, then fucks Blake missionary till the bottom cums.

Blake is still asking for more, so Brysen pounds that hole in piledriver, covering it in cum, then making Blake clean his cock with his mouth.Join them!

Brysen and Dax are already kissing as they enter the bedroom and undress each other.

Dax sucks Brysen’s big cock as Brysen reaches down to spank and squeeze his ass.

Brysen moans, “Oh fuck, that’s a tight hole,” as Dax lowers himself onto that dick to ride Brysen reverse, asking, “You like that ass?”

Brysen turns Dax on all fours to fuck his ass, then cums all over his hole… and then it’s his turn to get dicked down.

He lies on his back so Dax can penetrate him in missionary, then fucks him doggy style.

Dax wants to cum, so the guys flip this fuck again as he lies on his back, and Brysen strokes in and out of his hole till Dax orgasms, and Brysen gives him a facial.Join them!

Sean Cody’s newbie Jake Klerin has been playing with control from both sides since coming out, and he’s been dreaming about one particular guyBrysen.

“Seeing him fuck as aggressively as he fucks just makes me want him.

So bad,” says Jake. “If he wants to grab it and just go as hard as he can, that”s all I am asking for.”

Brysen is happy to go along with that plan.

After Jake gets things started with a quick solo, he joins Brysen in the bedroom where the guys get naked and get each other incredibly horny.

Jake swallows Brysen’s big cock and is eager to ride that thick cock as the top chokes him and slaps his creamy ass.

Jake takes everything Brysen dishes out, begging for his load and then offering up his hole for more before both guys paint each other with cum.

“Damn. That’s a nice ass,” Brysen compliments. “That’s a nice dick!” Jake replies.Join them!

Brysen’s brought his new beard to the studio, and it’s getting some compliments.

“I been workin’ on it,” he jokes. “No, I’ve just been too lazy to shave, honestly.”

We’ve brought new talent Marcus for him to enjoy today, a 19-year-old cutie who loves the outdoors and only recently had sex for the first time.

Marcus has been enjoying bottoming, but he says he’s starting to want to top.

He also says, “I love hickeys, it’s like a memory on your neck!”

Brysen will give Marcus plenty of good memories as the guys start kissing and undressing each other.

The bearded top spanks Marcus’s ass, then takes off his pants and sucks his cock.

Marcus blows Brysen, and the top fingers his hole, then lies back so Marcus can ride him.

Brysen gives Marcus that dick nice and deep in missionary, pulling out just in time for both of them to cum together. Their chemistry is so hot, these horny hunks go straight into round two.Join them!

Porn newbie Dustin has only shot once before, so he wants to hear from Brysen what it’s like to have so many scenes under his belt.

Brysen says that his erotica habits are a lot more varied now: “I like to change it up a little bit.

Now I’ll watch all kinds of stuff.”

Brysen wants to know what Dustin’s into, not just on-screen but in real life, and the hottie’s description sounds a whole lot like Brysen.

“Just somebody that’s beefy, tattoos, such as yourself.

It’s a big turn-on for me.”

Brysen usually tops, but he’s excited to get Dustin’s big cock in his ass today, and he starts things off by sucking him, then straddling Dustin and having his way with that dick.

Brysen rides Dustin reverse, then the newbie fucks him till Brysen’s begging for more.

The guys cum, and it’s time for the bottom to become the top….Join them!

Young muscle dude Brysen is back today in the studio with hot bearded new guy Levi.

The sexy guys are lying on the bed cuddling and making fun and laughter before they get down to business.

They kiss passionately and feel each others’ tight muscular bodies with their hands.

Levi rubs his hand on Brysen’s crotch through his shorts and feels his cock is already rock solid.

A little unsure at first Levi dives in sucking Brysen’s big dick getting him balls deep to the back of his throat.

Brysen then braces for Levi to tongue fuck his hot bare ass hole, getting deep between his hot bubble butt ass cheeks.

With Brysen’s hole lubed Levi shoves his hard erect thick dick in and presses it home, making Brysen moan with desire.

The guys switch up positions each time Levi gets his big cock deeper into Brysen’s raw hole.

The hardcore barebacking continues until Levi cannot hold off any longer and shoots a huge stream of jizz all over Brysen’s face and in his mouth.

Levi then kisses him before Brysen jerks his own cock spraying cum all over them both….Join them!

When we first introduced everyone to Brysen we knew this muscle hottie would be popular with fans.

With his uber laid back and relaxed personality with a goofy playful side, he would often have us and his scene partners in stitches.

But Brysen has a super sexy side that can draw you in until you are totally seduced.

He’s also bisexual! “You like boys and girls, right?” We were just confirming.

“Yeah, for the most part. I lean a little more towards boys usually.”

Lucky us! When we got back to the house and he started touching himself, he was so intense and into it, as if nobody was watching.

The moans and the heavy breathing were so sexy, we could hardly take it he’s definitely a keeper….Join him!

Sean Cody newbie Jake has been playing with control from both sides since coming out, and he’s been dreaming about one particular guy: Brysen.

“Seeing him fuck as aggressively as he fucks just makes me want him. So bad,” says Jake.

“If he wants to grab it and just go as hard as he can, that”s all I am asking for.”

Brysen is happy to go along with that plan! After Jake gets things started with a quick solo, he joins Brysen in the bedroom where the guys get naked and get each other incredibly horny.

Jake swallows Brysen’s big cock and is eager to ride that thick cock as the top chokes him and slaps his creamy ass.

Jake takes everything Brysen dishes out, begging for his load and then offering up his hole for more, before both guys paint each other with cum.

“Damn. That’s a nice ass,” Brysen compliments. “That’s a nice dick!” Jake replies…Join them!

Outdoors sexy muscle dudes Shane and Brysen kiss as they rip off their shirts on a wonderful sunny day.

In just his jeans Shane gets his ass spanked by Brysen before the horny guys head indoors where the action steps up.

“You like that?” Brysen asks, bareback fucking Shane doggy style before pounding him mish till both guys cum.

Without missing a beat, Brysen fucks Shane’s hole piledriver!

“Oh yeah, you’re gonna make me cum again,” moans Shane as Brysen reaches around to jack his cock while fucking him doggy style.

Total gentleman Brysen makes sure his bottom orgasms before pulling out and blowing a load on Shane’s pert ass…Join them!

Today we take another look at a huge group orgy with six hot Sean Cody studs which has proved to be the most popular scene of all time. Tanner, Bryce, Coleman, David, Andy, and Noel are relaxing at the start of their vacation in the snowy peaks.

After playing around in the snow the sexy young men head to the warm-up in the steamy hot tub. The horny dudes can’t keep their hands off each other. In this compilation we get to find out which two studs took the lead and started off the hot cock sucking and hardcore ass fucking orgy.

We also see some fun behind the camera scenes and find out why Tanner loves his chest hair.

The sex is hot as the guys suck each others’ big dicks. Then they all move on to fucking asses. With power bottom Bryce ending the scene getting gangbanged by all five big cocks. You’ll never forget the trip that Sean Cody made to the snowy mountains…Join them!

After some shirtless calisthenics at the beach, well-muscled hotties Brysen and Rowan start flirting in the car, pulling out their cocks for each other to admire before they even get back to the studio.

“Oh yeah, get down there and suck that fuckin’ dick,” growls Brysen as the guys kiss, and Rowan hops to it before riding Brysen’s cock reverse.

“This dick is so big!

You wanna pound that hole?” Rowan moans, and Brysen gives it his all before fucking the bottom doggy style.

Brysen’s big dick makes Rowan cum hard, and Brysen spatters the bottom with his load…Join them!

Stud Brysen doesn’t take his time about undressing tattooed bad boy Dave and sucking his cock while fingering Dave’s hole, and Dave wants Brysen’s cock inside him.

The power bottom demands that Brysen fuck him harder as he gets pounded in missionary and doggy style, and even after ultra deep pile driver, Dave’s hungry ass craves even more.

“You filled me up. My hole wants more,” Dave taunts, with Brysen’s cum still on his face.

“I’m sure we can arrange that,” the top replies with a grin….Join them!

“I’m pretty excited to stretch that hole out,” says Brysen about getting to top Archie on Sean Cody.

Archie’s been working on his bottoming skills, and he thinks he’s ready for a challenge, so after the guys do some inflatable jousting at the beach, they head back to the studio for Archie to take on Brysen’s jousting pole.

“Oh my god, I don’t know if it’s gonna fit!” Archie gasps as Brysen teases his hole with his thick cock.

Will it or won’t it? You’ll have to watch the scene to find out!…Join them!

Daniel and Brysen are serving some sexy cowboy looks as they lean against a weathered fence, taking off their shirts and flexing their muscles.

These guys roughhouse a little as they flirt before heading back to the studio where Brysen gets right down to sucking Daniel’s dick.

Sexy silver fox Daniel wants to taste Brysen’s cock too before Brysen takes the cowboy play to the next level, hopping into the saddle to ride Daniel’s dick.

“Fuck, your hole feels so good!” Daniel moans, then penetrates the bearded hunk in doggy style.

Brysen rides Daniel once again in reverse till he cums, and Daniel shoots his load all over Brysen’s hole…Join them!