Tim James

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Tim James hasn’t quite readjusted to life in the country, lying in his bed till noon and getting a scolding from his mom. Tim James is astonished when Angelica and Austin Wolf come to visit. The handsome cowboy rubs Tim’s bulge under the dining table, and then puts his cock on their backs. The two guys ride to the barn, where they have a heart-to-heart about sexually assaulting men in the country and Austin pulls Tim close for a kiss. Tim gets his top fucked, then gets rimmed before Austin presses him from behind. He is fucked by Tim lying on his back on straw bales. Then the bottom takes off on his big dick until it gets cums and Austin gives him an facial.

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After a long time away from his country home without saying goodbye, Tim James is finally back… however, it won’t come with the same ease as put his cowboy hat back on. Tim has a flirtation with the ranch hand Chuck Conrad, and the big man is forced to stop his work to allow Tim to squeeze his cock, and then fucks the bottom of a hay bale. Tim is pounded on his back, and then smooches as he rides the huge dick for all that he’s worth, and cowboy Chuck eases his blue balls by putting the weight of his body on Tim’s face.

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Tim James and Malik Delgaty’s tennis match is starting late. Tim is ready to win this round, but after some friendly banter, he is once again sidetracked by his straight opponent’s enormous dick and receives a ball to the face. Malik rushes over to check on Tim, and Tim’s shorts are pulled down by the eager bottom. Tim gets a nice doggystyle fuck from Malik when he stoops down to get the ball! Malik piledrivers Tim when he eagerly suckers the top and asks to ride his fat dick. Tim cums, and Malik then slings a hot load in the face of the underdog.
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Rugged and rippling with muscle William Seed arrives at his campground, only to discover that someone else has already reserved it! Tim James and his partner also had it saved for their romantic weekend away together, and at first neither of them was excited about having to share it. When William has finished setting up his tent, he offers Tim some nuts, which the bottom gladly takes, especially when William pushes his dick through the container for Tim to suck on! Later on, William hears the bottom jacking off in his tent, and he decides to cut a glory hole for a blowjob. After that, he fucks Tim doggystyle. Tim cums as William pounds him in missionary, and the musculature of the top bursts a nut on his face. Tim rides the top outside on the grass.
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Tim and Kyle meet on the trail. They show off their hairy torsos and kiss each other flirtatiously. By the time they get back to the home, they are looking for more. Tim kisses Kyle’s chest and sucks him, and then the top tells the redhead to lie on his face. Tim says, “I want your dick!” after Kyle’s tongue is placed into Tim’s hole. Kyle responds, “Ride my fuckin’ to the cock,” and the bottom does exactly that. Kyle puts Tim on his back and then pound him hard, deep doggystyle. He turns him on his back till Tim asks for his chow on his face. Kyle is watching as Tim is jerked off.

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Tall, clean-shaven Evan meets the new redhead stud Tim in the studio, and soon enough he’s sucking the top’s cock and riding Tim for the first time on camera. Evan compliments Tim’s muscles, saying, “Oh fuck, you’re so sexy,” as he rides him and stares down at him. Tim exclaims, “That’s amazing!” as Evan gives him a top fuck in the doggie style. Tim kicks the newcomer in the missionary as Evan cums and orders him to jizz on his ass.
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Tall and powerful Tim shows up in the studio to film his solo, and he immediately goes to work! Tim reveals his hungry boner protruding over the top of his jock strap as he eases down his shorts and removes his tank top, sensually stroking his muscular chest. Tim rubs his dick while making sure you get a nice glimpse of his cut physique from every angle. After he cums on the table, Tim eats his load and declares it to be “Absolutely delicious!”Join them!

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