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Summary storyIt took Apprentice Marcus Rivers a moment to get his eyes used to the bright, white room. Master Matthew Figata smiled warmly and told the boy to sit down on the couch before explaining that he was due to be …

Full StoryApprentice Rivers has certainly been put through his paces since joining the Order. Just a few weeks ago, he was brutally punished by two of the masters, who choked and whipped him until he was literally screaming for mercy. And yesterday, he was summoned to meet Master Figata in one of the white rooms.

He knew exactly who Figata was, despite never having spoken to him. In fact, the moment Rivers saw Master Figata, surrounded by acolytes and walking down one of the building’s long corridors, he was as good as hooked.

Figata is one of those supremely handsome, all-American, older guys who exudes confidence and radiates magnetism. Being called to meet with him threw the boy into a complete panic.

Rivers was told he could expect to be “ordained” but had no idea what that meant. It didn’t sound like a form of punishment, but since arriving at the complex, Rivers has learned to continually expect the unexpected…

He knocked on the door, hands trembling so much that his fist hardly made a sound on the wood. Figata called for him to enter. His voice sounded breezy and friendly, but that didn’t stop Rivers from walking into the space feeling sick with nerves.

It took the boy a moment to get his eyes used to the bright room. Every wall was either painted white, or lined with billowing, blinding white curtains. Figata stood in the middle of the room, beautifully turned-out in an expensive white suit. Rivers could smell the master’s aftershave the moment he entered; its heady blend of dark tobacco and myrrh-like scents made the boy entirely weak at the knees.

Figata smiled and told the boy to sit down on the couch. His warm smile made Rivers blush. Figata sat down real close to him and explained that he was due to be ordained, before starting to run his hands, somewhat seductively, down Rivers’ back.Join them!

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There’s a reason Marcus Rivers is frequently up for auction. And it’s not because his masters don’t want him or think he’s disappointing. On the contrary, he often exceeds expectations, leading the powerful men to brag to their buyer friends about their new prize.

But this leads to a healthy amount of covetousness among the men, aching for their chance to see the young slave boy become theirs. And when this happens, the buyers see dollar signs.

When I saw River standing before me, he stood with the discipline and focus of a soldier. Despite lacking the traditional experience and body of a military man, he was just as molded mentally to obey orders and await commands. I barely had to open my mouth as I moved around him, inspecting his body to assess his value.

A qualitative review of his body wasn’t sufficient for the dossiers of the young men. Precise measurements are taken of their bodies, including their height, weight, cock length, even the weight of their testicles to give would-be buyers a real sense of what they’re getting.

Some men really enjoy the thrill of the physical dominance, the size difference between them and their bought submissives. And without getting up close, this information can be key to them deciding to fight a hard bidding war between them and another buyer.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to sample the wares of the young men. For someone like River, I was eager to get a sniff of his pits, inhaling the sweet, ripe scent of arousal and unease that his musk revealed. I could tell he was nervous, but he wouldn’t show it on his face. But by using all my senses, the truth outs.

I handled his genitals in my hand, feeling their heat and weight. He was fully engorged within moments, giving me a real sense of what he had to offer. I could tell he hadn’t cum in some time. He was sensitive to my touch and practically trembled from simply cradling his testicles in my fingers.

When I leaned in to give the head of his cock a taste, a glistening bead of pre-cum escaped, as if letting me know he was ready to be taken.

I turned him around to tease his hole. My wet fingers navigated his sphincter, feeling it tighten and loosen with each breath. I couldn’t tell if he was subconsciously trying to fight me or let me in. Either way, my dominant digit found its way inside.

River’s moans echoed into the dark void. Despite the few onlookers watching us, it felt like it was just me and him.

When he was properly presented, oiled, and ready to try out, I gestured for my buddy, Master Houser, to come out from the dark. The handsome man had been eyeing River for months, his mouth watering at every glimpse of him. He wanted him more than most, and I knew he would pay a lot for the chance to claim him for his own.

When Master Houser approached, I watched him take in the glistening, hard body of the young man. River arched his back to show him his beautiful backside, giving him a full view of his tight hole. I knew from fingering him just how impossibly intact he was, still feeling like a virgin after many, many sessions of hardcore pounding.

Master Houser opened his fly, not even bothering to unbutton his suit jacket, to pull out his throbbing daddy dick. Within seconds, he was piercing the flesh of the young boy, skewering him with his member deep. I could see River’s cling to the auction block, withstanding the sheer force and fire of the sudden penetration. Master Houser’s dominance was on full display and the slave boy River was just his little fuck puppet.

It was exciting to watch, knowing that any moment the salt and pepper daddy would shoot his load up inside River’s hole. The young boy struggled, but he didn’t move away. He was there to take every thrust, no matter what.

I knew Master Houser would be satisfied with him. And I’ll be looking for his bid at the next sale. StarringMarcus Rivers, Lance Charger, Korzark Kipling.Join them!

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Young smooth pup Marcus Rivers’s bare asshole fucked by grey fox Dillon Stone’s massive thick dick.

Mr. Stone was used to clients having natural, spontaneous erections during a massage. This was normal, and the experienced masseur would never draw attention to it, as most times a client’s erection faded as they got used to his touch.

However, during their first encounter, Mr. Stone couldn’t ignore that Marcus was erect for the entire session. The coy little guy even made hard eye contact with him at several intervals during the appointment.

As Mr. Stone began the second, more intensive deep tissue massage, he silently thrilled at the sound of the petite twink’s soft sighs.He observed that Marcus had already closed his eyes in deep relaxation.

Marcus was in heaven, but still cognizant of something quite different about Mr. Stone’s approach this time around. The boy had his eyes mostly closed, but he could tell that the beefy masseur wasn’t wearing pants.

Just a skimpy pair of boxer briefs and a thin, white tank top. And the older gentleman was sporting an enormous hard-on! Mr. Stone directed young Marcus to remove the towel and flip over onto his back.

The tiny twink did so in an instant. Unsurprisingly, the boy was rock hard and drooling precum. Mr. Stone wanted nothing more than to lick Marcus’s dick clean, but there were still so many other parts of the boy’s anatomy for the masseur to tend to, first.

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Dr. Legrand Wolf takes full advantage of his house guests. He and young hottie pup Marcus Rivers were sitting on the couch, enjoying a lazy day watching movies when they both were filled with a potent amount of sexual energy.

He couldn’t keep his hands off Marcus’s tight little body, feeling it resting beside him and generating a pleasant degree of heat.

Dr. Wolf removed Marcus’s shorts, giving him a look at his soft, smooth butt. His round little peachy ass cheeks filled his hands as Marcus moved on top of him, meeting the moment with a passionate kiss. Marcus couldn’t get enough of how Dr. Wolf touched him and teased him, knowing that what was coming was an amazing midday fuck.

Dr. Wolf fingers Marcus’ hot boy hole, tugging at his nuts and really playing with his body. The tall giant could feel his boy getting worked up more and more with each passing moment, and his own massive thick long cock was beginning to crave some attention.

Standing up, Dr. Wolf dropped his shorts and allowed Marcus to explore him similar to how he’d done. Marcus was no stranger to the massive bulge of his host, admiring it through his tight underwear before releasing it from its entrapment.

His monster cock fell out like a falling tree, hard as a rock and rigid from tip to base. Marcus looked up at his giant daddy, eager to see his expression as Marcus attempted to take it all down. Dr. Wolf knew this was no easy task, but he always loved seeing his little guys go for it.

Marcus slobbered up and down, gagging and struggling as his throat stretched to take more. He did as much as he could, but the challenge was difficult for anyone, especially a fun-size guy like him.

Dr. Wolf leaned back on the couch, cock drenched in slick saliva and still pulsing hard. He carefully brought Marcus down on it, letting him work his way onto his shaft with his tight, tiny hole.

Marcus did all he could to position himself for it, even placing his feet on Dr. Wolf’s long legs. The tall man supported Marcus as his hole took him down, feeling his insides shift and make room for him.

Marcus let out a delightful moan, thrilled to get the giant doc’s bare cock deep in his hole, waiting for him to warm up and be ready to get thoroughly pounded.Join them!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands all over young Marcus Rivers ever since I became his coach a year ago. Marcus is the very definition of a pocket rocket and, at 6’6”, I get very excited by that size difference! Especially when it comes to sex; I love the feeling of a young guy riding my dick!

But with these young guys, it’s always hard to know what they’re interested in. Even when they’re looking up at me wide-eyed and excited, I can’t tell whether they’re interested in me sexually or just enamored with the idea of former basketball player showing them how to handle their balls!

Marcus was especially difficult to read in that department. Sometimes I’d catch him looking over at me with such intensity that I assumed he’d be up for taking my dick hard and raw there and then! Other times, he’d seem shyer and reserved. My only option was to keep the charm turned on at all times and feel it out slowly…

I finally got to have a moment of clarity one evening when he asked if he could have a one-on-one training session at his folk’s house. It would have been an outright “no” had he not told me in the same breath that his parents were out of town and that he had the place to himself. How could I have turned down such an enticing offer?

I got him out on the deck doing sit-ups and push-ups. He was working up a good sweat and we were getting along great. Then I managed to get him into a pretty compromising position for more situps, with his legs wrapped around my waist.

I love it when I can get a boy in that position! It instantly showed him how big I am next to him and gave him a little flavor of how hot things might get if we decide to move things to the next level…

I put him down, got him to take his top off, and started feeling him up as I complimented him on his tight little body. I could tell he was getting turned on, so I took my own top off and planted my lips rather squarely on his.

It was a fairly outrageous gesture but he responded well. Within seconds, we were kissing like a pair of horny school kids! His cute little hands were instantly all over me. He grabbed my rock solid cock through my shorts and started to tug at it. I pulled it out of its underwear cage and he dutifully dropped to his knees and started to suck.

This boy was certainly no stranger to the concept of giving a blow job! He knew exactly what he was doing–and it felt so good!

I stood him up and pulled his shorts down so the two of us were completely naked. I tried to forget that we were at his parent’s place and just went with the moment. I just hoped they didn’t have hidden security cameras!

I laid on my back and got young Marcus in a 69 position, him sucking me as I got my lips around his surprisingly large dick. These pocket gays often have surprisingly big packages.

Then I told him we were gonna do some special pushups I’d been eager to show him. He laid face down on a mat with his ass in the air and I hovered my body over him. He was so small I practically covered him completely! Then, with him in the right position, I lowered myself down until my cock slid right into his tight, hungry hole! After that, he was back to doing pushups with my tool sliding in and out of his body!

After getting ten bareback reps in, he collapsed down on the mat, trembling with exhaustion, but I was still inside him. I dropped on top of him and he suddenly felt the true size of my meat penetrating his guts. I don’t think he could quite believe how big I was. He started squealing and whimpering as I slowly started to thrust myself into his tight little hole. Man, it felt good.

As he got more used to my size, I was able to go a little harder and deeper. It’s even more fun when they start to open up a little. I was completely in charge. Dominating him. Making him my little fuck toy.

I picked up the pace, pushed his legs apart, and started to bang him hard. Judging by the noises he was making, I don’t think he’d ever been fucked like that. It was a real privilege to introduce him to proper sport fucking!

Then I laid on my back and made him get on top of me, feet on my giant thighs, riding me like a jockey rides a thoroughbred horse. And he did a pretty good job! All that push-up training has given him great stamina and very good core strength. And I could feel my pre-cum going all foamy at the base of my cock.

I knew I was gonna bust my nut and decided he was riding me well enough for me to blast inside him. Cumming inside is a special treat I reserve for the best boys.

I started banging my dick into him, faster and faster until I suddenly exploded. And I shot BIG! He must have felt my dick throbbing so hard and the creamy juices literally gushing into him. It was a spectacular orgasm which I won’t be forgetting for a long, long while.Join them!

Dallas Steele can’t get enough of his little friend, Marcus Rivers. The older man can’t help but smile at seeing how bold and proud the boyish bottom stands despite his stature.

Marcus is enamored with the muscle giant’s physique, impressed by his size and strength.

Taking him out of the tailor’s shop, Dallas offers to give Marcus some special training sessions.

Dallas wouldn’t change a thing about his little buddy, but he’ll do anything if it means getting him alone and seeing him sweat.

Their playful exchanges get more sexual as Marcus sees Dallas’ cock growing hard in his tight, red, coach’s shorts.

They try their best to focus on exercises, but it’s not long before the two want to strip off their clothes and fuck.

Marcus pulls out Dallas’ cock, filling his tiny mouth with the big tool, and taking it to the back of his throat, while the muscle daddy stands tall above him.

Dallas moves to have Marcus practice his push ups, cleverly getting on top of him and teasing his hole with his cock.

The horny boy works Dallas’ shaft with this tight hole until the big man slides himself fully inside, giving Marcus a good stretch and insisting he keep up his drills.

Marcus lifts himself up and down, working his muscles as his body massages Dallas’ cock…Join them!

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Horny bottom Marcus Rivers spots gorgeous top Kaleb Stryker on an app and wants to hook up with him ASAP, and luckily he’s just a few feet away.

Marcus can’t believe how big Kaleb’s cock is as he sucks it, and Kaleb goes down on Marcus and licks his asshole before fucking him doggy style.

That huge cock in Marcus’s ass feels so good that he begs Kaleb to keep fucking him as he cums hard, and Kaleb does his best, but soon that tight hole has him pulling out to shoot a huge load all over the sexy bottom…Join them!

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