Sean Cody Randy

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 215lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Randy gay porn scenes at Sean Cody

Today we’ve got a hot threesome, and as it has been some time, we’ve brought together three hotties.

In fact, we could not have chosen three sexier guys for this threesome. Randy, Dean, and Cory are hot, playful, and horny as hell.

It was so much fun watching these studs play some football on the beach, especially when even football terms became sexual innuendos.

“We can run routes! Someone could play quarterback, someone could play defense, and someone is the receiver, you know?”

Randy had a grin on his face. After getting the guys all sweaty and wet, they couldn’t wait to get back to the house for some real fun.

Every hole was filled with dick, and cum was everywhere ‘hot’ can’t even begin to describe it.Join them!

Cole wants a taste of Randy’s big dick! The handsome bottom slowly kisses down Randy’s neck and chest, then drops to his knees to kiss the top’s stomach before finally sucking that big cock.

“You ready for this?” Randy asks as he prepares to penetrate Cole ultra-deep in pile driver.

“Fuck yeah,” Cole says, adding with a gasp, “Oh, you’re so fuckin big!”

That huge cock makes Cole cum super hard before he takes Randy’s big load all over his face…Join them!

Longtime Sean Cody favorite Randy is a man on a mission: “Trying to have the most films out of anyone, hopefully.”

Here to help him with his fifty-first scene is hot bottom Shane, who loves getting fucked by big dicks.

“I like getting fucked hard, nice and deep. I like bottoming more, just so I can be at their will,” says Shane.

Randy is happy to show this newbie a thing or two, and the pair trade sensual blowjobs before Shane hops on Randy’s big, thick cock…Join them!


It’s arms and chest day for gym rats Jeb and Randy, and these guys take turns getting in their reps while spotting each other and offering encouragement…and compliments.

“I just wanna see what you look like naked,” says Randy as he encourages Jeb to take off his pants.

“Damn! Guy is jacked!” Randy flirts back: “You like what you see?”

These hotties are all warmed up, so it’s time for tall and muscular top Jeb to suck Randy’s dick and fuck that tight little hole…Join them!


There’s nothing like a run on the beach and quick game of catch to get outdoorsy hunks Sean Cody Ayden and Sean Cody Randy all hot and bothered.

Ayden’s eager to “get fucked by this stud” and Randy can’t wait to “pound the fuck out of this rookie.” Watch Ayden prove his physical prowess by catching Randy’s hard cock in his tight ass…Join them!


Dark-haired Randy and chocolate-skinned Landon sit down for a little chat about big dicks since both muscular men are packing big, huge cocks. “So we’re here today to talk about big dick problems, if any!” says Randy.

The tall stud continues, “getting your dick sucked and teeth grinding on it is terrible. The person’s jaw; that’s really their problem, but it’s caused by the big dick.” “The good side of having a big dick is everyone wants it!” says handsome Landon.

“Yeah! My dick also won an award for Best Cock 2017!” exclaims Randy. “It’s been a couple months for me since I laid it down. What about you?” asks Landon. “It’s been about two months since I’ve had a dick in my ass.

It is annoying to have to wait that long. I’m about ready,” says Randy. “Now see, that’s a big dick problem! If you’re ready then I’m ready,” responds Landon.

“I just need to get fucked! We’re outta here!” says Randy, as he and Landon make their way to somewhere a little more private…Join them!


As Dillan and Randy played around skateboarding and joking around, playful touching quickly turned into wanting something more Dillan takes Randy straight to pound town, where both studs blow their hot loads all over each other…Join them!

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It doesn’t get much better than two muscles studs with big dicks going at it. Randy took on Derick’s thick cock, and both guys were excited to get things started. “I’m excited to fuck Randy.”

“I’m excited to be fucked if it can fit.” It fit just fine, in fact, it was perfect, making Randy cum all over himself…Join them!


Daniel will finally be on the receiving end of the playing field once again after a few years of just topping, and he’s not taking the easy route Randy is going to show him a good time.

Both studs have known each other for a while now, and have been asking us if they can fuck on camera together they’re finally getting what they want.

With Randy’s massive cock to keep in mind, Daniel had to prepare himself, so a little yoga was in order.

Randy was watching him stretch from inside the house, and he just couldn’t wait to get all up in that tight hole and make him his “yoga bitch”. This definitely was a long time coming, “Namaste, bitch!”…Join them!


What better way to get acquainted with somebody you’re about to fuck than getting them all wet in a water gun fun? Well, there are many great ways, but who doesn’t enjoy guys in wet shorts?

Joe certainly soaked it all in with every squirt to the body and face, foreshadowing what was to cum in the near future. “That’s a really nice ass can’t wait to put my dick in there.”

While Randy was eager to give it, Joe couldn’t wait to get it, so we moved the party indoors where the real fun could start…Join them!


It’s day 2 in sunny Puerto Rico, and these sexy men have plans to take full advantage of the weather and of each other’s company.

Brysen and Randy waste no time bringing Manny on all fours and making him moan in pleasure it doesn’t get any better than three guys going at it in paradise…Join them!


Ever since the last getaway, we’ve been dying to get away from all things familiar once again, so we gathered a few of the guys and took them on a summer escape to Puerto Rico!

Jakob and Randy we’re extremely eager to fuck in such a beautiful place, even though it was a little gray that day. That didn’t stop the cumshots from shooting.

Let the vacation begin…Join them!


Hunter requested somebody specific to be his scene partner, solely by big dick status that’s where Randy came in.

“I’m totally flattered”

Hunter wasted no time and went right for the big package to see what he was working with, “We’ll see if I can take it.”

Oh, he took it, even though Randy gave it to him without mercy…Join them!


Joey didn’t get enough of Randy’s huge dick in the threesome they had with Jordan a few years back, so they’ve both come together to take care of some unfinished business…Randy was happy to oblige…Join them!


Randy and Shaw are both big guys with big dicks, and after a bit of a muscle comparison, we asked Randy what the plan was for the day.

“Maybe just throw the football around, maybe run a couple of routes until the real fun starts, you know?”
We asked Shaw about the “real fun”.

“He goes deep now, I go deep later?”

Randy corrected him, “Or maybe I’ll be going deep.”

The two muscle men got excited to get the ball rolling, and even though Shaw hasn’t seen Randy’s thick, uncut cock, he was eager to have that piece of meat in him…Join them!


Guess who’s back and excited to fuck some more Sean Cody ass! That’s right, the adorable Parker. And the willing bottom?

That’ll be Randy. “I’m gonna go meet up with Randy in a little bit and fuck the shit out of him. I’m excited about that.

He’s a big dude, but I’m gonna be the dominant one” Oh, and that he was. After throwing a football around to warm up for the real thing, they went back to the house to get to business. Big-dicked Randy took it like a champ, moans and groans and all! Parker definitely missed us…Join them!

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