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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Greyson Lane gay porn scenes at Guys in Sweatpants

Spencer Blue is a 23-year-old SoCal boy who came to us looking to fuck some hot boys on camera.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Greyson Lane but I figured he’d be a perfect fit since they’re both local boys.

After comparing and counting their many sexy AF tattoos, they ripped off the rest of each other’s clothes and went at it.

Greyson is the perfect kind of bottom who just likes to lay back and watch his top use his hole, and that’s right up Spencer’s ally.

Their fuck fest left Greyson happily covered in both of their loads and smiles on both of their faces…Join them!

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Sexy stud Nic Sahara is heading home from the gym and he is looking forward to seeing his new boyfriend Greyson Lane. As he walks through the door Nic greets him by falling to his knees and sucking Greyson’s long young dick.

Greyson returns the favor chomping away on Nic’s big uncut dick getting his tongue around his foreskin. With Greyson on top, he takes control of the situation allowing Nic to slip his hard cock deep into his ass fucking him bareback.

As Greyson touches his toes, Nic presses his thick bare cock deep into his tight bubble butt. Greyson looks lovingly at Nic as his ass is pummelled until he can hold off no longer.

Greyson heads over the edge moaning as he unloads huge cum spurts across his abs. Nic continues the anal fucking before spewing his jizz load making a mess of them both. The boyfriends lie there in the blissful aftermath of their hot lovemaking…Join them!

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Twink Greyson Lane can’t believe his mom promised the car to his new stepbrother Calvin Banks just because he’s older, so he sneaks into the bathroom while Calvin’s in the shower to snag the keys.

But Greyson gets distracted sniffing his step-bro’s briefs, and when Calvin catches him in the act, the tatted-up 20-year-old runs for it and drops the car keys under the bed.

Greyson gets on all fours to retrieve them, and Calvin drops his towel and penetrates his stepbrother’s ass.

Greyson had no idea that Calvin could be so obliging as he rides the top’s dick and gets fucked in missionary till he cums.

Greyson may not get to take the car, but at least he gets a facial…Join them!

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In the living room, Colton Reece is horny for Greyson Lane, so he kicks things off with a thorough neck massage for Greyson that leads down to Colton rubbing his buddy’s cock.

When Greyson can no longer resist Colton’s advances, he turns around to pull down the ripped hunk’s basketball shorts and fill his mouth with Colton’s thick cock.

With long, slow strokes that push Colton’s cock to the back of Greyson’s throat, Greyson keeps sucking until Colton wants a taste of his friends’ smooth hole.

When Greyson gets up on the couch legs up, Colton goes straight for Greyson’s tight ass to give it a much-deserved tongue bath. Greyson wants more, so Colton lays back on the floor, and Greyson climbs on top to ride Colton’s thick cock bareback.

Colton regains control and bends Greyson over to drill his hole even deeper.

Switching positions one more time, it’s Greyson’s turn to lay back with his legs up high once again until Colton pounds a load out of the moaning stud.

When it’s Colton’s turn, he sprays his load all over Greyson’s smooth abs..Join them!

Josh Moore seems to have some kind of breakthrough and finally admits to road trip buddy Dan Saxon that he’s always had a crush on him after they get back on the PCH, and Dan confesses the crush is mutual.

With the ice finally broken, they decide they don’t want their adventure to end. They stop at a diner and on a dare from Dan, Josh picks up smoking hot surfer boy Greyson Lane, and they go back to his beach shack for a three-way.

After some dick sucking in the van, they go inside for blowjobs on the couch and Greyson devours their tasty uncut British bangers.

Dan and Josh happily take turns barebacking the younger dude, as Greyson takes them both on like a trouper, riding their beautiful cocks to a jizz dripping finish as they fill his hole with their delicious spunk.

With a new sense of playful sexual freedom, thanks to his enlightened friend Dan, Josh decides not to go back to San Francisco and new adventures await as the sun sets on the ‘Califuckinfornia’ coastline..Join them!

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When seductive Greyson Lane and his boyfriend go to bed, horny stepbrother Dacotah Red can’t help but notice their hot asses.

Hoping Greyson will offer some relief for his throbbing cock, he walks in naked to wake his stepbrother up. Greyson agrees, these stepbrothers gotta fuck…Join them!

Thirsty Roman Todd walks in the door to find his enticing stepbrother Greyson Lane lounging on the couch.

The parents are away and Roman hasn’t been able to forget their last steamy encounter.

Neither has Greyson… or their parents.

Despite the risk, Roman’s huge, throbbing cock and sizzling caresses are too much for Greyson to resist.

Question is, will they get caught this time…Join them!

Greyson Lane and his older step-brother have a quiet understanding between the two of them.

Max King II is usually deployed so when he comes home on leave, Greyson knows one of the first things he’ll want to do is rekindle what they have started ever since their parents married a few years ago.

Max doesn’t even have to say anything. Greyson just knows with a look that it’s time, as Max unzips his pants.

Soon enough Greyson will have Max’s hard cock pounding him from behind, fucking the cum out of Greyson before coating him that familiar family recipe.

‘It’s been way too long,’ Greyson thinks to himself, pulling Max’s dick out and making it disappear down his throat…Join them!

Greyson Lane gay porn scenes at Next Door Twink

Hottie young stud Greyson Lane is missing his boyfriend who is out of town just now.

Greyson is feeling horny and watching his BFs latest gay porn movie. His cock is already getting hard at the hot sex on screen.

Then his boyfriend FaceTimes him and says he’s sending him a little present to cure his loneliness.

Just then someone knocks on the door. Greyson opens the door to find young hunky muscle hunk Dalton Riley who announces himself to be his special surprise.

The sexy boys quickly get down to business, stripping off their clothes.

Dalton kisses Greyson and licks his hairy armpits as his dick gets super erect, rock hard standing vertical like a rocket.

Then Greyson returns the favor gulping down Dalton’s thick cock right to the base.

Dalton uses his hands to part Greyson’s hot bubble butt ass cheeks getting his hard cock deep into his raw hole.

He fucks Greyson in missionary position, shoving his throbbing dick right down deep with long hard strokes.

They switch up positions with Greyson riding Dalton’s cock reverse cowboy style.

Greyson controls the depth and presses his ass down balls deep onto Dalton’s still dick.

Dalton then rims Greyson freshly fucked hole getting his tongue right into his tight pink ass hole.

Then again Greyson’s bareback ass takes a pummeling until he can take it no more and he shoots his cum load across his abs.

Quickly followed by Dalton who lets loose with a stream of jizz covering them both.

The guys collapse their horniness sated for now….Join them!

Tricky Carter Woods lures in hot twink Greyson Lane by using his brother’s phone to meet him at the shed.

After clearing the confusion, Carter comes clean and tells Greyson that he finds him attractive.

Although he’s his friend’s brother, it doesn’t have to be weird.

Turns out tricking the twink will become treating the twink…Join them!

Hot twink Greyson Lane and stud Princeton Price can’t keep their hands off each other. The two begin to kiss as things get heated and Greyson is eager to suck Princeton’s dick. They have sex in multiple positions until they both shoot their loads…Join them!

Jake Porter knows what he wants, but he just doesn’t think it exists, much like Bigfoot… or ghosts… he’s heard rumors but has never personally seen one: the Perfect Twink.

But Jake becomes a believer when he finds Greyson Lane, last on his list but soon to be first in his heart, knocking at the door for his ‘open’ interview.

Jake realizes fortune is smiling upon him. After all, it’s not every day you get to have your cake and eat it too…Join them!


Greyson Lane may be shy, but he’s not stupid, so when Scott comes barking up his tree, he takes notice and catches Scott Finn off guard with his frank and forward talk.

He tells Scott he’s been thinking about getting fucked, and Scott immediately reconsiders his impression of Greyson as a soft-spoken, quiet little deer.

Instead, he realizes Greyson is one of those silent but serious types who aren’t here to fuck around unless we’re talking about actually fucking around.

Luckily, that’s Scott’s forte, so he needs no other prompts to lead Greyson back to the bedroom and have his way with this tanned and toned body in front of him.

He fucks Greyson all over the bed every way he desires, and Greyson enjoys every moment of it, begging Scott for more and more.

By the time the two of them have shot their loads, Scott realizes it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the best in bed…Join them!


With their relationship on the skids, seeing Greyson Lane all done up for his date has Jason Mack seriously considering that it may be over for the first time.

Faced with the possibility of losing his beau, Jason realizes he must act swiftly and with confidence. He tells Greyson he’s sure they can salvage what they have, and Greyson tells him to prove it.

Once there, Jason finally unleashes himself, opening up to Greyson in a passionate way that has been missing from their relationship. It seems all Greyson really needed to do was show Jason what he’d be missing.

And now that Jason knows what he has, Greyson can expect many more ‘date nights’ like this one in the future…Join them!

Step-brothers Kyle Brant and Greyson Lane couldn’t be more opposite one another.

Greyson is an open freak, proudly flying his flag and always looking to score, but Kyle is much more sheltered and reserved, probably because of his mom, Greyson figures.

But whatever the reason, when Kyle catches Greyson jacking to some gay porn, he’s both horrified and intrigued at the same time.

Greyson catches him staring and realizes the two of them may not be so different after all.

Kyle is about to discover sides of himself he never knew existed, and Greyson is about to discover there’s a silver lining to having a step-brother…Join them!

Sunburnt and exhausted, Greyson Lane has mixed reviews for his first Pride Parade. On one hand, he had a great time and was happy to participate. On the other hand, he’d have liked to ‘participate’ with a few hot guys to celebrate the event.

Buddy Julian Bell tries to tell him that’s not what Pride is all about, but Greyson is hell bent on getting fucked, so to make his friend’s day complete, Julian tells him he could help him out with that request.

Greyson thought Julian would never ask, as he peels off his shorts and reveals his rock hard cock. Julian is quick to jump all over it, deep-throating Greyson before spreading his legs and tongue fucking his hole.

Once Greyson is good and ready, Julian slides up behind him and eases his cock deep inside Greyson’s waiting hole. Greyson takes it eagerly, stroking his dick as Julian pounds him from behind.

They fuck every way Greyson desires, but he’s so horny he can barely hold his nut any longer, and he spits it all over his chest as Julian pulls out and gives him a facial that Greyson can be very, very proud of. Now, he’s a Pride veteran…Join them!

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