Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Colt Rivers scenes at Titan Men

Sexy muscle stud Colt Rivers bottoms for hairy chested muscled dude Jesse Jackman’s huge cock
Their different-colored bodies provide for an amazing sight: smoothie with a brief and light skin Tall Jesse Jackman’s tanned and hairy muscles are idolized by Colt Rivers. Jesse is poked in the leg by Colt’s steel shaft as he licks the pec and pit of the huge man. As Colt savors Jesse, the large head of his own dick is throbbing. Jesse sucks the eager sub back after pulling him up by the leash for a kiss. While Jesse is getting serviced, Colt grabs him by the shoulder pads and offers his silky ass. Jesse tongue-fucks Colt before thrusting his cock inside and smashing his hole with his hairy balls. Colt bounces up and down while Jesse touches his erect dick. The bottom settles down on Jesse. Colt spreads his cheeks while lying on his back to aid Jesse in a deep fuck. Before dropping his shot on Colt, Jesse jacks a load out of the jock and feeds it to him off his thumb while stroking it into Colt’s smooth chest.
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Colt Rivers scenes at Falcon Studios


As Colt Rivers soaks his feet in the hot tub, JJ Knight makes himself comfortable on the ledge above. As JJ leans back, the towel wrapped around his waist falls open, revealing his massive cock. Turned on, Colt reaches for his hard cock, and starts stroking to catch JJ’s eye.

JJ likes what he sees, and his cock swells. Standing up, JJ walks over and offers his enormous cock to Colt’s eager mouth. Sucking with his wet lips, licking with his tongue, and stroking with his hands, Colt’s expert cock sucking makes JJ shudder with ecstasy.

He places his hand at the back of Colt’s head, and amplifies the intense oral service. Retreating to the bench, Colt stands over JJ and shoves his own hard meat down JJ’s throat. With lots of spit, JJ eagerly gets a taste of Colt’s throbbing rod.

But the allure of JJ’s supersized meat is too much for Colt to ignore for long. He returns to servicing JJ’s meat, and brings the smooth, muscled stud to an intense orgasm. As JJ jerks out his load, Colt touches the tip of his tongue to JJ’s cockhead, catching as much of JJ’s load in his mouth as he can.

Standing above JJ’s mouth, Colt lets fly blasts of cum that dribble out of JJ’s mouth and down JJ’s chin. Bending down, Colt makes out with JJ, and his white, frothy cum smears across both their lips…Join them!

Colt Rivers scenes at

After being betrayed by Luke and Alex, Colt Rivers has a plan to make it even, and that plan is to get fucked silly by Jay Landford’s thick, juicy cock! Jay gives Colt an epic pounding, the kind that only Colt can endure, before the two jizz a river!

The mere thought of having fiery sex with a hot ginger makes Colt Rivers’ dick tingle. Colt spots Bennett Anthony who is more than willing to satisfy his ginger fetish. Colt dives his face into Bennett’s red hot pubes, before getting his face fucked by Bennett’s excited cock. Bennett fulfills Colt’s fantasy by pounding his ass hard, and then letting him ride his rock hard, ginger cock.

Jarec Wentworth and Colt Rivers wake up in their fancy fuck-pad that includes a spectacular view of the city. With the shades wide open, Colt gets his horny, beautiful ass pounded by Jarec’s fat dick. Colt lets out screams of sheer pleasure as Jarec absolutely drills his eager hole. Colt shoots his hot load while he is railed by Jarec’s huge cock.

Christian Wilde went a bit crazy and started collecting the men who had betrayed him. First on the list is Colt Rivers who happens to be a very willing and very hot bottom.

Cruising in Central Park comes easy for hotties Colt Rivers & Jimmy Durano. The guys head over to Jimmy’s apartment and get naked. Colt offers his tight ass making Jimmy rock hard before sticking his dick all the way in.

The conclusion to the Swingers Golf Series is a hot Jizz Orgy with 4 hot studs. Mixing fun while still being sex, Bennett Anthony and Cameron Foster fuck the hot asses of Colt Rivers & Tom Faulk.

4 guys playing golf decide to add a little innuendo to the term “swingers” and “holes” and things get really interesting! In part one, Cameron Foster reigns victorious and wins the 19th hole – aka Colt River’s ass.

Summer goes out with a bang. A gang bang. The conclusion of volleyball series BUMP! is 6 guys fucking and sucking. Colt Rivers and Jake Wilder get banged by Tom Faulk, Owen Michael, Jack King & Armando De Armas.

In the first part of the Bump! series, Colt Rivers spied on Owen Michaels fucking Tom Faulks fine ass. Turns out the guys caught on and decided the best course of action would be to give Colt want he really wants – both dicks pounding his sexy hole. No complaints from Colt as he takes both pieces of meat in his mouth getting them wet and hard before they slam his butt.

When Colt Rivers gets busted sniffing Jimmy Fanz dirty undies, there is only a moment of awkwardness before both guys get hard! Jimmy gives Colt another sniff before getting undressed. Although usually a bottom, Jimmy is versatile in this scene fucking just as good as he gets fucked.

Reality Sucks is a hot new scene from’s Drill My Hole niche site. Colt Rivers gets blown and fucked hard by industry legend Topher Di Maggio. Colt’s hot ass keeps Topher’s dick hard and thrusting deep!

What would you do if you could secretly watch Owen Michaels fucking Tom Faulk in the locker room showers? You’d get your big cock out and jerk it off, just like colt Rivers did. This is part one of Bump!, a hot new volleyball series from!

It’s a slow and deep ass fucking for Colt Rivers in the hottest new scene from Gods of Men. Dale Cooper hits all the right buttons with his hard dick.

There is nothing hotter than a locker room full of hot and horny soccer players. The last part of series Score is an amazing group sex scene featuring Colt Rivers, Phenix Saint, Rob Ryder, Steve Stiffer & Tom Faulk.

Colt Rivers gets his amazing ass fucked by Phenix Saint in part 2 of soccor series “Score”.

If you’re going to rent your valentine, Tommy Defendi is about as good as it can get! Sexy Colt Rivers has a passionate sex with his paid valentine on the newest sub-site from MEN,

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