Kieran Benning

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Kieran Benning gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hottie ripped muscle dude Kieran Benning’s huge uncut dick barebacking sexy boy Jim Durden
When Kieran Benning’s original scene partner tells Jim Durden that he doesn’t feel well, this is called a “ring-in.” Even though we would have liked to see Derek go low for Kieran, Jim is always a good back-up plan, and it looks like he is trying extra hard to make his friend happy this time. After a few sweet welcomes, there is a lot of hard fucking, especially when Jim is in charge of how hard and fast he can stab himself into Kieran’s cock. It looks like he could even take a few more inches!
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Hottie young stud Kieran Benning’s huge uncut cock stretching newbie dude Alan Cartier’s hot hole.

There are occasions when you can feel better without the assistance of a medical professional. Because he is feeling a little under the weather today, beautiful newbie Alan Cartier has opted to stay in bed rather than go on the field trip with the other guys.

It is fortunate for him that Doctor Kieran is there in the home so that he can restore things to normal with some tender care and a hefty dose of cock injections.

Kieran’s easygoing demeanour, animated fucking, and enormous dick always endear him to the audience. Alan has demonstrated that he unquestionably possesses the skills necessary to quickly get to the top of the squad here, and as a result, we are looking forward to watching more of him in the years to come.

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Hottie young stud Kieran Benning’s huge uncut cock raw fucking sexy boy Eluan Jeunet’s hot hole.

In case you were worried about a twink overdose following Thursday’s update with Kirk and Jorik, we are providing you with the antidote of an injection of Kieran and Eluan.

Today’s scene is a Kevin Warhol special, so we can be guaranteed that it is going to involve a lot of fun (and in this case, a lot of pissing too!)

A quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors determines that Kieran is going to be the bottom today before the guys head home from Chapman’s Peak where the real action starts.

The contrast between today’s update, and last week’s Cape Town premiere could not be more marked.

The clean and lingering shots from director Marty are replaced with the raw energy and sexual abandon that typifies Kevin’s home videos. Each scene, in its own way, a sample of perfection, but in totally different ways.

The meeting of Eluan and Kieran today could best be described as a sexual collision and no holds barred sex between two of our sexiest guys.

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Curly-haired hottie Kieran Benning’s huge raw cock fucking Jack Harrer joined by sexy stud Kevin Warhol.

You would think that with a dick that big, Jack would be totally happy with it, but instead, whenever he hears of someone else with another big one, he ALWAYS needs to find out if he is still the biggest.

Since the competition is so close today, they decide to use the old ‘Kevin’s throat’ measuring tool to see who actually has the biggest.

At the end of the day, however, it doesn’t really matter as both guys are certainly in the top percentile, and both know how to put their weapons to good use.

Today’s dick feast features starters of mutual blow jobs, a main course of Keiran plowing Jack’s eager hole, and a rich and creamy dessert. If you all enjoy it enough we think we will make it a permanent menu item.Join them!

Part 2 of Kieran Benning and Bastian Dufy’s sexy hardcore flip flop session.

These two are some of the most popular guys around the chateau for being super easy-going, funny young dudes.

They manage to put on a great show as they suck, rim, and fuck each other in this hot flip-flop special is a real treat.

Part 2 has Bastian filling Kieran’s tight bubble butt with his huge twink uncut dick until he’s on the edge of orgasm.

Bastian struggles to stop himself cumming as his erect cock pummels Kieran’s super tight hole.Join them!

Two of our most favorite young men around the office here are Bastian Dufy and Kieran Benning.

They are both known for being super easy-going and loads of fun, plus they always love to put on a great show so having them both in a flip flop special is a real treat.

Today part one has Kieran at the top, giving Bastian’s hole a thorough workover.

Luke, who is normally a very thoughtful cameraman seems to have forgotten to give us a transition from the intro to the foreplay, so there is a bit of an abrupt cut there.

Still, other than this small flaw, the scene is great with the stellar top and bottom performances that you would expect from these two young guys.Join them!

If you only want to see Kieran Benning and Kyro Adams, please skip to 3:40 as we have quite a long intro detailing the aftermath of a party in the chat house, maybe some of you will like it.

Luckily, and unlike all the other guys in the house, neither of our stars today were involved in the party, so they are fresh and horny for their scene today, which marks Kyro’s only hardcore appearance here.

Tons of hot and heavy fucking ensues as Kieran makes sure he gets the most out of his hookup with Kyro, pounding his blond, fuzzy ass until Kyro shoots all over his chest.

Kieran then does the gentlemanly thing and pulls out to feed Kyro his own thick and creamy load.Join them!

Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, and Kieran Benning are already lying naked on the bed when Sven Basquiat calls out, “anybody here?” as he enters the apartment.

The sexy studs, jerking their huge erect uncut dicks, hide ready to surprise hottie blonde Sven as he wanders into the bedroom.

Finding the place empty Sven pulls out his phone and calls them.

The three dudes then rush out and start stripping off Sven’s clothes, pushing him down onto the bed and parting his smooth ass cheeks, and opening up his hot boy hole.

Dylan gets the tip of his tongue deep into Sven’s asshole while Peter and Kieran feed Sven’s mouth their huge hard cocks.

Once Sven’s hole is fully lubed with saliva Dylan presses ahead, forcing his huge cockhead into Sven’s ass all the way till his balls slap against Sven’s butt cheeks.

All the while Kieran blows Peter’s long thick uncut dick, deep throating till it hits the back of his throat, making him choke.

Sven loves the feeling of Dylan’s thick dick moving inside him as he pushes his ass-backward, harder onto Dylan’s hot cock.

Kieran swaps places with Dylan power fucking Sven’s hot asshole with his legs in the air.

Dylan then wanks and sucks Peter’s huge uncut cock before they switch up positions a few more times.

It is Dylan who is the first to an orgasm blowing a huge cum load on Sven’s ass before fucking his cum back inside.

He’s followed by the other three sexy boys who spray their jizz all over themselves and others in a creamy cummy mess.

They finally embrace for a post fuck group hug and kiss.Join them!

Rick Palmer is feeling horny on the phone with his lover all the while rubbing his hard cock beneath his towel.

Kieran Benning arrives a bit flustered at being late stripping off his t-shirt and getting to work sucking down hard on Rick’s big erect dick.

Expert cocksucker Kieran swallows Rick’s cock all the way to his balls then out again getting his tongue around his big cockhead, making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Kieran then smothers Rick’s whole body with kisses stopping to twerk his nipples and then lies back for Rick to take over and return the favor.

On all fours, Rick manages to open wide and deep throat Kieran’s very thick uncut cock then licking his big low hanging balls.

They switch up positions with Rick in spoon while Kieran parts Rick’s ass cheeks with both hands and runs his tongue along his hairy ass crack.

Kieran then rims Rick’s hole getting it nice and wet and ready for his huge erection.

Now with Rick on his back with his legs in the air, Kieran forces his cock into Rick’s raw asshole fucking him with long slow strokes in and out.

Rick loves this slow-burn fucking and can feel every inch of Kieran’s massive dick moving inside his hole.

Kieran and he switch places and Kieran now with his hands on Rick’s shoulders entering him from behind pulling Rick down onto his thick dick and getting in deeper than ever.

Rick can hardly hold off his orgasm given the intensity of Kieran’s passionate lovemaking. A number of times they pause briefly so that Rick can wait until his lover is ready to blow.

Kieran power fucks Rick with an unrelenting piston action with Rick now on top pressing himself down onto Kieran’s cock harder and faster.

Rick’s breathing gets loud and he shoots a huge shower of jizz all over his ripped abs, all the while Kieran pumps him full of his cock.

Kieran then pulls out blowing a massive cum facial all over Rick’s face, before Rick cleans up the mess with his tongue, swallowing all of Kieran’s creamy load.Join them!

Derek Caravaggio wanders naked into the kitchen where Kieran Benning wrapped in just a towel is bored.

Derek wanders over to the refrigerator and brings out a can of whipped cream and begins spraying it across his chest.

Kieran attempts to lick it all off before the sexy boys start making out, kissing each other with a passionate streak.

As Kieran smothers Derek’s body with cream-covered kisses, he makes his way down to his big soft uncut dick where he douses it with cream and then proceeds to suck it clean.

Derek’s dick jumps to a raging hardon at just the slightest touch from Kieran’s tongue and he sucks it down hard, gagging as it hits the back of his throat.

As he is blowing Dereks’ huge thick uncut cock he’s jerking his own dick to a full erection.

Derek then returns the favor swallowing the whole of Kieran’s hard cock till his lips are on his hairy balls.

Kieran face fucks Derek, holding the back of his head, to make sure he takes his huge long dick all the way down his throat.

Derek bends over the countertop as Kieran parts his bubble butt ass cheeks with both hands planting his tongue deep within his hot hole.

He rims his hairy asshole licking his ass crack and getting it all lubed up for his big thick dick.

Then without warning Kieran forces his erect cock into Derek’s hole in long strong strokes all the way in to the hilt and back out till the tip of his cock is just inside.

Derek moans loudly as he feels every inch of Kieran’s fat dick moving inside him and he wanks his own cock hard.

They switch up positions again and again with Derek’s hole taking a pummeling from all directions until both are hot and sweaty.

Kieran then pulls out and fires a huge cum load all over Derek’s ass before fucking his jizz back inside, while Derek jerks himself to orgasm spraying a volley of cumshots all over his ripped abs….Join them!

Today we start a new hardcore series “Summer in Prague” and the boys are showing newbie star, Ashton Montana, around the city.

Oversexed and Belami popular model Kieran Benning is dying to try out sex with the new guy so he watches the group for an opportunity to spirit Ashton away so that he can indulge himself.

To kick it off we have one of our most popular models from the past few years, Kieran Benning together with rising star, Ashton Montana.

We all know that the boys have a pretty tight schedule and there is precious little time for anything other than school and working on chat, but that doesn’t mean that they have a less than normal need for sex.

Kieran decides to resolve his issues with pent up sexual energy here by kidnapping Ashton and whisking him away for a secret tryst.

Hopefully, the guys keep up this level of sexual energy throughout the series as Kieran treats Ashton to one of the most energetic and urgent fuckings he has had so far.

Both Ashton Montana and Kieran Benning have new hardcore bareback fucking scenes on our sister site Freshmen here.Join them!

This week we go from big dick bottoms to big dick tops for today’s scene.

Kieran Benning feels left out as he wasn’t included in the main scene being shot in the house that day, but luckily Jason Bacall has the right remedy for his malady.

After watching the intro to the scene, we were surprised that they were able to find a spare cameraman to film this, but veteran Lukas Ridgeston also had a free day that he was prepared to give up to film this scene for us today.

As all the bedrooms were in use, the guys had to get a little creative and end up fucking on the stairs today.

Our top here is Kieran, whose XL dick is able to reach all the right places inside Jason to make him moan with pleasure and drive out a massive load of cum from a very satisfied Jason…Join them!

Today it is the first day of Sex Safari week with both Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning enjoy their time in Cape Town.

Both these sexy boys have a few fetishes that turn them on. Christian is really turned on by a guy’s feet and he licks Kieran’s bare feet in the bathtub.

After he has licked and kissed Kieran’s feet he settles down to his first love, sucking down hard on a guy’s big rock hard dick.

Kieran is the perfect partner to fulfill this desire as well, bareback fucking his ass in every position imaginable until Christian cannot hold back any longer and erupts with a huge load of sticky love…Join them!

Although we hope you enjoy part 1 of this 2 day special, it was obviously not enough for Marcel Gassion, who viewed the frenetic fucking as just a starter before the main course, so today he has decided to invite Enrique Vera over to see if he has the power to satisfy Marcel’s ass.

I think if we kept offering more guys into the mix, Marcel would have been the happiest guy around.

As it is we get to see him in action also as a top today as he gets to fuck Kieran Benning before Enrique Vera gives Marcel’s ass the attention it so desires. Also with Peter Annaud.Join them!

Today is a masterclass in bottoming being presented by the one and only, ‘bottomless bottom’, Marcel Gassion.

This is his first encounter with Kieran Benning, and as Marcel tells him ‘God has given you a great violin for a dick, and I will teach you how to play it’.

As one dick is never enough for Marcel, we thought that we would throw Peter Annaud into the mix as well and see if they are both enough to satisfy Marcel.

There is probably no need to tell you that the fucking is fucking fantastic here, as it always is when we have Marcel around.

This time I think that he really outdoes himself as the pace goes from frantic to frenetic and finishes with ecstatic as our 2 big dicked tops bring Marcel to anal heaven…Join them!

When choosing the 1st scene for Jambo Africa – Sex Safari the choice was an easy one. Both Helmut Huxley and Kieran Benning are hugely popular models, handsome and hung and make for a dream couple.

Of course though, this is not the first time that they have paired off. They have been in a couple threesomes together and also had an intimate pairing in last year’s Jambo Africa. This time it is Kieran’s turn to be top as he returns the favor from the year before…Join them!

There are many things to be thankful about when it comes to Kieran Benning: His raffish good looks, his lean and sensual body, his great dick and of course his charming personality.

We hope that when you add all these things up you can forgive him for his lack of acting skills. At least when it comes to the sex, we know that he’s not acting! Kieran is partner here today with James Walsh.

James filmed about 10 things with us before deciding that he wanted more opportunities than he thought we could offer and so we let him to try other things as well.

Today’s scene is an excellent pairing with 2 very sexy guys and an abundance of mutual attraction and chemistry between the guys.

The sex is intense and James certainly gets the good, hard fucking that he came for…Join them!

Although both of the boys here today also feature in our Boot Camp series, this scene was shot separately in our Prague studio by Luke Hamill. Given the endowment of both of these guys, we automatically put it into our ‘Size Matters’ group.

Every now and then when we get a scene like this we wish we could also call it our ‘scene of the month’. Joel Birkin may have the longer dick, but Kieran Benning’s thickness makes him an equally remarkable find.

We think that this is the horniest and most eager we have ever seen Kieran and it adds an extra level of energy and intensity to a scene that was already guaranteed to please.

As you probably guessed already, Joel is the top here as he treats Kieran to the fuck of his life…Join them!

This is an early scene for Kirk Gauguin, and Kieran Benning feels that he needs to get to know him a lot better before they embark on their first trip to Africa together. After getting over his disappointment at Kirk’s ‘very short trim’ Kieran soon finds that Kirk’s dick is just perfect for satisfying every need he has. For a scene with 2 relatively inexperienced guys, they both prove to be very expert lovers, especially in the rimming and fucking departments…Join them!

This is the first part of a mini-series within our Jambo Africa series, with the next 2 parts coming next month.

We have told you before that Helmut Huxley and Kieran Benning are actually distant cousins, so this storyline is based around that fact.

Helmut has been getting a bit bothered that all the other guys in the house have been bringing back lovers of their own and he has been missing out, so he decides to get in on the action and help teach Kieran what it takes to be a top BelAmi model…Join them!

After a series of conventional couplings, we decided to bring to Belami’s Summer Break scene a threesome starring Kevin Warhol, Kieran Benning and Nino Valens. Today they team up showing how three boys enjoy each other under the guidance of Luke Hamill (with the able assistance at times of Kevin himself).

It is actually Kieran’s first ever Belami Online scene, but he can’t seem to wait for his scheduled scene partner, Kevin to be ready for him. Nino is one never to let an opportunity slide, and happily tries to usurp Kevin’s role in the scene.

Being good natured and patient, Kevin let’s him get involved in the oral, but is clever enough to claim his rightful role in deflowering the eager Kieran…Join them!

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