Dylan Maguire

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick (18cm)
Height: 5’8″ (178cm)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 156lbs (71kg)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Dylan Maguire gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Blonde young stud Olaf Mortensen leads Dylan Maguire in through the kitchen with a huge uncut erection sticking out of his shorts.

He pushes Olaf down onto the bed and kisses him passionately licking his nipples with his tongue.

Dylan sucks down hard on Olaf’s big thick young uncut dick going balls deep and then back up to the mushroom cock head in long strokes.

With Olaf on his all fours, Dylan rubs his hard cock up and down Olaf’s ass crack before rimming his hot hole with his wet tongue.

Dylan forces his long dick into Olaf’s raw ass bareback fucking him before Olaf takes control sliding his asshole down onto Dylan’s young uncut cock.

The sexy boys switch up positions, again and again, each time Dylan slipping deeper and deeper into Olaf’s hot hole.

Dylan then wanks and fucks Olaf at the same time, bringing Olaf to orgasm shooting cum all over his stomach before Dylan cums spraying his full jizz load all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking the cum back inside Olaf’s well fucked hole….Join them!

Even though DeHanoia is telling me that this scene is fairly tame by Dylan Maguire’s standards, it has the special highlight of Shane Sanders cumming while being both fucked and sucked by Dylan at the same time.

Other than that, you are getting two very competent and big dicked boys that really enjoy sex…Join them!

Some of you are under the impression that Liam Efron is a little bit hyperactive. I guess the same thing can also be said about Dylan Maguire, so we decided to try and combine their energies and see if the sexual dynamic worked. For some reason (maybe it was Marty’s sometimes sleepishness) the scene didn’t turn out how we expected it would, but it is certainly good and worth watching…Join them!

This scene with Jon Kael is a bit of a departure because here we decided to put him in the middle of a serious gang bang to test his bottom abilities. Of course he passed with flying colors taking the huge dicks of Helmut Huxley, Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta. Over the past few months we found that not only is he an energetic and skilled bottom, close to Marcel’s qualities, but as you will see, he is also an excellent top…Join them!

Dylan Maguire gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hardcore gay orgy Dylan Maguire, Jim Durden and Elio Chalamet’s big uncut dick ass fucking.

Today’s update comes from Kevin’s ‘Jim and Dyan’ series and features guest Elio Chalamet.

We start with a very cute opening where Jim is ‘pretending’ to be stupid and lost in Bratislava and is rescued by the charming Elio.

The scene itself though starts with both guys in bed with Dylan.

Although we are not quite sure how he got there, we are glad that he did as the combined energy of Dylan and Jim is enough to carry any scene.

Flower seller Elio is the bottom for both of our dynamic duo here and he certainly does a great job in keeping up with 2 of our most energetic tops.

He is of course rewarded at the end by one huge and creamy load in his mouth, and another all of his greedy hole.

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Hottie young dudes Dylan Maguire and Peter Annaud are totally naked as they kiss briefly outdoors before they move indoors.

Dylan lies down on the table as Peter leans in and sucks Dylan’s huge thick uncut dick.

Peter and Dylan kiss and then Peter licks and caresses Dylan’s nipples, and wanks Dylan’s huge erect cock.

Dylan pumps his cock in and out of Peter’s mouth, from the tip of his cockhead all the way to his balls.

As Dylan bends over the table, Peter runs his tongue up and down Dylan’s ass crack until the tip of his tongue enters his moist asshole.

Peter rims Dylan getting him ready for his big uncut cock.

With Dylan hovering over Peter’s erect dick he forces his ass down onto his cock.

Dylan bounces up and down on Peter’s dick in a huge rhythmic power fuck action.

After he starts moaning loudly Dylan is close to orgasm.

With Peter’s hard erection deep in his hole, Dylan blows his load all over his abs.

Peter is quick to follow pulling out and showering Dylan’s hole with his cum.

The sexy boys lean in for a post fuck kiss.Join them!

Sometimes it is good to share, but at other times it is OK to be a little greedy, as Dylan decides today when presented with the choice of sharing Giulio with Jim, or keeping him for himself.

This scene was filmed for our special Jim and Dylan project, but in the end, we decided to use most of the scenes individually…. especially those with Dylan Maguire as they all turned out to be excellent displays of fucking prowess and cum shooting power.

Giulio Pasolini is on the receiving end of both the power fuck and the cum facial today, and we will leave it to you to decide if you think he enjoyed it or not.Join them!

Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud, and Kieran Benning are already lying naked on the bed when Sven Basquiat calls out, “anybody here?” as he enters the apartment.

The sexy studs, jerking their huge erect uncut dicks, hide ready to surprise hottie blonde Sven as he wanders into the bedroom.

Finding the place empty Sven pulls out his phone and calls them.

The three dudes then rush out and start stripping off Sven’s clothes, pushing him down onto the bed and parting his smooth ass cheeks, and opening up his hot boy hole.

Dylan gets the tip of his tongue deep into Sven’s asshole while Peter and Kieran feed Sven’s mouth their huge hard cocks.

Once Sven’s hole is fully lubed with saliva Dylan presses ahead, forcing his huge cockhead into Sven’s ass all the way till his balls slap against Sven’s butt cheeks.

All the while Kieran blows Peter’s long thick uncut dick, deep throating till it hits the back of his throat, making him choke.

Sven loves the feeling of Dylan’s thick dick moving inside him as he pushes his ass backward, harder onto Dylan’s hot cock.

Kieran swaps places with Dylan power fucking Sven’s hot asshole with his legs in the air.

Dylan then wanks and sucks Peter’s huge uncut cock before they switch up positions a few more times.

It is Dylan who is the first to an orgasm blowing a huge cum load on Sven’s ass before fucking his cum back inside.

He’s followed by the other three sexy boys who spray their jizz all over themselves and others in a creamy cummy mess.

They finally embrace for a post fuck group hug and kiss.Join them!

Dylan Maguire and Jim Durden start making out kissing passionately as they slowly strip off each other’s clothes as the camera clicks away.

In just their shorts we see both young dudes’ beautifully sculpted abs and chests.

Dylan reaches down and kisses Jim’s nipples and licks his armpit. He grabs Jim’s shorts and pulls them down exposing his pubic hairs. Then reaches back up for a sly kiss.

Now the boys are in each other’s arms and Dylan slides his hands around Jim’s back and slowly pulls down his shorts exposing Jim’s hot bubble ass and pink hole.

They pose cheekily for the camera. Before they retire to the sofa and Dylan is on his hands and knees pulling at Jim’s shorts and swallowing whole his huge thick twink dick. Dylan masterfully licks the full length of his cock getting his lips around his thick foreskin.

Jim returns the favor blowing Dylan’s thick uncut dick. Then they lie side by side on the bed and Dylan jerks his own dick and wanks Jim’s as well.

They kiss and wank their own dicks till they both orgasm, spraying their hot jizz all over their hot ripped abs and chest. Both sexy boys lie back with a satisfied look on their faces. Their horny sex drives sated for now….Join them!

Today we catch Sexy young stud, Dylan Maguire, in the garden awaiting the arrival of Steve Russell.

As soon as he arrives the horny boys head indoors for some quiet time with each other.

The second they arrive in the apartment they start to kiss passionately while stripping off their t-shirts.

Steve licks Dylan’s nipple and undoes their jeans until both are standing naked with their huge soft uncut cocks now fully erect.

Plenty of kissing and wanking of each other’s young cocks continues until Steve falls to his knees and sucks Dylan’s thick dick into his mouth and gags as it hits the back of his deep throat.

He’s an expert cocksucker and Dylan enjoys all the attention his dick is getting, moaning constantly.

Dylan then returns the favor licking Steve’s balls and then rubbing his tongue from base to tip of his erect cock.

Dylan forces his huge thick cock deep between Steve’s hot bubble ass cheeks shoving his cock balls deep into his asshole.

Steve can feel every inch of Dylan’s erection moving inside him as he furiously wanks his own dick.

Now with Dylan sat upright on the sofa Steve takes full control and he hovers above Dylan then grinds his raw ass down repeatedly onto Dylan’s firm cock.

Dylan power fucks Steve from below and it is clear that one or both of them is close to orgasm.

They switch up positions again and Steve lies on the bed with one leg up over Dylan’s shoulder and takes a hard pummeling from

Dylan’s rampant dick until he pulls out and blows his load all over Steve’s bare ass.

Dylan then fucks the cum back into Steve’s freshly fucked asshole as Steve then orgasms blowing his hot warm jizz all over his six-pack abs….Join them!

Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta are relaxing when there is a knock at the door.

As Adam hides in the bathroom, Dylan answers it, welcoming Jim Durden into the apartment.

The two boys are just in their towels so Jim removes his t-shirt showing off his ripped muscled young body.

With everyone fully naked they wank their big uncut dicks comparing sizes to each other.

On the bed, the trio start making out with Adam kissing Dylan’s sweet lips whilst Jim nibbles at his nipples.

Jim and Adam 69 sucking each other’s big uncut cocks as gets his tongue deep between Dylan’s hairy ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole getting his nice and wet.

Jim swaps between sucking Adam’s huge young uncut dick and Dylan’s hard uncut erection.

Then Jim rims Dylan’s hot asshole as Adam presses his huge monster cock deep into Jim’s tight bubble ass.

As Jim sucks Dylan’s thick dick Adam bareback fucks Jim’s hole with long even strokes going balls deep making him moan loudly.

Jim rides Adam’s raw cock backing up onto it getting deeper and deeper with each rhythmic pump.

They switch up positions with Jim lowering his hot hole over Dylan’s huge uncut dick grinding down feeling every inch of Dylan moving inside him.

The hardcore bareback ass fucking continues until all three guys are ready to cum. They each blow their loads all over covering them all in their jizz, dripping down from their ripped young bodies….Join them!

We remember seeing Dylan Maguire and Joaquin Arrenas together before. Today we celebrate them as our models of the week.

Benno Thoma took the photos whilst the boys were in Cape Town.

The sexy boys get naked and jerk their big cocks and suck and fuck till they both explode in cum…Join them!

While most of our scenes are carefully planned and prepared, sometimes things just happen spontaneously, most often when Adam is left in control of the camera.

Today he was scheduled to shoot a home video but turned up late and without any prior idea of what he was going to do. Luckily the boys are generally an easy-going and horny mob, so it is not hard to find some willing volunteer to help out.

Our good sports for the day are Jon Kael and Dylan Maguire. After praising them away from the rest of the group Adam sets about crafting a little sexual magic for us all to enjoy.

Sex Machine Dylan is the top in today’s scene, and as you would expect, the fucking is fast, furious and intense…Join them!

Our 2nd Freshmen to get featured this week is Jeremy Robbins in his encounter with sex-machine, Dylan Maguire.

Dylan is always a little surprised and very pleased when he gets to meet one of the newbies as it frees him up a bit from his ‘reputation’ and allows him to set his own pace.

Today he has chosen to go easy on Jeremy and make sure that it is the newbie that is having the time of his life.

It is very rare for us that both boys manage to cum at exactly the same time, but today Dylan manages to control himself just long enough to work a huge load out of his buddy before adding his own cum to the creamy load all over Jeremy’s chest…Join them!

This is just Yannis Palaun’s 2nd scene here on BelAmiOnline, and as we had him bottoming for Nils last time, we thought we would find you a scene with him topping today. As our internal ‘scene evaluators’ (yes, the job exists) have given this scene with Dylan Maguire and A+ rating, we decided to premiere it for you today.

The fact that we have this pairing at all is a bit of a miracle, as Yannis was planned to shoot with someone else and Dyan was the only replacement that Phillipe could find at short notice. However it happened, we are happy that it did and Yannis ended up being able to film with our own insatiable sex monster…Join them!

If there was ever a model who truly qualified in our ‘Flirting with Porn’ category it is Igor Voronin. (Dylan Maguire, on the other hand, is a completely different matter). Igor filmed a casting, photo session and 2 scenes for us only, so while this is the last time you will see him in action here, we do still have his photo session yet to come.

While Dylan is certainly the ‘take charge’ guy in this scene, it is equally obvious that Igor is not without experience either.

This clip is shot in our ‘Home Video’ format by Lukas Ridgeston, and we almost get the feeling that we are privy to the intimate and private lives of the boys.

While it wasn’t easy for Igor to take Dylan’s dick he certainly handled it well…

As Dylan tells us at the end ‘You just have to get used to it’…Join them!

Some things are worth waiting for, and Dylan Maguire is definitely one of those things. Jeroen Modrian has been left at home all day alone and is so horny by the time Dylan arrives that we were almost guaranteed that this scene would be a hot one.

One thing we can certainly say about Dylan, is that he never does anything by half. Whether it be work, play, getting in trouble or making love, he is always 110% invested.

Jeroen is one of our boys who has definitely grown into his role as a porn star, and with each scene he becomes more at ease with enjoying himself sexually in front of the camera…Join them!

To give Charlie Bogard his best possible start on Belami we decided to pair him up with Dylan Maguire for his first scene. For a newcomer, Charlie shows experience in handling his big dick, he rims and fucks the insatiable Dylan until they both cum. Charlie has a lot of potential, but Dylan is already a force of nature…Join them!

Dylan Maguire is one of our most naturally kinky and sexually uninhibited boys. Ariel Vanean a dream, versatile and naughty and ready to take Dylan in all positions. My favorite is with Dylan lying on his side letting Ariel’s thick cock dig deep and hard in his slippery hole…Join them!

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