John Leto

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John is one of the wild child boys of the current generation, always up for a party and a fun time. He has zero inhibitions and loves guys with huge dicks, so he should fit in well with the rest of the team.

Since starting with us he has become best friends with Freddy McQueen and normally wherever you find one of them, you will find the other.

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

John Leto gay porn scenes at Belami

Twink lovers Freddy McQueen and John Leto wank each others huge uncut dick spraying jizz over themeselves
Spending Monday morning with Freddy McQueen and John Leto is the best possible way to begin the work week. The perfect blend of cuteness in face, body, and buttocks is every twink lover’s fantasy. Even though this was shot entirely indoors by in-house photographer Eliot, the collection originates from our recent trip to South Africa. They had a scene together, but we can’t give it to you just now because Freshmen in later next month will bring us a 3-way with them and Jorik.
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Hardcore gay twink threesome Jim Durden, Hans Lagerfeld and John Leto big uncut dick ass fucking.

Jim is supposed to be the training supervisor in today’s scene between Hans and John, but as we all suspected, he is totally unable to remain on the sidelines.

Barely a minute passes before he is in the thick of the action, and a good thing that is too, as Jim can always be relied upon to turn up the heat in any encounter.

John Leto is our Lucky Pierre in this scene as he takes turns sucking and getting fucked by both our horny trainers.

Not to be left out, we have a surprise twist in the middle here when Hans decides that he likes the look of getting fucked by Jim just a little too much, and sidelines the newbie in favor of his own pleasure.

John doesn’t get completely left out though, as after the 2 old pros have sown their seed all over each other they return their attention to him to make sure that the session is one John will remember for quite some time.

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John Leto gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Innocent newcomer John Leto in his very first scene has sexy young Kirk Gauguin to guide him through.

In just their tight underwear the boys lie on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

John lies back and lets the more experienced Kirk suck his thick uncut dick. John loves to feel Kirk’s tongue on his big mushroom cockhead.

Expertly Kirk runs his tongue up and down John’s dick from balls to tip and back again.

Kirk then pushes John’s legs above his head exposing his smooth pale ass cheeks before licking John’s asshole with the tip of his tongue.

Once fully lubricated Kirk pushes his rock solid uncut cock into John’s smooth asshole until his balls are on his ass cheeks.

Kirk bare fucks John slowly at first allowing John to get used to the feeling of a huge erect cock deep in his asshole.

As John relaxes, Kirk forces his big dick in and out of John’s tight hole making John moan with pleasure.

John wanks his dick as Kirk power fucks his hot hole.

Kirk really starts to pick up speed and with John, on all fours he bare fucks his bubble butt as they both are close to orgasm.

Now with John on his back, and Kirk coming up the rear, the ass fucking intensifies with John wanking his dick furiously, he is so close now.

And with Derek’s big uncut cock inside his ass, John lets go and floods his smooth stomach with a pool of jizz.

Seeing this Derek smiles as he pulls out and coats John’s hole with his cum before fucking his cum back inside.Join them!

Ripped young dude John Leto and sexy blonde stud Jens Christensen are standing in front of the mirror with their shirts off admiring each other’s hot bodies.

While both young men have well-defined six-packs and nicely developed chests and arms John is a little embarrassed when Jens mentions that he thinks John has gained some muscle mass.

As they move into the living room Jens pushes John down onto the sofa as he goes in for a spot of making out, kissing passionately, and getting them both into the mood for some hot sex.

Then Jens unleashes John’s soft uncut dick which springs to a full erection at the slightest touch.

Jens the expert blowjob dude really pleasures John’s thick uncut tool, licking it from base to tip and flipping his foreskin back and forth with his tongue.

With John lying on his back, Jens sucks his balls and gives John’s cock a short wank.

Then Jens pulls John up from the sofa and onto his knees before he unleashes his huge erection which is tenting his gray jogging pants.

John struggles a bit trying to get his mouth open wide enough to take Jen’s overly thick uncut dick.

He perseveres and managed to swallow it right to the back of his throat, gagging as it finally hits home.

Jens pumps his big veiny cock in and out of John’s mouth with no let-up with John struggling to breathe and moan at the same time.

Then John returns to the sofa, lying on his back and he pulls his legs up over his shoulders and parts his ass cheeks with both hands.

Jens gets his tongue in between John’s smooth ass crack and rims his hot boy hole getting it wet and ready for his huge thick cock.

When John’s asshole is well lubed with Jens’s saliva Jens forces his massive dick into his waiting hole getting it balls deep with the first thrust.

John wanks his cock all the while Jens pummels his bubble butt hole.

They switch up positions a number of times each time Jen’s getting his hard erect dick deeper with John moaning ever louder.

Then after changing position for the final time, Jens increasing the intensity and speed until he pulls out suddenly and blows a huge wad of jizz all over John’s freshly fucked asshole. The boys kiss then the moment is over.Join them!

John Leto and Sammy Poulain are trying on tight skimpy underwear together.

“Hey look at my tan,” suggests John, “I did my homework.”

“I don’t think so,” Sammy responds, “You are so pale.”

The young boys lean into each other a kiss on the lips while feeling each others’ asses in their underwear.

John is the first to push Sammy down onto the bed as both boys get naked.

Sammy’s big twink dick has a raging hardon and John takes advantage getting down low sucking in his cock in low slow strokes.

Sammy returns the favor blowing John’s thick uncut cock, getting it deep down his throat and licking Sammy’s big twink cockhead with his lips and tongue.

John lies back on the bed and pulls his legs up close to him, exposing his ass and his tight ass is fully accessible to Sammy.

Sammy takes advantage of this and parts John’s ass cheeks so he can clearly see John’s bare pink hole.

He licks his hole and ass crack getting it nice and well lubed, while John strokes his dick.

Then without warning, Sammy presses his young hard erect cock deep into Sammy’s hole. He keeps the pressure on until he is balls deep in the young bottom twink, making John moan with pleasure.

They kiss repeatedly as John’s bare ass gets a pummelling from Sammy.

John then takes the initiative and control, lowering his hot hole down onto Sammy’s waiting erection. No John grinds his butt hole firmly onto Sammy’s thick dick increasing the intensity as he feels that young cock moving deep inside his hole.

They switch place again with John on his back and Sammy lifting his legs and bare fucking John really pumping him hard and fast.

John can take no more and his orgasm quickly arises and he explodes jizz all over his stomach and chest.

He is quickly followed by Sammy who covers them both in his cum then fucks the cum back inside John’s freshly fucked twink hole….Join them!

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