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I knew audiences would like Arne Coen but I was still surprised to see how much you all like him.
From my point to view he is a very flexible, reliable and sexual model but I certainly wouldn’t have banked on him becoming a star, but it looks now like that is exactly what he is on his way to becoming.

He has successfully completed about 24 scenes and is still an active model despite his unfortunate tendency to engage in activities that are not compatible with his contract. He speaks English quite well and is a graduate from Management school in Budapest.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.9-inch dick (20cms)
Height: 5’4″ (175cms)
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 143lbs (65kgs)
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Hungarian

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Today the two young hotties Phillipe Gaudin and Arne Coen are sat out in the summer sun at a sidewalk restaurant drinking cocktails and flirting with each other. Both are massively attracted to each other.

Arne suggests they find somewhere quiet to be together without interruptions so they head off home and as soon as they arrive they start making out kissing passionately and stripping off each other’s clothes.

Phillipe unleashes Arne’s huge thick young dick and swallows it right to the back of his throat till his balls are on his lips, making him gag.

Arne then returns the favor blowing Phillipe and moaning loudly, all the while jerking his own erect cock.

With Arne on his hands and knees in doggie style position on the bed, Phillipe runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before plunging it deep into his tight young asshole.

Once Arne’s hole is fully lubed Phillipe presses his huge thick dick forcefully inside fucking him bareback with long rhythmic strokes.

Phillipe shows what an expert lover he is and Arne can feel his whole raw erect cock moving inside him making him more than once get close to orgasm.

Luckily Arne manages to hold off while they switch up positions each time Phillipe goes deeper and harder until both he and Arne can hold off no longer.

First Phillipe pulls out spraying Arne’s hole with his cum load before fucking his cum back inside as Arne jerks himself over the edge covering his sexy abs with his creamy jizz. Both young men are totally sated and collapse into each other’s arms sealing their hot sex with a beautiful kiss….Join them!

Arne Coen has been one of our favorite HUNGarians since his debut here back in 2013 and his scene with Orri Aasen is the most recent one that he filmed with us. As well as going back through the archive, we will get the chance of seeing Arne when he first arrives when we finally release his casting here next month.

Today Arne has decided to fix a flaw in Orri, his lack of English skills, and although the lesson is very basic, Orri proves to be an apt pupil, although it also seems that he would much rather move on to an advanced course of fucking rather than ‘sitting’ and ‘standing’.

We don’t get to see much of Arne’s cumshot here as greedy Orri swallows it all up as soon as it leaves the source, a trick that Arne seems to learn from him at the end.

We’re not sure whose lesson was more valuable, Arne’s ‘sitting’ or Orri’s ‘swallowing’…Join them!

June’s installment of our anniversary programming is here and this time we get to feature Arne Coen and Robin Michaux. Of course, this scene is here more for Robin than it is for Arne, but it is also a fact that Arne is also a performer that deserves his own place here too. The last time we saw Robin here was back in mid 2016 with this scene with Brian Jovovich. We hope you enjoy today’s offering as much as you did Robin’s last outing…Join them!

We’re going all Hungarian on you again today with our feature scene with Florian Nemec and Arne Coen. There always seem to be this special chemistry between our Magyar boys and it shows here in this scene with an intensity that is evident right from the beginning.

Some of Florian’s fucking positions are definitely on for the experienced lover and Arne seems to enjoy every single one of them. Two fine boys in a great sample of passionate and energetic lovemaking…Join them!

Did you ever have the feeling that you were the one left out while all the others were having fun? It seems that Jason Clark was feeling that way in this clip as he wistfully watches Zac Dehaan and Arne Coen fooling around in the pool below him.

Luckily there seems to be a special bond between out Hungarian models, and the horny pair don’t leave him alone for too long. When they find him alone and jerking off they are more than happy to lend him a hand… and both of their dicks… After being fucked by both of these boys, Jason seems to be very satisfied…Join them!

“Two is company, three is crowd” or so it is said, but if like Arne Coen you find yourself being the middle man in a 3-way with Kris Evans and Johnny Bloom, and have the chance to sit on Kris’ hard cock while taking another in your mouth, then 3 is the magical number…Join them!

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