Bruce Querelle

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Bruce Querelle gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Yannis Paluan is a very impatient young man, he’s acting all nervous before he is due to fuck sexy partner Bruce Querelle’s hot bubble butt.

Fans are already well acquainted with both these young dudes. And they have been in action with many other of the Belami Boys.

Today in part one of a two-parter we see Yannis is bareback fucking Bruce’s hole with his huge twink dick.

Tomorrow in part two the roles are reversed…Join them!

Bruce Querelle left the French Foreign Legion to join Belami and we were a little surprised when Derek Caravaggio expressed an interest in going from porn to the Legion.

Our concerns were abated when we found that Derek wasn’t interested in the job’s risks and perils but in the sex life of the guys in the legion. After all, the cutest boys and the hottest sex is at Belami and Freshmen, right?

Then our fears were “muddled up” when Bruce became the ultimate “recruiter”. Soon this Army of One deployed strategic sucking followed by relentless rimming that left Derek craving Bruce’s “assault” with a friendly weapon.

After the soldierly shagging received, we’re half expecting Derek to be on a train to Paris tomorrow along with a battalion of sexually satisfied hotties “recruited” by Bruce…Join them!

For those of you who don’t click on this site to watch the boys discuss long-term investment strategy, we return to a more familiar scene opening: play fighting with Liam, Jason and Kevin. We invest a lot decorating the boy’s apartments.

We wonder why we bother as they’re amused by the simplest things.

Of course, their favorite “hobby” is fucking. So, when the hijinks our over, and the adrenaline is still high they need to expend their energy somehow.

That way is of course through sensuous sucking, robust rimming and frenetic fucking.

Bruce Querelle and Jarrod Lanvin provide all that and more as Bruce pounds a huge load out of Jarrod who shows his appreciation with his cum flying high over his shoulder and all over his chest…Join them!

Bruce Querelle gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Ripped hotties Serge Cavalli’s hot holes fucked by Bruce Querelle and Riff Dornan’s huge uncut cocks.

There is no doubt that this is THE update of the week, maybe even the month as we join Serge, Bruce, and Riff, all prime examples of physical perfection, in this very hot and sexy threesome.

With this dream team of guys, it always had to be Serge who was going to be the meat in this sex sandwich, a role this he seems to relish more than most.

Those of you who enjoy rimming are in for a special treat, as it is also one of Bruce’s favorite activities, and he gives Serge an extended example of his talents in this field, savoring the taste of Serge’s ever eager hole.

Following this tasting entre, he is straight onto the main course, stuffing his buddy with his rock-hard dick.

Once Bruce has done the job of loosening up Serge, it is Riff’s turn to fill him up again before we finish off with Bruce yet again finally seasoning his buddy’s ass with copious loads of cum. Wanna see more of hot sex scenes with Riff Dornan at Freshmen here. and more of Serge Cavalli here. Catch all Bruce Querelle’s hardcore scenes also here.Join them!

Jon Kael is lying on the sofa in his sexy white shorts and white socks speaking to Bruce Querelle who is home alone.

He invites Bruce to join him catching some sunshine and working on his tan.

Bruce heads straight over and as soon as he arrives Jon is on his knees undressing Bruce and grabbing his huge uncut dick and sucking it right to the back of his throat.

Bruce then uses both hands to part Jon’s smooth ass cheeks getting his tongue into his tight asshole.

With Bruce’s legs up over Jon’s shoulders, Jon has a perfect shot of Bruce’s hot ass.

He forces his big thick erect dick balls deep into Bruce in long strong in and out strokes.

Bruce then switches to sucking his cock again.

Then with Bruce in cowboy position Jon aims his huge dick upwards as Bruce slides his hole enveloping Jon’s slick cock till it is all the way inside.

Jon’s bareback fucking continues apace with Bruce moaning loudly and enjoying every thrust so that he can feel every inch of Jon.

Both young men are getting close to orgasm, Jon holds off for a second as Bruce blows his load, while Jon’s dick is still inside him.

Jon pulls out giving Bruce a huge cum facial before Jon sucks his dick clean.

The two sexy dudes relax in each other’s arms in a post fuck haze.Join them!

As the camera pans up we see Nils Tatum standing in just a pair of jeans with his muscular ripped body and wonderful six-pack abs as he reaches inside his underwear and touches his huge young dick.

Nils has a beautiful face and it really lights up the room when he smiles with that toothy grin. Simply divine.

Then as the camera moves away we see his super sexy partner Bruce Querelle come into view.

He drops to the floor as both guys demonstrate their pushups showing off their muscular bodies moving in tandem.

Then as they stand close to each other Bruce reaches behind and grabs ahold of Nils’s neck and pulls him in for a sweet kiss.

As Nils rubs his hands over Bruce’s upper torso Bruce looks up with a smoldering look that could melt your heart.

The kissing continues as Bruce removes Nils’s tight black Calvin Klein undies exposing Nils’s already rock-hard uncut cock and low-hanging ball sack.

Bruce’s own soft uncut dick jumps to attention sticking upright like a rocket.

Then with Nils standing and Bruce kneeling in front of him, Bruce opens his mouth and looks as if he might take a bite out of Nils’s huge cock.

Instead, he gently imbibes it swallowing it whole till it hits the back of his throat, gagging him for a moment or two, as Nils moans the sheer delight.

With the cameraman clicking away, the sexy young dudes turn away from us and show off their beautiful asses.

Both have peachy-perfect smooth butts and we can just spy Nils’s balls hanging between his legs.

Now Nils is lying face down on the chair and Bruce parts his ass cheeks with both hands so we get a look at Nils’s hot hole.

Finally, the boys sit back and jerk each other’s hot cocks before taking over themselves and spraying jizz all over as they both reach orgasm together. What a beautiful photoshoot video.Join them!

It’s the morning after Bruce Querelle’s birthday party and he’s bleary-eyed and just fixed himself a wake-up coffee when sexy young stud Hans Lagerfeld knocks at the door.

Hans had been eyeing Bruce throughout the previous evening’s party and they had flirted back and forth without actually speaking to each other.

Now horny Hans is not going to waste another second as he grabs ahold of Bruce’s hand and drags him to the sofa where he handcuffs Bruce’s hands together behind his back.

Bruce undresses Hans then sucks down hard on his huge erect uncut twink dick choking it down to the back of his throat, making him gag as it hits the spot.

With Hans’s hot bubble ass fully exposed Bruce bends down and runs his tongue along Hans’s ass crack getting it deep into his tight hole.

Hans loves Bruce’s rim job and he presses his ass down repeatedly onto Bruce’s face.

With his hole lubed to the max Bruce forces his slim raw uncut dick into his well-lubed asshole bare fucking him with large deep and long strokes going balls deep and making Hans moan with intense pleasure.

Hans enjoys the feeling of Bruce’s cock moving deeply inside him as Bruce picks up speed rhythmically barebacking the hottie twink.

They switch up positions a few times with the fucking getting harder and deeper until Hans can hold off no longer before he erupts spraying his hot creamy jizz all over his abs.

On seeing Hans’s orgasm Bruce pulls out and coats Hans’s bubble butt with cum before fucking his cum back inside as they kiss and enjoy a romantic moment together….Join them!

Philipe wants Bruce Querelle to show a bit more of a proactive spirit with a more experienced model before he is let loose with the newbie Belami Boys.

Philipe has therefore arranged a hot bareback ass fuck with Jeroen Mondrian.

We’re not sure that Philipe was being entirely sincere as we suspect that he just wanted to see a hot session with two of our hottest guys fucking.

Whatever the reason we are happy that he arranged for this encounter today.

Much to Jeroen’s delight, Bruce is the top in today’s scene, and much to our delight we get to watch as Bruce demonstrates that he needs no further training at all.

The session starts with a long and luxurious suck session followed by some pretty intense bareback fucking, with Bruce pulling out just in time to deliver a thick and creamy load on Jeroen’s hole.

He then uses the cum as lube to fuck Jeroen again before he too shoots his load into his buddy’s waiting mouth…Join them!

Today we see the results of Bruce Querelle’s training in his very first scene, we had to check that this was true. Kevin was right Bruce passed through his basic training very swiftly.

His casting took place just one week prior to this movie.

We chose talented bottom boy Marcel Gassion as his very first video partner, taking a bit of a risk.

However, Marcel being an active bottom boy he can be quite dominant and bossy and this can be quite off-putting for a newbie top guy.

Anyway you can see how the scene turned out. We think both boys rose to the challenge and offered up a wonderful barebacking ass fuck by two very sexy young men…Join them!

Today we have two beautiful young men Bruce Querelle and Nils Tatum.

Bruce has dark hair and Nils is blonde but both are stunningly handsome.

The team had just returned from a trip to Greece filming but Bruce was unhappy as he did not get to go along.

Nils decides to make it up to him with a little bit of extra care and attention.

Truth be told Bruce was originally scheduled for the trip but he gained too much extra weight and was dropped at the last minute.

But today he is back to his perfect self, both physically and emotionally.

To celebrate Nils decides to let him have one of the most treasured asses around, his…Join them!

Today’s scene with Ryan McKenna and Bruce Querelle has many things going for it. A charming but brief introduction, 2 guys at the peak of their physical beauty (and for the anti-shavers, lots of natural bush) and sex that is at the same time intense, relaxed and tender.

Bruce’s eating of his buddies ass is a particular highlight, and obviously something that really turns on both guys and leads to some sensual and deep fucking.

Director Marty Stevens also has done an excellent job here in balancing the mood of the scene with the lighting and camerawork.

Although we don’t translate during sex, there is a nice moment when Ryan asks Bruce to fuck him harder and Bruce replies ‘Are you ready to cum, as I won’t be able to hold back any longer’ and Ryan’s only answer is ‘Don’t worry about that and fuck me harder’…Join them!

Bruce Querelle and Mario Texeira are the stars of today’s scene.

Apparently, we missed the encounter between them the evening before, but they are both happy to repeat the performance during their morning shower.

Bruce is the top in today’s scene, hungrily eating his buddies ass while the water continues to spray down on both of them.

The sex is energetic and erotic, we are left wondering however, how wet did our cameraman get during the filming of this scene?…Join them!

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