Roald Ekberg

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Roald Ekberg turned out to be an interesting experience. For quite a long time I was really worried that he would get the same mixed reaction as Rick Lautner but he proved to be a sensual, flexible, and reliable model and I gradually relaxed into shooting with him more and more often. By now he is a cornerstone of our new Belami model team. He is extremely sexual, loves bottoming, and trying anything and everything new.

Hair Color: Blond
Sign: Capricorn
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7 inch dick / 17.5cms
Height: 5’9″ / 180cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 156lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Czech

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Belami sexy young stud Antony Lorca’s huge uncut dick fucking Roald Ekberg’s tight bubble butt.

There are times in life that call for slow and sensual love-making, and there are other times when the lust is so overpowering that it possesses the whole being and turns guys into love monsters.

The victims of Lust today are blond and buff Roald Eckberg and swelteringly sexy Antony Lorca.

During a run along the beach, Lust starts to take hold of the guys, and by the time they get home, it is in full possession of both mind and body, resulting in Antony throwing his lover to the bed and ripping his clothes off before hungrily devouring every inch of his body.

Lust is not satisfied easily and demands more than just foreplay, so pretty soon both buys are naked and Antony is burying his rock-hard dick deep inside Roald, thrusting deeply to try and satisfy his buddy’s urgent desires.

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Blonde muscle stud Roald Ekberg’s massive twink uncut dick barebacking Steve Skarsgaard’s bubble ass.

There is always a genuine attraction between our models, sometimes also a genuine affection, and other times it is pure lust at work.

With Roald, it is generally the latter, and today he has his sights set on muscle bunny Steve Skarsgaard, and he knows all the right lines to get what he wants.

Not that Steve is complaining about the arrangement either and seems only too happy to play along as long as he also gets what he wants out of the encounter.

Steve is normally a voracious bottom and prides himself on being able to take as much as his partner has to give.

He’s not as vocal about it as guys like Marcel, but he definitely takes pride in being able to give his tops exactly what they want.

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Dark-haired sexy young stud Aldo Belucci reaches until his sweet moist lips connect with ripped hottie blonde dude Roald Ekberg as they make out, kissing passionately.

Aldo’s hand spread out to massage and caress Roald’s strong muscular body.

Roald’s huge thick uncut dick is already sporting a massive erection, Aldo opens his mouth wide as he envelopes Roald’s cock right to the base, before pulling back until his cockhead is on the tip of his tongue.

With Aldo bent over, focused on pleasuring his hot young man, Roald checks out Roald’s smooth bubble butt which looks so peachy in his Andrew Christian jockstrap.

Roald stretches rubbing his finger between Aldo’s bubble butt ass cheeks until he finds the spot and probes inside getting him ready for the next stage of the seduction.

But we are in for a bit of a shock as it is not expert bottom Aldo who will be giving out today but the blonde horny top who will be taking Aldo’s thick long cock.

The sexy boys switch positions now with Roald blowing Aldo getting his cock nice and wet, ready for his hot tight raw ass hole.

Roald then braces in a standing missionary position, sticking his ass, out towards Aldo, who then forces his huge young uncut dick into Roald’s waiting hole.

The pace starts off slowly before Aldo slowly increases the rhythm with his thick dick disappearing inside Roald’s ass before reappearing as Roald moans loudly with every stroke.

A quick change with Roald on his back with his legs in the air exposing his hole, as Aldo pummels the young bottom boy for all he is worth.

Roald is struggling to keep himself in control, but he can’t hold off much longer as he feels every inch of Aldo’s hard erection moving inside him.

With Aldo’s cock still power fucking his asshole, Roald loses the fight and erupts in a massive cum explosion, jizzing all over his six-pack abs with hot cum dripping everywhere.

Aldo licks up the creamy mess and cleans Roald’s dick with his tongue swallowing his load.

Then Aldo points his cock in Roald’s face and orgasms spraying powerful jets of semen all over his friend’s face, giving him a huge cum facial.

Finally, the exhausted young dudes touch lips for a creamy cummy kiss. OMG so hot!Join them!

The three ripped young hotties, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich, and Roald Ekberg are in the kitchen discussing their breakfast bodybuilding training food options.

The shirtless guys start making out, kissing each other passionately whilst jerking each other’s already fully erect uncut cocks.

Brian gets down on his knees and takes it in turn sucking first Andrei’s massive thick uncut dick then swapping to deep throat Roald’s raging hard-on.

The guys swap positions with Brian lifting his left leg onto the countertop while Roald gets his tongue deep between Brian’s smooth ass cheeks and find his moist warm hole.

As Roald rims Brian’s asshole, Andrei blows Brian’s thick uncut dick.

Now with Brian bending over further, Roald forces his huge erection into Brian’s hot hole until his balls are bouncing off his ass.

Roald then pulls back until the tip of his dick is only just inside Brian’s hole before sliding all the way back in.

He keeps up this bareback power fucking whilst grabbing ahold of Brian’s waist with both hands.

Brian just loves the feeling of Roald’s huge cock moving inside him, he can sense every inch in and out, in and out, bringing him close to orgasm a number of times.

Luckily Brian is an experienced bottom and knows how to control himself, softening and then hardening his ass muscles until his top is ready to shoot.

Roald then switches places with Andrei who lies flat on the floor with Brian hovering over his solid erect cock until his hole is filled.

Andrei fucks Brian’s ass with a long rhythmic pump action as Roald gets his dick blown by Brian.

They keep this hardcore bare fucking up until Andrei can hold off no longer and he pulls out and blows his load all over Brian’s hole.

Seeing Andrei orgasm sends both the other dudes over the edge and their cocks stream with ropes of jizz.

The sexy boys lean in for a cummy kiss.Join them!

Sexy ripped young studs Roald Ekberg and Orri Aasen are sitting on the sofa in just their underwear making out and kissing passionately as they feel each others’ bodies with their hands.

Roald admires Orri’s muscular chest and arms as he moves down towards his big crotch bulge searching out his big uncut dick.

As he licks and jerks Orri’s huge thick uncut cock he gently caresses his thick foreskin and runs his tongue over his big mushroom cockhead before swallowing it whole.

Roald is an expert cock sucker and it shows, Orri’s moans as Roald continues the in and out movements all the way down till Orri’s balls are on his lips and then back out till the top of his erection is on the tip of his tongue.

Orri returns the favor blowing Roald’s dick in 69, position before Roald shoves his hard erect cock deep into Orri’s tight bubble ass hole.

They switch up positions with Orri hovering over Roald’s thick stiff dick then grinding his hole down onto it repeatedly getting deeper and deeper with each stroke.

With Orri now in full control Roald watches the view of his cock disappearing inside Orri’s ass and Orri can feel every inch of Roald moving inside him.

They change around a number of times before Roald power fucks Orri bringing him to the edge of orgasm before finally plowing his asshole one last session before Roald pulls out coating Orri’s ass with his hot jizz.

Roald then fucks his cum back inside as Orri jerks his slick dick till he sprays his load all over his abs and chest….Join them!

Today Roald Ekberg and Raf Koons get it together and fuck each other in this sexy flip flop bareback ass fucking.

It’s always a pleasure to watch a guy with a huge dick like Raf getting fucked, but it is even better to watch him putting his massive member to good use on his buddy.

Luckily today we get the best of both worlds…Join them!

It is a special treat today as we bring Kris Evans back into the schedule in this scene with Roald Ekberg. For our DVD collectors out there you will remember the scene from the DVD ‘Loving Kris’, although for the rest of us it is a new one. There is a nice contrast here between the swarthy beauty of Kris and Roald’s blond handsomeness, and of course, with these 2 favorite performers, there is a lot to look forward to…Join them!

Helmut Huxley, as the center of attention in this group flip fuck. This two part scene, which started yesterday, begins with Helmut getting the chance to top 3 of our most stunning boys: Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, and power bottom Marcel Gassion.

Helmut is noticeably having the time of his life taking on these three Belami studs at once. In Part Two, which goes live tomorrow (Saturday) we see Jeff, Roald and Marcel get the chance to have a turn at Helmets beautiful ass.

These very talented bottoms show that they can give it just as hard as they take it. The chemistry between all 4 guys is palpable and the action itself is first class throughout.

This is an instantly classic Belami fourgy that should not be missed…Join them!

2 of our more experienced guys are the subject of today’s update, Tim Campbell and Roald Ekberg. This scene is one of the best examples of how to go from mild to wild during love making. Start off slow and tend and let the energy build naturally until reaching an explosive climax.

One of the luckiest things about our models choosing to stay with us for so long is the relationships that they build with each other, and subsequently what we are able to try and bring to you on camera. Roald and Tim show it to us here best…Join them!

He may have been with us for just a year and a half, but Raphael Nyon certainly knows how to take control of a situation. Today he is paired up with Roald Ekberg, and despite the lack of a common language, the two have no problem communicating their desires to each other.

What starts out with a massage ends up as steamy and sweaty sex with Raphael in the driver’s seat and setting the pace as he wants it. Roald, as usual is up for anything his partner asks of him, pulling out just in time to shoot his load all over Raphael’s satisfied ass…Join them!

Today, we bring you physical perfection in the form of Ariel Vanean and Roald Ekberg, two of BelAmi’s most popular stars. Here we see two confident, self-assured beautiful men who both know how to give and receive pleasure, showing off for us mere mortals.

Ariel and Roald are in top physical condition here and they personify physical perfection. Ariel is a long time fan favorite but in recent years he has worked out more and more to stay in top shape and it shows. This 5 star pairing deliver a perfect performance to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

In Part 1, which is live now, Ariel tops Roald but in Part 2 ,which goes live tomorrow, we see Roald get his turn on Ariel’s perfect ass…Join them!

We’re back to double dipping today with a mixture of familiar and new faces. The most familiar is Roald Ekberg and he is partnered by 2 new guys, Jason Bacall, who you will see a lot more of in the future, and Adam Torres who is making his premiere on the site today. For Adam it is one hell of a debut, not only being fucked by both Roald and Jason, but both of them at the same time…Join them!

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