Jamie Eliot

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Jamie Eliot gay porn scenes at Belami

Sexy ripped young muscle stud Jamie Eliot drops his shorts stroking his huge uncut cock spraying jizz all over.

As model of the week, Jamie is making her debut appearance all by herself here. He has been on this page before in a beautiful sequence of images alongside Kirk Gauguin, who is really sexy.

Jamie is arguably one of our guys who stays horniest the longest, as he is always ready to get it on and show us his erogenous zone.

This, in addition to the fact that he is attractive and has a large dick, has made him a popular choice among the other males as a scene partner.

The recording for today’s session was done in our studio in Prague.

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Sexy ripped young dudes Kirk Gauguin and Jamie Eliot mutual masturbation and big uncut cock worship.

Today we have a beautiful collaboration across BelAmi ‘generations’ when Kirk Gauguin meets up with Jamie Eliot for this Cape Town special photoshoot.

As Kirk is one of the lucky Peter Pan variety of men it almost seems that they could both be fresh recruits to the team, but this was actually from Kirk’s final trip to the Cape, and Jamie’s first.

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Hardcore gay twink threesome Tom Houston, Jamie Eliot and Tony Zuko sucking and fucking big uncut dicks.

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Sexy young stud Tom Houston rims then fucks hottie twink Jamie Eliot’s hot bubble butt.

This week we have the unbearably handsome Tom Houston back with us as the start of this double-day special.

In part 1 he is with Jamie Eliot as they attempt to make the best out of what is truly a horrible fall day.

While it is cold and wet outside, it certainly seems to be getting hot inside.

For part 1 Tom is getting his wish and fucking Jamie in a scorching, cum-filled scene.

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Jamie Eliot gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Hottie young stud Jamie Eliot’s huge thick uncut cock bareback fucking sexy bottom boy Bruce Harrelson.

This is only Bruce’s second hardcore video but his bottoming skills exceed our expectations.

His partner is “sex machine” Jamie who just can’t keep his hands off a handsome fellow like Bruce.

When the boys remove their unnecessary clothing, there is nothing that can hold them back from some lusty fucking.

Jamie is determined to show Bruce the full power of his massive cock and gives everything to please his new friend.Join them!

Young hottie Jamie Eliot is on the sofa in just his tight sexy underwear pondering his first chess move when he is joined by total newbie freshmen stud Clint Newman.

Clint’s huge erection is obvious for all to see as his big dick is tenting his white Calvin Klein undies.

At Clint feels Jamie’s hardening dick through the fabric of his underwear the two make out, kissing passionately.

Clint then leans in and engulfs the whole of Jamie’s huge 8-inch uncut dick all the way to the base, choking him a little.

Jamie pumps his dick all the way into Clint’s mouth in a power fucking rhythm.

They then switch places with Clint blowing Jamie as he jerks his own cock.

Jamie runs his tongue up and down the full length of Clint’s huge uncut cock.

With Clint’s bent double Jamie probes his ass hole with his fingers before he runs his tongue up and down Clint’s hairy ass crack.

Jamie then pushes his big uncut dick between Clint’s bubble butt ass cheeks in long hard strokes.

Clint relaxes as Jamie pummels his virgin raw asshole and the newbie bottom dude manages really well with his first dick fucking.

They swap positions a number of times, each time Jamie gets his dick deeper and harder into Clint’s aching hole.

With Jamie’s cock still plugging his ass Clint jerks himself to a huge cum explosion.

Seconds later Jamie wanks his dick spraying jizz directly into Clint’s mouth.

Finally the two sexy boys share a cummy kiss.Join them!

After an afternoon outdoors in the hot sunshine Jamie Elliot and Jim Durden are both feeling horny and they head back to their cool apartment for some alone time.

As soon as they enter the door, Jim drops to his knees and Jamie undoes his jeans which drop to his ankles.

Jamie’s huge thick uncut cock is already rock hard and standing to attention, begging to be sucked.

Jim grabs it with both hands and runs his tongue from balls to tip before swallowing it whole.

Jim loves sucking cock and he’s impressed with how massively thick Jamie’s hot dick is.

It really stretches his mouth as he chokes it down right to the back of his young throat, making him gag briefly.

Jim pulls back Jamie’s thick foreskin and covers his huge mushroom cockhead with his saliva getting it lubed for what comes next.

But Jamie wants more he stands up opening his ass cheeks and inviting Jim to rim his ass with his hot tongue whilst he jerks his own dick frantically.

Now with Jim on the shower floor, Jamie hovers over his hot dick and forces his hole down onto it getting it balls deep before pulling back up in long strong strokes up and down, in and out.

As the water rains down Jim power fucks Jamie’s hot hole without mercy.

As Jamie’s ass hole gets stretched they switch up positions back in the bedroom.

Now with Jamie on his back, Jim slides his slick dick deep into his bubble ass making him moan loudly with pleasure.

They are both close to orgasm but Jim pummels Jamie’s ass relentlessly until Jamie sprays jizz over his chest and face in thick long ropes.

Jim then pulls out and he fires off a massive volley of jizz hitting Jamie in the face before he slides his dick back inside and fucks his cum into his freshly fucked boy hole.Join them!

As they get naked Jim Durden gets on top and takes control of the situation with newbie young stud Jamie Eliot.

Both young men are sporting huge uncut dicks as they make out kissing passionately feeling each other’s ripped bodies and rock-hard cocks.

With Jamie lying flat on the bed, Jim shows off his masterful cocksucking skills, swallowing Jamie’s sizeable uncut dick all the way back till his mushroom bell end hits the back of his throat causing him to choke a little.

Jamie just loves the feel of Jim’s tongue and lips on his throbbing dick and rubs the back of Jim’s neck by way of encouragement.

Jim rubs their hard dick foreskins together before offering Jamie his own huge erection, guiding his mouth till it makes contact with his balls.

Jamie licks Jim’s erect cock from balls to tip stopping a moment to touch lips with Jim, before swallowing Jim’s member all the way till his balls are on his lips.

Jamie moans loudly as he licks and kisses Jim’s hot cock, saliva dripping down gets licked back up before Jim rolls his legs up over his head giving Jamie full access to Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim’s hole is longing for some anal action so Jamie gets his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth ass cheeks.

Jamie rims Jim’s hole, getting it wet for his big young dick.

First Jamie probes Jim’s asshole with his finger whilst wanking his own cock furiously.

Then without warning, Jamie plunges his thick erect dick into Jim’s raw asshole, expertly bare fucking his hole making him moan with sheer delight.

Jamie power fucks Jim’s tight asshole in long strong strokes in and out. Jim loves the sensation of Jamie’s huge young cock moving inch by inch inside his hole.

Now with Jim on top, he forces his asshole down harder onto Jim’s massive thick dick before pulling up again until the tip of his dick is only just inside.

With Jamie’s hardcore ass pummelling, Jim can hold off no longer, jerking his dick frantically until he showers them both with his hot cum.

Jamie then fucks Jim doggy style until he is ready to orgasm pulling out as he explodes jizz all over Jim’s bare ass, before fucking his cum back inside Jim’s hole.

Both sexy young men collapse exhausted in each other’s arms with a sweet tender kiss.Join them!

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