Ethan O’Pry

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Today we have a hot new scene which gives us a few ideas about how things really end up backstage with Jeroen Mondrian.

He is getting pretty frustrated that long-haired blond surfer dude Ethan OPry has been keeping him waiting for over two hours.

But when Ethan finally appears all the bad feeling evaporates the moment our shaggy-haired young lover strips off his clothes.

Pretty quickly Jeroen makes it clear what he wants today, thrusting his ass against Ethan’s groin and rubbing hard against Ethan’s already raging hard-on.

We all know when Jeroen is in one of his insatiable moods, that whoever is fucking him is going to have a really good time, and it is certainly the case here in this very passionate and lustful encounter.Join them!

Sexy surfer dude Ethan O’Pry is in the bathroom checking his long flowing blonde hair as Andrei Karenin watches from the door.

Andrei is feeling horny and he really wants to have sex with Ethan so he tempts him back into the bedroom.

As Ethan stands there in his red sports shorts, Andrei reaches around and feels Ethan’s rippling six-pack abs before planting a sweet kiss on his ear.

They turn towards each other making out, French kissing passionately, just check out those open mouths and tongues.

Andrei already has a raging hardon so Ethan falls to his knees and deep throats his huge uncut cock right to the back of his throat.

Ethan’s expert cock sucking makes Andrei moan with delight with Ethan getting his tongue on his big dick head and around his thick foreskin.

As Andrei wanks his dick, Ethan moves down to suck and lick his low-hanging balls.

Then Ethan sits back as Andrei returns the favor blowing Ethan’s big erect dick in long rhythmic strokes.

Andrei runs his tongue up and down Ethan’s ripped body, tweaking his nipples gently with his teeth.

Ethan then turns around exposing his hot bubble butt into Andrei’s face.

Andrei runs his tongue up and down Ethan’s ass crack until he finds his moist hairy ass hole diving in deep.

As Ethan braces, Andrei works his throbbing erection balls deep into Ethan’s tight hole.

Andrei power fucks Ethan’s hot asshole in a number of different positions until both sexy young men are close to orgasm.

First over the edge is Andrei who pulls out and explodes cum all over Ethan’s ass and balls.

Ethan can hold off no longer and as Andrei sucks his dick, he cums spraying jizz all over Andrei’s face, jizz dribbling down in a creamy mess.Join them!

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