Daan Jeffries

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Today hottie blonde top Jerome Exupery invites and sexy injured bottom boy Daan Jeffries into his apartment.

Under the pretense of giving him a relaxing massage to ease the pain, Jerome quickly gets freckle-faced cutie Daan to drop his track pants.

As soon as the young dude is naked, Jerome makes his move tenderly kissing his nipples and rubbing his hand down Daan’s nicely ripped abs.

Daan quickly rises to the occasion, his soft uncut cock becomes super erect in seconds and quickly has Jerome’s moist lips enveloping it.

Jerome swallows Daan’s uncut dick all the way to his balls, then gives his big pink cockhead a tongue washing, making Daan moan loudly.

The two horny boys rub their hard uncut cocks together before Daan bends down and blows Jerome like a demon, getting his dick right to the back of his throat.

As Daan continues cocksucking we see Jerome’s cum filled balls bouncing around just waiting to fire off their explosive charge.

With Daan now on his back with his legs in the air, Jerome, probes, and kisses his sweet asshole, flitting his wet tongue across his tight pink hole before diving in.

Jerome then presses his huge uncut cock deep between Daan’s smooth ass cheeks right on target and straight into his tight asshole until his balls are slapping against Daan’s ass.

Daan loves the feeling of Jerome’s hard erect dick moving inside his ass and contracts his muscles increasing the sensation for Jerome and making him push harder.

The sexy young guys switch up positions a number of times with Daan opening his hole up so that Jerome can fuck him deeply.

It is not long before both boys are close to orgasm. Jerome pulls out just as he uncontrollably fires off a splatter gun of cum all over Daan’s asshole.

Daan can hold off no longer and delivers a jizz explosion across his abs.

They both lean in for a romantic post fuck kiss.Join them!

As we know very well sexy ripped young stud Hoyt Kogan is always horny and when he’s not fucking another hottie he is jerking his own sizeable uncut dick

Today’s first of many wank sessions is cut short by a ring at the doorbell.

Young dude Daan Jeffries is at the door and he immediately spots Hoyt’s raging hardon immediately forgetting what his original question was about reaches inside Hoyt’s tenting underwear and releases his huge thick 7-inch dick.

Hoyt likes the look of Daan and rubs his hands up and down his well-defined six-pack abs before they kiss passionately making out and with Hoyt moving lower and lower until he reaches Daan’s crotch.

As Daan’s thick erect uncut dick springs to attention full hard Hoyt gently caresses the end of it with his tongue sucking it back and then flicking his tongue around the inside of his foreskin as Daan moans loudly.

Daan returns the favor kneeling on the floor he blows Hoyt in long swift strokes keeping the pressure on his long cock until Hoyt wants to fuck him.

Hoyt then bareback fucks young Daan’s tight bubble asshole with an intensity that Daan’s just loves.

Daan braces and relaxes his ass muscles letting Hoyt’s slick dick deeper into his hole and maximizing the pleasure.

They switch up positions with Daan on his back and we can see Hoyt’s huge dick sliding in and out of Daan’s slightly hairy hole with both sexy young men close to orgasm.

Hoyt shoots his load with jizz spraying all over Daan’s asshole before Hoyt fucks the cum back inside and Daan strokes out a huge load himself all the while Hoyt’s thick cock is deep inside him….Join them!

Sexy young ripped stud Daan Jeffries is enjoying a refreshing shower and wanking his hard erect uncut dick.

Suddenly ginger young dude Ronny Lamaar appears naked behind him. “Can I join you?”, he asks, “I can wash your back.”

Ronny rubs his hands up and down Daan’s body stopping at his peachy bubble butt.

Ronny squeezes his ass cheeks and rubs them firmly then reaches around and grabs Daan’s hard dick and wanks it for him.

The boys head to the bedroom and dry off.

Ronny then kneels on the floor and sucks Daan’s big dick. Daan moans as Ronny really gets his tongue around his foreskin.

Daan then turns around giving Ronny full access to his hairy asshole.

Ronny licks his ass crack and sucks his pink hole working his tongue deep inside. He licks his fingers and rubs them around his hole.

The boys head to the bed with Daan this time, sucking on Ronny’s big uncut twink dick.

They switch places and Ronny probes Daan’s hole with his huge raw cock. As he enters Daan cries out in ecstasy, he just loves a big dick in his bare ass.

They swap positions With Daan riding Ronny’s raw cock reverse cowboy. Daan is now fully in control and presses his ass down firmly on Ronny’s hard dick.

Daan is close to orgasm and with Ronny’s cock deep inside him he sprays cum all over his abs and chest.

Ronny then relaxes the fucking and shoots his explosive cum load all over them both before fucking his cum back into Daan’s hot ass….Join them!

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