Jerome Exupery

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Jerome Exupery (which our boys sometimes misspeak as Jeremy) first came to us more than 3 years ago but decided against filming. After 1 year at college he decided to call it quits and returned to us full time. Since the moment he made his decision he has proved to be one of the sweetest and most reliable models that we have and Jerome, Helmut and Kevin have become almost inseparable this year.

His family owns and runs a large inn and restaurant, so he is also quite a good cook and comes with a big sense of humor and what GD calls a ‘wild and tender’ streak in his nature.

Hair Color: Blonde Brown (Highlights)
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 7-inch dick (17.5cms)
Height: 6’2″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 176lbs
Sexual Positions: Top

Jerome Exupery gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Blonde curly haired Jerome Exupery’s huge uncut dick bare fucking Jon Kael’s bubble ass.

This episode of “Back to Greece” offers a significant amount of behind-the-scenes video.

Jerome Exupery and Kevin Warhol go to the villa in the hopes of finding someone to collaborate with on their own home video.

Kevin is out of luck, but fortunately for us, we get to observe Jerome and his lover Riis Erikson as they engage in some steamy sexual activity.

You were able to watch the full-length video of this scenario when it was featured in issue 308, but today you will get to witness how everything actually went down.

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Greece anal fuck fest Yannis Paluan, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery.

A new day on Mykonos begins with Jerome and Kevin grabbing their cameras and heading to the villa to find out the plan for the day.

Our couple, Jerome and Helmut, are again left on their own and get the idea to join Adam Archuleta on the set.

The video he shoots on his day off brings Kevin together with his „dream boy“ Yannis Paluan.

With Kevin, Adam, Jerome and Helmut all together on the same set, Yannis needs to stay strong.Join them!

Cory Ellis is a touch nervous today it’s the first video outing of the new year and he is partnered with one of our sexiest young men Jerome Exupery.

Jerome leads the way as he feels Cory’s crotch and finds a huge young uncut cock tenting his sexy undies.

As he unwraps his thick dick he moves his mouth up to the tip and swallows it right to the back of his throat.

Still, on tenterhooks, Cory relaxes as Jerome licks his hairy virgin asshole getting his tongue deep into his hole making it nice and wet for his big erect cock.

As Jerome enters the young dude’s bare asshole for the first time he’s super gentle using long slow strokes in and out.

Jerome’s pace quickens as Cory starts to grind his hole down onto Jerome’s thick dick they kiss briefly and Cory is close to orgasm as Jerome pumps away.

Cory shoots his first-ever load with a guy’s big cock inside him as Jerome shoots his jizz giving Cory a big cum facial.

The young Cory smiles as Jerome gives him a big hug….Join them!

Inspector Clouseau is to Hercule Poirot as Jerome is to Cassanova. Jerome Exupery may bumble and stumble but he, like Clouseau, generally accomplishes his objective.

Today that objective is Joaquin Arrenas. After neatly getting rid of Peter, he sneaks Joaquin off to his secret love nest to engage in a clandestine quickie.

You will see at the end of the clip, Peter is not as easily fooled as Jerome thinks…Join them!

Our plan was to have two brunets, Michel and Rocco, here. Unfortunately, Rocco had no time, so Michel ended up training with Jerome Exupery. Michel Seberg is more flirtatious than frenetic, more bashful than bold.

While he may not be a ball of fire, I suspect that his sexy smile and quiet seductiveness will melt the hearts of many of our members. It is this sensuous quality which, I believe, makes him the stronger of today’s candidates. As always, I await your opinions…Join them!

Jerome Exupery gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hardcore ripped young dudes Jerome Exupery, Kirk Gauguin and Dan Hilfiger hardcore anal fucking.

Dan Hilfiger is today’s recipient of good fortune, as he will be working with the incredibly knowledgeable Jerome and the really alluring Kirk Gauguin for this update.

This is not the first time that Dan has had Kirk’s massive dick up his ass (perhaps some of you will remember it), as they were here at the end of last year in an encounter that the majority of you enjoyed.

This is the second time that Dan has had Kirk’s huge dick up his ass.

The incorporation of the high-energy Jerome Exupery does however steer things in a different direction, and we envision Dan growing into a potential power bottom in the future.

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When it comes to fidelity and monogamy there can be no better examples than our two power couples of Adam Archuleta and Christian Lundgren, and Andre Boleyn and Jerome Exupery.

Their love and devotion to each other set an example that we all could follow.

That is of course only up until they are no longer in the same room together, and as soon as Jerome boards the train to Bratislava their horny boyfriends are up to their usual tricks and have roped in Adam and Andre as substitute boyfriends for the day.

The original plan was for Adam to arrive with his tools so that they could assemble some furniture, but Adam definitely has another ‘tool’ that he wants to use today.

Great sex, sexy boys, and a lot of fun, just what we all need for the new year and we hope you enjoy this all-star 4way today.Join them!

Today hottie blonde top Jerome Exupery invites and sexy injured bottom boy Daan Jeffries into his apartment.

Under the pretense of giving him a relaxing massage to ease the pain, Jerome quickly gets freckle-faced cutie Daan to drop his track pants.

As soon as the young dude is naked, Jerome makes his move tenderly kissing his nipples and rubbing his hand down Daan’s nicely ripped abs.

Daan quickly rises to the occasion, his soft uncut cock becomes super erect in seconds and quickly has Jerome’s moist lips enveloping it.

Jerome swallows Daan’s uncut dick all the way to his balls, then gives his big pink cockhead a tongue washing, making Daan moan loudly.

The two horny boys rub their hard uncut cocks together before Daan bends down and blows Jerome like a demon, getting his dick right to the back of his throat.

As Daan continues cocksucking we see Jerome’s cum filled balls bouncing around just waiting to fire off their explosive charge.

With Daan now on his back with his legs in the air, Jerome, probes, and kisses his sweet asshole, flitting his wet tongue across his tight pink hole before diving in.

Jerome then presses his huge uncut cock deep between Daan’s smooth ass cheeks right on target and straight into his tight asshole until his balls are slapping against Daan’s ass.

Daan loves the feeling of Jerome’s hard erect dick moving inside his ass and contracts his muscles increasing the sensation for Jerome and making him push harder.

The sexy young guys switch up positions a number of times with Daan opening his hole up so that Jerome can fuck him deeply.

It is not long before both boys are close to orgasm. Jerome pulls out just as he uncontrollably fires off a splatter gun of cum all over Daan’s asshole.

Daan can hold off no longer and delivers a jizz explosion across his abs.

They both lean in for a romantic post fuck kiss.Join them!

As Zac DeHaan is in the shower getting cleaned up we see his big soft uncut cock hanging between his legs.

Zac returns to the bedroom where Jerome Exupery is lying on the bed, Jerome smiles and invites him to join him.

As Zac lies down flat on the bed, Jerome wanks Zac’s dick until it is rock hard before getting his tongue in deep around his foreskin then swallowing it to the back of his throat.

Expert cock sucker Jerome’s tongue and lips massage the full length of his erection really working his pink cockhead and making Zac moan with pleasure.

Then with Jerome standing, Zac sits on the edge of the bed and blows Jerome’s huge cock till it is a raging hard-on.

Zac plays with his own dick, wanking it hard, whilst blowing Jerome.

Then Zac pushes Jerome back down onto the bed and forces his huge erect dick between Jerome’s smooth ass cheeks finding his hot hole.

Zac pummels Jerome’s tight asshole in long strong strokes all the way in until he is balls deep and pulling out until his cockhead is just about still inside.

Jerome loves the feeling of Zac’s thick uncut cock moving deep inside his asshole and he moans loudly with each hard pump.

With Jerome’s legs above his head, Zac power fucks his bubble butt as Jerome jerks his dick hard.

Zac continues his ass fucking until Jerome can hold off no longer, he wanks his cock a few more times before he blows his load all over his abs.

With Zac still deep in his ass, Jerome clinches his ass muscles hard gripping Zac’s dick like a vice and forcing him to orgasm, he pulls out spraying jizz all over Jerome’s hot bubble ass.

Zac then fucks his cum back inside Jerome’s asshole before the sexy guys kiss and embrace.Join them!

Today a behind-the-scenes look as the guys at Belami learn to have sex in front of the cameras. Today the expert lover Jerome Exupery teaches relative newbie, Robin Rief.

The sexy young dudes lie on the bed and start kissing as directed by cameraman and previous Belami model Kevin Warhol.

Jerome rubs his erect dick against Robin’s groin then he grabs ahold of Robin’s huge erection and swallows it whole and then licking his smooth mushroom cockhead with his tongue as Robin moans with pleasure.

Then Jerome kneels in front of Robin as he sucks down hard on his dick, proving he is quite the junior cocksucker.

With Robin backed up on the bed, Jerome uses his hands to part Robin’s tanned ass cheeks and gets his tongue deep into his hole boy hole, making it nice and wet ready for Jerome’s huge thick uncut cock.

Now as Jerome forces his dick in and out of Robin’s extra tight hole he can’t help moaning loudly.

Robin jerks his dick as Jerome plugs away pummelling his raw asshole as his balls slap against his ass cheeks.

They switch up positions a few times, each time Jerome gets deeper and harder into Robin’s hole.

Jerome is an intense lover and I am sure that Robin’s ass is aching from all the anal attention.

He won’t forget Jerome’s dick in a long time.

Then with Robin hovering over Jerome’s rampant dick reverse cowboy style Robin power fucks him showing no mercy.

Then in cowboy-style Robin shoots his load with Jerome’s hard cock still inside him.

Robin erupts in cum with jizz dripping down from his hands.

Jerome finishes off by orgasming shooting his huge cum load into Robin’s mouth.Join them!

Jerome Exupery is always horny for sex no matter what the time of day or place.

Most times his advances are reciprocated and at other times he needs to learn to wait for his moment, especially in the early morning when some of the other cuties are still waking up from the night before.

First Jerome asks Yannis Paluan if he wants to have his big banana in the supermarket and then again later when he is chatting on his phone. Both times poor Jerome gets blown off with a little irritation.

After two days without sex, Jerome tries one final time as he walks into the kitchen with his massive uncut dick super erect, bouncing around menacingly between his legs.

Bingo this time Yannis is in the mood and he pulls down his shorts to expose his own throbbing erection.

The sexy boys rub their hard dicks together as Jerome pulls Yannis in for a hot kiss.

They start making out as Yannis kneels down on the floor with Jerome flicking his tongue deeply along his smooth ass crack getting his tongue into his tight young ass hole.

Then with Yannis braced against a bar stool, Jerome presses home his solid thick uncut monster dick splitting apart Yannis’s ass hole getting his slick dick balls deep into his hole.

Yannis moans loudly with every stroke of Jerome’s huge cock moving inside him inch by inch. Yannis just loves that feeling.

He twists his nipples increasing the sensation as Jerome pummels his bubble butt.

The bareback anal fucking continues until both young studs are close to orgasm. While Jerome’s rampant dick is deep inside his hot asshole Yannis loses control and fires off a volley of huge cumshots across his ripped abs and chest.

He’s quickly followed by Jerome who pulls out briefly to coat Yannis’s own hot ass with a huge jizz load before fucking his cum back inside Yanni’s freshly fucked ass….Join them!

Young hottie Helmut Huxley is lying on the bed sucking curly-haired blonde stud Jerome Exupery big thick uncut dick when Kevin Warhol disturbs them rushing in and grabbing Helmut’s cock and sucking it.

Jerome takes over swallowing Helmut’s huge cock in long slow strokes while Kevin rips off his t-shirt showing us his beautifully ripped body.

Kevin returns this time licking Helmut’s ball sack before he takes over worshipping Helmut’s thick erect dick licking its huge mushroom head and getting his tongue into his thick foreskin.

Helmut now returns the favor by tongue washing Kevin’s big young cock.

Jerome now takes advantage of Helmut, who is now on his knees, with his bare ass in the air, rimming his hole and getting his tongue deep.

Then Jerome and Kevin take turns bareback fucking Helmut’s hot bare asshole each shoving their huge uncut cocks balls deep into his raw bubble butt.

All the while they are pummeling his ass Helmut is jerking his uncut monster dick in between one of the two sucks it again keeping it well lubed with spit.

The hardcore bareback anal fucking continues until all three sexy boys are ready to cum.

First Jerome shoots his load, followed by a cum facial for Helmut from Kevin before Helmut himself finishes off wanking out a massive explosion of jizz all over them all.

In part 2 Jens Christensen receives a phone call from the blonde boys Jerome Exupery and Niall Morris hoping he’s not too busy to come over for a threesome.

Jens is keen to play along so he drops everything and arrives at their door.

Both Jens and Niall get there turns at bottoming here with Jens taking on Jerome, and Niall bravely getting penetrated by Jens’ thick dick.

All 3 guys here are very nicely matched physically and also in their enjoyment of sex so we hope you enjoy watching the scene as much as we did making it…Join them!

Today we have two of our blonde guys Jerome Exupery and Niall Morris in part 1 of their flip flop bareback session. Niall has been on holiday working as a barman in London but he’s back as he didn’t really like the rainy weather in England.

The session begins with Marty trying to interview the prodigal son, but Niall can’t keep his eyes off Jerome and wants his big bare cock inside him. Jerome is topping today, tomorrow Niall will return the favor…Join them!

We have been very remiss in giving you scenes with Andre Boleyn recently and it has been a good 4 or 5 months since we last saw him on screen, so we thought that we would give him the starring role here in our main update of the week in our Summer Loves feature.

Although we will have the full documentary series for you later on, the camera crew have tried to give you a taste of what is going on at the castle at the beginning of each scene as well, and today that means a quick look at Helmut and Jack getting ready for their photo shoot together.

As for the sex, we reunite our original KinkyAngels couple of Andre and Adam Archuleta for the first time in ages to fuck Musketeer, Jerome Exupery.

There is a little interruption in the fucking however when a jealous Helmut Huxley barges in on set for Jerome to reassure him that he is not enjoying being pounded by our KA team more than he enjoys being fucked by him. Sadly things don’t go well for Helmut, and Jerome sends him on his way with only the briefest and most insincere assurances…Join them!

Today we have the first of a pair of scenes this week that feature our most athletic HUNGarians in action.

Although this is not the first time that Vadim Farrell had bottomed for us, he definitely is more active than passive, so it is a nice change to see him bottoming here for the charming Jerome Exupery.

While Jerome is definitely moving to a more ‘behind the camera’ role, he is still also active in front of it as well.

This year marks Vadim’s 10th with BelAmi, so he has definitely earned his place in our HUNGarian top 10 of all time, so we hope you enjoy this anniversary scene today…Join them!

Little Sven Basquiat is at his sluttiest today, a side we don’t normally get to see here, but works quite well for him on chat, as it does on Jerome Exupery.

It may look like some lucky chat customer got a lot more than what they were expecting, but in reality, this was an idea that Sven had for a scene opening and there was no-one on the other side of the camera.

This is a scene with a lot of raw sexual energy from both boys, and the intensity of the fucking is on display for us all to see…Join them!

Rick Palmer makes his BelAmiOnline debut today in this scene with Jerome Exupery. Rick is one of our 25 new boys for our 25th anniversary. He first came to our attention over on where he made his first online appearance being double penetrated by Kirk and Jim last month..Join them!

Marty Stevens turns the tables on our 3 beauties today, letting them decide on the opening for their scene together. Jerome Exupery’s idea is that Jean-Luc can catch a magical fish that will allow him to wish for 2 sexy lovers. Helmut Huxley is more practical, casting Jean-Luc Bisset as the hot gardener, while Jean-Luc himself just wants to get fucked hard by 2 hot guys… I think you can guess whose idea won the day. Without further ado, here is Jean-Luc getting fucked by our 2 Czech BFFs…Join them!

It is great when your friends have the same size clothes as you. It means that you can steal whatever you think would look good on you. At least there is no worries here with Jerome Exupery, who is always happy to share whatever he has, and if his reward for doing so is getting fucked by Antony Lorca, even better…Join them!

Today we have a scene for you filmed in Cape Town with Jerome Exupery and Claude Sorel. Upon waking, Jerome finds himself alone in bed and Claude downstairs playing around with his phone. With one quick smile though Claude manages to let Jerome know that there are other things that he would much prefer to be doing.

Normally we admire Claude for his bottoming skills, but today we (and Jerome) are reminded that he is also an excellent top…Join them!

Jeroen Mondrian’s training has reached its final stage. Today he has to show his sexy trainer Jerome Exupery everything he has learned over their 2 previous lessons and how deep he can take it up in his virgin ass…Join them!

Jerome Exupery and Hoyt Kogan are 2 thirds of our ‘Three Musketeers’ team for a while now and their popularity seems just to grow and grow. Today’s scene is a charming mix of tenderness and passion for these sexy guys who are on their way to turn into one of the most irresistible versatile Belami performers…Join them!

It’s Valentine’s Day and Belami Online’s latest scene is called “SWEET VALENTINE” starring two of their biggest new stars Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery. Both boys engage in a 5 star flip flop fucking which is full of chemistry and amazingly sexy hot sex.

After watching Helmut and Jerome people will wonder if these two ripped young men are indeed actually real life lovers…Join them!