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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
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Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 164lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Felix Gaul gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Sexy young dudes Felix Gaul and Thom Jacobs look great in their swim shorts, but to be honest they are equally happy in and out of their clothes.

Felix and Thom have filmed quite a large number of scenes but they’ve never been on screen together. So we think they look great in this scene.

Felix gets to slip his big twink dick deep into Thom’s ass cheeks bareback fucking his buddy’s hot hole…Join them!

Felix Gaul gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Horny young cute twinks Andy McAllister and Felix Gaul’s big uncut dick anal bareback ass fucking.

Following up on Tim’s solo, we were a bit worried about giving you all a cuteness overload this week, but we decided to go with this scene featuring Andy and Felix anyhow, and hope that you will survive.

As this encounter is a bit older, we’ve decided to include it in our condom-free archive category.

Neither of the guys is filming anymore, although there may still be a couple of scenes coming out with them over the next year or so.

Felix is the bottom in this very sweet scene between two of the cutest guys of our previous generation of models.Join them!

Naked young hunk Felix Gaul joins sleepy head Ronny Lamarr between the bed covers reaching around and holding him intensely, making out, kissing passionately.

Ronny awakens and whispers sweet nothings into Felix’s ear as Felix gently plants his moist lips all over Ronny’s naked body licking his nipples and making him hard.

Felix’s inquisitive mouth continues down to Ronny’s crotch where he is already sporting a super thick erection.

Ronny moans loudly as Felix blows his huge thick erect uncut dick running his tongue from the big mushroom tip to the base of his balls.

Then with Felix spread out on his back, Ronny takes control swallowing his hard uncut cock whole before polishing his cockhead with his tongue and playing with his foreskin.

Ronny certainly knows how to pleasure a guy.

He then bends Felix over, exposing his hairy ass hole tapping it with his fingers before running his tongue up and down his ass crack.

While Felix is jerking his own cock, Ronny inserts a finger massaging his asshole carefully at first, as Felix’s moaning grows louder.

With Felix and Ronny in spoon position, Ronny slides his erect fuck tool deep into Felix’s waiting boy hole, kissing him as he pushes it all the way home.

Ronny parts Felix’s ass cheeks opening up his hole for his hot cock.

The ass pummelling continues with Ronny forcing his huge erection all the way in until his balls slap soundly on Felix’s ass.

Felix just loves the feeling of Ronny’s thick uncut dick moving inside him, first in all the way then out until the tip of his dick is almost out.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Felix now in reverse cowboy.

Now Felix is in control and he pushes his ass hole down onto Ronny’s throbbing cock, both boys almost losing control and getting to orgasm a number of times.

These expert fuckers know how to keep from cumming until they are both ready to unload.

Ronny now power fucks Felix his hot dick hammering away like a power drill.

Felix then cums with Ronny’s hard dick still deep in his hole, his jizz sprays all over his ripped abs.

Ronny licks up the mess before delivering his own huge cum load in Felix’s face. The boys kiss once more as they relax in each other’s arms.

Join them!

We’re back with Jack Harrer again today in our 2nd installment of Kevin and Jack’s movie project, today paired with Felix Gaul.

Those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Jack over the years can assure you all that the opening shot of Jack jerking off is fairly typical.

Jack really loves his dick and it is more common than not to find him playing with it where-ever and whenever.

The guys chose Felix as Jacks partner today as he is one of the few guys who truly appreciate having something big up his ass, if he can’t find a big dick, he tells us that he has his own collection of dildos to fill the need.

Today however it seems that Jack will be enough to keep him happy for a while…Join them!

Although Felix Gaul has been on the site since 2015, this is the very first scene that we filmed with him and we have been hanging on to since then.

His partner today is the talented and handsome Hoyt Kogan who regularly features in many Top 10 of BelAmi lists.

Felix stats out here quiet shy and more than a little nervous, but Hoyt does his best to make him feel at ease. Felix joins a very exclusive club of guys to lose their virginity to someone as special as Hoyt…Join them!

Felix Gaul has already been featured on BelAmiOnline before, but as he only has 3 scenes live, we decided to include him in our February special as well. Today he has been asked by Tony Conrad to be the judge of which new pair of underwear looks best on him. Of course the answer has to be that Tony looks better naked, but Felix lets him play his little game for a while before settling on the ‘au naturel’ version as the best…Join them!

Felix Gaul is a big fan of ‘street workouts’, rather than going to the gym. He wants to show Jamie Durrell some good exercises to keep his body in great shape. But Jamie gets distracted by Felix’s smooth rounded butt which he wants to see wildly riding his big dick…Join them!


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