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Hair Color: Brown
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Big muscle dude Pierce Paris’s hot hole fisted by top stud Mitch Matthews’s hand all the way.

Wrapped in a harness, Match spends some time making out with Pierce until he’s ready to go down south and tackle every last one of the fetish fucker’s nine inches.

Ready to taste every inch of his body, Mitch moves to sucking the hung dom’s meat from the back as he begins work on Pierce’s smooth ass.

He rims the hung hunk before breaking out the bottle of lube, wetting his hole, and working his entire hand into Pierce’s ass.

Now riding Mitch’s fist with his cock just inches in front of Mitch’s face, Pierce commands his fister to wrap his lips around his big dick.

Pierce then transitions so he’s on his back and stroking his cock until his dick is spitting out a fat load all over his thick thigh.

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Horny hung muscle stud Pierce Paris’s huge dick barebacking young surfer dude Johnny Moon.

Warren Sanders (Johnny Moon) has had a crush on his best friend’s older brother, Theo Grant (Pierce Paris) for decades.

When Warren’s best friend, Gregory Grant, passes unexpectedly, Warren and Theo lean on each other while their true feelings come to the surface.

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Closetted young gay man Elijah Smith (Trevor Harris) is living the perfect daytime nightmare.

Elijah’s mother Elizabeth is overpowering and controlling and just happens to be devoutly religious into the bargain. And of course, young Elijah is doubting his sexuality and thinks that he is gay.

He’s been looking at guys a lot and jerking off to those thoughts of hot men taking advantage of him.

He desperately wants to feel the full power of a man enter him and fuck his tight virgin ass. But he has a plan.

Not able to come out to his parents, Elijah runs away to Vegas to live his authentic life.

When he meets Jimmy Carpenter (Pierce Paris), Elijah learns about the Real Sin City and feels a real man’s erect dick open up his hole until he’s Join them!

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Prison bad boy Pierce Paris’s bare asshole raw fucked by big muscle dude Malik Delgaty’s huge uncut dick.

Join hottie muscle favorite Malik for a private moment as he strips down in the bathroom, flexing his muscles in front of the mirror before stepping under the shower and letting the water stream down his skin.

Pierce does just that, joining Malik under the spray without even taking off his clothes.

The guys share slow, sensual kisses, and Pierce hungrily swallows the top’s dick, then Malik bends him over to penetrate him from behind.

Pierce rides the top, then cums all over the glass shower door as Malik drills him up against it, and the top shoots his load on Pierce’s ass.Join them!

Paul Canon might rather have stayed home to watch the game than come to an art gallery with his girlfriend, but he has a surprisingly profound appreciation for abstract art… especially when security guard Pierce Paris hides inside the pieces and puts his mouth through the glory holes.

After a sneaky blowjob, Pierce pokes his cock through another hole for Paul to stroke, and then it’s Paul’s turn to get into the art and put his ass against the hole so Pierce can fuck it.

Pierce rims the bottom and Paul rides him on a bench, then gets fucked doggystyle and missionary.

After Pierce pulls out to orgasm, Paul uses the top’s jizz as lube as he strokes himself and makes some Jackson Pollock-style art of his own.Join them!

It’s a quiet, romantic night in for Paul Wagner and Pierce Paris as the guy’s head to the bedroom.

Paul kisses the bottom, turning him on by playing with his nipples before caressing his cock through his shorts.

Pierce returns the favor before eagerly sucking his man’s cock.

Paul rewards the bottom by taking out Pierce’s dick, stroking it with his hand, and then wrapping his lips around it before moving down to rim Pierce’s hole.

Paul fucks the bottom missionary, then puts him on his knees to pound his hole in doggy style before the eager bottom rides his cock.

Pierce cums as Paul fucks him deep in mish, then it’s Paul’s turn to blow his load on Pierce’s balls.Join them!

When hottie Ashton Summers asks to try on a new pair of sneakers, foot lover Pierce Paris treats him to the full experience, removing the sexy customer’s shoes for him and sniffing them.

Alex is surprised but excited, especially when Pierce takes his dick out and strokes it before fucking his feet.

The guys hide behind a rack so Ashton can fuck Pierce doggy style under another customer’s nose.

Pierce sucks the sexy twink’s cock and Ashton fingers the bottom’s hole before Pierce rides him reverse.

Pierce takes it deep in missionary, stroking his cock till he orgasms, then Ashton blows his load too.Join them!

Young sexy homebuyer Felix Fox wants this house really bad, and when he pulls up neck-and-neck with rival buyer Codi Vore, he’s going to do whatever and whomever it takes.

Luckily, hot hunky house agent Pierce Paris seems strangely immune to Codi’s feminine charms but is clearly responding to Felix’s overt flirting as the blond curly-haired young twink grinds his ass against Pierce’s dick.

The guys get Codi out of the way and Felix sucks the top’s cock, then Pierce fucks him doggy style.

The top flips Felix upside-down to pound his hole in piledriver, then Felix rides him on the couch.

Pierce penetrates the twink in missionary till Felix cums, then pulls out and showers him with a hot load.Join them!

In the latest episode of The Price Is Tight, can Pierce Paris and Theo Brady’s relationship stand the test of Johnny B?

It all comes down to the final tie-breaking challenge to see who can shoot his load the farthest… when Johnny B is caught with a syringe of fake cum and disqualified.

But his win by default isn’t satisfying enough for Theo, so Pierce challenges him to try the game, just the two of them.

Pierce fucks Theo doggy style and Theo sucks his man’s cock before riding him on the floor.

Pierce pounds that twink in piledriver position and puts him up against the wall to take him from behind, then lifts the bottom as he fucks him in a stand-and-carry.

Theo bends over the jizz battlefield to take his man’s cock some more, then both guys cum simultaneously to see who will be the winner.Join them!

After Pierce Paris tells his best frenemy, McKenzie Lee, that her boyfriend fucked him, she gives her man Finn Harding the cold shoulder, so Finn goes down the hall to Pierce’s room to get some attention.

He fucks the bottom spoon and doggy style, but to the guys’ surprise, McKenzie enters wearing a strap-on dick.

She rims her man as he pounds into Pierce’s hole, then pegs the bottom and jacks his big cock while Finn fucks Pierce’s mouth.

Pierce is the lucky guy in the middle, as Finn fucks him spoon while he fucks McKenzie, and then the two tops put the power bottom on a chair on his hands and knees, taking turns spinning him around and pounding his hole doggy style.

McKenzie fists her friend as Finn fucks her missionary, then Pierce is ready to get double penetrated by McKenzie’s strapon and her boyfriend.

The two cocks stretch out Pierce’s hole until Finn shoots a huge load on Pierce’s ass and Pierce cums on McKenzie’s tits.Join them!

Sexy big muscle hunk Pierce Paris and hairy-chested young stud Maxx Monroe make out kissing passionately on the bed.

With their hands all over each other, they undress until they are both in just their tight sexy underwear.

Maxx lies down on the bed with his hand in his undies as Pierce slides his huge thick dick deep into his young throat making him gag as it hits home.

Then the two horny studs 69, sucking each others’ hard dicks making loud sucking noises as they both deepthroat cock.

Pierce then forces his massive thick uncut cock deep between Maxx’s tight ass cheeks until his rock-hard cock is balls deep with his balls slapping against his butt.

Maxx turns over to get fucked even deeper in doggy style before riding the top on the bed, but these guys aren’t done yet.

Pierce puts Maxx up against the mirror to fuck him from behind while looking into his eyes, and their reflection is so hot that Maxx cums all over it.

Pierce pulls out and shoots all over his man’s round ass….Join them!

After a long day Pierce Paris and Johnny Donovan are kicking back and enjoying all the challenge stories going around on the Men Pop app.

If they had one complaint it is that they just wish all the posts weren’t so PG.

They decide to create their own sexy story, dancing in their towels and dropping them to windmill their big thick cocks.

As Pierce gets on his knees to suck Johnny’s dick, the app stops recording, but they keep the action going.

Johnny fucks his man doggy style and missionary before sucking Pierce’s cock and lowering himself onto it.

This flip-fuck heats up as Pierce pounds Johnny from behind, then turns him on his back till the handsome bottom climaxes before Pierce covers his face in cum.

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Sexy young stud Nate Grimes tricks his hot mates Pierce Paris and Johnny B who are all really horny to give him a double cum facial, but just as they both explode cum all over the place, Nate dodges the bullets.

Pierce and Johnny are determined to get Nate back but each time they get close to him he manages to miss all the cum flying about, while Nate manages to jizz on their faces when they are not expecting it.

They two hot hunks blindfold cum dodging Nate with his own pair of undies and then they shoot their loads over him finally giving him the jizz shower that had been deserved.

The three of them celebrate the fun with a hardcore barebacking threesome.

Johnny fucks Nate doggy style as Nate sucks Pierce’s cock, then it’s Johnny’s turn to get pounded in piledriver by Pierce as he sucks Nate’s dick before Nate fucks Johnny doggy style.

Pierce and Nate take turns stretching Johnny’s tight hole, then Nate lies back to take the double facial he deserves before cumming all over himself….Join them!

Dante Colle and Archie are about to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but Dante asks Archie to hide so he can video call his boyfriend, Chris Damned, first.

As Dante chats with his man, he can’t see that at the other end, Pierce Paris is on his knees sucking Chris’s dick.

Archie impatiently rubs Dante’s dick, then gets his cock out and rubs it on Dante’s arm, while Chris bends Pierce over the kitchen island and fingers his hole.

As Dante hears Pierce’s moans and Chris hears the sound of Archie sucking Dante’s cock, both guys mute the connection to fuck their respective bottoms.

Chris pounds Pierce doggy style, while Archie rides Dante’s dick till he cums, then Dante fucks him doggy style. Meanwhile, Chris lays Pierce on the dining room table till they both orgasm.

Dante blows a load on Archie’s sexy ass, then the bottom cums again all over Dante’s face, just in time for Chris to notice….Join them!

Olfactophile Pierce Paris tries not to get caught as he sniffs the sweaty guys in the locker room, but his arousal is obvious to handsome and fit Lukas Daken, who knows just what Pierce needs: a close-up whiff of his pits.

Pierce kisses all over Lukas’s chest, breathing in his manly musk, then inhales the scent of his cock before sucking it.

Pierce sticks his face deep in Lukas’s ass before bending him over for a doggy style fuck, then sitting on the bench so Lukas can ride his big cock.

The guys fuck in missionary till the bottom blows his load, then it’s Lukas’s turn to appreciate the smell of Pierce’s cum with a facial…Join them!

Pierce Paris is annoyed when his unromantic man, Tyler Berg, forgets all about their one-year anniversary, but Tyler asks for another chance to make it a night to remember…by having some fun with waiter Drew Dixon.

Pierce follows Drew into a deserted hall, and Tyler watches as the hot waiter sucks his boyfriend’s cock, then gets dicked down in doggy style.

Pierce makes his man watch before finally allowing him to join in on the fun, fucking Drew’s mouth as the hot waiter rides Tyler’s dick.

The best anniversary gift of all is when Pierce gets to cum on Drew and Tyler’s faces…Join them!

Pierce Paris has a talent… a gift… he can fit just about anything in his bussy.

Roommates Dante Colle and Michael DelRay have already seen Pierce’s videos of his ass-stretching exploits, so he tells them to set him any challenge they like and his ass will overcome it.

Pierce stuffs his hole with the TV remote, a baseball bat, and even a traffic cone, and soon he’s stuffing it with Dante and Michael’s dicks in a hot threesome.

Pierce even rides both guys at once in his first ever DP before the feel of two cocks stretching his hole makes him cum, and Dante and Michael shoot their loads right after…Join them!

Top Pierce Paris has come up with a new way to find some bottoms… reel them in using a huge dildo as bait.

After getting a couple of nibbles from the ones who got away, Pierce catches cute bottom Michael Boston who hops into his van to suck his big dick.

Michael deep throats the dildo as Pierce tongues his hole and fucks him in the close quarters, then Pierce sits back to enjoy watching as he works the big toy in and out of Michael’s ass.

Pierce jizzes all over Michael and looks on as the bottom cums.

A successful catch and release… but Michael’s taking the toy with him…Join them!

After seeing a sign for free yoga lessons in the park, Pierce Paris’ girlfriend talks him into getting on the mat, but instructor Ty Mitchell seems more interested in getting his ass stretched out by Pierce’s cock than in helping the couple stretch their muscles.

The power yoga power bottom lets his hands roam all over Pierce’s body, then takes him back home with him to caress his cock.

Pierce picks Ty up for a standing 69, fucks his mouth and then penetrates his tight hole doggy style.

Strong and muscular Pierce even picks Ty up for a stand-and-carry before the flexible tanned twink takes his cock in pile driver, and Ty cums from that huge dick in his ass before taking Pierce’s jizz all over his face…Join them!

Hot and horny Nic Sahara finds the very handsome Pierce Paris alone with some rather large bananas. Nic proceeds to get Pierce’s attention by inserting one deep down his throat.

Not to be outdone, Pierce grabs the other banana and deep throats it in a single shot, leaving Nic astounded. Wanting to keep this little game of show and tell going, Pierce brings out his dildo and asks Nic to throw it at him and, being the pro that Pierce is, he catches the dildo with his mouth without a sweat.

Brimming with ideas, Pierce oils up a yoga mat and has Nic slip and slide until Pierce’s massive cock is in the back of Nic’s throat! Pierce effortlessly slides on an oiled up Nic, which makes for an ingenious way for a big dick blowjob.

The two sexy hunks deep throat each other in a myriad of positions, best of all in 69, until Nic is ready to ride Pierce’s beautiful cock raw. Pierce then flips Nic upside down and continues to plow his eager ass thoroughly until the two sweaty studs release their loads onto each other…Join them!


The running butt hole challenge has claimed yet another sweet hole as Pierce Paris finds himself having to explain to his very handsome doctor, Scott DeMarco, how he got his phone stuck up there.

After a short struggle, Scott was able to dislodge the now ringing phone from Pierce’s hole. As Pierce rushes to answer it, he starts teasing Scott with his perfectly round ass dangling in the air.

Muscular Scott can’t seem to hold himself back from admiring Pierce’s gorgeous ass; he starts to slowly undress himself, revealing his massive, cut, hard dick.

Still on the phone, Pierce tries his best not to give anything away which becomes difficult the moment Scott slides his beautiful cock deep inside him.

As Scott starts thrusting away, Pierce hangs up the phone to give his full attention to rhythmically backing into Scott harder and faster until Scott flips him around and starts deep-throating Pierce’s huge dick.

After Pierce returns the favor, he gets his eager ass back on Scott’s rock hard cock and the two continue to fuck on the floor of Scott’s office until they both blow their wads on each other…Join them!


After a human resources recruiter sends the wrong person in for an appointment, the CEO (Pierce Paris) is in for a highly unusual interview.

Rent boy Cassidy Clyde thinks he’s been hired to do a lot more than talk to Pierce and immediately starts putting the moves on the buttoned-down office hunk.

Pierce tries to push through with the interview, but before long he can’t resist Cassidy’s sweet ass. Pierce rims him before he fucks him on the desk, working out his corporate angst on the twink’s tight hole.

Cassidy takes all of Pierce’s massive cock, letting him pound him hard all over the office…Join them!


Michael Jackman has his eye on the muscular stud Pierce Paris, a gorgeous captain he just chauffeured home. Michael can’t help himself, sneaking into Pierce’s house to spy on the horse-hung stud.

Michael tries to hide from the intimidating hunk, but he can’t outsmart Pierce, getting caught before he can make his getaway. Lucky for Michael, it turns out Pierce can’t wait to whip out his huge cock and jam it down the athletic boy’s throat.

Pierce pounds Michael’s tight hole all over the bedroom, showing exactly why he’s the captain…Join them!


Tall hunk Pierce Paris is taking a massage therapy class with adorable, slender Paul Canon.

He’s taken aback by the realistic fake ass, and can’t help but wonder what it would actually feel like, so he waits for Paul to leave the room, and penetrates the ass with his massive, hung cock.

Paul catches him in the act, but instead of freaking out, he decides to swap his ass with the fake one.

Pierce fucks him good until he realizes what’s actually happening, but it feels so good that he continues until they both cum…Join them!

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Like many couples who have been together quite some time, Pierce Paris and Dalton Brigg’s sex life has tended towards a sexual cul-de-sac, verging on the edge of boredom. And because fleeting newness is a spark plug for heightened sexual excitement and arousal, the young men create their own secret world of sexual fantasy through which they newly explore their sex life.

Dalton retells of a dream in which they’re both in the backseat of a 1966 Lincoln Continental. Pierce is wearing his vintage college wrestling singlet, and Dalton is sucking down every inch of Pierce’s long, meaty dick. As we the audience watch their story unfold, we become more engrossed as their horny fantasy comes to life before our very eyes.

Indeed fantasy, as the narrator tells us, transforms the friction of sex into something magical.

Through juicy erotic content, ground breaking new site for gay men helps you to have hotter sex, to experience toe-curling pleasure and to fulfill their deepest desires.Join them!

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In the local gym hot muscle dudes Pierce Paris is helping keep Josh Conners’ posture correct as he does some dumbbell presses.

Another muscle hunk Ryan Rose can’t help but notice the sexy studs as he exercises quietly alone.

Ryan is mesmerized by how Josh’s muscular body has changed over the weeks and he wanders over to compliment the guy’s training regime.

Without wasting time, Ryan cops a feel of Josh’s tight bubble ass.

Fully taking advantage of the receptive response from Josh, Ryan immediately drops to his knees to rim Josh’s hole.

Pierce joins in on the action and stuffs his cock in Josh’s face.

The muscle bottom gets spit-roasted with Pierce down his throat and Ryan deep in his crack.

The sight of the two hunks fucking is more than Pierce can handle so he gets behind Ryan to make him the center of a hunky muscle fuck train.

Ryan happily receives Pierce’s massive tool up his ass as he keeps whaling on Josh, plowing in and out, keeping a perfect pace with Pierce.

In the end, Pierce wants to feel Josh from the inside and fucks the hot stud as Ryan steps aside to jack off all over Josh’s ripped chest.

The feeling of Ryan’s warm load on his skin is all it takes for Josh to blow his load all over himself.

As Josh lays there drenched in cum, Pierce pulls out and finishes off on Josh’s ass and back to complete the gym trifecta….Join them!

Doctor Pierce Paris pulls back the curtain to find Derek Bolt waiting for examination for a pulled groin muscle.

Pierce asks Derek to strip off his clothes so he can take a closer look.

As soon as Pierce sees Derek standing there in just his tight underwear the bulge in Pierce’s crotch is getting larger.

It is only a matter of seconds before patient Derek notices the huge crotch bulge and he reaches forward and unleashes Pierce’s massive thick dick.

Derek is hungry for cock and grabs Pierce by the crotch to pull him closer.

As Derek opens his mouth wide, he sucks the needy doctor until neither of them can possibly get any harder.

Pierce needs a taste of his horny patient and bends down over Derek so the two hunks can 69.

Pierce’s fat, throbbing cock is calling out for an eager asshole and after gauging Derek’s temperature with his tongue, the doc slams his big pole deep inside Derek’s hole.

Pierce’s massive sack flops against Derek’s hairy taint with every frenzied thrust as the lucky patient calls out for more.

Before the doctor can blow his load, he wants a feel of Derek inside him, so he rolls over on the exam table and lets his patient impale him with his giant dick.

He slams Pierce, hitting all the right spots until both muscled-up studs make a mess on Pierce’s washboard abs and sweaty crotch…Join them!