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Jay Tee has done videos for several studios, so he was very relaxed for this solo.

This guy is massive in person. Sure, being six feet tall helps, but he has a big biceps and shoulders and he has a large presence.

He also has a nice big bubble-butt and it sounds like he will bottom, but prefers to top.

Jay Tee also has a great “blossom” when he begins to cum. With his fair skin, his body literally turns red as the wave of orgasm rushes over him! It is not subtle, so look for it!

With his powerful orgasm, he lays down some ropes of cum for us!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 180 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile/ Top
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American

Jay Tee gay porn scenes at Hothouse

While Groomsman Shane Cook tries on his suit and awaits alterations from Tailor Jay Tee, the Groom Chris Damned sits back and enjoys a fat cigar.

As Chris sits back, Jay measuredly slips down Shane’s pants and underwear to reveal his fat uncut cock that he instantly starts sucking.

When Shane wants a taste, Jay bends over to watch Chris stroke his meat while Shane licks Jay’s ass.

Right in front of Chris, Shane enters Jay from behind and quickly begins an intense bareback pounding.

Jay and Shane move to the bed where Jay gets laid down and sucked before Shane fucks his ass again.

While Shane keeps drilling Jay’s hole, Jay strokes his cock until his load shoots onto his abs.

All it takes is a few more strokes in Jay’s ass and soon, Shane is adding his cum to the mix.Join them!

Jay Tee gay porn scenes at Active Duty

Damn, look at Jay Tee and Tyler James just strokin’.

How sexy is that? What’s better than men being men?Join them!

Jay Tee gay porn scenes at Next Door Studios

Hottie ripped young muscle stud Jay Tee and hairy-chested young dude Elliot Finn in a member-inspired fantasy fuck.

Elliot has been excited to try anal sex with his GF but she isn’t too keen.

So she agrees to let him fuck her ass once he’s taken a big cock up his own bubble butt.

But has she opened a pandora’s box when Elliot asks his best teammate Jay to put it up him.

Once Elliot experiences Jay’s huge hard cock pummelling his tight ass there is no going back.

GF you are outta here, Jay’s gonna keep me satisfied from now on.

Elliot forces Jay’s huge erection balls deep into his hole, the feeling almost bringing him to orgasm several times before Elliot manages to control his urges.

Jay power fucks his fellow teamster Elliot’s super tight hole until he can hold off no more and he pulls out blowing jizz all over them both.

Elliot then shoots a volley of cumshots across his hairy abs.Join them!

There is a line of sexy young men waiting for their turn to see the athletic stud Justin Matthews in his private office.

As another number is called impatient young punk Jay Tee can’t wait any longer and so he breaks the line and pushes in.

As soon as he opens the door Justin tells him, “be quiet and show me your dick.”

Horny young Jay complies immediately as he unleashes his super erect cock.

Justin removes his towel and Jay rushes forward and sucks Justin’s huge dick swallowing it whole.

As Jay lies back, Justin returns the favor choking down his thick young cock right to the back of his throat.

Then Jay forces his ass down onto Justin’s erect dick forcing it in right to his balls.

Justin then picks up the pace power fucking Jay’s hot raw asshole like a jackhammer.

They switch positions with Justin taking the young dude Jay’s bareback cock right up his bubble butt.

Both guys get close to orgasm, first Justin blows his load shooting cum all over them both before Jay sprays cum dowsing his bare ass and then fucking the cum back inside….Join them!

Jay Tee gay porn scenes at Yes Father

When catholic boy Brandon James gets sent to catholic school after being caught with a boy, his new roommate Jay Tee informs him that if his parents wanted to pray the gay away, they made the wrong choice sending him there.

Jay will make him feel welcomed in the most sinful way for sure.Join them!

Young altar boys Jay Tee and Ryland Kingsman waiting for the priest to arrive. Jay Tee is a little indisciplined and is messing about sipping at the wine chalice and playing drums on the font.

Ryland is worried that they will get caught and both boys will be defrocked and sent away from the priesthood. Jay says he’s no fun and gets his dick out and puts it in the chalice.

He is out of control and he grabs the white cross and rubs it between his bare ass cheeks. Ryland has to smile at this and says that was hot!

As Jay bends over and pokes his bubble butt at Ryland he can take no more and he grabs ahold of Jay.

Ryland falls to his knees sucking down hard on Jay’s soft cock. With the touch of his tender lips and tongue, Jay’s dick gets rock hard throbbing in Ryland’s mouth.

Ryland is now super horny and bends Jay over plunging his big thick twink dick deep into his bubble butt ass.

Ryland lies flat on the altar as Jay balances with his asshole hovering over Ryland’s erect cock, reverse cowboy style.

Now Jay is in control and he grinds his hole down onto Ryland’s dick, feeling every inch of his young meat pushing inside of him.

They switch up positions a number of times each time getting Ryland’s hard cock deeper into Jay’s hot boy hole.

Jay can’t take this ass pounding any longer and with Ryland’s big dick still inside him, he cums, spraying jizz all over his smooth stomach and chest. Ryland then pulls out jizzes all over Jay’s ass hole then fucks the cum back inside him….Join them!

Young muscular trainee priest Jay Tee is getting ready for bed at the mission.

Father Jack Hunter has been worrying about little Jay’s temptations and he’s been praying extra for him.

As Jay in just his tight undies and socks is kneeling down for his nightly prayers before bed Father Jack knocks on the door.

Father Jack asks if Jay’s disturbing fantasies would be helped if the young stud was allowed to fuck the Father’s ass.

Perhaps a hardcore raw ass fucking would get it off young Jay’s mind once and for all.

Jay’s keen to absolve his sins and as Father strips off his pants Jay wanks his big dick till it is hard as a rock.

Father Jack braces as Jay points his dick right between Father’s ass cheeks pressing hard so that he enters the senior priest’s bare hole right up to his balls.

Father Jack takes the ass fucking silently in prayer as Jay pumps him full of his big cock.

As the bareback penetration comes to a crescendo young Jay’s cock explodes in cum spraying it all over the thankful Father….Join them!

Jay Tee gay porn scenes at Chaos Men

Aiden Asher and Jay Tee are two fair-skinned dudes whose chemistry is electric right from the off.

Jay is the more dominant guy and he pushes Aiden’s mouth down to service his already fully erect dick.

Aiden wearing a hot red jockstrap opens his ass as Jay slides in a well-lubed butt-plug getting the bottom ready for a powerful bareback ass fucking.

After servicing Jay Tee’s cock, Jay Tee slides a butt-plug into Aiden’s hole, getting him ready for some fucking.

They 69 suck each other, but Jay Tee was ready to pull the plug, literally, on Aiden and get his own cock inside.

I especially liked when Jay Tee was doing push-ups into Aiden’s ass.

We get a great cum shot from both, as Jay Tee fucks him doggie-style, and Aiden rains cum down on us.

Rather, it hit his jock perfectly, leaving a cum soaked jockstrap on the floor….Join them!

I was very excited to see Jay Tee back in action for his third outing today with tanned hunk Maverick Magnussen.

Jay is an amazing top and he’s certainly doesn’t disappoint his bottom.

Maverick is back with longer hair and is eager to get a big cock in his ass.

The guys start with Maverick going down on Jay Tee’s thick dick.

He’s a master cock sucker and he deep throats Jay’s big dick getting it right to the back of his throat, gagging on its huge thickness.

Jay Tee returned the favor and then they ended up 69 sucking. Maverick would lose his boner but as soon as Jay Tee stuck his cock in his mouth, it popped right back to hard.

It had been a while since Maverick was last fucked, so Jay Tee took it nice a slow. Once inside, Jay Tee increased the motion, Maverick letting out some pleasing groans.

Next, Maverick rode him. Not Jay Tee’s favorite position as his cock kept popping out, but hey, we get to see him slide his cock back in Maverick’s hole.

They ended with Maverick on his back, which is his favorite position. He was a little anxious as he said he doesn’t cum often while being fucked.

I told him to coach Jay Tee in the perfect motion to stimulate his prostate, and wow. Maverick busted a huge load that looks great on his tan skin.

Jay Tee then lifted Maverick’s ass so it was before him like a platter. He jerks his cock till he unloads all over his hole. He lowers Maverick down and fucks the cum into him….Join them!

Despite both guys having done previous work, I wanted to start them with a traditional side-by-side jerk-off.

They got their cocks hard and then moved on to stroking each other.

Bentley Layne slides down and starts sucking on Jay Tee’s cock. Jay Tee then returns the favor.

They try 69 with Jay Tee on top, but Bentley was being smothered by big cock and big thighs, so they suck each other side-by-side.

Bentley pulls out a FleshJack and starts toying with Jay Tee’s dick. Jay Tee then gives it a try on Bentley’s cock.

They sit back and race to cum. Jay Tee busts first, leaning over to cum onto Bentley. Bentley is almost there, and seconds later, he shoots his load on Jay Tee, leaving them both splashed with each other’s DNA…Join them!

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As Paul Wagner watches, Jay Tee slips off his briefs in the bathroom, admiring himself in the mirror as he rubs lotion over his chest, legs, and ass.

Jay puts on a robe and sits on the couch, noticing Paul’s bulge.

He pulls out the top’s hard cock and sucks it, then Paul bends him over and fingers his hole before fucking Jay doggy style.

The horny bottom rides Paul, then moans as the top pounds him missionary till he cums.

Jay wants Paul’s hot load all over him, and he gets just that.Join them!

Sexy stud Mason Lear is in the kitchen in just a tiny jockstrap when his BF Jay Tee comes down for breakfast.

It’s Laundry day so that explains Mason’s attire, but Jay decides he will join Mason and he disappears for a moment returning in his own sexy jockstrap.

Mason knows his man is making fun of him, but Jay’s ass looks damn good, so he gets his hands on it before he gets to his knees and sucks Jay’s dick.

Jay returns the favor, then bends Mason over the counter and penetrates his hole.

They move to the living room so Mason can ride the top on the couch, then Jay puts his BF on his back to pound him mish till they both cum all over Mason’s abs….Join them!

Before the scene starts, Diego Sans describes how he got into porn and what he likes best about it, before teasing fans by admitting that he’s never acted out his favorite fantasies on screen… yet.

He’s excited to film with tall hottie Jay Tee today, because Jay’s got the great legs and nice ass that make Diego excited.

The guys’ excitement mounts as they kiss and undress each other, then Jay gets his first taste of Diego’s cock.

Diego swallows Jay’s dick too before sliding his cock into that tight ass.

Dominant Diego puts Jay into doggy style, then tells him to get on top and ride him for a while before bringing Jay to an intense orgasm in mish.

Diego finishes by shooting his load all over the handsome bottom…Join them!

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