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I joined the Scouts expecting many of outdoor treks. I thought we’d sleep in tents or sleeping bags under the stars, warmed by our own fires. We whispered ghost stories while eating our smuggled candies.

On my first voyage into the unknown, I was confused while we were staying at a hostel. When Scoutmaster Snow told us lads we were sharing rooms and needed to pair up, we were mortified. No one shared with me since I was new. I was disappointed, but Scoutmaster Snow told me I had to share. Snow is our troop’s scariest Scoutmaster—he’s solemn, doesn’t laugh, and may carry a pistol.

We arrived late at the hostel. Everyone went to their rooms to laugh and eat candy. Scoutmaster Snow and I went endlessly to the building’s furthest chamber. With filthy linens and thin duvets, the mattresses looked uncomfortable and smelled wet. Snow strung a Scout flag from the curtain rail from his knapsack. He was ironic.

He then stripped. Before me! I don’t know what I expected—we couldn’t sleep in our uniforms. I considered stripping beneath the blanket, but I didn’t want him to think I was a mommy’s boy on my first adventure. I unbuttoned my shirt with all my phoney assurance.

Snow’s age-appropriate fitness was apparent when he stripped down. His six-pack and powerful arms surprised me.

I may have imagined it, but the room’s mood seemed odd. Every time I looked at Snow, he was gazing at me. Despite this, I was transfixed by him. His pants model appearance helped.

He removed his shorts shortly after. I never expected him to go commando. He had no pants after a day of managing overexcited boys! Master Snow is no scumbag. I think his refusal to wear pants is rebellion. A thrilling provocation.

I spoke before my brain processed what I saw. “No pants?”

He casually told me that a lot of males go commando, which I thought to make him upset. My brain was full with questions. But I kept quiet, which was good since he started toying with his penis and told me he was delighted we had the area to ourselves.

My face bled immediately. He sounded flirtatious. He couldn’t have been, right? My Scoutmaster doesn’t touch Scouts.

I stared down at his dick, which was probably twice as big as anything I’d seen hanging between someone’s legs. My face emptied as the blood began to flow between my legs. I could pretend I was weary and hide beneath the blanket, hoping it would go away, or I could go with the flow.

I followed suit.

He inquired whether I’d seen an adult’s dick. Instead of saying “not in such close proximity,” I shook my head. My heart started drumming when he asked whether I wanted to touch it. He stepped forward, and I grabbed his dick in an out-of-body sensation. It swelled instantly, and I liked the strength it gave me. I rubbed my palm up and down the shaft and marvelled as the beast quadrupled in size.

Later, I kissed his dick. I had no idea what to do, but opted to follow my instincts. It smelled great—almost if he’d just taken a shower rather than spent the day yelling at rowdy kids on a sweaty bus. Before I knew it, my lips were moving up and down his dick shaft, competing with myself to get as much of it in my mouth as possible. I gauged but kept going. I was really thrilled when he said I was natural.

His dick made me desire him. I had never felt such intense longing for him.

My body responded as he softly stroked my back. I shook and groaning with delight. He reached down the back of my shorts and softly touched my hole. It seemed funny because I was OK with what he was doing, not the sensation.

He kissed me. He kissed slowly and romantically. His stubble across my sensitive chin made me melt.

He said stand. He took down my shorts and pants, revealing us. I knew he wanted to fuck me—it seemed normal for two guys who had progressed so swiftly. However, I had never considered getting fucked by a man and had no notion what to do or anticipate.

He advised me to rest on the bed. No one has ever relaxed after being told to. No matter what, I didn’t anticipate him to stick his tongue in my hole. I never thought males did this in the sack or that it would be that intense. I craved his dick more as his tongue explored me and played between my ass cheeks.

He stepped up and pressed the moist tip of his dick against my saliva-filled entrance, and it started to crawl into me. I know it sounds silly, but I felt like a guy right away. No more virginity. Pain turned into amazing pleasure. I kept looking back to see his magnificent, chiselled body wrapped around mine like we were one surging creature.

He accelerated. If our room hadn’t been down a hallway, I would have been terrified that we were being overheard because the bed creaked and squeaked. Walking into breakfast would have been awkward!

Scoutmaster Snow loves to try different positions to find the most enjoyable. His athletic stances made my eyes wet, yet everything he did was magnificent. He would pull my head back and kiss me softly when it became too strong or painful. Talented and generous, he loved.

He pushed me backwards with my knees behind my shoulders. He kissed me while fucking me, occasionally breaking away and staring at me with his compassionate, penetrating blue eyes. He jerked my rock-hard cock. It immediately pushed me over. I never cum so hard. My dick spat wet spurts all over my stomach and chest.

He continued. He fucked me harder. I wanted him to be pleased, but my body was sensitive and begging for him to stop. He went harder and quicker, ripping my ass apart with a manly, terrible single-mindedness.

Then, his climax poured into me, filling me with pure, undiluted masculinity. We laid in one other’s arms on a single bed in that hostel room for what seemed like an eternity, and I’ll never feel such total contentment again.

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