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And that was it. We were kissing in the blink of an eye. He was really good at it and certainly wasn’t as excited about it as I thought he would be. He also had a great taste. As he began to grope me, I was awestruck at how large his hands were. Then I felt his crotch pushing into mine, and I figured there was definitely something quite impressive going on below. What do I have to say? We went to the area in search of snakes…

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I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I undid his belt and pushed down his pants, falling to my knees in the process. His dick wasn’t actually fully hard yet, but it was already making my eyes water. Frankly, it was pretty tricky to fit it into my mouth even while it was semi-hard. I felt this rush of insane excitement as it began to stiffen in my mouth, I looked up at him and realized how massively into him I was. I wanted him to lose his virginity inside my ass and I wanted it rough and brutally hard.

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Sexy young boy Noah White’s bare ass cheeks pulled apart by master Dillon Stone’s dirty hands.

One of our Masters picked up The Boy Noah off the streets on a cold winter night. The young one’s desperate need for warmth and human touch shone clearly in his eyes even in the darkness of night. Boy Noah had a natural innocence to him; his baby-ish face and submissive demeanor only added value to him as one of our Boys.

He had a slim, smooth body and perfect round ass that could be played with for hours. But he had little experience being with men of our caliber, so for this diamond in the rough, we assigned one of our top Masters to introduce him to our world and groom him for what’s to come.

Master Stone, being ex-military and one of our most stern groomers, was the clear choice for his introduction. Boy Noah, docile as he was, fell into a nervous spiral at even the sight of this Master. As soon as Master Stone began to touch the boy, it was clear that Boy Noah had never done anything like this before. He recoiled, ever so slightly, from his Master’s touch. This is what Master Stone is here to fix; he can bend Boy Noah to his will and have him up for auction, ready to please his next Buyer, in no time.

Master Stone’s hand brushed over the boy’s nipple. It was like an on switch; Boy Noah let out all his nervous feelings in one moan of pleasure. He was learning. The more Master Stone rubbed his big rough hands over Boy Noah’s tender smooth body, the more excited the boy got. His nervous demeanor had already begun to shift into sweet submission. Master Stone commanded the boy to get on all fours as he began peeling off his clothes. Noah laid himself before his Master, and as soon Master Stone rubbed his hand over the boy’s smooth back, Boy Noah arched himself in anticipation of what was to come.

Master Stone worked the young body like clay. He molded Boy Noah’s back into the perfect arch massaging the slim thighs and, finally, opened that beautiful hole for a closer look. Boy Noah spread himself wide for his Master to see, with balls hanging low while his boyhole was exposed to the open air, tight and ready to be entered.

Boy Noah breathed heavily. Master Stone brought out oil to spread over the Boy’s hairless body. As soon as the drops hit the Boy’s body, much like his nipple, another switch flipped for the smooth slaveboy. His cock began to rise while Master Stone rubbed the oil over his young hairless chest and stomach. The beautiful, small body glowed in the light and his moans started to grow louder with each passing second.

Boy Noah’s cock throbbed as Master Stone threw him back on all fours and started to play with the sweet sweet hole. Boy Noah moaned in disbelief that he could ever feel that good as Master Stone worked the boyhole with his tongue. He had never experienced such a feeling inside himself before, physically or mentally.

Master Stone replaced his tongue with a glass toy. Pain and pleasure came to Noah in simultaneous waves, but his yearning for his Master—and the things being done to him—never waned. Not even Master Stone could resist the way this Boy writhed for him. He started to undress himself before The Boy, exposing his well-defined muscles and hairy chest. He unbuckled his belt to expose his cock, which sprung out, wide, large, and hungry.

As Master Stone inserted himself in Boy Noah, it was like a reawakening. The warm throbbing cock in The Boy’s wet, tight hole was a missing part of himself that Boy Noah had been searching for. His own cock twitched in response to each pump of his Master’s hips, sending them both into a haze of pleasure.

Both of them moaned louder than before as Master Stone’s cock began sliding in and out of the tight hole. Boy Noah began to stroke his own cock, and it wasn’t long before he reached his climax, bursting cum all over his stomach, seemingly shooting his rounds in time with the thrusts of Master Stone’s cock. His moans began to calm as Master Stone backed his throbbing cock out of the boy’s hole, grabbing a towel, then throwing it to Boy Noah so he could clean himself up.

Boy Noah was left there feeling incomplete again, wanting to keep pleasing his Master as his afterglow began to fade. Any signs of being nervous had faded and all he wanted to do now was to please… in other words, Stone had done his job, and done it well.

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Sexy apprentice priest Noah White’s hole fucked by fathers Adam Snow and Matthew Figata’s huge dicks.

Apprentice White has been on my mind since our meeting. I know the youngster is extraordinary and will succeed. Master Snow spotted this possibility for The Order. After tasting young Apprentice White’s smooth, attractive skin, I understood why Snow felt unduly connected to him.

Master Snow was frantic to supervise the boy’s progress, but I am the more senior Master and I am not done with this Apprentice. For these reasons, Master Snow needed to see him surrendering to me, so I made sure he was at the covenant rite. Apprentice White’s ambition to serve a more powerful Master overcame any remaining sentiments for Master Snow. Me.

As he crept inside the chamber, the Apprentice was subservient. I asked him to wash my feet as usual. I’m glad Apprentice White took seriously this ancient rite of pleasure and service. He removed my slippers and socks and gently rubbed the damp towel over my foot.

I stood him up and carefully touched his bare body. He shivered in anticipation. I removed my suit jacket and unfastened his ceremonial robe ribbons. The youngster was nude when the white, pleated cloth fell. I stepped behind him and gently ran my hands up and down his body, feeling the goosebumps on his upper arms and pushing my fully-clothed chest into his back arch.

The youngster was aware of Master Snow but concentrated on me, not looking back.

My dick throbbed inside my tight suit trousers. After seeing her exquisite ass, my huge fella was bound to escape. I told Noah to kneel and unbuttoned my shirt and tie. He knelt but realised I expected him to act. He nervously stroked my trousers bulge with his palm.

I unbuttoned my shirt and peered into his eyes as I drew down my trousers zipper, pulling his wandering hands back towards my dick, which he pulled through my clothes and sucked. I forgot how fantastic that boy’s lips felt exploring my forbidden fruit. He’s a great deep-throated—presumably trained by Master Snow. Noah had me panting and gasping like a junkie throughout important routines. I worried whether his innocent, ice-blue eyes were making me addicted.

I shoved the lad onto the bed and forced his legs over his shoulders to get my tongue into his tight hole. I told Master Snow to grasp the boy’s legs. It humiliated my competition for this boy’s love. Master Snow instantly performed as told, smiling wickedly at Noah’s delighted face. I spotted the lad staring up at his previous Master and found it intriguing. Confusion and strife were healthy for the young Apprentice.

My tongue worked the Apprentice’s hole forever. I wanted it full of saliva so my dick could slip in. As I pushed inside him, his body shook. I quickly established a pleasing rhythm before fucking the youngster with considerable power while Master Snow held the legs. I stared smugly into Master Snow’s eyes, realising how handsome he is. As I drove my enormous dick inside the child, his hat was rubbing on Master Snow’s balls, causing him to tent impressively in his suit trousers.

I went into a push-up posture and proceeded to hammer the lad, knowing that every muscle in my body was strained and flexing, savouring the feeling of my dick entering Apprentice White’s tight hole and Master Snow’s eyes digging lustfully into mine. The youngster howled in horror. I held my fellow Master’s eyes whenever I could.

I fucked the boy harder and harder as my pores gushed perspiration. The Apprentice tenderly kissed Master Snow’s trousers. I couldn’t stop thinking about Master Snow seducing the apprentice.

I withdrew out and flipped the youngster onto all fours, re-inserting my swelling dick. Master Snow bowed to Noah. As I fucked, Master Snow touched the boy with limitless love.

Later, they kissed passionately. This great gentleness contrasted with my aggressively beating the youngster. Contradiction delighted me.

Apprentice White grabbed his dick and furiously jerked himself while staring at Master Snow. I had to accept that the boy’s body was mine but his heart and intellect were not. After seeing their enthusiasm, fighting it would have been ridiculous.

I closed my eyes and pounded harder, knowing Apprentice White was jerking harder. I opened my eyes again and watched Master Snow close his hand around the boy’s throat, exhibiting his ultimate strength and enhancing Apprentice White’s delight.

Finally, I discharged my semen deep into the boy’s intestines before pulling out. The Apprentice wanted to remain and play with Master Snow, but The Order doesn’t allow that. The Apprentice cannot choose. Master Snow rose with a nod. We gently left the room, leaving the child to his thoughts and my semen slowly oozing from his hole.

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Sexy young Masonic priest Noah White’s smooth peachy ass fucked by Master Adam Snow’s massive cock.

I was shaking uncontrollably by the time I knocked on my father, Master Snow’s office door. I entered and he immediately demanded that I get undressed. He then instructed me to climb up onto his desk.

He pulled me around, repositioning and manipulating my body into contortions that I didn’t know were possible. I have never allowed a man to take me before, but I instantly knew that I was ready to offer myself to him.

He told me to bend over the desk and, seconds later, I felt the tip of his huge penis lining itself up with my hole. Then he started pushing himself into me. My body immediately went into a cold sweat. It was agonizing and yet, at the same time, it felt right. I felt like it was my duty—perhaps even my purpose—to pleasure Master Snow.

After a while, he told me to get onto my back and, as I stood, he pressed his lips against mine for the first time. It was like something from a film. I was being swept off my feet. The next thing I knew, he’d picked me up and was holding me in his arms, kissing me while grinding his dick in my shivering body.

He threw me back down onto the desk and nailed me in every conceivable position. We were connected. His dick was no longer a foreign object entering my body—it was a part of me.

At that moment, I felt his magical load gushing into me, filling every inch of my insides. He pulled my head back and kissed me again with even more passion and intensity. I knew something very special had begun.

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I like early mornings since Noah moved in. Noah is still sleeping in his bedroom when I get up, wash, and leave for work. The youngster no longer sets alarms.

By the time I’m ready and Noah has to get up for school, he’s still in bed. I often knock on his door to wake him up. Honestly, I like our new schedule.

I’m biassed, but Noah is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen, particularly while he sleeps. When I call his name to wake him, he makes the most enticing moans as he fights to go back to sleep. I constantly smile and gently push him to reject lovely dreams.

I enter Noah’s room, sit next to him, and gently shake him awake. The sweet-faced scamp groans and resists, yet the mild moaning and sighing get me on.

I can tell that my presence and touch turn him on. The large tent that appears during our morning chats shows it. The youngster always asks me to stay home from work with him. Despite my wishes, I cannot miss work. But Noah’s charisma and our touching force me to give up… Can I be late to work?

I remove his nightwear. I see his beautiful blue eyes and loving grin as I undress him and myself. The sight always makes my cock erect as the boy’s bedpost.

He wakes up as I flip him over to see his gorgeous, engorged boy boner. I swallow the soft morning treat. Our sex noises are great. As I lick Noah’s morning wood, I can’t stop touching my son’s beautiful physique.

As my son’s enlarged penis head oozed come and the sticky nectar flowed over my tongue, I knew he’d cum soon if we didn’t switch positions. His body bends like mine, suggesting he feels the same.

Noah’s blowjobs astound me. Since I go to the gym five days a week, my cock is almost as long and big as my forearm. That sucker fits in my son’s mouth!

I yell my agreement and grasp my boy’s massive, baby-smooth buttocks. Despite swallowing my extra-large meat, my joyful twink groans his pleasure.

I realise I need to fuck Noah after squeezing and feeling him. I want to power-fuck him, but I recall that he just took my cock. I’m not sure I was his first.

However, I can’t figure out how his little anus could manage my erection. My goodness, my precious boy’s face, erases my concerns. Noah’s sensual pleas to calm down are adorable.

I need to shake the bed with him, and he knows it.

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Young son Noah White’s smooth asshole fucked by hot daddy Adam Snow’s massive thick dick.

To briefly relax my jaw my dad was quite big, after all, I got undressed. As I did so, he stroked and watched intently. I could feel my nerves going crazy, but my lust was far more powerful.

I went back to servicing Dad’s cock with my mouth. He caressed my arm tenderly; the mix of affection and animalistic lust was intoxicating. Dad moaned, and after some time, he looked me in the eye and asked me to sit on it.

I had no hesitation, and my nerves were long gone. I hopped right onto his lap, ready to have my cherry popped.

His giant cock head popped right in, and I winced and whined a bit as I slowly slid down the rigid slab. But I was determined, and sooner than either of us could have fathomed, he was all the way in.

I gyrated up and down, bringing the entirety of his flesh in and out of me. The ride got easier the longer I bounced.

The chair squeaked as we picked up the pace. He told me he was close, and something about hearing that made me buck up and down even faster. It was like a switch was flipped inside me; my body just knew what to do.

Eventually, he shot his load. I could feel his warmth within me, smearing my insides and marking me in a way I would never forget. My ass was covered in his cum, the last drops of his orgasm dripping from my cheeks and onto his thigh.

I kissed him and jerked myself off, blowing my load all over my Dad’s chest. He scooped my load off his chest and tasted it. I suppose that meant my warmth was now in him, too.

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Sexy smooth young stepson Noah White’s asshole probed with bearded daddy Adam Snow’s dildos.

One morning, I had just finished showering and was in the middle of shaving.

Needless to say, I was stark naked.

To my astonishment, Noah without knocking or saying anything opened the door, walked in nude as the day he was born, and started taking a shower.

Normally, I might scold the boy for just barging into my private space if I were really that annoyed.

But I knew what was up.

Noah was looking for a reaction and I was determined to rise above and not give him the satisfaction.

And after Noah finished his shower, I couldn’t help but notice him eyeing me—or more specifically, my ass as he casually brushed against me and out of the bathroom.

Recently, Noah had been getting into my home office while I was away at work.

Usually, from what I could tell, he was rummaging through my things or using my computer. And he always insisted that he wasn’t doing what I knew he was doing.

I had no choice but to get one of those spy cameras you see on TV to install in my bedroom so that I could catch the boy in the act.

As I suspected, the contents of the recording had proven me right.

Nothing in it surprised me… except for one thing.

Now, I am not embarrassed or shy to admit that I have a rather large collection of sex toys.

Since the divorce from Noah’s mother, I had been exploring my sexuality a little bit and had amassed quite a collection.

I had certainly not advertised this to my son, of all people, but now that he knew, I could understand his curiosity…

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