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Serg, my son, celebrated his birthday recently. I wanted to make the occasion very special. With the financial assistance of my most trusted friend Mr. Snow, we were able to purchase sixty-percent ownership of an emerging Spanish soccer team. We relocated the team to America and built a new training facility.

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Serg was so excited. He could barely keep his hands off of me for days on end after I had made the purchase. I was excited, too: my best buddy Mr. Snow had all kinds of awesome plans and ideas for the team moving forward. One of those brilliant ideas was to promote the soccer team’s assistant, Coach Patrick, to head coach.

Mr. Patrick had quite the backstory. To summarize, he had once been a star of the European Premier League. One fateful evening there occurred a friendly match between the Spaniards and the Australian National Team. In a scandal that rocked the soccer world, Coach Patrick ended up taking half the Aussie squad home for a wild and otherwise filthy, messy, cum-drenched orgy. Unbeknownst to Coach Patrick, the party was filmed on an iPhone and posted online.

Coach Patrick was subsequently barred from the League, but luckily found a home in Basque, Spain where a low talent, middling soccer franchise was looking for a new assistant.

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Cain Marko experienced some intriguing and occasionally difficult periods in his life, but they paled in contrast to what he confronts now. Cain was apprehensive as he arrived at Kyiv International Airport in Ukraine early in the morning. The country and city were war-torn. He thought it was worth the risk to conclude the big financial deal he was doing for his New York City business colleagues. After a long day of negotiating and signing innumerable agreements, Cain went back to his hotel room. The handsome DILF wanted a local delicacy or a beautiful Ukrainian guy to have fun with for the evening. Fun came to Cain, his joy. Young blonde twink Serg, with a beautiful buzzcut, pings his hookup app. The boy went to Cain’s hotel room after some raunchy, flirting DMs. The night together was lengthy and worth Cain’s travel more than the day’s labor. In the morning, Serg and Cain lay in bed with big, happy smiles. The sex was great. The hugging afterward may be as pleasurable. The smiling Ukrainian boy lay back on the elder American businessman’s shaggy chest. Cain stroked the twink’s silky chest and arms. The gentlemen had many hours before checking out of the hotel, so Cain encouraged Serg to remain longer. Serg hoped he could stay with that lovely, burly chest, but he knew he had to return home otherwise his mother would worry. Cain was disappointed. Given that he and the boy had just met, he couldn’t explain what had happened. The young Ukrainian guy was foxy and his accent knocked Cain out, but he had more. Serg was somehow familiar, but Cain couldn’t pinpoint it. Serg sat on the bed edge. Cain’s deep, curious stare caught his attention. He felt convinced Cain wouldn’t leave. With this in mind, Serg got out of bed, grabbed his phone, and returned to Cain’s bed. He didn’t know why, but Serg wanted to tell Cain something. The child gave the American a recent photo of his mother on his phone. Cain raised his eyebrow; she was lovely. The sweet-faced man gently hinted that the kid received his beautiful looks from her, making Serg flush. Then reality set in. Serg casually mentioned that his mother had told him he looked like his father. Unfortunately, the youngster never met his father. A lovely, gentle Mormon missionary had a brief but intense romance with Serg’s mother twenty years ago. It was this statement that made Cain gasp. Serg snatched his phone for another snap. This time vision was of a handsome man in church clothes with nice eyes and a loving smile. But that did not startle Cain. What did was when Serg stated the photo’s guy was his father. Cain was sure the photo’s guy was his brother. Cain’s face was virtually colorless. The guy probably didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Serg sat unmoving, as if any movement might capsize them. They glanced at one other from their phone screens as they contemplated who they were and what they had the night before. The evening prior started uneventfully for Serg. The gorgeous twink was bored and horny when he checked his apps and spotted a strong, chiseled New York City man searching for hotel room fun. The passionate twink messaged the gorgeous man immediately since he loved fathers. As the small boy moved down the corridor to Cain’s suite, he immediately informed his mother that he was “with a friend” but would check in later. After the call, Serg composed himself and knocked on the hotel door. The man who allowed Serg in looked better in person than on images. Sexy dad had a powerful figure and a beautiful smile. Serg couldn’t help but compliment Cain’s beauty—when someone looks that wonderful, you have tell them. Serg loved it when Cain gazed at him. Cain drank the youngster with his gaze, thirsty. Cain put the steamed-up twink belly-down on the mattress after removing his shirt and pants. Only the boy’s small, tight black briefs remained. He liberally massaged his soft, fleecy beard up, down, and around the material, making Serg keen and groan as the experienced daddy softly shoved his face into the boy’s buttocks and breathed deeply. This was when young Serg couldn’t believe his luck in meeting a great magician. Cain’s generous and genuine yearning in his sexuality delighted Serg. But not only him—Cain wanted a blowjob immediately. Serg was pleased to deliver—his hungry twink murmured around mouthfuls and his eyelids fluttered instinctively at Cain’s meat’s beautiful flavor and texture. Cain’s length and girth were nearly oppressive, yet he ate it all with his slick lips. If the happy dad had tried to compose words, they would have been nonsensical vowels. They spent hours together yet seemed like minutes. Serg couldn’t believe Cain’s tongue was electric. Serg never stopped saying it as they passionately creaked the bed springs. Serg realized he couldn’t survive much longer with his hole throbbing and Cain’s kiss. Serg sang as his climax encompassed him. He clutched his delicate rectum with great pleasure that shook his body. Cain’s cock only required a tighter love tunnel to have a bed-shaking climax. As their thoughts and bodies relaxed after their shared climax, Cain hugged the youngster closely as they shared a deep moment neither of them could understand but was grateful for regardless. Serg wanted to cherish his time with this surprisingly charming stranger. It was unfortunate that Serg had to go quickly and may never see Mr. Marko again.
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I took Serg out into the woods and we pitched a tent.

He’s quite a small boy is a good foot shorter than me and I really hadn’t thought about him in a sexual way before.

But, the more he grew in confidence, the more I realized quite how well put together he was.

And, the more I looked at him, the more my dick started to respond.

I moved in for a kiss and he reciprocated, clumsily at first. I asked if he’d ever kissed a man before and wasn’t at all surprised when he told me that he hadn’t.

I unzipped his shirt and kissed him all over his smooth, pale, surprisingly well-defined torso, then got my shirt off and threw my hairy body down onto him. He started moaning uncontrollably.

There was an unspoken moment when we both realized the time had come. He got on all fours and arched his back. I spat on my big dick and then, just like that, started to fuck him. He groaned and gasped, submitting himself to me.

I got him onto his back and continued my work. His hole was tight. I picked up the speed, slamming my meat in and out of him in a lust-filled frenzy.

I shot deep inside his ass, knowing that he would never forget the magic and beauty of his first encounter.

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