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My son seemed to especially love it when, after I’d engorged myself deep inside his tasty twink hole, I spun the breathless boy around and pushed him up against the kitchen wall. His eyes got real wide when he turned his head and saw my nearly footlong, throbbing cock approaching to impale him.

I spat in my hand and slicked up my bobbing man-pole. My son was nearly begging me at this point to please, please put that daddy-meat inside of him. Once I was in my boy, we almost immediately found our hips, ourselves, moving in unison.

As our fuck rhythm intensified, so did our cries of pleasure and delight. Marcus gripped the kitchen door frame and trilled with excitement as, with one last manic thrust, I delivered the hottest, sweetest cum shot of my life deep within him.

Marcus trembled in my arms as I collapsed over him and held my exquisite son tightly to me. I kissed him all over his shoulders, neck and back as we both very, very slowly came down from our high. I gently pulled out of him so that I could enjoy watching the oozing creme of my orgasm drip out of his well-fucked boy hole.

I couldn’t help but grin when I realized that this wouldn’t be the last good morning like this!

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Scouts should know knots. Not just one—there are many with various applications and qualities. Knot-tying requires choosing the right one.

As Scoutmaster, I’m preserving an old craft by teaching the next generation. I often think about the Scoutmasters who helped me develop these talents and feel happy to be part of this fine organisation.

Teaching Ethan this craft felt perfect. I’ve become close to him over the last several months. We make love whenever we can get away. A handsome Scout, he’s skilled. I’m honoured to expand his brilliant intellect.

He’s talented, but knot-tying isn’t one of them. He’ll arrive. The longer it takes to perfect the skill, the more reasons I have to offer him one-on-one remedial coaching. When his fingers become tangled, he’s frustrated since he’s accustomed to being adept at things without any effort.

I admire his seriousness, yet tension makes his whole body rigid. I accidentally massaged his shoulders the other day, which lead to another thing. I kissed his tight neck and rubbed his rigid body seductively.

The stiffness in his body dissipated and moved to a better place in minutes.

We made out. He had velvety lips and lovely breath. Kissing him arouses me deeply. My dick demanded attention, dripping pre-cum and staining my tight uniform trousers. Whoever believed beige was a suitable uniform colour either didn’t like uniforms or hadn’t experienced extreme pre-cum like I have.

Behind Ethan, I unbuckled his shorts. I gently dropped them on the woodland floor, revealing his gorgeous, peachy ass. I got on my knees and ate him, parting his cheeks with my fingers and sticking my tongue deep into his hole till he yelled and groaning. My style.

I seldom use delayed gratification. After rimming a boy, I want my dick into him immediately. Lube is usually pre-cum and spit. If the lad hadn’t spun around and knelt to suck me, I would have fucked him. I may have failed to teach him how to tie knots, but I’ve taught him how to give the best head! Deep-throating should have a badge.

Unzipping my shirt, he sucked. To get his heart racing, I exposed my hairy chest.

I shoved him onto the woods table with his legs spread wide. I was so hot that all I wanted to do was slam my rock-hard dick into him. As his ass muscles drew me deep into him, he groaningly satisfied.

Pounded him. I had to fire my load quickly. His ass felt amazing; he knows how to squeeze me tight in there.

I pulled out and leaned against the table, inviting him to stand in front of me and press himself backwards into my dick. Love it. It’s oddly unintimate, yet it offers me a lot of thrusting strength, and the lad can use his hips and thighs to increase velocity. I can’t hold it for long without exploding. My balls rose with semen a few minutes later. I longed to burrow inside his quivering body.

I did. I hit. I spilled into him after days without shooting. He would spill valuable fluids for hours! It won’t help him tie knots, but that’s alright. I like him preoccupied.

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There was no doubt in either of our minds that we needed to find an excuse to be alone together again. Fortunately, Scoutmaster Barrett found just that within a day of our arrival at camp, announcing to the group that he wanted a brave volunteer to go into the forest with him for a night trek. He picked me, of course…

We walked for at least two hours and pitched our tent in a clearing that smelled of pine trees. It was the moment we’d both been waiting for. I sank into his embrace. We kissed passionately.

I was fully naked within seconds. My dick was rock-solid and my legs were wide apart. I was 100% ready for him. He squatted down and started to suck me off, teasing and tempting me with his talented tongue.

He got me to turn over and I thrust my twitching ass toward him so he could eat me out. The tickly-prickly sensation of his beard brushing against my ass cheeks was mind-blowing!

I heard him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly, and, without any kind of ceremony, he pushed his big, raw dick into me. This had been a long time coming. We needed to get this first one out of our systems… then we’d have the whole night to make love at a more reserved pace.

He threw me onto my back and started pounding me pretty relentlessly. The more I yelled and gasped, the harder he seemed to get.

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One of the men stood up. His mask covered most of his face and I couldn’t tell who it was.

I could see that he was thick-set and that he had a reddish beard. I was also aware that he was making me feel uneasy but I was inexplicably drawn to him. Like a moth to a flame…

He encouraged me to drink some sort of liquid from an ornate glass vessel. My mouth was incredibly dry and I was grateful for the moisture.

He turned me around and pressed himself into my back. His aftershave made me light-headed; it seemed to engulf me in a bubble of sensuality. He delicately ran his hands over my chest and stomach and then down toward my groin.

The gesture made me gasp and I could feel my penis stiffening. Then, just like that, he sat back down again, leaving me alone in the middle of the room, not sure what to do and wondering if I’d displeased him in some way.

At that point, the two other men stood and pulled a giant piece of black fabric away from the top of a long, low table. A series of pegs of increasing sizes had been attached to it.

I remember thinking how much they looked like erect penises and, as the thought occurred to me, my body froze as I realized what was about to happen.

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Apprentice Tanner didn’t consider himself to be a shy individual.

He normally was out-going and playful with other people.

But as he sat in the steel chair facing Master Barrett, he could not help…Join them!

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