Jake Preston

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
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Shamu Azizam and his mascot friend Jake Preston want to celebrate their victory following the big game, and Jake’s got an amazing idea of how to accomplish this. As Shamu removes his pants and leans over, Jake slips off the head of the mascot and burys his tongue in the hole of an athlete! The horny mascot snatches off the rest of his costume to allow the bottom to get sucked into his big dick. He then fucks up against the lockers. Shamu is content in the bench, while Jake is pounding him doggystyle. Then he rides on the twink. Shamu is a snob as Jake fucks him on his back and the mascot comes out and shoots a championship shot.

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Every twink in the city would like to test their hole against masked, muscular top the Twink Fucker, and the best of friends Jake Preston, Shae Reynolds, Niko Vaz, and Sam Ledger are no exception. Sam is the first to be granted an appointment for a dick one and then gets hit with a bed and pounded till he takes an unintentional facial. Just as Sam leaves, Niko arrives and hides under the bed where he hears every second of Shae being thrown around on that cock until Niko takes a pound on his face. The Twink Fucker spots Niko hiding in his spot and swaps twinks. He places Shae in a drawer, uses his still-hard boneer to pound on the brown-haired man’s face, while Niko rides him. Shae and Niko sneak into the house to watch Jake be beaten. The Twink Fucker once they’re found, takes on his biggest challenge to date, which is placing the four twinks exactly where he wants them, so that they can use their holes and have fun in an Orgy.

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Joey Mills, a horny bottom is blindfolded and escorted into his bukkake. He opens his eyes and six cocks of enormous size are waiting for him. Spikey Dee waited patiently for his turn while Joey sucked them. Then they kissed his face on the couch. Joey takes his place on the hard tops, and begins sucking them. He then fucks his face.

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Jake Preston is the only one of his buddies who has visited the Twink Fuck. All of his friends are still waiting outside when Jake arrives. They decide to sneak in and see how he copes with the beating. Jake is confident when he allows himself in, but he soon is tossed onto the bed and having his face fucked! Jake is fucked in doggystyle by the Twink Fucker, while his pals peek in. The masked top puts Jake on his back, then the bottom orgasms as he’s drilled into missionary. The Twink’s mighty balls have been emptied–for the moment–as Jake is given a smile by him.

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Jake Preston teases Clark Reid’s muscle ass and he’s got big plans for that hole! Jake Preston stretches Clark Reid out and oils him while he stretches his. Then it’s time for Jake to take his cock from Clark. The top eases inside Clark’s hole doggystyle, then is fucked and sucks the bottom. Clark gets a good thrashing on his back, then rides Jake until both are satisfied.

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Sexy young bottom boy Jake Preston’s bare hole fucked by Colton Reece’s huge thick dick
Bottom with horns. Jake Preston wants some dick very badly, but his lover won’t give it to him before their friends arrive for brunch. Jake is getting increasingly frustrated. Jake sets his sights on the hunky Colton Reece, and as the latter is greeting his boyfriend with a hug, Jake grabs a handful of Colton’s cock. Jake uses any and all available opportunities to get his hands on Colton, even going so far as to act as if he is experiencing back pain in order to get the physical therapist to rub him down. Soon, the males will be sexing each other clandestinely at the table. Jake leads Colton to the bedroom where he begins to suck on him before moving on to his tight hole, top rims, and fingers. Colton fucks the bottom in both a doggystyle and a missionary fashion, and he even hoists him up for a stand-and-carry. He sucks off Jake’s cock while cuming in Jake’s mouth, and then Jake sucks off Colton’s cock while cuming on Colton’s cock!
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Malik Delgaty wakes up next to his hookup from the night before. His dick wants more, but his date doesn’t. On his way out, the naked top runs into Jake Preston, his roommate, who is very interested in that dick. Malik looks at Jake’s behind and wants to grab a handful or two. The twink tells him to get to work. Malik fucks that ass dog-style, hiding behind the fridge door when last night’s hookup comes in. Then Jake sucks the top’s cock before getting a piledriver! Malik drills the bottom on the counter until Jake has an orgasm, and then the bottom drinks up all of Malik’s load.
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Johnny Donovan is now having a great time nude swimming in an absolutely stunning pool, and Jake Preston is doing his best to take in the scene. Johnny is aware that he is watching, so he gives him a wave before swimming over to steal a kiss from him. The boys make up by the pool, and Johnny gives Jake a good sucking before excitedly grabbing his dick! After Jake rims the bottom and fucks him doggie-style by bending him over a boulder, it is time for Johnny to be laid in the shade beneath a palm tree. Jake pulls out to cum on Johnny’s ass, but Johnny shoots the bottom on Jake’s face as he does so.
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Young gay guy chain fuck Jake Preston, Kane Fox and Caleb Manning hardcore big dick fuck fest.

A handsome instructor named Kane Fox has been hired by Jake Preston, who is more interested in Kane’s underwear than his academic abilities. Jake is blissfully unaware of Caleb Manning’s desire for the seductive tutor as he strokes Kane’s dick behind his boyfriend’s back. Kane is lured into the bedroom after Cale lures him under the table to worship his feet. When Jake arrives seeking for him, Kane has already rimmed the bottom and is going to fuck him. As soon as Caleb’s hole is prepared, Jake makes the decision to fuck it, and Kane emerges from hiding to board the twink train. When Jake is ready to top Kane before they cum, Kane fucks Caleb missionary while the other two enjoy getting rimmed and sucked.

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Hottie young punk Jake Preston’s huge twink dick bareback fucking curly haired dude Sam Ledger.

At the championship esports competition, the defending champion, Sam Ledger, believes he is unstoppable, but the determined challenger, Jake Preston, is willing to do all it takes to win.

Jake begins by trying to kiss Sam at the pre-game handshake in order to determine where Sam’s vulnerabilities lie.

Sam gets out to an early lead in the game of Anal Cumbat, but Jake pulls out his “joystick” to distract him at a crucial point, and he ends up taking the win and the title.

Sam confronts Jake backstage after the bout, forcing him up against the wall, and enthusiastically swallows the top’s erect dick.

Sam gets rimmed by Jake, who then fucks him as he’s sitting on his gaming chair and sucking the bottom.

Sam rides the new champion’s cock and cums while Jake fucks him in a doggystyle fashion.

Following that, the top does his victory lap as he pulls out and blows his load.

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Hottie muscled hunk Sean Cody Brogan’s huge dick barebacking young hottie Jake Preston’s smooth hole.

The morning after his son’s mates have spent the night at his house, blond and bearded Brogan is waking up with some coffee in the kitchen when a young man named Jake Preston stumbles in with his morning wood sticking out of his underwear.

Brogan’s son had invited the boys over to spend the night.

When Jake sees Brogan bending over in front of the refrigerator, he seizes the opportunity to fuck the daddy’s hole.

Brogan always says, “The early bird gets the worm,” and Jake always follows his advice.

The twink rims Brogan after he has sucked the top, and then he fucks Brogan in a doggystyle position over the kitchen island.

Then Jake penetrates him in spoon and shoots all over the daddy’s hole as Brogan cums while he is being pounded in the missionary position.

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Sexy young twink Jake Preston’s huge young dick bare fucking Kane Fox’s bubble butt.

Jake Preston is having a sleepover at his buddy Dylan’s home, and as soon as he walks in the door, he is struck by how sexy Brogan, Dylan’s dad, looks. But Jake and Kane Fox, Jake’s boyfriend, are just there to hang out with their mutual friend and not to ogle the handsome bearded daddy… or are they?

Jake becomes aroused when Dylan and Kane are playing some Anal Cumbat, and he rubs the bottom’s ass before jacking off.

Meanwhile, Kane stealthily licks the top’s dick until Brogan finds them.

After turning off the lights, the twinks sit on the floor of the living room in the spoon position and attempt to be quiet as they fuck.

Kane rides the top before being hammered in doggystyle till he orgasms, then he gets fucked missionary and coated in Jake’s come!

After that, the men suck each other.

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Hot young twink Troye Dean’s holes double fucked by Jake Preston and Braxton Cruz’s huge cocks.

It’s been an idyllic day in the mountains… until Malik Delgaty gets an irate phone call from his girlfriend because someone sent her pics of him fucking Troye Dean.

As Malik does damage control, Jake Preston confesses he sent the pictures, because he’s jealous of Malik getting to have fun.

But Troye saw Jake having fun with Braxton Cruz in the hot tub.

Troye asks for a better look at Braxton’s big dick and sucks it while Braxton jerks Jake off.

Jake and Braxton spit-roast Troye and then hoist him off the floor as Braxton fucks the bottom, then it’s Troye’s turn to top Jake as Braxton gets rimmed.

Both twinks suck Braxton’s big cock as Troye rides Jake until he comes, then takes the other guys’ loads on his face.

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Young sexy twink Jake Preston’s smooth hole fucked by bearded muscle Braxton Cruz’s huge black dick.

Sexy young twink Jake Preston just can’t hide his raging hard-on as he relaxes in the outdoor hot tub in the mountains with the other guys.

As the other boys head off to play, bearded sexy black muscle stud Braxton Cruz moves in for a closer look, squeezing Jakes’s shoulder to give him a bit of a come-on.

Jake takes the bait and slides up out of the water showing off his rock-hard bouncy cock as he bends over and sucks Braxton’s huge thick ebony dick all the way to his balls.

Braxton returns the favor and soon has Jake moaning with pleasure, Jake can’t get enough of this sexy ebony dude and turns around showing Braxton his smooth bare hole which is aching to be mounted.

Jakes just loves the feel of Braxton’s hairy stubble as he rims his sweet asshole getting his tongue in there making it nice and wet. He rubs his thick black cock head up and down Jake’s ass crack before pressing it home balls deep with long slow pump action making Jake shriek with excitement.

Braxton is an attentive lover and knows how to please his boy forcing his monster cock in and out as Jake braces for the next onslaught.

Jake can feel every inch of Braxton’s wonder dick moving inside him and his moaning gets more rhythmic and intense as he tries to hold off cumming too soon.

But Jake is a professional bottom and holds off until the anal rampage is too much and he showers them both with a huge volley of young cum. Braxton pulls out and blows a huge wad all over Jake’s bare ass before shoving his cock back inside.

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Sexy young curly-haired stud Cristiano’s hot hole fucked by top twink Jake Preston’s massive cock.

The clear plastic window in the barber’s cape is supposed to be for looking at your phone, but after Jake gets horny during his haircut, it allows the sexy salon owner, Cristiano, to see Jake stroking his hard cock.

Jake beckons Cristiano over, who quickly ducks under the cape to suck that cock, much to the annoyance of the barber when Jake can’t keep his head still! Cristiano 69s the client in the chair and Jake tongues his hole then bends him over and fucks it.

Jake drills the bottom in missionary, then Cristiano rides that dick till he cums, and gets down to take a facial.

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When Jake Preston wakes up with a boner in his holiday PJs, he asks his boyfriend Damian for attention, but Damian doesn’t want to fool around at his parents’ house.

The unconcerned Jake goes downstairs with an obvious tent in his onesie, so Damian runs after him to try to hide it from the folks.

Jake pulls his hard dick out and convinces Damian to spread his butt flap for some sneaky doggy style, then Damian rides his man on the couch.

Once the coast is clear, the twinks strip off to suck each other, and Jake pounds Damian in spoon and missionary till they cum for a jolly holiday present.

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Cute sexy twink Joey Mills bottoms for young stud Jake Preston’s huge erect dick.

Before twink Jake joins his roommate Joey and Joey’s girlfriend on the couch for a movie, he has to get a special snack… a chip can with a hole in the bottom.

Joey reaches in for a crunchy snack and finds Jake’s hard cock instead, jacking him till he cums.

Jake’s still hard, and Joey gives him a sneaky blowjob behind his girlfriend’s back.

The top rims Joey on the couch, then shows him just how good his hard dick feels in his hole.

Joey gets fucked doggy style and in spoon position, then rides Jake till he cums all over the couch.

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Sexy young twink friends, Troye Dean, his boyfriend Joey Mills, and Jake Preston are enjoying nature in the great outdoors sleeping under the stars.

All the fresh countryside air after a night in the tent means Troye Dean wakes up horny, but unfortunately his boyfriend, Joey Mills, isn’t feeling the same way.

Troye heads out and spots hot twink Jake Preston gathering wood… with some impressive wood of his own in his shorts.

Jake follows Troye back to the tent and rips open his briefs so Troye can eagerly suck him.

Troye rides that dick, then sucks Jake’s balls before the top fucks him missionary until he cums, and Jake shoots his load in the bottom’s mouth… just as Joey returns!Join them!

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