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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Hardcore big muscled dudes Tony DAngelo and Travis Connor ass fucking orgy with young punk Edward Terrant.

Tony D’Angelo knows that he only has to give one look to Travis Connor in this dimly lit truck stop restroom, and he’ll have the burly trucker on his knees and inhaling his cock.

Sure enough, Travis goes to gag on the trucker’s hard dick before bending over the sink for Tony to rim his hole and spread open his muscular cheeks.

Tony uses his full strength to bareback Travis until he’s breeding the stranger and watching him push out his fresh load onto the restroom floor.

Not done himself, Travis goes to his next venture and discovers youngster Edward Terrant jerking off in a nearby stall all by himself.

Wasting no time, Edward begins wrapping his lips and hole around Travis’ long cock.

The overpowering sounds of skin clapping fill up the dark public restroom as Travis blasts the insides of the truck stop whore only to pull out and admire his hot cum as it leaks out of Edward’s used hole.Join them!

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Older muscle stud Manuel Skye and Edward Terrant visited Leo Louis at his home to shoot this lovely little horny gay sex movie.

It’s a steamy, sensual mix of sex, art, and genuine connection.Join them!

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Hot young dude Bruce Huxley’s huge thick dick bareback fucking sexy punk Edward Terrant’s hole.

Bruce and his girlfriend have been fighting a lot, but tonight is the last straw.

He’s tired of taking her shit and is finally swearing off women for good.

Just to prove it, he immediately downloads a dating app to line up a quick suck and fuck.

Bruce matches with Edward, a slim twink who’s close by and down for a quick to give Bruce his revenge fuck.

Edward loves when a guy doesn’t waste any time and he arrives in a flash, ready to show Bruce just how great guys are at getting guys off.

Ed pulls Bruce over and pushes him onto the couch before grabbing at Bruce’s bulging jeans.

He hoovers on his stiff cock, and Bruce gives him a hard face-fuck, choking him on his dick.

Edward climbs on top and rides Bruce’s uncut cock.

Edwards is rock hard and his cock throbs as Bruce fingers his smooth hole, and dives in to rim his hot little ass.

Bruce milks Edward’s prostate, causing him to shoot his thick load all over the floor, before face-fucking to hot creamy cum facial.

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Haircuts are some of the most intimate experiences you can have in daily life.

So, when a local barber’s online ad states “open to all, accepting to all, comfortable to all”, Edward Terrant decides to give him a try.

While on the barber chair, Edward notices and can feel Milo Madera’s boner outlining his big cock.

And soon, he is very open and comfortable with taking Milo’s cock with ease.

The barber fucks him right there, eventually pulling out to cum and then putting it back into Edward’s ass until he’s glanded.Join them!

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Sexy muscled hunk Pierce Paris and young cute big dick dude Edward Terrant in this balls crushing sex session.

Edward Terrant finds a masked Pierce Paris waiting, naked, with one clear instruction, “Crush my balls.”

Edward gets straight to work, slapping and stepping on Pierce’s low-hanging nuts, and even sliding them into the bottom’s eager hole.

The top makes sure to give the sub’s balls a squeeze as he pounds him in doggy-style and pile driver then cums all over Pierce’s ski mask before giving those plums one last kick.Join them!

Emo Edward Terrant likes watching skater Bo Sinn do tricks in his basement, but when he gives it a try, he wipes out.

In frustration, the emo breaks the board, so Bo gives the misbehaving bottom an over-the-knee spanking.

Edward asks for it harder, and when Bo rips open his jeans, he finds the twink has a plug in his ass.

The top feeds Edward his cock, then fucks him doggystyle.

Edward loves taking that dick deep, and Bo pulls off the emo bottom’s jeans, then fucks him mish on the couch before breeding his hole as Edward rides him!Join them!

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Young smartly attired office assistant Edward Terrant’s hot boy hole raw fucked by suited Manuel Skye.

Suited businessman Manuel and his close smartly attired young aide, Edward, fly into the city for a meeting.

When Manual lands the contract, he invites his #1 man, Edward to his hotel room to go over some notes for tomorrow.

Edward has a weakness for handsome, successful men and deep sexual desires for his muscular daddy boss Manuel but has remained professional despite his passion.

In the hotel room, Manuel is ready to loosen up and his lust for his boy aide can no longer be controlled.

Engaging in any personal relationship with a staffer is improper, but don’t expect any ethical complaints.Join them!

James Fox works hard, and every so often, likes to play hard too.

Since stress is known to make people extra-horny James is in search of some young companionship.

He contacts and schedules an in-call with the young escort Edward Terrant.

When Edward arrives for the appointment through the back door, Mr. Fox is ready to be serviced.

The young hustler shows that he can take it like a man and gives him exactly what he wants.Join them!

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The pandemic didn’t give Edward Terrant the chance to have the hot sex he craved, so we have the cure for his bluesgetting “Clark’d” by Gabriel Clark.

Gabriel is more than happy to give Edward exactly what he wants to.

He seduces Edward by passionately kissing him all over, then getting him on all fours to eat out his half-exposed butt, finger his tight hole, and tease it with his cock.

Without skipping a beat Gabriel soon moves in front of Edward to feed him his cock.

Edward eagerly sucks and slobbers over every inch of cock he is fed while Gabriel reaches over to play with his hole.

It’s not long though before Gabriel goes back to rimming and fingering his ass and cock-teasing it.

This time he fucks Edward doggy style, deep and hard with increasing intensity.

Gabriel’s total pleasure-giving style continues when he flips over Edward to suck him with equivalent focus and passion.

And when Gabriel asks, Edward eagerly sits on his cock and rides him.

Edward bounces up and down on Gabriel’s cock, alternating with taking his upward thrusts and they’re both exhilarated by this perfect sync.

The same sexually shared joy occurs when Edward rides Gabriel in a reverse cowboy and edges closer.

However, Edward shifts 180 degrees to ride Gabriel relentlessly until he shoots his load over his chest, and he keeps going until he brings Gabriel to the edge.

Gabriel pulls out and shoots a big gusher and he keeps the intense orgasm going by milking his cock, partially inside Edward.

Gabriel shares kisses and cum with a euphoric Edward who proclaims, “I’ve been waiting 8 months for a fuck like that!”Join them!

Fully geared up as Leo Louis’s pup, Edward Terrant whimpers and nuzzles his snout on Leo’s crotch and his devotion is finally rewarded with Leo playing with his ass and his butt plug tail.

After removing his “tail” Leo eats out Edward’s hole and caresses his smooth body before giving him what he really wants his beer can cock.

Edward hungrily sucks Leo through his puppy mask and goes as deep as he can.

Leo takes Edward to the next level by fucking him from behind. Leo starts off slowly to give Edward’s hole time to expand and get accustomed to his cock’s girth, then pounds him harder & faster in full doggy style.

After easing up, Leo flips Edward on his back to drill him hard and he keeps this intense momentum when he takes him from behind again.

Edward moans louder as he gets closer but Leo switches in up again by fucking him on his back on top of a large upright tire.

Now both guys are immersed in pleasure, even in the seemingly awkward position.

At last, Leo goes over the edge and shoots his load all over Edward’s hole which he pumps back into once more.

Leo then nuzzles Edward who lets go and shoots his intense load, made extra thick & huge from the long edging.

That’s not all! Stay tuned for a post-sex Q&A with Leo and an unmasked Edward as they talk about themselves, their roommates-with-benefits relationship, their gear & puppy play, the artistic style of this porn scene, and more.Join them!

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Hairy young stud Milo Madera and his stepbrother Edward Terrant have recently moved in together in a new apartment downtown.

Ever the trickster Milo keeps pranking Edward who just keeps falling for his games.

That is until Milo hides a tray of cold water on Edward’s chair covered by a blanket.

Edward sits down as normal and feels the sensation of the cold water soaking into his pants.

He then turns around and strips off his pants showing off his tight bubble butt in his assless undies.

Milo can’t keep his eyes off the young dude’s ass and as Edward kneels on the floor in just his socks to load the clothes washer, Milo makes a move.

He just can’t let that young ass go to waste. Milo wanks his huge uncut dick a few times before forcing the massive ass splitter deep between Edward’s smooth ass cheeks.

Edward moans loudly as Milo pumps him full of his solid dick from the tip to his balls in long deep strokes.

They switch up positions each time Milo gets his cock deeper and harder and Edward can feel his hard erection moving inside his hole, he cannot hold off his orgasm for much longer.

First Edward sprays a huge volley of cum shots across his stomach before Milo blows a huge jizz load all over Edward’s face….Join them!

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Dirty Missionary President Beau Reed has heard good things about young Elder Edward Terrant
from members of the congregation.

In order to test the young boy’s trust in him, President Reed asks Elder Terrant to place his hands behind his back whilst he ties them with a rope.

President Reed then asks him if he is interested in the holistic religious experience of sex.

Unsure how to answers Elder Terrant says, “Yes, I think so.”

This gives President Reed the opportunity to test the young priest further by placing his hand inside his pants and feeling his soft cock and balls.

Elder Terrant says “That feels good.”

So President Reed bends down and sucks down hard on Elder Terrant’s small young dick which is now fully erect.

Elder Terrant then kneels before President Reed and wraps his lips around his throbbing hardon, sucking it back till it hits the back of his throat, choking him at first.

With his big erect cock now lubed President Reed turns Elder Terrant around and exposes his bare asshole, pushing his huge mushroom cockhead into his hot hole.

They switch positions with Elder Terrant on top in reverse cowboy style forcing his tight virgin asshole down onto the President’s huge dick in strong deep rhythmic strokes.

His tight asshole quickly brings President Reed to orgasm and he fires a multitude of jizz shots into the young priest’s bare hole with cum dripping down from his ass.

President Reed has not had enough and he fucks the cum back inside Elder Terrant’s asshole until the younger dude cums shooting his load all over himself….Join them!

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Hardcore gay sex foursome Theo Brady, Edward Terrant, Leo Louis and Jordan Lake big dick ass fucking.

Theo Brady and his buddies have built the ultimate pranka fake porta-potty.

Now all they have to do is wait with their cameras out for an unsuspecting mark to step inside.

Once twink Jordan Lake sits on the seat, he’s shocked by dicks coming at him from either side while Theo fingers his hole.

The guys tear down the walls, leaving Jordan with his pants down, but Theo walks him home to give him a prize for being such a good sport.

Jordan sucks the top’s cock, then Theo drills him in doggy style.

The bottom rides the tattooed hunk, and Theo pounds the cum out of him in missionary, then finishes on his face.

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Benjamin Blue gets revenge when his roommate Edward Terrant interrupts his TV watching with a loud video call by pouring a beverage over his head.

Already annoyed, Edward grumbles when he goes to put his soaked clothes in the dryer and finds it’s still full of Benjamin’s last load.

Benjamin spots his naked roommate on all fours with his tempting ass poking out of the dryer, so he quickly undresses, sneaks up behind him, and fucks him doggy style.

All Edward’s annoyance at his roommate evaporates when he gets that hard cock, and he sucks Benjamin’s dick, then hops up on the washer to get fucked mish with his legs over the top’s shoulders.

The bottom rides Benjamin, then bends over the appliance to get fucked doggy style till he cums, and Benjamin shoots an oversized load on Edward’s face….Join them!

Sexy bearded sergeant major Markus Kage is ready for another day of full military discipline, while his stepson Edward Terrant is lying in bed jerking his dick, trying to get off.

As hairy chested muscle hunk Markus is cleaning his teeth in the bathroom he hears young Edward in the shower so he draws back the curtain to find him gagging on a huge rubber dildo.

When Marcus is putting on his uniform Edward sneaks into his bedroom and steals his army helmet.

Edward then sticks his dildo to the hat and fucks himself hard and deep moaning with each forceful pump as the sex toy disappears inside his horny hole.

Markus catches the young sexy dude riding the toy just as Edward cums… on his shiny boot.

The strict soldier makes Edward clean his boot with his tongue, then clean his cock too.

The sergeant delivers an over-the-knee spanking before eating Edward’s hole and fucking him doggy style.

Edward rides his stepdad’s cock till he cums, then Markus fucks the twink in piledriver and jizzes all over his booty….Join them!

Sexy tattooed stud Dereck Thibault is feeling very horny and as he wanks his hand just isn’t doing it for him, but every time he tries using something around the apartment to get off, his roommate, Edward Terrant, comes in and stops him.

Edward shuts Dereck down when he’s fucking a pillow and then a watermelon, but when he finds Dereck with the vacuum cleaner on his cock head, he replaces it with his mouth.

Getting his dick sucked and his balls licked is just what Dereck needed, and soon the blue-eyed twink is riding his big cock.

Dereck raw fucks the sexy young bottom doggy-style then barebacks him in missionary.

Edward takes a big facial, then blows his own load on the melon before he and Dereck sit back for a little post-coital snack….Join them!

Bathroom gay threesome Edward Terrant, Johnny Donovan and Tony DAngelo’s big dick anal fuckfest.

Tony goes into the bathroom looking for a hookup.

The guy next to him at the urinal isn’t interested… but the urinal is.

A pair of hands appear from either side of the appliance and stroke him off, then point the way to a hole where an ass appears for him to fuck.

Security guard Johnny catches the top and decides to get in on the action, sucking Tony’s cock and cumming in the urinal before the tattooed hunk uses his cum as lube to go back to the hole in the wall until he blows his load.

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Sexy young stud Edward Terrant is alone lost in the woods, trying to find his way back home.

He happens upon muscled hunk Rocky Vallarta working to clear his land of trash.

Edward is relieved to find someone to help him and Rocky offers him a ride home.

He just has to help him with a bunch of stuff.

Edward eager to get back home agrees enthusiastically when Rocky unfastens his pants and forces Edward onto his knees.

He guides the young stud’s mouth to the end of his big thick dick ensuring he swallows it whole.

He needs this ride home, so he makes sure the strokes with his mouth are long and deep.

After fucking Edward’s face, Rocky takes one look at his smooth ass and bends him over to slide his cock in.

Edwards moans out as Rocky’s huge cock sinks deeper into his bareback ass.

Willing to do whatever it takes to get that lift, Edward rides Rocky’s thick wood on a tire.

He bounces bareback on Rocky’s raw cock until he strokes out a warm load that shoots all over Rocky’s thigh.

Making sure he earns his ride, Rocky stands over Edward and delivers his load straight to his open mouth…Join them!

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Tattooed muscled stepdad Markus Kage needs to have a serious chat with his stepson Edward Terrant so he knocks on his bedroom door and enters.

“Sorry son but your mom and me are going to get a divorce,” says Markus.

Edward is clearly upset and he lies down on the bed as Markus massages his smooth young body.

Edward is feeling horny and he’s not going to miss the opportunity to show the old man his appreciation.

He gets on top and pushes Markus down on the bed as he undoes the buttons on his shirt revealing his hairy chest and ripped abs.

As he unzips Markus’ pants he sees that his big uncut dick is already rock hard and pumping.

Edward gets his lips around his cock head and sucks it to the back of his throat.

Markus picks up the young stud with both hands and lifts him up so that his cock is in line with the young dude’s asshole.

He slips his hard erect cock deep into Edward’s young hole, making him moan with pleasure.

They swop positions a number of times with Markus getting his big dick deeper into Edwards hot hole.

Edward can hardly hold off and he orgasms shooting his hot jizz all over himself. Markus continues the hardcore bareback fucking until he’s ready to blow.

He pulls out and showers them both with his hot cum….Join them!

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