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Hair Color: Light brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5-inch dick
Height: 5’11”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Spencer Jennings (Briand Bonds) is a low-budget doctor who sees people in his house.

Still, on his parents’ insurance (and not wanting them to see his prescriptions), Donovan Lucero (Trevor Harris) visits Dr. Jennings in hopes of getting on Prep.

When Dr. Jennings is asking Donovan qualifying questions, he realizes there’s something Donovan needs to do before he’s eligible for the script.

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I am Myott Hunter and I’ve always had a thing for my super sexy uncle Brian Bonds. I didn’t know until much later that I was into guys, and in some ways, he was my first crush.

As I got older, I started feeling sexually attracted to him, especially when I caught him getting out of the shower and admiring his hairy muscular body and big soft cock.

I watched from the stairs, unnoticed as his long thick dick flopped menacingly from side to side between his legs. My hand moved instinctively to my crotch and the wet patch on my white undies was my first wet dream.

I have to admit I secretly spied on uncle Brian daily during his relaxed morning routine and jerked myself to orgasm trying to keep as quiet as possible so as not to be discovered.

That is until I saw Brian’s nude photos, I was staying at his place over the summer while my parents were away and I went looking for a pen only to find myself opening a special drawer containing his special secret photos.

They were very revealing, I saw everything his sexy chest, legs, arms, cock, even his butthole.

The house was quiet and uncle Brian hadn’t checked on me for ages, so I figured I was more or less alone. I shouldn’t have been so foolish as to take my already rock-hard cock out and start stroking it, but I did.

Precum lubed my cock as I looked closely at his big thick dick, his ass, his feet. There was no part of him that wasn’t available for me to see, and I swallowed it all up.

I was so focused on the images and stroking, I didn’t hear the slow entrance of my uncle into the room.

“Myott, what are you up to, in here?”

I was startled. I had a hand on my hard cock and a table covered in his naked photos. That would be embarrassing enough to be caught in that position, but for him to see photos of himself, well that just took it to another level.

“You look fucking hot naked”, T thought and blurted out uncontrollably.

He smiled and looked down at my still rock solid cock in my hand. He could tell that my body and mind were pulsating with horny sexual desire.

“You want to see the real thing?” he asked, his fingers reaching the buttons of his jeans.

My heart raced. I couldn’t think or breathe. I never thought this secret desire of mine would ever be acknowledged, let alone possibly come true.

Before I could even respond, I started stroking my cock again, and replied, “Yes I want your big cock in me.”Join them!

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Muscle bottoms Brian Bonds and Logan Bell’s hole fisted by Max Adonis’s ungloved fists.

There was never a time when Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds couldn’t find a helping mouth or fist in the brig of his base, and today is not an exception.

Max Adonis, a cocksucking runaway recruit, is providing him and his fellow serviceman Logan Bell with sexual services in exchange for his most recent victory.

Afterward, they will put Max Adonis away for good. Brian moves to his desk after getting sucked off by Max, where Logan then sucks him off while getting pounded by Max’s bareback dick.

After that, Brian takes up the process of plugging Logan’s hole, and Max moves to the back of Logan to start punching his massive ass.

As soon as possible, the AWOL pervert’s intrepid hands will go deep into both Logan and Brian as he forms a fist chariot with the military men.

Max continues to stretch and fill both of the bottoms until each of the enlisted hunks is busting all over themselves.

Now that both of the bottoms are on their backs, Max continues to stretch and fill them.

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Hardcore gay fisting threesome Brian Bonds, Logan Bell’s elbow deep fisting Max Adonis’s bare hole.

Army studs in their dress uniforms Until they were charged with watching after Max Adonis, an AWOL recruit who had just been discovered sucking cock adjacent to their military facility, Logan Bell and Brian Bonds were enjoying a routine day guarding the brig.

Private Bell begins giving the long-haired stud a complete cavity check and learns that his hole is already moist and worn. This occurs after they have successfully taken Max into custody. Staff Sergeant Bonds starts his own examination by rimming, fingering, and barebacking Max’s hole.

This is the first step in the process. Now, with Max stretched out and laying nude on the Staff Sergeant’s desk, Logan and Brian take turns working with their whole hands to punch Max until the sailor displays his growing rose.

The runaway recruit quickly began loudly groaning while bursting a nut into his own thigh as he was being filled up by a mixture of large dicks and muscular military hands.

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Since lazy cafe worker Tony Orlando won’t give customers Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian any service, they figure they’ll at least get some sexual action out of him.

Tony may be lazy, but he responds when naked Brian bends over the cafe counter.

While Drew fucks Brian’s ass, Tony fucks his mouth, and when Brian least expects it, Drew slides his hand in with his cock, stretching Brian’s crack ever further. One fist, two, fist, three fists, four.

Brian lays back and strokes his cock while Drew and Tony work out his ass.

Brian’s hole is hungry. Real hungry!

So, Drew and Tony give the piggy hunk what he wants, with rapid-fire fists in and out of his ass until they take a quick pause and Brian is left with a bright red rosebud blooming.

Tony and Drew are relentless, pounding Brian any time he tries to slow down the fisting. When Brian starts to wrist ride Tony’s fist, Drew lets loose and shoots a load all over the counter that Brian tries to catch with his mouth.

Instead, Tony laps up the load on the counter while Brian cleans up the last few drops leaking from Drew’s cock.Join them!

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Black and white studs like Brian Bonds and Ray Diesel can only satisfy their horniness with hardcore bareback.

They started with Ray on his knees, sucking off Brian, deepthroat.

His tongue didn’t have its fill though so Brian had to bend over and have his ass eaten.

This was all so that Ray could loosen that hole up for his big black cock.

And once it entered, Brian didn’t stop moaning until he came.

They changed many positions raw fucking in a loving embrace before Ray’s BBC could take no more.

Brian’s tight white hole made him cum inside.

This didn’t stop him from reinserting to continue the breeding until Brian spilled his load also.Join them!

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Alex Killian is rubbing his bulge in his leather jock when he notices Brian Bonds and Mike Monroe going at it.

Brian motions for Alex to join them and Alex goes straight for Mike’s open hole with his tongue, while Mike throats Brian’s cock.

Mike gets his fill of both studs’ cocks in his mouth before Brian mounts up and sticks his cock in Mike’s hole.

Moving on to bigger things, Brian glides his thick fist deep into Mike’s crack all while sucking down Alex’s cock.

Brian and Alex take turns busting Mike’s hole out and feeding him cock until Mike spills a thick load onto his abs that Brian licks up…Join them!

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Brian Bonds wants to go with Zario Travezz to the big poker night, but it’s the one night Zario gets to hang with his friends.

Brian gets pissed and Zario knows exactly how to make him happy. He uses his huge cock and tight ass to put a smile and some cum back on Brian‘s face.

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Brian Bonds is frustrated with his secret lover Mason Lear when he is taking longer than expected for him to leave his girlfriend. It’s time to give him the most mind-blowing sex and blowjobs that he will have no choice but to let her go…Join them!

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It’s more than a rub down when Brian Bonds and Brodie Ramirez get together.

This is guy on guy sex at its best. With passionate kisses, dick sucking and intense fucking. This is explosive sex dripping with cum. It doesn’t get hotter than this….Join them!

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Sexy ripped blonde stud Kosta Viking and honry hunk Brian Bonds flip flop big dick ass fucking.

After completing their workout together at the gym, Brian Bonds and Kosta Viking are currently relaxing in bed and shooting selfies with their phones.

During the combined session, both of the gentlemen were giving each other a great deal of flirtatious glances.

But enough with the camera, Kosta pulls it away and puts atop Brian Bonds so that he may feel the effects of the time that they both spent working out in the gym.

After removing their clothing, Kosta Viking examines Brian’s physique thoroughly before the two of them take turns riding bareback on each other’s cocks.

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Bearded hairy muscle hunk Nico Zetta’s huge thick dick barebacking Brian Bonds’s tight bubble butt.

After spending some time with Kosta Viking, Brian Bonds is quick to respond positively to the advances made by Nico Zetta. This is because Brian Bonds’ sexual hunger is rarely satisfied by only one guy at a time.

When Nico and Brian first meet, they are in a bedroom, and Brian immediately begins probing Nico’s body, paying particular attention to his armpits. Nico is not pleased.

When Brian Bonds unzips Nico Zetta’s shorts and reveals the big, fat, uncut cock that has been hiding in there, his eyes almost fly out of his head.

But Brian’s eyes are soon going to burst out for real as he shoves every single thick inch into his ass while Nico pounds him deeply and forcefully.

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Gay sex orgy Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince, Harold Lopez, Brian Bonds, Santos, Jack Bailey, Bruno Galvez, Derek Kage, and Gustavo Cruz.

Watch the second part (of two) of this gay bareback orgy starring nine of the sexiest and most cock-crazed gay porn models out of all the Lucas Men.

You will not want to miss out, because the Lucas Men are about to have an unforgettable fuck party, and you have an all-access invite to check out the dick-sucking and hole-slamming gay bareback action.

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9 man gay sex orgy Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince, Harold Lopez, Brian Bonds and Santos.

Watch the first part (of two) of this gay bareback orgy starring nine of the hottest gay porn models among the Lucas Men!

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Cuckolded lover Craig Marks and Gustavo Cruz hardcore anal fucking in front of husband Brian Bonds eyes.

Gustavo Cruz is a handsome man with a huge, fat uncut cock between his legs.

And there are plenty of men who want to service it.

But Gustavo has a man all to himself, Brian Bonds, and Brian is an expert at taking his lover’s dick deep and hard.

But Brian Bonds also has a kinky edge too and likes to act as a gay cuckold.

He likes finding really hot guys for his lover to fuck in front of him.

Brian Bonds finds the arrestingly handsome Craig Marks and explains the situation.

Craig is automatically turned on, and before you know it, Craig is with both of the guys in their apartment.

There Craig Marks sucks and rides Gustavo Crus while Brian Bonds watches as a gay cuckold.

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Bearded muscle hunk Harold Lopez and hairy chested stud Rudy Gram double dick Brian Bonds.

Brian Bonds is a beefy and butch muscle bear, and his strong ass cheeks sure can take a dick deep in the ass.

Harold Lopez and Rudy Gram are well aware of this fact, so they invite him over for a light breakfast.

None of them want to eat anything heavy, because all the meat on the menu is between the legs of of Rudy and Harold, and between the strong ass cheeks of Brian’s behind.

Before you know it, the idea of breakfast is a thought of the past.

Instead, Brian Bonds is taking dick down his throat and up his ass, courtesy of Rudy Gram and Harold Lopez!

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Hottie bottom muscle stud Brian Bonds’s bare asshole raw fucked by Manuel Skye’s huge erect cock.

Manuel is a handsome and strong alpha daddy who likes to get in deep when he fucks a bottom.

And the more muscular the bottom is and the rounder and harder that bottom ass is the more Manuel is going to pump until his Papi balls are empty of semen and his bottom is bred.

With that in mind, Brian is a great guy to enter the bedroom of Manuel Skye, who is a macho jock when he’s lifting in the gym.

But in the bedroom, he is a bottom bitch that loves to take dick.

When Manuel Skye gets his hands on Brian Bonds, they suck dick hard before having some incredible anal sex.Join them!

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Sexy super muscle top Mauro Valiente sodomizes dirty bottom stud Brian Bonds’s bare asshole.

Mauro is back for round two on the set in Puerto Vallarta, and this time he’s having his way with the handsome blond muscle bear, Brian.

Mauro enjoys finding himself submissive muscular white men who enjoy getting between his legs and making sure his manhood is well taken care of.

Since Mauro exudes pure machismo, Brian Bonds is drawn to him right away for some incredible gay sex.

First Mauro plays with Brian’s hole and gets his feet worshipped.

That’s all foreplay, though. Mauro Valiente has a huge fat Mexican cock in his pants, and he uses it in the mouth and ass of Brian Bonds.Join them!

Rudy Gram has quickly risen as a top star among the Lucas Men, his fellow Lucas Entertainment models get in line to film a scene with his sexy ass.

That is because Rudy is a handsome guy with an incredible body and rock-hard fat cock.

And best of all, he has a fun, sexual personality that always leaves you smiling and satisfied.

He and Brian Bonds hit it off right away on the Lucas Entertainment set.

They have both been waiting for a chance to fuck each other one-on-one for some time now.

Brian has been wanting to feel all of the strength and energy that Rudy Gram has to offer, so he turns into a total bottom while getting his ass slammed!Join them!

The executive and former military man Sergeant Miles lures his business associate Brian Bonds into his personal bedroom.

Sergeant begins his private session with some foot worship before moving on to swallow Brian’s hard cock.

After Sergeant gets his oral fixation out of the way, Brian preps Sergeant’s cock with a blowjob before getting on the bed and taking to all fours for fucking from Sergeant Miles’ fat cock…Join them!

The contestants of “Breeding Prince Charming” have been whittled down to Marq Daniels, Rico Marlon, Andrey Vic, and Adam Killian. And the only effective way to figure out who wins Brian’s ultimate affection is to try everyone out at the same time.

Brian Bonds offers his hole to the raw hard cocks of the four remaining contestants, and they all show off their full skills. Brian takes a real hammering, especially at 9:15 when he is double-penetrated by Marq Daniels and Andrey Vic while sucking off Adam Killian and Rico Marlon.

In the end, Damon asks Brian if he found what he was looking for, Did he?…Join them!

Brian Bonds stars in the spoof reality competition show “Breeding Prince Charming,” and a cast of 11 Lucas Entertainment models are vying to win his attention. Damon Heart is the host of the show, and we’re joined by Andrei Vic, Jon Bae, Sean Xavier, Ricky Verez, Ken Summers, Michael Roman, Dylan James, Kim Gromov, Rico Marlon, Marq Daniels, and Bogdan Gromov.

Damon sets the guys loose to show off their goods to Brian, but it’s Sean Xavier that catches his eye for the first “date.” The two guys head over to the bar to get to know each other, but neither one of them keeps up the act for long.

Brian Bonds quickly shows off his reason for starring in the show: he wants to be a sub bareback bitch for the hottest guys on the cast. And when Sean Xavier whips out his 10 inches of huge black cock, Brian begins his work to make sure all of Sean’s needs are met.

But after the raw sucking and fucking is over, was Sean’s performance good enough to make the cut?…Join them!

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Jacob Durham travels a lot for work so when he comes home to his boyfriend he wants that ass ready to go.

Jacob’s cock was rock hard by the time Brian Bonds got to the bedroom and Jacob put him right to work sucking that thick man meat Brian loves so much.

It didn’t take long for Brian to bend over and show Jacob his slut hole and his willingness to take his big cock raw, the way it was meant to.

Jacob had a lot of pent up frustration to take out on that ass and did he ever. We doubt Brian will be able to walk for at least a week after this raw fuck session…Join them!


Last week, what started out as in innocent pool table game, soon turned into a pool table orgy of black cocks and pink white slut holes between Ray Diesel, Trey Turner, Brian Bonds and Hans Berlin. After Ray and Trey swapped bottoms, each teaching them how to take black cock, Ray unloaded in Hans making him shoot his wad really quick.

Now Trey is finishing off Brian’s loose slut hole and making sure the bareback whore gets what he came over, a hot juicy load…Join them!

Brian Bonds loves being a slut bottom for big tops but he will really submit if your cock is 10 inch and black. That is what he did when Ray Diesel dropped his pants and his big black dick just fell out of his shorts, practically begging to be sucked and sucked hard.

Brian got to his knees and did his best to suck that fucker whole and please his big black daddy. Ray was not disappointed but heard Brian was a good sub bottom. Didn’t take much longer before Brian sat right down on that monster cock and took it all the way to the balls, like a good sub bottom taking huge black cock.

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When two young pups get together anything is bound to happen. Tyler Griz and his pup buddy Brian Bonds get right down to business with a lot of cock sucking and butt hole licking. It appears both of them love their butts and hairy holes played with a lot.

Tyler is the first to bend over and take raw cock up his ass, letting Brian really pound his hole good but not before dumping the first load deep in his hole.

Don’t worry Tyler doesn’t let Brian get away without getting his slut hole fucked in a few positions, then depositing a juicy load up that hole for him to take home as well. Tit for tat…Join them!