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Rhys Jagger first came to us in the summer of 2011 and we made a photo session with us.

He was brought into our office first by Phillipe Gaudin as they were friends from the same hometown. We wanted to take him with us to Cape Town in 2011/12 but at the time he didn’t want to shoot porn, and continued not wanting to for another 18 months, so we missed out on his ‘young and crunchy’ period.

He finally came to us in late 2012 and started shooting in earnest in 2013, although by then 2 years older he still had his charming smile and personality which made it worthwhile in the first place.

He is a Slovak boy but lives most of the time in London. You may remember when we first showed him to you we mentioned that when he came for his casting he brought a friend to keep him company during the 5 hour drive.

That friend was Dylan Maguire who on the spot also decided to do a casting and may end up being a more popular model than Rhys

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Blue-Gray
Dick Size: 7 inch dick (18 cms)
Height: 6’0″ (184 cms)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 185lbs (86 kgs)
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Slovakian / Slovak

Rhys Jagger gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Hottie cute bottom boy Pierre Cezanne’s raw hole fucked by Rhys Jagger’s huge uncut dick
Rhys Jagger’s transition to the production crew after he finished filming is well documented. Today’s assignment for Rhys was to buy lunch for the team, so he approached Pierre Cezanne for assistance. In order to gain Rhys’ favor later on, Pierre makes every effort to satisfy him now that he has the chance to get closer to the attractive Rhys. After everyone has completed working and is either relaxing or sleeping, Pierre initiates contact with Rhys and begins to entice him. While Rhys makes an effort to resist, the temptation is too great, and his cock hardens in his pants. Rhys is jumped on by Pierre, who begins blowing him. They go upstairs where Pierre offers his butt for Rhys to rim after Rhys returns the favor. Pierre takes pleasure in every square inch of Rhys’ enormous cock when he finally gets inside his friend’s ass. Rhys is a great lover who enjoys moving around and trying new things. They stroll over to the bed where Jim Durden and Jens Christensen are asleep just before they both come. The sleeping pair is quickly awakened by their earthquake loads.Join them!

Rhys Jagger gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Today sexy ripped young studs Pierre Cezanne and Rhys Jagger reverse roles today with Rhys pounding Pierre Cezanne’s hot asshole.Join them!

Both our sexy young hottie Pierre Cezanne and Rhys Jagger have been known to grow a bit of a beard from time to time, but this may be the first time that we have filmed two bearded guys together.

As you all had been asking for more variety, we thought that we would give it a try and see how you all feel about it.

Of course, it definitely helps that both of the models are very popular and extremely sexy.

This is a double-day update, so we have Pierre topping Rhys in part 1, with the roles being reversed in the second part.

For all of our guys, it is a blessing to be paired with Rhys, stunningly handsome, always considerate, very talented, and eager to please his buddy, he is the perfect all-around porn star.

That is not to say that Pierre is any slouch either, handsome, masculine, and always up for a good time.

Some of the highlights to watch out for here are the cumshots in part 1 (especially Rhys), and Pierre’s look of ecstasy in part 2 as Rhys pounds his hungry hole.Join them!

Sexy ripped young dudes Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey are relaxing in a beautiful riverside apartment while a photographer captures them on camera.

Julien wanders around in just his tight sexy white underwear, with his hand in his pants playing with his big soft uncut dick.

Rhys is relaxing on the big red armchair in just his black undies.

The two hottie hunks make out kissing each other passionately with their lips entwined.

As Julien poses cheeky Rhys pulls his underwear exposing his smooth bubble butt.

Rhys can’t resist a squeeze of Julien’s peachy ass cheeks and then a short sharp playful slap.

Julien stretches his arms around Rhys and feels inside his undies cupping his big low hanging balls with both hands.

Rhys’s huge thick uncut cock is now fully erect and Julien leans over and wraps his fingers around it tightly, jerking is slowly making his foreskin flip back and forth making Rhys super horny.

Julien then pulls his undies down exposing his bare ass and hot pink hole.

Both sexy studs jerk their big uncut cocks side by side, with Julien licking his lips and getting his dick wet with his saliva.

The photographer makes them both bend over in different positions showing off their big thick dicks and hot holes at the same time.

Julien then gets on his knees and sucks Rhys’s huge erect cock right to the back of his throat, getting it balls deep.

Rhys still sitting returns the favor swallowing Julien’s hot hard erection in slow steady strokes.

Then they both lie back on the sofa and jerk their dicks till both sexy young men spray their cum loads all over their ripped six-pack abs. They kiss briefly as their cum drips down from their hot bodies….Join them!

Rhys Jagger is busy scouting out locations for a new shoot, well that is his excuse but we are sure he is just trying to get up close and personal with young Ian Roebuck. Who could blame him?

Whilst Ian started off as a cute slender twink he’s grown into a muscled athletic stud.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Ian is still a cock hungry bottom. He agrees with Rhys’ naughty suggestion that they test the sound acoustics and light levels by actually fucking.

We’re not sure about the choice of location or if it passed inspection but it certainly gave us a chance to get a really good scene to add to our Sex Safari series….Join them!

If there ever was a model at Belami who we had to choose as our ‘sweetheart’ of all times, Rhys Jagger would have to be very high in the list of candidates.

Always in a good mood, charming, handsome, calm and relaxed, Rhys is definitely husband material. Luckily all of these qualities make him perfect as a partner for 1st timers, as in this scene today with James Walsh.

Although this is James’ first time on camera, it is definitely not his first time making love to Rhys, as he nervously admits to here.

We’re sure that being with a familiar partner helped him a lot with his nerves and we get a fantastic, loving and tender performance from both boys here today…Join them!

Today, Freshmen Zac Haynes makes his long awaited debut. Zac is instantly comfortable with the more experienced, more muscular, and more in control Rhys Jagger. The two waste no time getting down to business and Zac bottoms for Rhys in multiple positions. The scene ends with Rhys taking the newcomer’s load in his mouth, concluding a triumphant debut for Zac Haynes….Join them!

Since it is Rhys Jagger’s job in the office to make sure that our production schedule runs smoothly, we suppose it is only fair that he is the stand in today to get fucked by Nate Donaghy when his scene partner fails to show up.

We somehow think that Rhys was missing the perks that come with being a regular model and forgot on purpose to let Nate know that the scene was canceled just so that he could step in and save the day.

For those of you who saw our quickie about Nate’s accident should be reassured of his recovery, as this scene was filmed just a few months after their return…Join them!

One of the best things about Nino Valens is that he is always more than willing to learn new things. Luckily Rhys Jagger has a lot of things to teach him, starting with how to roll a cigarette (even though Nino is only a ‘special occasion’ smoker).

This clip was filmed after Nino returned from studying English in New Zealand, so at least the boys have a portion of a common language.

As always it is a joy to watch Nino bottoming and the same can be said here about Rhys’ topping…Join them!

It must be true love if Rhys Jagger is willing to forego a threesome with Joel Birkin based only on Christian Lundgren’s insecurities.

Luckily just the willingness to do it is enough for Christian and there long awaited threesome goes ahead as planned.

Before watching the scene I was pretty sure it was going to be Joel who fucks both of the others, so I was more than a little surprised to see Christian taking his turn at topping first.

Not that his beautiful ass gets left out in this scene with both Rhys and Joel taking turns in fucking him afterwards…Join them!

Normally we associate both Rhys Jagger and Jean-Luc Bisset as being two of our more romantic lovers, but today there is something a little wild about Jean-Luc and his hunger for sex with Rhys. While it my seem like a bit of an act here, it is actually Rhys’ job to look after all the boys, so his job description of ‘HR Manager’ is quite accurate.

If every day at the office was like this though, I am sure that he would have a lot more competition for the role…Join them!

It was not without cause that Rhys Jagger’s feature movie was titled ‘Romantic Hero’, and in this weekends double feature he again lives up to the title. This scene was filmed in South Africa with fellow favorite Ariel Vanean. Who wants to join them for a glass of wine on the beach to watch the sun set…Join them!

Muscle and jock lovers living in the United States will have extra reasons to be thankful after feasting on this steamy three way featuring Antony Lorca, Rhys Jagger and Andrei Karenin.Join them!

We have all heard of Marcel Gassion’s goal of taking as many of the biggest dicks he can find, and now he gets to double his rate, taking both Rhys Jagger and Hoyt Kogan at the same time. We do have a few boys at the moment capable of being double fucked, as you will see over the upcoming season, but there is no doubt that Marcel is the most eager of them all…Join them!

Some of our boys work in our offices but all of them always jump at the chance to return to the set and try out any sexy guy, and Rhys Jagger here has his eye on Harris Hilton’s sweet tight hole.

The erotic intensity between this Czech/Slovakian couple does not go unnoticed as well as evidenced by their huge loads…Join them!

An extremely hot hard-on has awakened Jason Clark from his deep sleep. Luckily for him, Rhys Jagger is right there, lying asleep and naked. A gentle nipple licking will be enough to awaken Rhys and give Jason what his looking for: A Late night deep fuck…Join them!

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