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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Blond hunk Felix Fox is enjoying a nice sensual shower, the water streaming over his muscular chest, tight ass, and hard cock, when he’s joined by his brunette friend, BelAmi exclusive Bart Cuban.

The guys rub their hard dicks together as they kiss under the water, then they move to the bedroom where they suck each other’s cocks, and Bart rims Felix’s hole.

Felix takes the top’s cock doggy style, then rides him on an ottoman, and Bart rims the bottom some more before fucking him missionary till he orgasms.

The hunky top covers Felix’s face with cum, and the eager bottom sucks out every last drop.Join them!

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There’s only one way the Sean Cody guys’ trip to Spain could end, and that’s with an orgy to thank their gorgeous BelAmi hosts.

After Asher proposes a toast on their last night at dinner, he, Deacon, and Manny lead Euro hunks Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim Durden, and Ashton Montana inside, eagerly followed by Bart Cuban, as they all lick and suck each other until they cum.

That’s when Justin and Ethan return to find their friends naked and get their second wind, and the eight hunks undress them and pull them into the orgy.

The memory of bottoming for the handsome Europeans and Asher getting double penetrated by Jim and Bart Cuban is sure to be their favorite souvenir of this trip!Join them!

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After a trip through the city the sexy young studs Bart Cuban and Helmut Huxley arrive home horny as ever.

Tall Helmut is the first to start undressing in the kitchen with shorty Bart following on closely dropping his jeans and underwear.

Once they are both totally naked Helmut leans in grabbing Bart’s huge dick in both hands guiding its big cockhead up to his wet lips.

He gulps down Bart’s big uncut cock getting his tongue up and down the thick length and choking it to the back of his throat.

With Bart jerking his dick, Helmut moves around to rim his tight hairy ass hole, running his tongue repeatedly along his hairy ass crack and finding his hole and digging deep.

Bart sucks on Helmut’s long dick, really working his mouth from balls to tip.

Bart is all worked up now and begs Helmut to fuck him hard, he braces against the wall as Helmut pushes his monster uncut cock deep between Bart’s furry butt cheeks.

Helmut bareback fucks Bart each time changing up positions, to get deeper and deeper into Bart’s hot hole.

Bart takes the rampant anal barebacking for so long then signals that he is going to shoot his load.

Helmut waits open-mouthed as Bart blows his balls directly into his mouth and onto his tongue, swallowing the majority of his load.

Helmut is also close by now and pulls out, sprays Bart’s ass with his jizz explosion before fucking the cum back into young Bart’s freshly fucked butt hole. Both boys moan in total ecstasy….Join them!

After the boys have showered and cleaned up from their torrid lovemaking, they get a surprise visit from Riff Dornan’s Hungarian buddy, Bart Cuban.

Our intent for the scene was to have both Riff and Elio Chalamet fuck Bart, but greedy Elio could not resist another cock up his hungry butt. So, we end up with everyone topping and all but Riff bottoming.

We’ve been diligently working to convince Riff of the pleasures of bottoming, but he remains skeptical.

We forgive his reluctance as he is an attractive young top that always gives a stellar performance…Join them!

Our second scene for this Freshmen edition was filmed on a rainy Slovakian day and features dark haired beauties, Nate Donaghy and Bart Cuban.

When Nate was previously in our Bratislava studio, he caused some consternation in our comments section by engaging in his morning ritual of coffee and a cigarette.

This time, he agreed to forego those pleasures in exchange for the pleasure of fucking Bart.

As is customary of director Lukas Ridgeston’s work, this scene has fewer edits and focuses more on the subtleties of their lovemaking, the tender looks, the slow undressing and the building of sexual tension.

The result is a romantic and sensual encounter that befits the dark and lustful looks of both models.

The sex naturally flows from careful and gentle to fast and passionate and builds to the point where Bart can no longer hold it shooting a very thick and creamy load while Nate is still deep inside him…Join them!

Bart Cuban returns following his scene with Hoyt Hogan last month. This is an all Hungarian pairing so this FM scene should be quite a treat.

Aside from both being Magyars, the boys share two other traits. First, they are both well-endowed. Secondly, they are both relatively new with Riff Dornan having made his debut at Christmas time last year and Bart just 6 months ago.

Those outraged over Riff’s close shave should know that he came to us that way. Our choices were to send him home to allow his pubes to grow out or film him “as is”.

The first choice seemed wrong as he traveled all the way from Budapest to film with us. We’re hoping the sex is hot enough to allow you to forgive him this once…Join them!

Bart Cuban gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Hottie ripped young muscle dude Bart Cuban’s strips naked wanking his huge thick uncut dick
We are currently in the middle of our Bartalicious era, and there is no better way to celebrate the perfection of Bart Cuban than by awarding him the very coveted Model of the Week slot…. If there was a way for us to make him the model of the month, we certainly would do that! Bart, who has dark hair, is attractive, sexual, and sensual, and he has everything it takes to be the perfect porn star. Since 2019, when he made his hardcore debut in a sizzling scene with Nils Tatum, we have been extremely delighted that he has chosen BelAmi his home, and we are very thankful for that. Since that time, he has participated in each of our major productions, and he continues to play an important role on our modeling team today.
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Hottie dark haired stud Bart Cuban’s bubble butt bareback fucked by Viggo Sorensen’s massive uncut dick.

We start our Bart Bonanza today with this incredibly hot scene with Viggo Sorensen.

Communication with Bart can sometimes be a little difficult as he really only speaks Hungarian, but after a little effort, Viggo manages to establish the fact that Bart would like to get fucked today, and from then on, language plays no part in the interactions between the 2.

Right from the start Viggo takes gentle control of Bart here, setting the pace and giving his slightly submissive buddy all the attention he deserves.

We rarely see this side of Bart, but the passive demeanor suits him well, as his body reacts instinctively to Viggo’s caress and touch.

Bart rarely even touches himself here, relying totally on Viggo for all of his pleasure, right up to the inevitable, creamy climax.

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See all Viggo Sorensen gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.Join them!

The Sean Cody guys have had a fantastic experience in Spain, sharing the stunning villa, delicious meals, and extremely hot sex with their BelAmi hosts, but unfortunately, the trip is drawing to a close.

Asher proposes a toast, and Deacon and Manny join him in raising their glasses to the hospitality BelAmi’s shown them, as Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim, and Ashton toast their guests.

The guys want some dessert, so they head inside, and Bart, watching from an upstairs window, comes out to follow them as everyone celebrates their last night the best way they know-how.

Not only does the formal dining table seat a crowd, but it can also hold eight guys sucking and rimming each other…and a whole lot of cum.

This oral only start to the orgy is a sight to behold.Join them!

Today our two lovers Helmut Huxley and Bart Cuban are lying on the bed with Helmut blowing Bart’s huge Hungarian uncut dick.

Helmut knows how to pleasure a big cock and he swallows it down until Bart’s balls are on his lips, making Bart moan with pleasure.

Now Bart stands up and Helmut falls to his knees on the floor his mouth never slipping from Bart’s erect dick.

Helmut runs his tongue around Bart’s massive pink cockhead, washing it and getting it wet and lubed as Helmut wanks his own sizeable dick.

The sexy duo makes out, kissing passionately as Bart takes control and sucks Helmut’s cock all the way until his bell end hits the back of his throat making him choke briefly.

Helmut presses his long thick dick deep between Bart’s dark hairy ass cheeks until he finds his hot butt hole.

Bart can feel every inch of Helmut’s cock moving deep inside him and he is immediately feeling the tensions rise as if he is about to come.

As ever the professional bottom boy Bart manages to hold that feeling and step back from his orgasm allowing him to fully enjoy Helmut’s rampant bareback ass fucking.

Helmut continues to power fuck Bart’s ass hole sliding all the way in until his balls slap against Bart’s ass cheeks and then al the way out until his cockhead is almost out.

Helmut’s style of fucking is gentle but strong, now with Bart, on all fours, Helmut stops moving with Bart forcing his hole back onto Helmut’s super erect cock and squeezing his ass muscles tightly around it.

Bart can no longer hold off and with Helmut’s cock deep in his ass his balls tighten and he showers jizz all over his ripped six-pack abs.

Helmut pulls out and blows his load all over Bart’s hairy ass. The sexy boys lean in for a final kiss.Join them!

Sammy Poulain has always been taught to do small kindnesses to strangers with no expectation of reward. However, when Sammy offers to help Bart Cuban he clearly wants to receive something by way of thanks.

Sammy decides that he is not going to leave things up to chance as he wants Bart to fuck his tight asshole.

The boys undress each other and start making out, kissing passionately. Sammy sucks Bart’s huge uncut dick in long slow strokes from his balls to the tip of his big foreskin mushroom dick head.

Bart returns the favor blowing Sammy’s dick and licking it up and down while jerking his own big thick uncut cock.

Bending Sammy over Bart uses his hands to spread his ass cheeks wide getting his wet tongue deep into Sammy’s hole.

Sammy then braces as Bart pumps his bare ass full of his thick dick. Bart’s rhythmic fucking gets harder and deeper till his balls are slapping against Sammy’s smooth butt cheeks.

The hot bareback fucking continued until Sammy could hold off no longer and shoots his cum load all over himself quickly followed by Bart who’s cum sprays both of them. What a creamy mess…Join them!

If only we had a sculptor instead of a photographer, I’m sure Bart Cuban would have made for a fantastic ‘David’, with his beautifully toned muscles, classic proportions, and handsome Mediterranean looks.

Instead we have Eliot working his own magic with our model of the week here today…Join him!

Sometime, even at BelAmi, work gets in the way of personal desires.

We recently had a production in Budapest where Jeroen Mondrian was one of the models, and he developed a big crush on HUNGarian newcomer Bart Cuban.

Unfortunately for Jeroen, both his and Bart’s schedules meant that he had no time to act on his attraction there, so he invited Bart to come to Prague for a few days.

Bart is a very cute guy: dark haired with an impish grin that hints at the fun times to be had, but this time it is definitely his dick that Jeroen wants to feel inside of him…Join them!

Sexy ripped young dudes Bart Cuban and Tom Houston jerking their huge uncut dick together.

For our final Model of the Week update for 2022, we have the extra special pairing of Tom and Bart.

Every time there is an ending there is also a beginning, so our sexy duo is also here to herald the coming of a new line of Location programming from Cape Town.

Starting next year we will have a week every month dedicated to all the sexiest guys in the best locations.

For now, we hope that you enjoy Bart and Tom and we promise that you will see a lot more of both of them in the new year.

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