Adam Archuleta

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Adam is the fourth member of Bel Ami’s new twink generation that includes Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol. He is just as colorful as the others and, in various ways, was the most difficult to shoot in the beginning.

But G. Duroy instinctively felt he would be a first-class model just from looking at his photos. However, his first casting was a disaster. For a year, there was no improvement, but George persisted, despite misgivings from his collaborators.

Then Adam met Dario Dolce and everything changed. They became instant close friends. Dario is an exhibitionist who loves to perform and this quality rubbed off on Adam. He quickly transformed into a first-class performer within a matter of months. Adam is a Casanova, a natural-born seducer.

This alluring quality can be seen even in his first photo sessions.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Capricorn
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Dick Size: 8.5-inch dick (19cms)
Height: 5’7″ 175cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 90kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Adam Archuleta gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Greece anal fuck fest Yannis Paluan, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery.

A new day on Mykonos begins with Jerome and Kevin grabbing their cameras and heading to the villa to find out the plan for the day.

Our couple, Jerome and Helmut, are again left on their own and get the idea to join Adam Archuleta on the set.

The video he shoots on his day off brings Kevin together with his „dream boy“ Yannis Paluan.

With Kevin, Adam, Jerome and Helmut all together on the same set, Yannis needs to stay strong.Join them!

We’ve recently introduced you to a bunch of new fresh young men which has left our avid viewers wanting to see some of their all-time favorite Freshmen.

Listening to your desires we’ve asked our cameraman Adam Archuleta to film a scene with Jordan Faris, although he’s finding it hard to arrange a scene partner.

Not to worry as Adam uses his position behind the camera to persuade boys to his bed.

This time he is facing some difficulties with Jordan, who is not taken with job titles or work positions.

Adam instead relies on his boyish charms, good looks, and big cock to entice Jordan to break his initial resistance.

In reality, Jordan wants to be fucked by Adam, he is after all one of the most sought after sex partners here are Freshmen towers…Join them!

Adam Archuleta has a problem. He is having trouble finding some guy that he hasn’t already fucked, but he has had his eye on newbie Miguel Estevez for a while. Luckily Mary is willing to give up his ‘day off’ to film their encounter for us.

Adam is always a talkative lover, and it doesn’t seem to matter if his partner can understand anything he is saying or not. Maybe Miguel just likes hearing Adam’s husky and sexy voice.

Whatever magic he has though, it certainly works for Miguel and Adam fulfills his promise of having him ;cumming in no time at all’…Join them!

Phil Jarreau is the penultimate freshmen of this round before we go into our summer recruitment season. For a little while then we will be concentrating on our search for new boys to give to you next round.

When it comes to Phil, you will get to see more of him in June during our ‘Summer Break’ series over on BelAmiOnline. In this first scene he becomes yet another pawn in the ongoing competition between Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn, who are having a competition as to who can bag the most newcomers.

In this scene though, they gallantly decide to share, since they can happily agree that stealing him from Kevin (who he is supposed to be training with) is a more worthwhile goal…Join them!

This scene with Jon Kael is a bit of a departure because here we decided to put him in the middle of a serious gang bang to test his bottom abilities. Of course he passed with flying colors taking the huge dicks of Helmut Huxley, Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta. Over the past few months we found that not only is he an energetic and skilled bottom, close to Marcel’s qualities, but as you will see, he is also an excellent top…Join them!

Adam Archuleta gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Sexy ripped muscle boy Adam Archuleta’s huge uncut dick bareback fucking blonde stud Jens Christensen
Adam Archuleta enjoys nothing more in sex than being in command, and while Jens Christensen is initially hesitant to oblige when they are surrounded by their friends, he is fast to conform when they are alone. It is always a treat when two physically strong men in their heyday compete against one another. While both men are capable of’making love,’ we would classify this encounter as a “energetic fuck,” crowned by an impressive cumshot even by Adam’s standards!
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See all Jens Christensen gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.Join them!

Cute young stud Phillipe Gaudin’s tight bubble butt raw fucked by Adam Archuleta’s huge uncut dick.

Today we are taking a trip down memory lane with Adam Archuleta and Phillipe Gaudin.

We are not sure how this scene got left behind, but it was a pleasant surprise to see that we still had some unreleased content with Phillipe, and as always, Adam is a pleasure to see, especially in his (as GD likes to say) ‘young and crunchy’ stage.

See all Phillipe Gaudin gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.

See all Adam Archuleta gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here and at Freshmen here.Join them!

When it comes to fidelity and monogamy there can be no better examples than our two power couples of Adam Archuleta and Christian Lundgren, and Andre Boleyn and Jerome Exupery.

Their love and devotion to each other set an example that we all could follow.

That is of course only up until they are no longer in the same room together, and as soon as Jerome boards the train to Bratislava their horny boyfriends are up to their usual tricks and have roped in Adam and Andre as substitute boyfriends for the day.

The original plan was for Adam to arrive with his tools so that they could assemble some furniture, but Adam definitely has another ‘tool’ that he wants to use today.

Great sex, sexy boys, and a lot of fun, just what we all need for the new year and we hope you enjoy this all-star 4way today.Join them!

Our flip flop update this week falls into our unreleased archive category and features a young Adam Archuleta paired up with Tom Pollock.

Both of these guys continued with BelAmi after they finished their work in front of the camera. Tom as the archivist, and Adam as the cameraman.

In part 1 we find Tom as the top giving Adam’s ass a solid work over and in part 2 it is Adam’s turn to return the favor.

As we (at work) get to see Tom every day it is a bit of a surprise to see him as he was a few years ago.

Luckily both guys are so proud of their work in front of the camera, so every time we feature them we also have a little office celebration as well. Join them!

Sexy young muscle boys Adam Archuleta and Tom Pollock lie together on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

As Tom lies on his back, Adam plants tender kisses up his sexy body from his crotch to his nipples before he opens his mouth wide and swallows Tom’s big uncut dick.

At first, Adam works Tom’s huge mushroom cockhead with his tongue getting deep into his thick foreskin and polishing his pink bulbous dick dome.

The guy’s 69 with Adam feeding Tom his big erect cock as Tom sucks down hard on Adams.

Then Tom pushes Adam down onto the bed and parts his smooth ass cheeks with both hands, allowing his tongue to lick and rim his hot asshole.

Adam moans loudly enjoying Tom’s lips on his tight boy hole.

With Tom’s outstretched legs Adam goes to work on massaging the soles of Tom’s feet.

Adam then sits up straight and flops his big uncut cock in front of Tom’s face.

Tom swallows Adam’s thick erection right to the back of his throat choking when it hits home.

Tom manages to deep throat his huge uncut dick getting his mouth stretched to accommodate his sizeable fuck tool.

Then with Adam on his hands and knees, Tom pushes his erect cock balls deep into his hot butt hole.

Tom power fucks Adam doggie style keeping up the pace while Adam breathes deeply taking the ass pummelling in his stride.

The sexy boys switch places with Adam bareback fucking Tom’s bubble butt as he jerks his own cock.

With Adam’s huge dick deep in his hole, Tom orgasms spraying jizz all over his abs.

Adam then pulls out and blows a huge cumload in Tom’s face giving him a huge cum facial. Tom then licks Adam’s wet cock clean swallowing all his load.Join them!

Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta are relaxing when there is a knock at the door.

As Adam hides in the bathroom, Dylan answers it, welcoming Jim Durden into the apartment.

The two boys are just in their towels so Jim removes his t-shirt showing off his ripped muscled young body.

With everyone fully naked they wank their big uncut dicks comparing sizes to each other.

On the bed, the trio start making out with Adam kissing Dylan’s sweet lips whilst Jim nibbles at his nipples.

Jim and Adam 69 sucking each other’s big uncut cocks as gets his tongue deep between Dylan’s hairy ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole getting his nice and wet.

Jim swaps between sucking Adam’s huge young uncut dick and Dylan’s hard uncut erection.

Then Jim rims Dylan’s hot asshole as Adam presses his huge monster cock deep into Jim’s tight bubble ass.

As Jim sucks Dylan’s thick dick Adam bareback fucks Jim’s hole with long even strokes going balls deep making him moan loudly.

Jim rides Adam’s raw cock backing up onto it getting deeper and deeper with each rhythmic pump.

They switch up positions with Jim lowering his hot hole over Dylan’s huge uncut dick grinding down feeling every inch of Dylan moving inside him.

The hardcore bareback ass fucking continues until all three guys are ready to cum. They each blow their loads all over covering them all in their jizz, dripping down from their ripped young bodies….Join them!

Adam Archuleta is in South Africa playing with his new drone. He’s keen to get some aerial shots but he keeps forgetting and ends up deleting the footage.

We do get to see hot bottom boy Pip Caulfield splashing around in the pool as he relaxes before getting down to some hot sex.

Pip is a total cock fiend and this usually leads him to act hyper whenever he can sniff out a big dick. Today though he manages to uncover a more romantic sense as he and Adam get close.

Pip loves it as Adam rims his asshole, he enjoys the feel of Adam’s wet tongue lubing him up. Of course, Pip being Pip can’t wait to get to the main dish.

He’s ready to take Adam’s sizeable bare cock any which way. Adam doesn’t disappoint bareback fucking Pip in a combination of differing positions, getting his raw dick deep into Pip.

Pip can hold out no longer and he soon orgasms with a huge explosion of hot boy cum streaming from his dick. He’s followed by an equally horny Adam who sprays his load all over. Pip’s gonna need a shower after this hot sex show…Join them!

We have been very remiss in giving you scenes with Andre Boleyn recently and it has been a good 4 or 5 months since we last saw him on screen, so we thought that we would give him the starring role here in our main update of the week in our Summer Loves feature.

Although we will have the full documentary series for you later on, the camera crew have tried to give you a taste of what is going on at the castle at the beginning of each scene as well, and today that means a quick look at Helmut and Jack getting ready for their photo shoot together.

As for the sex, we reunite our original KinkyAngels couple of Andre and Adam Archuleta for the first time in ages to fuck Musketeer, Jerome Exupery.

There is a little interruption in the fucking however when a jealous Helmut Huxley barges in on set for Jerome to reassure him that he is not enjoying being pounded by our KA team more than he enjoys being fucked by him. Sadly things don’t go well for Helmut, and Jerome sends him on his way with only the briefest and most insincere assurances…Join them!

Our final scene for this week’s Jambo Africa brings us our diary cameraman, Adam Archuleta together with Serge Cavalli.

While we don’t get beaches, sand and surf, we do get a new look at a different part of South Africa and it’s wide open, and rural interior.

Both boys here seem oddly suited to this environment and relish the chance of some outdoor, rural love-making…Join them!

It is a bit unusual for us to schedule a night scene here on a weekend, but this one is something special.

Two of your favorites, Adam Archuleta and Joel Birkin are here together, and it is one of the few occasions now that we get to see Adam bottoming.

Whether topping or bottoming however there is one thing that you can assured from with Adam, and that is one of his signature cum shots, and he doesn’t leave us disappointed here…Join them!

Belami orgy with Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Rocco ALfieri, Yuri Alpatow and Scott Reeves. There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as with open with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble in the snow. (Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by Marty Stevens.)

When the boys all get back inside it does not take them long to gravitate to Joel’s dick in this cum filled oral adventure. As it is a 2 part scene, you know we are in for a treat tomorrow as they all get together for a good old fashioned, although small, orgy…Join them!

I am sure that Adam Archuleta and Scott Reeves tried to make it to the bedroom before starting this high energy fuck fest, but they just couldn’t manage. In fact, Adam could not wait even long enough for Scott to hang up his hat before pouncing on him. In recent times we have seen more of Adam topping than bottoming, so today’s scene is a nice reminder of what a capable bottom Adam can be, and what a lucky guy Scott is…Join them!

Athletic model Derek Raser has a perfect body so he naturally engages in some healthy self body worship from time to time. As he catches a glimpse in the mirror he can’t stop staring at himself while Adam Archuleta and Johnny Bloom are in the bedroom about to get it on.

Once they notice Derek admiring himself all alone they invite him into the bedroom to join them in some 3-Way action. Johnny and Adam are perfect tops and they showcase that as they take turns topping the muscular Derek until he’s covered in their cum from his face down to his ass…Join them!

This is one of Peter Annaud’s very first time with a boy. Luckily his partner is Adam Archuleta, who is an expert and caring lover. When Adam pulls off his pants Peter just can’t resist anymore and the sexual energy inside him erupts, turning a training session into a battle of huge power cocks…Join them!

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