Robin Rief

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Hungarian

Robin Rief gay porn scenes at Freshmen

The gloves and condom come off in this “battle” of the blonds at Balaton! Here, going below the belt is encouraged. Our Czech Champion Jens Christensen faces off against our HUNGarian hero, Robin Rief.

The blow by blows shared here are far more pleasurable than punches as each boy tries to out deepthroat the other.

It’s hard to judge who won this round. Is it Jens who manages to take all of Robin’s thick cock down his throat or Robin who has the pleasure of Jen’s mouth and throat?

Robin is a pugilist with heart, only too happy to bear the ass assault Jens provides.

Jens shows enormous stamina giving all that Robin can take. The conflict cums to a draw as both boys wind up down for the count, sexually exhausted but still ready for round two…Join them!

Robin Rief gay porn scenes at Belami Online

Today a behind-the-scenes look as the guys at Belami learn to have sex in front of the cameras. Today the expert lover Jerome Exupery teaches relative newbie, Robin Rief.

The sexy young dudes lie on the bed and start kissing as directed by cameraman and previous Belami model Kevin Warhol.

Jerome rubs his erect dick against Robin’s groin then he grabs ahold of Robin’s huge erection and swallows it whole and then licking his smooth mushroom cockhead with his tongue as Robin moans with pleasure.

Then Jerome kneels in front of Robin as he sucks down hard on his dick, proving he is quite the junior cocksucker.

With Robin backed up on the bed, Jerome uses his hands to part Robin’s tanned ass cheeks and gets his tongue deep into his hole boy hole, making it nice and wet ready for Jerome’s huge thick uncut cock.

Now as Jerome forces his dick in and out of Robin’s extra tight hole he can’t help moaning loudly.

Robin jerks his dick as Jerome plugs away pummelling his raw asshole as his balls slap against his ass cheeks.

They switch up positions a few times, each time Jerome gets deeper and harder into Robin’s hole.

Jerome is an intense lover and I am sure that Robin’s ass is aching from all the anal attention.

He won’t forget Jerome’s dick in a long time.

Then with Robin hovering over Jerome’s rampant dick reverse cowboy style Robin power fucks him showing no mercy.

Then in cowboy-style Robin shoots his load with Jerome’s hard cock still inside him.

Robin erupts in cum with jizz dripping down from his hands.

Jerome finishes off by orgasming shooting his huge cum load into Robin’s mouth.Join them!

The second of our Freshmen HUNGarians is blond beauty Robin Rief paired up with supermodel, Hoyt Kogan.

The sequencing of the edit is a bit different here as we start with Joel’s post-episode interview with Robin, be we are quickly back on track again.

Joel serves two purposes here, the first as a bit of eye candy, and the second is to introduce our two boys today.

This is Robin’s first scene that he filmed with us, and as you can see, he showed a lot of natural promise.

Not just a pretty face, but a very talented bottom giving Hoyt a run for his money…Join them!

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