Joel Tamir

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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick / 22 cms
Height: 5’11” / 180 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Czech

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Aspiring photographer Antu Burghos is taking a few shots when he’s confronted by bully boy Michael Nielsen.

We all know that a hot bully loves nothing more than a mouth on his dick and a tight twink hole to fuck and he’s not letting little Antu go about his day until he’s satisfied.

Out in the open, where any passerby might catch them, he makes the boy suck on his long uncut meat, his hooded helmet dripping precum into little Antu’s servile mouth.

The timid boy tries hard to please, but this dom won’t leave until he’s used that tight twink hole to get his load gushing.

Antu submits, wanking his own hard length while Michael fucks him from behind on the bridge, riding the steely meat on the steps and using his fleshy little tunnel to try to make the man shoot his seed.

Finally, ready Michael makes little Antu suck his cream down, spurting it right into the boy’s mouth.

The taste of the fresh warm goo is enough to have little Antu wanking out his own jizz in a final release that ensures his freedom.Join them!

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Hans Lecker is enjoying his time in the countryside with his best mate sexy boy Joel Tamir.

The boys are into each other and soon Joel is giving Han’s huge twink dick a balls deep blowjob.

Joel then gets his tongue around to Hans’ hot young hole licking his ass cheeks and rimming his asshole deeper.

It’s no surprise that in the natural setting their in Hans would want Joel’s large shaft.

But it’s not all over, as soon after Hans gets his dose of anal goodness too…Join them!

Joel Tamir is trying to console his young friend Sammy Case after he failed a test.

Joel kisses Sammy passionately first on his lips then moving down his lithe young body until he reaches his already hardening twink dick which he sucks down his throat.

Joel then spins Sammy around so that he gets a full view of his smooth pert butt hole. Joel runs his tongue around Sammy’s hole getting the tip deep.

Joel then offers his ass for Sammy to fuck. Sammy’s huge cock pumps into Joel as he moans with pleasure.

With all the attention Joel has all but forgotten about his test result as his ass takes a pummeling until both boys erupt in huge ejaculations of cum…Join them!

Joel Tamir enjoying his break at the café to study, is too busy, concentrate looking at Sasha Davidoff, Joel wants to get to know Sasha a bit more, and leaves his number on a note in the bathroom for Sasha to find when he comes out.

He does, and they both meet up and have a little fun.

With a fair amount of kissing and body worshiping, Joel is down sucking on Sasha’s meaty shaft, Sasha too sucks off Joel until his focus shifts to Joel’s hole which he rims in preparation of what’s to come…Join them!


These two boys definitely have something going on between them, Joel Tamir and Jamie Jackson laying on the grass in the garden is most definitely something we’d love to see if we were their neighbors.

With their provocative ways, Jamie is soon enjoying Joel’s mouth, running up and down every inch of his dick and with all the excitement he just can’t wait to try Joel’s pucker.

It goes without saying that by now both boys are rock hard and Joel is just getting started.

As of now he’s sitting on Jamie’s shaft and rocking the hell out of it, and soon after Jamie cums over the boy’s hole, and continues fucking Joel until his load is out too…Join them!


After a quick introduction, Joel Tamir is quick to make this boy feel at home by soon dropping his trousers and having Steve Harris kneel to adore his bulge, it goes without saying that both the boys get a fair share of cock, as soon it’s Joel that’s on his knees, sucking every inch of Steve’s cock.

Shortly after Joel goes down to get a better look at Steve’s pucker whilst he masturbates himself, before going all in.

Needless to say that these boys like it deep, Joel makes slow but intense thrusts that make Steve moan in pleasure with Joel’s cock, throughout various positions before getting covered in cum…Join them!


Seems like the mystical sphere has a distinctly aphrodisiacal effect on young lads in their prime – or at least that definitely seems to be the case with Vittorio Vega, whose somewhat fitful sleep leads to a very wild encounter with his orb-yielding buddy, Joel Tamir.

Before you know it the two mates are kissing away like a couple of love-sick teens; except in this instance there’s little sign of any restraint, as Tamir makes a headlong, open-mouthed shot at Vega’s handsome ramrod and begins to slurp on every rampant inch that’s available.

And believe us, Vega displays little effort in trying to knock back such attention; choosing to lie back on the bed instead so that he can savour the feel of Tamir’s tongue on his most intimate quarters.

Of course, you don’t need to be any kind of gay porn aficionado to understand that what Tamir really wants is to get that thick, uncut schlong deep inside his guts; but first the horny pair engage in a heated session of 69-ing, gobbling away for all they’re worth like a couple of downtown whores.

Ultimately, however, Tamir’s urge for a good arse-stretching proves just that little bit too much; and it’s with palpable relief that he finally sits himself down on Vega’s joystick and rides it like a professional bitch.

It’s a sight that’s almost enough to induce a premature explosion from even the most battle-weary fan; and matters only intensify when the fellow first gets buggered doggy-style, then gets taken on his back for a gaping crescendo.

No fucking wonder that both pals are soon spurting like geysers, leaving Tamir’s well-worn arse dripping with goo…Join them!

Johny Walsh wants to spend more quality time with his boyfriend Joel Tamir and he plans to give him a nice surprise as he opens the bedroom door with breakfast in bed.

Johny gives Joel a gift in a box, a pair of running shoes so that they can go jogging together.

Joel likes his new shoes and wants to thank him and soon the boys are kissing passionately. Joel moves to unleash Johny’s soft cock which is hardening and pressing against his tight undies.

Soon both boys are in a 69 position enjoying what both have to offer each other, before Joel lays on his back with his legs up displaying his irresistible hole, which Johny is rimming in no time.

It goes without saying that the workout here is for Joel’s hole as he continuously rides Johny’s dick till the very end when he gets covered in rich cum before blowing his own load…Join them!

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