Chester Owen

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Originating from a smallholding north of Stockholm in Sweden, Chester Owen quickly discovered that being the only gay in the village wasn’t all that much fun. He now lives in the capital with his boyfriend, who, we are told, enjoys seeing him play around with other lads. STAXUS, it seems, is surely his ideal home!

Interesting Fact:
Chester has a lifelong cyber-pal from the English city that gave him his stage name. Does this friend know of our boy’s alter-ego? Not yet – but chances are that’ll soon change should Chester’s dreams come true and he hits the big time!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Cancer
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick / 18 cm
Height: 5’11” / 180 cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Swedish
Nationality: Swedish

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Oh, to be young and carefree! It’s as sure as fuck to be hoped that Casey Flip and Chester Owen realise that these are the best days of their life, as they play and cavort in the woods and waters of their native Czechia.

But whether they do or not, one things for certain, and that’s the sight of them enjoying the joys and freedoms that only youth can ever provide is bound to attract a whole load of interest from our legion of fans.

Not least of all because they look so fucking gorgeous in their lustful prime. To be honest, it comes almost as something of a sweet relief when the pair finally make it back to their tent after their energetic high jinks; at which point, of course, things quickly turn decidedly carnal, with both buddies taking it in turns to greedily feast on each other’s hairless knobs.

Given the sheer intensity of everything that’s gone before, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that the urge to move on from oral to anal quickly overtakes these lads; with Flip turning his keen eye to Owen’s tight little pucker and rimming it for all he’s worth.

Moments later and he’s balls-deep inside his mate’s guts, heaving away like his very life depends on it; with director, John Smith, taking full advantage to capture a close-up view of the magnificent display.

Just seeing Flip’s arse as it bounces back and forth into that pert little arse will almost be too much for most viewers to bear; but the action only gets even more intense when Flip bundles his pal up against a tree to complete the performance.

All of which finds a magnificent climax when Owen gets his face splattered with cum…Join them!

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