Sean Cody Kieran

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Hottie muscle dude Kieran’s huge dick bare fucking young hairy chested hunk Carter Collins.

Hunks with dirty blonde hair Kieran and Carter are acting very childlike as they touch each other’s chests and peep down each other’s shorts as they are in the park.

Back in the studio, Carter can’t wait to get his teeth into Kieran and immediately strips him down so that they may have some fun together.

The top instructs him to “put that fucking big dick in your mouth” before putting him on all fours to rim him. “Put that fucking big dick in your mouth,” the top says.

“Oh, I just love it when you eat my hole!” Carter grumbles and eventually begins pleading to have his crotch ducked.

Before Carter rides him, Kieran satisfies the bottom’s demands by giving him what he wants in the missionary role.

The bottom begs for it harder in a doggie position, and he cums so hard that he collapses to the bed.

The bottom then requests for Kieran’s sperm all over him, and the top is delighted to give him!

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Hottie young muscle stud Sean Cody Kieran’s huge dick barebacking sexy boy Oliver Marks’s bubble ass.

After performing situps and jumping jacks in the car and then kissing among the trees and flowers, Oliver can’t wait to have a taste of Kieran’s cock and sucks him in the car.

After returning to the studio, the guys quickly remove their clothes, and Oliver goes down on his knees to demonstrate his deep-throating abilities.

Oliver implores Kieran, “I really need it,” and Kieran responds by assuring the youngster, “I’m going to give it to you.”

Oliver mounts the top’s cock and rides him on the couch until Kieran throws him onto his back and pounds his hole in a vigorous missionary fuck.

Oliver’s missionary fuck is particularly intense. While he was kneeling on the floor, Kieran grabbed Oliver’s bottom from behind, and then he leaned over the table till Oliver cums on it.

While Kieran fires a huge load on his ass and back, he sits there and licks his chops.

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Blond-haired Sean Cody Kieran and boyish looking Sean Cody Riley were on the basketball court sweating it out before their intimate one-on-one play. “So what was your first impression of me upon meeting?” asks athletic Riley.

“I looked at you, and you were fucking cute as hell. You have the whole body thing going for you, which is awesome, and then I saw your ass! I was like I really need to get into that!” replies muscular Kieran.

“I’m glad because I took one look at you, and was like woof! I like guys who are athletic, cut, and obviously I like a little bit of size down under.

It’s always fun to play with,” says Riley. “You know my dick is like 8-inches. Do you really think you can take that whole thing?” asks Kieran.

“Well, definitely going to have to try!” answers Riley with a gleeful sigh….Join them!


Tall, brown-haired Cole and blond-haired Keiran are out playing a game of catch under the hot sun. “I think he’s the whole package. He has an amazing ass, and I can’t wait to get into it later. It’s going to be a blast!” says Kieran enthusiastically.

“He’s a big guy! Great chest, huge dick which I’m super nervous, and excited about.

Might have to work at it a little bit, but we’ll get it in,” says Cole coyly. “I want him to be a little dominant and take charge.

I want huge cumshots!

I think we’ll get along just fine though,” says Cole. “Yeah, I think we will,” replies Kieran. Now that they’re both hot, horny and sweaty, it’s time to take the action inside…Join them!

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