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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6-inch dick
Height: 5’7″
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Weight: 120 lbs
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Nationality: American

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Sam Ledger, a shy bookworm, and Jayden Marcos, a sociable college athlete, make an unsettling connection. What began as a casual friendship develops in to an intimate relationship that neither deny, with sex that’s worth the long wait!

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Every twink in the city would like to test their hole against masked, muscular top the Twink Fucker, and the best of friends Jake Preston, Shae Reynolds, Niko Vaz, and Sam Ledger are no exception. Sam is the first to be granted an appointment for a dick one and then gets hit with a bed and pounded till he takes an unintentional facial. Just as Sam leaves, Niko arrives and hides under the bed where he hears every second of Shae being thrown around on that cock until Niko takes a pound on his face. The Twink Fucker spots Niko hiding in his spot and swaps twinks. He places Shae in a drawer, uses his still-hard boneer to pound on the brown-haired man’s face, while Niko rides him. Shae and Niko sneak into the house to watch Jake be beaten. The Twink Fucker once they’re found, takes on his biggest challenge to date, which is placing the four twinks exactly where he wants them, so that they can use their holes and have fun in an Orgy.

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Sam Ledger is surprised by his boyfriend, who leaves him with a MenSexGear Saddle Remote Control Prostate Stimulator. He can take advantage of it while he is away. Sam Ledger tries to test the limits of this ultra-soft silicone design that can be controlled remotely. He slides it into his hole and gets dressed before he tests its limits. However, as its unique vibration patterns take shape in the middle of his job interview, Sam finds himself in an exciting and unexpected situation. Malik Delgaty finds out everything from the twink. Soon, Sam is sucking up the hot interviewer and gets sexually sucked into Malik’s desk. Malik flips Sam upside down and grabs the bottom for a stand-and carry. In a state of heightened vigor, fueled by the Saddle’s constant vibrations in his tummy, Sam cums as he takes a ride on the top, and gets a facial.

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Sam Ledger immediately sends his information to the Twink Fucker after spotting him on the hookup app and joins the group conversation. To finally determine who is the greatest twink, Sam and his twink friends are going to face the Fucker! As soon as Sam enters the muscular top’s bedroom, he is met with the masked Twink Fucker (Zane), who silently throws him on the bed before fucking his mouth and sitting on his face. The Twink Fucker hits Sam in a doggystyle and piledriver, working his hole. Sam happily accepts a thick load on his face as the Twink Fucker drills his ass in the spoon position.
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The wicket keeper, Sam Ledger, is so shocked by the sight of that massive dick bouncing as he runs that he knocks the bails off the stumps. Batsman Leo Louis gets a tremendous shot, and the wicket keeper knocks the bails off the stumps! During the time that the bowler is gently putting them back on, Sam pulls down his flannels and gives Leo a threatening look. Both of them are sent to the bench by the umpire, where Sam sucks Leo with a ravenous appetite. During the interval, Sam is seen bending over the bat while Leo first tongues his hole and then fucks it in a doggy fashion. Meanwhile, the keeper rides the batsman up and down the field. First, Leo gives the twink a piledriver, then he fucks him on the bench till he cums, and finally, he gives him a facial through his mask. OH MY GOD!
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Vlogger in cryptid Sam Ledger is pursuing the largest legend to date: the Wood Lurker, a gigantic guy with a gigantic D that prowls the woods. While setting up his tent, Sam keeps a journal of his travels while being unaware that Chuck Conrad is encroaching on him from behind the trees. When Sam hears a disturbance, he runs into his tent to hide. Chuck waits, then decides when to roar loudly and drag Sam into the forest. When Chuck offers Sam his enormous cock to suck and then bends him over the picnic table to pound his tight hole, Sam realizes the tales were true. The enormous top takes up the twink for a stand-and-carry after he has finished riding the Wood Lurker. Sam grimaces as he receives a facial from the man, the myth, and the legend before being drilled in missionary on the table.
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At the championship esports competition, the defending champion, Sam Ledger, believes he is unstoppable, but the determined challenger, Jake Preston, is willing to do all it takes to win.

Jake begins by trying to kiss Sam at the pre-game handshake in order to determine where Sam’s vulnerabilities lie.

Sam gets out to an early lead in the game of Anal Cumbat, but Jake pulls out his “joystick” to distract him at a crucial point, and he ends up taking the win and the title.

Sam confronts Jake backstage after the bout, forcing him up against the wall, and enthusiastically swallows the top’s erect dick.

Sam gets rimmed by Jake, who then fucks him as he’s sitting on his gaming chair and sucking the bottom.

Sam rides the new champion’s cock and cums while Jake fucks him in a doggystyle fashion.

Following that, the top does his victory lap as he pulls out and blows his load.

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After Sam Ledger watches the television commercial for the Good Rubber auto dealership, which features the hunky salesperson Dom King, he immediately takes out his funds and goes in search of a vehicle to call his own.

Dom is well aware that a sucker is born every minute, and he intends to turn Sam into the latest sucker in some way, shape, or form.

Dom pulls down Sam’s trousers and fucks him from behind while Sam bends over to inspect the trunk space.

After that, they proceed outdoors, where Sam swallows the top.

After picking up Twink for a reverse stand and carry, Dom fucked him doggy-style while bent over a hood while they were both wearing hoodies.

After giving Sam missionary a full-body beating in the back of an SUV until the bottom cums, Dom treats Sam to a facial before they continue to work out the details of the business at Dom’s office.

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Sexy clean cut stud Trevor Brooks’s huge dick raw fucking young boy Sam Ledger’s virgin asshole.

Things get romantic between Trevor Brooks and twink Sam Ledger as they take a walk in the woods and make out under a tree.

The guys will remember this day forever, and their kissing quickly turns to more as Sam sucks the top on the couch.

Trevor holds Sam’s thin body as he fucks his hole, then drills him spoon before sucking the bottom’s cock and rimming his hole.

Sam loves every inch as Trevor pounds him in superman and missionary till he cums.

Trevor turns the bottom on all fours to fuck him in doggystyle before busting on that hole.

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After Dakota reports Sam for wrongdoings, leader Brody must take immediate action.

Sam is blindfolded and laid on a table, where Dakota and Brody will spank his ass and have their way with his hole.

Sam loves the sensation and is happy to repent and pay his penance for his sins.

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Young beefcake hottie, Josh Brady, and sexy, slim Sam Ledger give us ALL the goods with gorgeous gusto, in this rump-ramming romp.

The perfect pair permeate pure pornstar perfection.

Hot hunk, Brady showcases his lusty legend status, while Sam is an absolute twink lover’s wet dream. Through the sex-soaked steam, one can easily see how the lil’ hottie has quickly become a fan favorite.Join them!

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