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Brotherly love step bros Dolf Dietrich and Jax Thirio balls deep ass fucking.

Each deep, passionate thrust of Dolf’s cock inside of Jax made the whole bed rock. Dolf placed Jax’s legs over his shoulders and began to methodically push his steel-hard rod all the way in and then slowly pull back out—and repeat.

The brothers gasped and moaned in unison. Jax hoped and prayed it would go on and on like this, never stopping. Dolf did indeed try to keep sexing up his brother as long as he could, but Jax’s sweet, sensuous moans and sighs inevitably got to be too hot and thrilling to bear.

Dolf could feel a mind-bending, powerful orgasm hurtling to the finish. He shouted in ecstasy as thick, hot blasts of semen filled Jax’s well-fucked beefy bottom. The brothers in their youth had had some really intense and exciting fucks, certainly. But now, as men in the peak of their prime, this was something completely different.

Dolf wondered if it was crazy that he was starting to have feelings again for Jax. Or was it the orgasmic afterglow of an incredibly awesome fuck overtaking him? Either way, it seemed clear to Jax and Dolf that their rekindled brotherly love felt good. It felt right and perfectly natural.

And this was an understanding that these brothers shared without having to say the words. What was to come next? Jax certainly had no idea, but he had a feeling deep inside that this was just the beginning.

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Fit muscle-bound hunk, Jax Thirio is back this week with hot young twink, Troye Jacobs.

These hotties certainly know how to make a show of things, so you can expect there to be fireworks from the very beginning.

The two dudes make out, kissing passionately, locked in a horny embrace, desperately ripping each other’s clothes off.

Troye’s pale, skinny torso contrasts perfectly with Jax’ bulging, ripped, tanned body. It would be hard to find two guys who wanted each other more.

Jax kneels between Troye’s legs and wraps his sensual lips around the boy’s bulging dick before getting every inch of it in his mouth and then further down into his tight, hungry throat.

Troye, now massively turned on, throws Jax onto the bed and pushes his legs back to his ears before allowing his slippery tongue to seductively dance over the gasping older guy’s expectant hole. These two are pretty much as versatile as they get, but Troye has plainly lined himself up for the top bunk tonight.

Troye pulls Jax to the edge of the bed, and stands up, lining his long, juicy dick up with the muscle god’s ass. Jax begs for Troye’s meat; he knows how good it feels and he needs it now.

Troye’s strokes speed up and before long the boy’s banging Jax full tilt, dick diving real deep into the older man’s flawless body. His strokes are relentless. This twink has stamina.

There’s obviously a limit to the length of time you can penetrate someone with that much intensity, and Troye’s dick eventually explodes right up inside the older man. He shoots prolifically. A river of semen flows onto the bedsheets as he pulls out.Join them!

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When Eric Charming was brought out, my breath was taken away. Not only did he have a smooth, well-maintained body, but he had the beautiful face of an angel.

His lips were full and pink, parted slightly as he nervously took each anxious breath. His eyes darted around the room like a puppy looking out for danger but keeping himself composed and compliant as Master Jax Thirio began to present him to the group.

With each snap of his fingers, the slave boy Eric changed up his position, showcasing his beautiful chest, his strong back, and, of course, his peachy, round, creamy-white ass. As Jax Thirio oiled him up, the sheen off his cheeks took to the light and made him all the more enticing

Eric propped himself up on his arms, revealing the well-worked muscles beneath his boyish appearance. He was clearly not nearly as fragile as his virginal look would have suggested, making my cock stiffen at the thought of what I could do with him.

And just as I felt myself prepared to bid, Master Thirio opened up his pants and pulled out his throbbing member, making me breathe harder as I knew what was to come.

His rigid tool was placed right between Eric’s perfect cheeks, finding its way deeper into the valley of his mounds before it got lost in his hole.Join them!

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When Troye Jacobs gets home way past his curfew, his stepdad Jax Thirio is waiting for him on the sofa chair to punish him.

Troye gets put across Jax’s knees to get a good spanking, but to get his point across, Jax will pound Troye with his huge cock.Join them!

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Jax Thirio is desperate to relate to his stepson Levi Rhodes but he just can’t seem to remedy the generation gap.

Jax asks his coworker Brandon Anderson for tips of how to fit in with the younger guys before fitting into Brandon.Join them!

Uh oh! While Roman Todd is away, his husband Jax Thirio is playing with Trevor Harris.

Roman comes home to find Jax fucking the tight twink and gives them some guff before joining in on the fun.Join them!

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Sweet young bottom boy Michael Boston and ripped muscle hunk Jax Thirio are playing about with a small glowing drone.

They bet each other that they won’t drop the drone initially for cash but Michael suggests the one who drops it must go down on the other one’s cock.

The games commence and soon it is Michael who hits the toy to the ground, he drops to the floor and sucks on Jax’s big muscle cock.

Jax then spins Michael around and gets his tongue deep between Michael’s fleshy bubble butt ass cheeks.

He licks and rims Michael’s hot hole getting it wet for his dick.

Jax then fucks Michael’s tight ass hole in kneeling missionary switching up positions a number of times getting his hard erect dick deep into Michael’s hot hole till his balls are slapping on his bubble butt.

Michael and Jax then change positions with Jax bottoming for Michael’s big cock.

Jaz can take the ass pounding no longer and shoots his load all over Michael’s hot ass before Michael himself jerks out a massive load of hot young cum….Join them!

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Hottie young dark-haired Missionary twink Dakota Lovell steps out of the shower in a bathrobe and enters Bishop Jax Thirio’s bedroom.

Bishop Jax looks up from his bible and ushers young Dakota to strip off his clothes and come to him for some hole training.

Elder Dakota has been quite uptight around the church and so Bishop Jax is going to help him loosen his tightness by penetrating his boy hole with Jax’s huge erect dick.

First Elder Dakota sucks down hard on Bishop Jax’s thick cock taking it right to the back of his throat until his huge mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat choking him.

Bishop Dax then bends the little cutie Dakota over and forces his hard erection deep into the young boy’s hot hole making him scream with delight.

Then Bishop Dax opens his hole for the young Missionary boy to fuck him. They switch back and forth until both are super horned up.

Young Dakota takes the ass pummelling in a number of different positions until he can hold off no longer and ejaculates spraying jizz all over his stomach and chest.

Seeing all this boy cum, Bishop Jax loses control and orgasm jizzing all over the young boy’s asshole.Join them!

Fit young dude Jesse Bolton is relaxing at home when he hears someone at the door ringing the bell.

He opens the door to find Father Jax Thirio asking if he can come in.

Jesse invites Father Jax in and when they are seated on the sofa Jesse mentions that he has decided to go on a mission.

Jesse says he will miss Father Jax and he hopes for his blessing.

Father Jax opens his pants and his big thick soft dick flops out.

Immediately Jesse falls to his knees and sucks his cock into the back of his throat.

Father Jax’s dick becomes rock hard as Jesse sucks it down.

They retire to the bedroom where Jesse lays down in missionary position with his ass up in the air.

Father Jax feeds his solid dick between Jesse’s smooth ass cheeks getting his dick balls deep into his hot boy hole.

He slaps Jesse’s ass cheeks as he bareback fucks him in slow rhythmic flows.

Jesse gets on top, guiding Father Jax’s hard cock into his ass hole, reverse cowboy style.

With Jesse firmly in control, he grinds his young asshole down further onto Father Jax’s erect dick. Feeling evey inch of the horny priest’s fuck tool.

The hardcore raw ass fucking continues this time with Jesse on his back with his legs in the air.

Father Jax pumps his erect cock deeper in Jesse’s young bubble butt hole till he can take it no more and he sprays cum all over his stomach and chest in explosive jizz shots.

Satisfied that Young Jesse horny feelings have been sated Father Jax pulls out and blows a huge jizz load all over the young missionary boy….Join them!

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Young slim blonde dude Jesse Bolton is at home alone standing in a window playing with a big dildo when he is interrupted by his stepdad Jax Thirio.

“Oh! What are you doing? Asks the shocked Jax. “I’m practicing,” replies Jesse, with a huge sex toy halfway up his hot asshole.

Jax manhandles the young twink off the window ledge and onto the floor.

“What will the neighbors think? Jax demands.

Not with Jesse on all fours he makes his way to where Jax is sitting on the bed.

“I know how you look at me sometimes,” Jessie says while flirting with his sexy eyes.

Jesse undoes Jax’s jeans, saying “I can see that you are hard too”, as he releases Jax’s thick almost erect dick and gently sucks it until it is a throbbing erection.

Now with Jax fully hard, Jax pushes his stepson onto the bed and parts his smooth peachy ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue in deep licking his hot boy hole.

Jesse moans as he feels the sensation of Jax’s lips on his ass hole.

Jax then pushes his big cock all the way into Jesse’s tight bubble butt ass hole making him squeal with delight,

With Jax lying flat on the bed with just his white socks on Jesse climbs atop and forces his hot hole grinding it down onto Jax’s thick dick.

Jax power fucks Jesse’s sore ass changing up positions a number of times getting deeper and harder as Jesse comes close to orgasm.

Jax pulls out and showers Jesse’s hole with his cum before fucking his jizz back inside while Jesse blows a huge load all over his smooth stomach and chest.

Jesse lies there with a quiet smile of satisfaction he’d been dreaming of Jax’s dick and a bare fuck with his hot step dad sure beat a rubber sex toy….Join them!

When their friend Parker Hayes ventures off alone to do a little exploring, tanned, muscular Jax Thirio and red-haired Kyle Connors grab the opportunity to get frisky in the sunny clearing.

When Parker returns and catches Jax sucking Kyle’s cock, he takes a turn before ordering Kyle to get on his knees and taste Jax’s dick and then his own.

Jax and Kyle both suck Parker, and then the tall hottie films on his phone while Jax eats Kyle’s hole and penetrates him with his fingers before fucking him doggy style.

Parker gets it all on video as Jax makes Kyle cum while fucking him mish, then keeps pounding the redhead’s ass till he pulls out and jizzes all over his hole…Join them!

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You’ve seen ’em, you love ’em, so watch as Jax Thirio and Austin Avery have one hell of a good time together.Join them!

College wrestling coach Jax Thirio and hottie young college wrestling star Nick Thompson have a strong connection in the ring but after the match, Jax needs to speak tactics with Nick.

The situation develops quickly and the two notice that they have a mutual attraction for each other.

Jax can’t help but notice that Nick’s sporting a huge hard-on through his wrestling singlet.

He reaches down to stroke it and Nick grabs Jax around the neck and they make out, kissing passionately before Jax runs his tongue up and down Nick’s smooth ass crack.

Then they switch places and Jax gets a firm rimjob from Nick’s inquisitive tongue.

First Jax forces his huge erect dick balls deep into Nick’s hot tight asshole, power fucking him to an inch of an orgasm.

Nick then takes control of the situation pumping his solid cock into Jax, making him lose control.

Jax can feel every inch of the younger dude’s raw dick moving inside him and quickly gets to the point of no return spraying them both with his hot powerful jets of jizz.

Seeing all this cum makes Nick orgasm firing off shot after shot of creamy ejaculate all over his stomach. Then the coach and young wrestler come together for a cummy kiss.Join them!

Hot homemade action from Jax Thirio.

Jax told us, ‘recently I got to shoot Nico Coopa with another model and as soon as we met, I knew we would have to make a video of our own, and today we finally hooked up and made it happen.

We both got really into it and by the time we were ready to bust we had been flip-fucking for a couple hours.

It left me a lot to edit but it was totally worth it cause this is one crazy hot and wild flip fuck.Join them!

After giving in to their deepest desires, Trevor Harris, Ryan Jordan, Kyle Wyncrest, and Jayden Marcos think they’re on their way out of the strange haunted house only to find that they’re still locked in, and about to come face-to-face with the ‘Mastermind’ behind their twisted time.

A blast from the past turns into an over-the-top orgy.Join them!

What’s better than a freaky foursome?

A freaky foursome with hotties Devyn Pauly, Jax Thirio, Jesse Bolton, and Max Lorde.

The guys enjoy rubbing, sucking, and fucking each other in this steamy homemade banger.Join them!

Jax Thirio has his hands full with a whole lot of hot ass. Jax takes care of Jack Bailey and Troye Jacobs in this homemade hornfest.Join them!

Jax Thirio and Tom Bentley have tons of chemistry. They makeout and 69 before getting into some passionate fucking in this homemade gem.Join them!

The four sexy young men pose for a photo in their swimming shorts by the side of the pool.

At first newbie studs, Max Lorde and Devyn Pauly don’t notice that horned-up hunks Dakota Payne and Jax Thirio are already making out behind them.

Then Jax and Dakota invite Max and Devyn to join them.

The two younger dudes kneel at the bench with their swimming shorts around their ankles sucking down hard on Dakota and Jax’s big thick dicks.

It’s Dakota who first moves in for the kill, slipping his hard cock into Max’s tight bubble ass and pumping him with long regular strokes in and out.

Jax gets his tongue deep into Devyn’s ass crack before he shoves his lubed erection forcefully into the young stud’s raw asshole, making him moan loudly.

Devyn returns the favor blowing Jax’s cock licking it clean.

Dakota now on all fours, parts Max’s pulls apart his ass cheeks and runs his tongue along his smooth ass crack before giving his pink asshole a thorough tongue-washing.

They now switch up partners with Dakota bare fucking Devyn doggy style and Jax power fucking Max with his feet up over his shoulders.

Devyn is super horny and he wants Jax’s cock harder and deeper so he takes control of the action.

He hovers over Jax who is sat on the bench as he lowers his butt hole down onto Jax’s thick dick, grinding his ass down further and harder until Jax is balls deep inside.

The intensity of the fucking increases and both Devyn and Max’s holes are being pounded until the two tops are about to orgasm.

They both pull out and shower their bottom’s asses with their hot jizz, before fucking their loads back inside as the two young studs blow spraying cum all over them all.Join them!

Masyn Thorne had a hard day on the wrestling mat and his coach Jax Thirio wants to see better from him.

A lot is at stake for Masyn. If he doesn’t get it together, he could lose his scholarship.

Masyn gets to work straight away, pumping iron after hours. It’s only a matter of time before Jax pumps that ass.Join them!

Jesse Bolton and Blake Dyson share turns, sucking Masyn Thorne’s huge twink dick before bending over and presenting their tight ass holes to the young top.

Masyn rims their asses getting his tongue deep between their ass cheeks like he’s starved.

When it comes to time to fuck, he can’t get the angles right for the camera.

Enter, hot-hung director Jax Thirio, who jumps in to show Maysn the proper form and turns the twinks out just right….Join them!

Hottie young stud Michael Boston starts making out with young twink Aiden Asher kissing passionately and exploring each others’ sexy bodies with their hands and mouths.

As they undress Michael sucks Aiden’s nipples before Aiden releases Michael’s big thick cock from his underwear sucking down hard on it till he chokes hitting the back of his throat.

Michael forces his huge erect dick in and out of Aiden’s willing mouth as he works his tongue up and down its full length.

As Aiden is on all fours on the bed blowing Michael, Jax Thirio appears parting young Aiden’s ass cheeks licking his tongue up and down his ass crack, getting it deep into the twinks tight boy hole.

The guys then switch positions with Michael bare fucking Aiden’s hot asshole while Jax fucks his mouth getting his cock balls deep.

The hot bareback spit roasting ends with Jax spreading Aiden’s legs apart and pumping his ass hole full of his erect dick in long slow strokes.

The guys take it in turns riding Aiden’s hot hole getting hard and deeper each time. He takes their big raw cock fucking in his stride and he is soon ready to cum.

First Michael pulls out and sprays his huge load of jizz all over Aiden’s ass and then Jax fires off a volley of cumshots the sight of which makes Aiden drop a cumload himself covering them all in his boy juice….Join them!

Hot older muscle stud Jax Thirio massages younger dude Ryan Evans hot smooth body.

Ryan is lying naked on the massage table while sexy masseur Jax in just his skimpy shorts rubs the massage oil into his soft skin.

As Jax’s hands get to Ryan’s peachy ass cheeks Jax parts them with his fingers and bends down to lick his hole.

Jax rims Ryan’s tight asshole getting his tongue deep inside. He fingers him and notices his soft cock gets rock hard.

Ryan turns over and Jax wanks his huge erect dick in slow long strokes.

Jax sucks the big cock head and swallows his whole cock all the way down to his balls, choking on the young guy’s erect tool.

With Ryan now on his knees up on the massage table, Jax’s huge cock splits his ass cheeks getting his cock deep into his hot raw hole.

Ryan moans constantly as Jax bareback fucks him deeper. Now with Ryan on his back, Jax picks up speed plugging his asshole harder and faster until Ryan can take no more and blows his huge cum load all over his abs and chest.

He’s quickly followed by Jax who pulls out and sprays jizz all over the young lad before fucking the cum back inside him….Join them!

New gay porn star Johnny Hunter is introduced to fans today.

Jax Thirio is ready to give him a big welcome as well as fuck his virgin ass onscreen for the first time…Join them!

Michael Boston loves to get fucked by the hot Jax Thirio and Dalton Riley.Join them!

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Michael Boston is minding his business in the game room shooting a round of pool when hung muscle-stud Jax Thirio passes by and lures him away from the table.

When they head upstairs, Jax is taken by Michael’s insatiable bubble butt and helps himself to a mouthful of his buddy’s smooth hole.

To give Jax better access, Michael hoists his leg up to give his hot friend total access to his crack.

When Jax pulls his shirts down to reveal his pulsating cock, Michael can’t help but get on his knees and service Jax’s fat cock on the spot.

After Jax has had his fill of fucking Michael’s throat, he sets his sites on drilling his hole, so he bends the bubble-butt stud over to fuck his tight ass, raw.

Michaels takes it from the back before they move to the stairs and Jax drills Michael’s hole on the top step.

After taking one last taste of Michael’s ass, Jax flips him upside down and pounds Michael’s hole while he balances on the stairs.

Michael’s hole is too hot for Jax to handle so he glazes his buddies’ sore hole with his cum, then shoves his cock back in.

With Jax deep inside of him, Michael strokes his big cock until he spills his wad onto his sweaty abs.

Seeing Michael covered in his own cum sends Jax into overdrive and he laps up Michael’s load so they can seal their deed with a wet, cummy kiss..Join them!

As Jax Thirio wanders past the pool room he catches the eye of Michael Boston who is shooting a few balls.

Michael catches up with Jax stopping him on the staircase. Jax stops dead in his tracks coming around and spotting Michael’s hot bubble ass. Without, hesitation Jax rips down Michael’s white Calvin Kleins and buries his face in his smooth ass crack.

Jax pulls up Michael’s leg to open up Michael’s asshole further, getting his tongue in deep.

Michael falls to his knees, jerking his big throbbing cock as he sucks down hard on Jax’s fat cock.

Once Jax has fucked Michael’s throat, he sets his sites on fucking his hot ass hole, so he bends the bubble-butt stud over to fuck his tight butt, raw.

Michaels takes it from the back before they move to the stairs and Jax drills Michael’s hole on the top step. After taking one last taste of Michael’s ass, Jax flips him upside down and pounds Michael’s hole while he balances on the stairs.

Michael’s hole is too hot for Jax to handle so he glazes his buddies’ sore hole with his cum, then shoves his cock back in.

With Jax deep inside of him, Michael strokes his big cock until he spills his wad onto his sweaty abs.

Seeing Michael covered in his own cum sends Jax into overdrive and he laps up Michael’s load so they can seal their deed with a wet, cummy kiss..Join them!

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Jonah Reeves has just fucked Johnny Rapid’s ass (here) and he’s still naked when Jax Thirio arrives.

He’s still naked when they sit down on the new sofa. Jax tells him to put some clothes on, so he grabs his army pants.

But he’s still got six months of horniness to make up for, so he’s glad that Jax is around to help.

When Jax sees Jonah rubbing his cock as they chat on the couch, he tells the sexy soldier to pull it out so he can watch, then starts sucking him.

Jonah wants to see Jax’s muscular body and has him get naked, then tells Jax to hop on and ride his cock.

Jax loves the feel of Jonah’s big cock in his ass and can’t stop saying so as the hunky troop tops him in spoon and doggy style.

The guys sit back to jack off, and each covers his abs with a thick load of cum….Join them!

Calhoun Sawyer’s got the resources to jet around the world to fuck, but he doesn’t have the game, so he visits master twink-whisperer Jax Thirio in Nashville to get some tips.

Jax has a network of cuties all over the country, and he’s more than happy to team up with Calhoun, introduce him to some guys, and give him some lessons in picking up dudes.

Calhoun is a bit shy to get things started, so Jax tells him to come suck his big dick, fucking Calhoun’s mouth before eating the redhead’s ass.

Jax eases that huge boner into Calhoun’s hole doggy style, then the bottom rides him reverse before Jax fucks him spoon.

Calhoun cums as Jax fucks him mish, before the top blows his load on the redhead’s hole…Join them!

Ripped muscle pervert Jax Thirio just can’t stop jerking off over his new young roommate Jesse Bolton whenever he sees him. This evening he finds his sexy roomie wanking his twink dick and spurting jizz all over everything. What a messy boy.

When Jax spots Jesse bending over in nothing but a jockstrap to load the dryer, he decides to level up by pounding the twink’s tight hole.

Jesse sucks Jax’s pole, then they head to the bedroom where Jax tongues Jesse’s ass and fucks him doggy style and mish before blowing one more big load all over Jesse. This time, Jesse joins in…Join them!

Johnny Rapid and Jax Thirio are in need of a little R&R, and what better place than the hot tub of a cozy and private B&B.

This bed and breakfast provides everything the pair needs for a good time, even eye candy in the form of musclebound fellow guest Collin Simpson.

Collin joins the guys in the hot tub and soon he’s sucking Johnny’s cock, then Jax tongues both Johnny and Collin’s dicks. The threesome head inside where Jax decides to bottom for the first time.

Johnny loosens his hole up in doggy style, then Collin and his big dick take over in mish as Johnny fucks Jax’s mouth. Then Johnny wants a turn taking that big dick, and he rides Collin till he cums.

Jax and Collin shoot their loads too before the guys clean up to get back in the hot tub…Join them!

While Jax Thirio relaxes in the hot tub waiting for his man Dalton Riley, something about the motion of the ocean gets him so fucking horny. By the time Dalton arrives, Jax is raring to go.

He starts kissing Dalton and goes straight for his cock under the water, so Dalton hops up to let Jax swallow that dick.

Dalton returns the favor before Jax eats the bottom’s hole and fucks him doggy style.

The guys hop out of the tub so Dalton can ride Jax’s cock, then he fucks Dalton missionary till the bottom cums and finishes on Dalton’s face…Join them!

Professor Jax Thirio offers mock interviews to prep his students for the real world, but college senior Damien Kyle has no experience, no strengths, and no idea how to make a good first impression.

Jax decides to try a different approach, bending the naughty Damien over his desk and spanking him with a ruler.

Damien loves it, and shows the prof that there is one thing he excels at: sucking dick.

Jax teaches Damien how to take it hard in his ass, and Damien wants to impress his professor by riding his cock and taking a huge load on his face…Join them!