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Gay Rugby player orgy with JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter, Tarzan Top.

Already naked and ready to fuck, tattooed rugby player jock Drew Valentino slides himself into the hole of Tristan Hunter as a horny Cole Connor is getting barebacked by Roman Todd only a few steps away.

On the other side of the locker room, JJ Knight’s oversized cock is making Devin Franco’s eyes roll to the back of his head while Tarzan Top slams himself into Luca del Rey’s muscular cheeks.

The naked players display some hardcore teamwork as they gather in the center of the locker room to dick down Luca del Rey and take turns burying their raw cocks inside of his furry hole.

One by one, each cock-hungry athlete takes a go at unloading their balls and covering Luca’s eager mouth and hairy body in their fresh cum with a satisfied Luca smiling every stroke of the way.Join them!

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A locker room orgy with JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter, and Tarzan Top at Hot House.

The gay-sex-and-hardcore-porn/hot-houses and the Hot House Bulldogs are putting their intense rivalry aside for one massive bareback orgy that’s filling up an entire locker room.

Stallions player Drew Valentino starts off the group fuck at full strength by pounding his raw cock into Tristan Hunter while making the bottom inhale a jockstrap.

Feet away, Bulldogs leader Roman Todd is drilling his dick into opponent Cole Connor while JJ Knight spreads open Devin Franco’s legs to fill his sweaty hole.

Tarzan Top pulls his oversized meat out of Luca del Rey’s ass to join the rest of the jocks as they head to the centre of the room for even more anal play.

Luca quickly becomes the cum whore of the group as he lays down and accepts the hot loads of every Bulldog and Stallion player in the room.Join them!

The Hot House Bulldogs may have lost the big match, but that doesn’t mean that the team isn’t down for some horny celebration with their rival team in the locker room.

Bulldogs leader Roman Todd kicks off the bareback orgy by making out with opponent Cole Connor and letting Tarzan Top service his already-hard dick.

The men soon form a sweaty, naked pile that consists of Cole, Roman, Tarzan, JJ Knight, and Tristan Hunter rimming, sucking and exploring each other’s naked bodies.

Ready to breed some hole, the men break off and begin breeding ass all over the locker room.

Luca del Rey opens up for JJ, Tarzan stretches out Tristan’s hole, Devin Franco bottoms for Cole’s cock, and Drew Valentino christens the shower by creaming in Roman’s hole and using his tongue to mop up any loose cum falling out of his ass.Join them!

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Raging Stallion says: Hairy chested muscle hunk Drew Valentino and sexy black stud Sean Xavier flip flop big cock anal

Drew Valentino, a hairy fucker, didn’t think he would get a short trip to the bathroom for men to involve swallowing a random man’s nine-inch cock. But he can’t refuse when Sean Xavier flashes a big dick. The two strangers, who have no other people around, rim one another and then suck it up until they’re aching to flip-fuck one another and then bury their bony fucks in each other’s craters. Sean leaning against a urinal, gets pounded out by Drew and then turns the tables on Drew’s hairy ass across before slurping up Drew’s fresh chew.

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Raging Stallion says: Leather clad muscle dudes Drew Valentino, Colton Reece and Derek Kage hardcore fuck fest at Raging Stallion

In a sex dungeon for private sex, Drew Valentino is wearing only a harness as he stands over a naked Derek Kage and guides a sounding rod into his wet dick slit. Pleased but not fully content with the rod encroaching into the interior of his thigh, Derek tells Drew that he can go even deeper with the equipment. Derek is immediately attracted to Colton Reece, who enters the scene. He turns around and grabs Colton’s cock by the naked back. He then slams his face right into Drew’s breast. Now riding Drew, Derek prepares to be sucked into by the dom duo, as both fucks push their rods into his wrecked hole. The sub-bottom can now shoot his own load, with Derek on his back, and the two big-dicked doms on his face.

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Hung muscle dude Drew Valentino’s huge erect cock barebacking suited stud Allen King’s aching hole
Unique to Pinstripe Realty International Allen King has the responsibility of determining whether prospective employee Drew Valentino would be a good fit for the organization, but it appears that he would prefer to determine whether Drew and his excellent credentials are a suitable fit for his position. Drew and his daring hands start playing with the hungry ass of the real estate agent as his massive dick starts to disappear deep down Allen’s throat. Then, when a dressed-in man leans over the edge of a couch, Allen Drew burys his face in Allen’s cheeks while fucking his hole with his hairy cock. Drew grabs Allen from behind and spreads him out in various positions all over the realtor’s yard as Allen groans, closes his eyes, and clenches his tie between his teeth. Drew concludes the bareback business meeting by shooting all over Allen’s hole and using his own necktie to wipe up the creamy mess while sporting a leg covered in Allen’s cum.
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Horny suited hunks Drew Valentino and Pol Prince flip flop big cock anal fuck fest
Drew Valentino, a real estate agent from New York, flew all the way to Torremolinos in order to attend an interview for the job he really wants. However, he is well aware that in order to acquire the job, he will first need to secure a few chosen positions for himself. While he is having his interview with the head of human resources, Pol Prince, he allows the interviewer’s dress shoes to give him a foot job. Eventually, Pol becomes so aroused that he crawls beneath his own desk to suck off the enormous dick that is bulging out of Drew’s dress pants. Drew, who is still focused on securing a position for himself inside the organization, displays his real A-game by blowing, riming, and barebacking Pol until the business stud’s face is smashed against the glass of his own desk. The conversation quickly devolves into a flip-fuck when Pol removes Drew’s pants and takes the realtor from behind. all men are hungry for more at this point, and Pol satisfies all of their desires. Afterward, as Drew was on his back and Pol was worshipping Drew’s feet, Pol began licking up the new nut that Drew had just shot all over his tie. After that, Pol pulled out his huge cock and unloaded it into Drew’s open mouth while Drew was still on his back.
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Sexy bottom boy Michael Boston’s bare bubble butt raw fucked by hairy hunk Drew Valentino.

Nurse Michael Boston just impulsively decided to start masturbating in the middle of an empty examination room, but right as he begins fingering himself, fellow nurse Drew Valentino walks in.

Drew doesn’t seem to mind discovering his naked and exposed coworker though and immediately gets to rimming Michael’s smooth hole.

With both nurses now completely nude, the two 69 on the examination table before Drew uses his furry cock to bareback Michael’s bubble butt.

Drew makes the table shake and his coworker cum all over himself as he rapidly thrusts in and out of Michael’s ass.

Drew leans down to lick up every last drop of Michael’s mess before busting all over his friend’s uncut cock and floppy balls. 

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Hardcore gay flip flop ass fucking Drew Valentino and Lawson James big dick anal.

When Lawson begins making updates to his living will, Drew wants to ensure that the tech billionaire remembers that he’s more than just his executive assistant he’s essentially family.

With the room officially emptied of Lawson’s associates and Drew eager to prove his loyalty, the assistant makes his way down to his boss’ round, hairy cheeks.

He lingers around Lawson’s crack and becomes intoxicated by the musk before going to work on his hole.

The mature mogul returns the oral favor by opening his mouth for his hung assistant to fuck with his furry cock before getting on all fours to be barebacked in several positions.

When it’s Lawson’s turn to top, Drew finds himself gripping the bed’s sheets as hard as possible while his boss’ daddy dick stuffs and fucks his ass.

With his cock still rammed inside of Drew, Lawson bends down to lick up the cum bursting out of Drew’s hard cock and leans back to allow his obedient assistant to swallow his hot load.

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Eight-man gay orgy starring JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter, Tarzan Top.

After a well-deserved win, the gay-bareback/raging-stallions rugby team is storming the locker room to pop bottles with the losing Hot House Bulldogs.

With Roman Todd’s noticeably hard cock spilling out of his jock, the celebration quickly transforms into a bareback orgy as Stallions hunk Tarzan Top drops to his knees to service both Roman and teammate Cole Connor.

Feet away, Drew Valentino is filling his mouth with rival players JJ Knight and Tristan Hunter while Stallions stud Luca del Rey goes down on the girthy dick of Bulldogs standout Devin Franco.

Both teams waste no time breaking off to bareback all over every open space of Stallions’ locker room with Drew pounding Roman in the shower, JJ fucking Luca over a table, Tarzan stretching out Tristan on a bench, and Cole filling up Devin in the changing area.

The excessive celebrating soon has each and every one of these rugby tops breeding their muscular bottoms with some guys like Drew even going down to lick up their load as it drips out of their hookup’s hole.Join them!

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Sexy prison inmates Bennett Anthony, Drew Valentino, Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe, and Reign’s hardcore anal fuck fest in the jail gym.

To punish Beau for his misconduct at rap star Andre’s estate, the warden instructs his henchmen to take it out on the one thing that Beau loves most, his boyfriend.

The guards arrange for intimidating inmates Bennett, Chris, Reign, and Alpha to gang-bang Drew until he’s completely broken down.

Bennett pushes Drew over a cafeteria table as Chris and Alpha hold the hairy prisoner in place.

Ripping Drew’s prison-issued boxers at the back, Bennett rams his ginger cock straight up Drew’s bushy butthole before letting Chris have a turn. 

When Bennett notices that the stoic Reign is tentative and hanging back, he pressures the tattooed hunk to get his enormous cock warmed in Drew’s guts.

With Drew on the ground, he is served not only the raw dicks that were just deep inside him but also Bennett’s red-hot cum-chute. 

Once Drew is flipped onto his back, his legs are held wide apart by Alpha and Reign while Chris squats down to cover Drew with his sweaty asshole. 

Bennett next licks Drew’s meat ring, warming it up for the second round of bareback hole-punching that leaves Drew covered in everyone’s cum. 

Will Drew survive to protect his boyfriend from The Warden’s wrath?Join them!

When inmate Drew Valentino becomes entangled in a cafeteria brawl with another prisoner, he’s temporarily thrown back into the cell he shares with lover Beau Butler.

Drew knows he’ll likely be sent to solitary and wants to make the most of the time with Beau.

While vowing to protect his boyfriend from malicious convicts and the warden’s scheme, Drew eases Beau’s anxiety by feeding him his huge, pulsing cock.

Drew moves Beau to their shared prison cot, where he buries his nose deep in Beau’s ripe and hairy pits. On his back, Beau gets his face fucked before eating Drew’s furry asshole.

Desperate to reciprocate, Drew blows Beau’s rock-hard dick and then fingers and rims his fuzzy ass.

When Beau gets on all-fours, Drew continues to wet his boyfriend’s pucker with a stiff tongue and then thrusts his throbbing meat deep inside his man.

Beau flips over again so Drew can keep drilling him bareback until he cums.

Always the gentleman, Drew cleans Beau’s creamy load with his lips before shoving his tool back into Beau’s mouth, allowing his boyfriend to taste his own hole on Drew’s raw cock.

Drew squirts across Beau’s face, licking up his own jizz with a passionate kiss.

What will become of the steamy prison romance, and how will Beau survive without Drew by his side?Join them!

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