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Joey Mills, a horny bottom is blindfolded and escorted into his bukkake. He opens his eyes and six cocks of enormous size are waiting for him. Spikey Dee waited patiently for his turn while Joey sucked them. Then they kissed his face on the couch. Joey takes his place on the hard tops, and begins sucking them. He then fucks his face.

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On this holiday weekend, Cristiano is the only twin who hasn’t yet gotten some, but the weekend isn’t done yet.

Cristiano sneaks into the hosts’ bathroom when his boyfriend cheats on him, and while he’s there, he watches daddy Greg Dixxon shower.

When Greg sees Cristiano stroking himself, he drags him into the bathroom and sucks his cock while he’s there.

When Greg’s boyfriend Nick Cranston walks in, Greg fucks Cristiano behind his back while simultaneously sucking the other daddy.

Nick and Greg head into the bedroom, and Cristiano follows them in to sit on Nick’s cock while they’re in there.

After that, Greg will get a chance to ride Nick and take a lick from the twink. Before Cristiano and Nick cummed over Greg’s face, the dads even forced him to stand in the middle of a moving train.

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Twink hottie Joey Mills watches boyfriend Spikey Dee fucks older stud Greg Dixxon’s bubble butt.

Spikey Dee and Joey Mills, who are a twink pair, are getting set to spend the weekend having fun in the sun at the house of their favourite fathers.

The other guys splashing causes Spikey and Joey to break off their makeout session in the pool, where Joey quickly transitions from kissing his boyfriend to sucking his boyfriend’s enormous cock.

Spikey helps the bearded hottie Greg Dixxon with the wieners on the grill, and then Greg sucks him, but then he leaves him with blue balls once more, so the twink follows Greg into the kitchen and fucks his hole. Greg leaves Spikey with blue balls.

Spikey begins by sucking the bottom, after which he fucks him on the counter and then bends him over the counter for further, more intense pounding.

The bottom cums as he receives the drill while in spoon position, and Spikey pulls out and eventually fires a massive load.

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Tattooed ripped muscle hunk Bruce Jones’s bare asshole fucked by Greg Dixxon’s huge thick dick.

Bruce Jones and Greg Dixxon, both exhausted from their shifts on patrol, strip off in the locker room after their shifts.

When Greg comes out from the shower, he discovers Bruce smelling his pants because he can’t get enough of his partner’s scent.

Bruce can’t get enough of Greg’s musk.

Bruce gets handcuffed to the bench by Greg, who then forces him to taste and sniff his pits before sucking and riming the bottom.

After Bruce has begged for the top’s cock and been granted it in a canine-style manner, he suckings that large nightstick.

Bruce rides Greg and gives him a vigorous drilling in missionary position till Greg induces an orgasmic response from Bruce.

Greg then thumps the bottom on the lockers.

It was covered head to toe in top cums.

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Hottie ripped muscle hunk Derek Kage’s bare asshole fucked by Greg Dixxon’s massive dick.

Nothing gives Derek Kage more pleasure than seeing Greg Dixxon working hard on his truck without a shirt on and breaking a sweat in the process.

This is especially true when Greg is shirtless. After exchanging a few knowing glances with his client, the mechanic adjusts his jumpsuit so that Derek can eat out of his muscle daddy ass in the middle of the garage.

Derek laughs as he watches the mechanic. After that, Derek starts fucking Greg against his car with his massive dick, but not before inserting a few fingers and a nearby socket wrench into Greg’s wonderful hole first.

The multitalented auto technician repays the favor by rimming Derek in the back of his ride and playing with his privates till he is ready to mount Derek and load him full of bareback daddy cock. Derek enjoys every minute of it.

Soon, Derek will be wailing in pain as Greg will blast and breed his internal organs while flip-fucking him.

Greg drops down to have Derek give him a creamy facial that leaves him coated in hot seed after he’s finished watching the cum trickle out of Derek’s used hole for a while.

Derek’s hole has been used.

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