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Devin Franco is known for his woodworking skills and no, that’s not a cheap sex joke. Devin builds custom furniture at his Albuquerque home as a profession. But he also spends a lot of time at the gym and is working toward a personal trainer certification.

Devin believes in working hard, and that’s one of the reasons why he performs in the adult industry he’s not going to waste any of his assets, and that includes his boyish good looks and beautiful good looks.

More specifically, Devin enjoys an audience when he’s with men: “I like to show off, I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I also love getting fucked and pleasing hot muscular guys.” That’s all good to hear because we’ll have the camera rolling when exactly that kind of action is going down.

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 155lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom

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Hardcore fisting threesome Devin Franco, Alpha Wolfe and Luca Del Rey big anal fist fucking orgy
Strangers, get ready to get fucked. Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe are currently deep within an abandoned warehouse. They are watching a blindfolded and ball-gagged Devin Franco dangle from a Diamond X6 Pro Sling while being drilled by a Diamond X3 fuck machine from Fort Troff. Luca can’t help but go in for a taste before he and Alpha decide to take Devin’s raw hole for a test drive. With Devin’s dick being as solid as a rock and completely exposed, Luca can’t help but go in for a taste. Following that, Luca will don his Blind Skullfuck Hood before making his way into the sling for his turn. Devin starts stuffing Luca’s ass with his big bareback cock almost immediately, which causes the adaptable bottom to grab for the sling as Devin continues to ruthlessly beat him out. Devin breeds Luca’s insides after a few more powerful thrusts from the big-dick fucker, and then pulls out to see a flowing torrent of nut exit from his used-up hole.
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Fisting bottoms Devin Franco and Eli Shaw fisted by hot hunk Mat Wolff’s ungloved hands-

In order to facilitate some gaping threesome exploration, lovers Eli Shaw and Mat Wolff have enlisted the assistance of the most famous punching gay porn star in the world, Devin Franco.

As Mat’s lubricated hands simultaneously fill both him and Eli to form a fisting chariot, Devin shuts his eyes and lets out a low groan as he is on all fours next to Eli who has stretched out.

Mat takes special attention to Devin’s massive ass as he fills him full with his two hands before instructing the men to roll over onto their backs.

When Eli is filled with his partner’s raw hand, he experiences a physical awakening that gives a new level of trust to his connection with Mat. During this time, Eli reveals his imprisoned cock to Mat.

After that, Eli’s broken-in hole takes a bareback ride on his favourite porn star’s massive dick till Devin is ready to pull out and, along with Mat, blast ropes all over Eli’s clean ass.

Mat and Devin also bust ropes all over Eli’s beautiful ass.

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Sexy young punk Theo Brady bottoms for ripped hottie hunk Devin Franco’s huge thick dick
Theo Brady and Devin Franco are two servers at competing eateries. Theo confronts Devin after learning that Devin mentioned Theo to clients behind Theo’s back. Is there, however, more going on between them than first appears? Or are they really just competitors?
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Gay porn hotties Dakota Payne and Devin Franco flip flop poolside big dick ass fucking.

Dakota Payne is house sitting for Roman Todd when the new pool boy, Devin Franco, piques Dakota’s interest.

But now, Dakota’s gotta find a way to seduce the pool boy so they can have one hell of a time together.

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Ripped muscle hotties Derek Kage and Devin Franco hardcore big dick ass fucking fuck fest.

I had to get my camera rolling almost immediately when studs Devin Franco and Derek Kage came into my backyard.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

So of course, I had to have them tease each other, y’know, lick each other all over, suck each other off.

But the fucking, seeing Derek top Devin, holy shit.

You’re definitely gonna want to check this one out.

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Gay wrestlers Devin Franco’s huge dick fucking hottie young hunk Shane Cook’s bubble butt.

Wrestling stud Shane Cook is dominating Devin Franco throughout their match.

After four intense rounds of the men grabbing each other’s sweaty bodies, a satisfied Shane sits his muscular ass on Devin’s chest as his girthy dick spills out of his uniform.

Devin, wearing only a white singlet that’s covered in filth and grime from all the hardcore roughhousing, opens his mouth to take Shane’s victorious cock as Shane reaches his hand down to expose Devin’s hard dick.

With Devin naked and completely exposed, Shane buries his face in Devin’s thick bubble butt.

Once Shane’s tongue has explored every portion of his hole, the wrestling champion begins swallowing Devin’s stiff dick.

Devin palms Shane’s head, pumping himself in and out of him until he erupts and breeds Shane’s mouth.

A drained Devin then turns around so Shane can empty his mouthful of cum all over Devin’s wet hole.

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Ripped muscle stud Devin Franco’s bare hole fucked by sexy new stud Alex Ink’s huge dick.

Devin Franco is in desperate need of having a stranger’s cock deep inside his pink asshole.

He stands in the doorway overlooking the hotel pool, presenting his stiff dick and fuckable peach to muscular sunbather Alex Ink, who is quick to stand up and follow the horny vacationer inside.

Getting right to it, Alex spreads Devin’s cheeks apart to rim his delicious hole before sliding in his fingers and then pumping him full of meat.

He next drills Devin’s ass in multiple directions until Devin is ready to ride Alex’s bareback cock and give the stranger a taste of his load.

Alex immediately returns the favor as he nuts on Devin’s bare ass and scoops up his cum for Devin to eat as an after-fuck treat.

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Hottie ripped muscle stud Devin Franco’s huge cock bare fucking Max Lorde’s bubble ass.

Courier Devin Franco is tasked with picking up the work laptop of recently fired influencer Max Lorde, but accidentally gets caught in the middle of the internet star’s live stream instead.

Max’s devoted followers quickly start sending Devin requests and the curious courier soon finds himself giving in to fan demands like rimming Max’s hole and letting the influencer gag on his thick dick.

Devin discovers the true rush of interacting with Max’s followers as he agrees to the stream’s biggest request, barebacking Max’s famous ass.

He pumps his fat cock in and out of Max’s hole as the satisfied bottom’s eyes rush to the back of his head.

With Max’s face now bright red and his cock busting, Devin pulls out to nut as thousands of eager fans watch from around the world.

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Gay Rugby players Devin Franco’s huge erect dick barebacking Austin Avery’s bubble butt.

After an intense practice, rugby player Austin Avery is in need of a deep massage, and lucky for him, a handsy Devin Franco is there to rub down his thick thighs and aching ass.

Devin takes his time spreading oil all over Austin’s bare cheeks and exposed legs before utilizing his curious fingers to go even deeper into Austin’s backside.

Austin responds well to Devin’s techniques and soon the masseur is using his tongue and raw cock to please his teammate’s sore ass.

Still wearing his jockstrap, Austin backs into Devin’s cock until every inch has disappeared into his hole.

Austin moans loudly, lifts his legs to the air, and is nutting all over himself after a couple of strokes from his hand.

Moments after going down to suck up the remaining drops of seed escaping Austin’s cock, Devin lets out an oversized load that leaves Austin’s ass covered in a thick coat of cum.

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Gay sex dungeon sling anal fuck fest Devin Franco abuses Casey Everett’s hot bubble butt.

Casey Everett is blindfolded in a sling and his hole is pulsating at the anticipation of Master Devin Franco’s cock.

Devin teases the outside of Casey’s hole with the head of his cock before falling to his knees and sliding hefty anal beads inside Casey.

As Devin keeps pushing, each bead disappears slowly into Casey’s hungry hole.

After the beads come out, Devin’s cock goes in and Casey takes every bareback inch his master delivers.

Devin grabs onto Casey’s hard rod and pounds his hole with abandon. The hardcore sling-fucking continues until Casey shoots his load onto his abs and Devin covers Casey’s hole with cum that he licks up.

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I had these vids saved from when we were “dating” Devin Franco. He stayed with us for about a month, without leaving hardly at all. Needless to say, it was a bit overwhelming for both us AND our Fans.

So I held off on some of the vids and am posting them NOW. Devin is an eager Bottom with a pussy that can GAPE, so we really did have a ton of fun with him…

In this video, Jared massages him and breeds his pussy while I’m at work. Several vids will follow of Jared shaving Devin, and then us tag-teaming him when I get home from work! Stay Tuned…Join them!

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Hot House says: Sexy muscle dudes Jake Klerin’s bubble ass fucked by horny hunk Devin Franco’s big dick at Hot House

Devin Franco, sitting in the bathtub with his hands around his big dick and watching naked Jake Klerin wash off, isn’t able to resist grabbing his meat. Jake is fascinated and horny is soon joined by Devin in the tub, where he’s rimmed and fucked by his new bathing partner. Devin’s big cock continues to fill Jake’s void until Devin is removing the cream and Jake is standing up to unload directly onto Devin’s tongue.

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Devin Franco can’t keep his eyes off Alex Mecum’s chiseled, hairy body. He drops his power tools and gets down on his knees to worship Alex’s rock-hard dick. Alex looks down with approval as Devin skillfully sucks on his co-worker’s massively large cock.

The two rub each other as Devin feels Alex’s hard pecs and hairy chest. Alex drops to his knees and starts sucking on Devin’s cock. The horny studs’ testosterone continues to rage as Alex turns Devin around to get a good look at his perfect inviting ass.

Devin’s tight hole is ready to be fucked bareback, but first Alex tongue-fucks his hole, getting it nice and lubed up before he shoves his massive tool deep inside. Devin’s face is overcome with ecstasy as he feels his co-worker’s bare cock begin to fuck him wildly.

Now, it’s Devin’s turn to return the favor as he starts fucking Alex as hard as he can, fully enjoying Alex’s tight warm hole wrapped around his raw cock.

Devin cums while fucking Alex, and Alex soon explodes all over himself while riding Devin’s cock….Join them!


After Devin Franco and Dante Colle finish their interview, they find themselves with nothing to do as they wait for production to continue. They quickly figure out a way to pass the time and after Dante discovers what’s beneath the giant bulge in Devin’s undies, he gets to work sucking the hung stud.

Devin notices that Dante has gotten hard from sucking his stiff cock and decides he needs a taste himself. Dante offers up his warm mouth and open throat to suck Devin’s cock. As he sucks, Devin realizes he needs Dante inside him and turns around to give Dante his hole.

Dante eats Devin’s tight hairy ass until he’s sure the horny stud can take his beefy cock. Dante lubes up his raw dick with a little bit of spit and shoves it deep into Devin’s open hole, bareback.

Dante drills the hell out of Devin in a few ass-pounding positions before finally getting him on the floor where he picks up the pace to bring them both over the edge.

Devin is the first to nut, shooting his huge load all over his own tight body. With Devin’s cock still erupting, Dante pulls out and blasts his load on Devin’s hairy taint.

Dante gathers the cum up with the tip of his still-throbbing cock and fucks it deep into Devin’s used hole…Join them!

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As Devin Franco and Nic Sahara are about to get down to business, Devin Trez joins the duo to get his cock sucked by them both.

Devin Trez savors every moment that Devin Franco and Nic spend, devouring his cock. After fucking their throats, Devin Trez lines up the studs so he can rim Nic’s ass while Devin Franco gets his cock sucked.

With Devin Franco’s dick in his mouth, Nic takes Devin Trez’s pole up his hole.

When it’s Devin Franco’s turn to get stretched, he hops on top to ride Devin Trez’s meat bareback while Nic licks them both from behind.

Nic wants in on the fun and lines up to DP Devin Franco.

After squeezing his cock into Devin Franco’s tight ass, Nic switches it up to feed Devin Franco the cock that was just in his ass while Devin Trez keeps pounding away.

Devin Franco keeps sucking Nic’s cock until a fresh load is delivered right his mouth as he gets bred by Devin Trez.

Franco sits back one last time to jerk his cock until his nuts while Devin Trez fingers his hole…Join them!

Josh Moore is visiting Santa Cruz for the first time to see his best surfer dude friend Dan Saxon. He’s gonna surprise him but when he gets to Dan’s beachside house he finds that he is not alone.

Josh catches a glimpse through the window of Dan and Devin Franco getting it on so he hangs around the boardwalk to wait until they are done.

Devin is Dan’s latest fuckbuddy and he can’t wait to suck down hard on some hot surfer stud cock. He swallows Dan’s big dick whole in a deep-throated blow job session before opening his ass to that raw monster cock.

Dan bare fucks Devin’s bubble ass with all his might, pressing his cock deeper and deeper into that hot hole. Devin receives a thorough big dick ass drilling which leaves him begging Dan to seed his load in his ass.

Dan cannot hold off too long before delivering a huge cum load in his ass before Devin jerks out his own creamy orgasm. Both studs relax their sexual desires sated for now.

Just in time as Josh knocks on the door, Devin hits the road and the boys catch up for old time’s sake. Josh and Dan laugh about the encounter but it is clear that they don’t agree about what love, sex, and fidelity is..Join them!


The game ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ has come to an end when Dakota Payne, who’s boyfriend left the game because it made him jealous, runs into Devin Franco and Steven Lee who are naked in the living room. The couple convinces him to join them for some fun, and the three get out of their clothes and ready for some action.

Devin and Dakota both want a taste of Steven and get between his legs to service his giant cock together. Steven is ready to pound some tight raw ass, and Dakota is the first to volunteer to help him out. Dakota hops on and bounces on the thick dick until Devin wants his turn.

Devin mounts up and rides Steven’s hard cock bareback while Dakota licks Steven’s cock as it goes in and out of Devin’s hole. Steven can’t get enough of each stud and continues mixing it up by giving each horny guy some dick time. After sucking Devin and getting pounded by Steven, Dakota is ready to do some fucking of his own.

Devin lies back with his legs spread and lets both his buddies have their way. Dakota and Steven take turns fucking Devin’s face and ass until both his holes are filled with jizz and his body is covered with cum..Join them!


Devin Franco is horned up at the office and looking at porn. Instead of rubbing one out, he takes matters into his own hands and decides to go hunting for an apartment with real estate agent, Mateo Fernandez.

While on the tour, Devin makes a move on the hunky agent and reaches out to touch his bulge.

Mateo rolls with the advance and soon the two are locked in a kiss that quickly leads to Devin’s knees hitting the floor.

Devin wraps his lips around Mateo’s massive, uncut cock and works it to the base, opening up his throat and getting both of their cocks hard.

Devin is ready and bends over to let the agent open his ass with his tongue.

When Mateo is convinced that Devin can handle his massive dick, he stands up behind his client and slides his meat deep inside.

Pounding away on Devin’s hungry hole, Mateo grunts with each thrust as Devin’s hole gets used.

Devin wants it even deeper and rolls onto his back to let Mateo finish up.

Mateo pumps even harder and pulls out as his cum rolls from the tip of his throbbing cock, down his shaft, and into Devin’s open hole. With his ass filled with jizz, Devin lets loose and covers himself with cum…Join them!


The neon lights are flashing and the music is pumping as Josh Moore and Devin Franco enjoy their last night out in London. Devin walks in, and immediately locks eyes with Josh, their pent-up attraction for each other can no longer be denied.

The sparks fly and they look for a secluded spot to unleash their sexual tension. Josh pushes Devin up against a wall as they make out and get each other boned up. Josh is hard as a rock and wants a mouth around his throbbing dick.

Devin is happy to oblige by getting on his knees and offering up his wet, drooling mouth to be used. While Devin is down on his knees, sexy club-goer Jeffrey Lloyd spots the two and starts rubbing his own cock to the hot and horny scene.

Josh motions for Jeffrey to join in and Devin moves back and forth, servicing both cocks at the same time. Jeffrey needs more than just a mouth and bends Devin over to mount up and fuck his ass as Josh continues pounding Devin’s face from the front.

Taking a cock from both ends, Devin knows he’s in spit roast heaven as his heartbeat matches the pumping music. As each man thrusts inside him from each end, Devin submits to his body’s pleasure and takes everything they have to give.

Josh and Jeffrey continue to fuck Devin with wild abandon, taking turns plugging his face and ass until they both cum all over the horny spent stud, coating his body with sticky, white cum…Join them!


Devin Franco complains to Skyy Knox and Steven Lee about how he didn’t get any Canadian cock while on his trip to Montreal. As a consolation prize, Skyy and Steven offer their cocks up to Devin, who happily accepts the offering.

Skyy pulls down his pants as Devin and Steven pounce on his hard dick to suck it simultaneously. Not to be left out, Steven pulls out his hard dick as the other two take turns taking it in their mouths. All the sucking fun gets the guys naked and before you know it, everyone has a dick or an ass in their mouth.

Devin is ready for more and as he makes out with Skyy, he bends over to let Steven fuck his ass. With a mouth on his dick and a cock up his hole, Devin is in heaven as Steven pumps him from behind. The three studs can’t get enough of each other as they switch it up to take turns on Devin’s eager ass.

Skyy wants in on getting fucked and bends over to let Devin plunge inside of him. As Devin drives in and out of Skyy, Steven takes his place behind Devin and the studs form a chain with Devin getting pleasure from both the front and the back.

Devin is ready to burst and with both Skyy and Steven fingering his hole, he lets go and bursts into Steven’s open mouth. After Skyy and Steven lick up the load, Skyy cums on Devin’s ass and balls.

As he gobbles up his own jizz, Steven stands above Devin and blasts his creamy load down Devin’s throat…Join them!


After a fucked-up day at work, Devin Franco heads to a sex club where he puts his ass in the air for any stranger to come along and pound his problems away. Christian Finch is the lucky man who discovers Devin face-down-ass-up and bends down to rim out his eager hole.

As Christian is eating out Devin, Colton Reece joins the action with his massive hard-on and takes his place in front of Devin to fill his mouth with dick. Christian is ready to fuck and stands up to shove his dick into Devin’s tight hole. Devin takes a stud from each end as he gets his ass and mouth pummeled at the same time.

It’s everything Devin thinks he wants until Colton decides it’s time for him to enter Devin’s ass. Colton and Christian change places with the studs taking their positions to keep both of Devin’s holes filled at the same time.

The horny hunks continue switching it up to give Devin the maximum amount of dick in every hole. Devin wants everything at once so Colton and Christian mount the stud at the same time to give him an epic double-penetration that leaves Devin gaping and begging for even more.

Giving Devin what he desires is all that Colton and Christian have in mind and they take turns fucking the horny stud until they fill his mouth and ass with their loads.

With his body writhing and his holes filled with cum, Devin erupts with his own load and covers himself with warm, thick jizz…Join them!


When Pheonix Fellington answers Liam Cyber’s knock at the door, he wastes no time pulling him inside and making out. After they rip each other’s clothes off, Liam gets down to wrap his lips around Pheonix’s gigantic cock. Pheonix teases Liam’s ass leaving Liam begging to get fucked when there’s a knock at the door.

Pizza boy Devin Franco shows up to make a delivery. Pheonix answers the door but finds he doesn’t have enough money for a tip. Pheonix apologies for not being able to give him a tip, but unexpectedly Devin grabs Pheonix’s hard cock wanting for more than just the tip.

Devin sucks on Liam’s thick cock while Pheonix rims his hole from behind. When Devin’s hole is nice and lubed up, Pheonix slides his thick cock in to the eager pizza boy. He pumps away with powerful thrusts while Devin keeps his mouth full of Liam’s rod.

Pheonix and Liam takes turns going at Devin’s hole raw until Pheonix fucks Liam’s ass while his cock is still inside of Devin, creating a steamy fuck train.

With a cock in his ass and his dick drilling Devin, Liam is unable to hold back any longer and he sprays a load on Devin’s used hole and shoves his cock back in.

Pheonix takes one last go at Devin’s hole and glazes the delivery boy with his seed before shoving it back in to fuck Devin’s load out of him, leaving the pizza boy drenched in cum…Join them!


On the night of the Final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, ‘The Pledge’ has been made. Whoever gets through the ceremony will be initiated into the brotherhood. The ceremony starts after Devin Franco reveals the ultimate betrayal from one of the brothers that puts Trevor Miller into a submissive position.

The rest of the fraternity goes along with the turn of events, and soon the group is naked and going wild with blowjobs shared all around the room. As the initiation continues, the cock sucking quickly turns into rimming and bareback fucking. Devin is the first to make his move and rams his dick deep into Trevor’s ass.

The entire brotherhood lines up to teach Trevor a well-deserved lesson and every single dick in the room ends up in one of Trevor’s holes. After Devin has his way, Colton Reece gets to have his turn on Trevor’s hole as Zak Bishop jumps in to suck more cock. Brandon Wilde is up next and jumps in to get his dick wet before surrendering to Nic Sahara’s desires to be the next in line.

After all five frat studs have their way inside Trevor’s tight body, the guys are ready to finish the hazing. Colton is the first to blow his load all over Trevor’s face and chest. One-by-one, each of the guys cover Trevor with jizz as Devin keeps pounding a raw rhythm to his ass.

After all the guys blow their loads, Devin pulls out to deliver the last shot, leaving Trevor dripping with cum. After the humiliating power play by Devin, will Trevor be allowed to stay in the fraternity, or will the renewed bonding of a frat orgy be enough to save his position in the brotherhood?…Join them!


It’s night time in Fort Lauderdale. Do you know where your weed is? Devin Franco has to admit to his buddies that he got rolled in the park and it doesn’t go well. With nowhere to go and feeling deserted by his buddies, Devin rides his bike to a public restroom to drown his sorrows with big dick.

When a car pulls up, he finds JJ Knight jacking off in the driver’s seat. Devin can’t resist JJ’s monster cock and takes a quick taste. The two move the fun into the restroom where Devin continues his expert cock sucking.

JJ plows Devin’s face with his massive, raging hard-on and fingers his ass until both sweaty studs are ready to fuck. When JJ knows that Devin is ready for his raw, giant dick, he slips it deep into the panting hunk and quickly picks up the pace.

As Devin gets slammed with his face in the sink, a random stranger enters and starts jacking off to the show. JJ wants to see the look on Devin’s face as he’s getting fucked bareback and gets the stud on his back.

JJ keeps stretching Devin to the limits until he makes Devin blast a giant load all over himself. JJ takes his cue and dumps his load in Devin’s ass before he fucks it deep inside.

JJ isn’t one to stick around after he’s blown his load, and he takes off to let the stranger take over. Just as the random dude gets inside Devin’s spent ass, the restroom door opens and suddenly Devin’s fate is changed forever…Join them!

Devin Franco is chillin’ by the beach when his buddies drop by looking for some weed. None of them have enough cash so they hatch a plan to roll a local hotel to get some money. After the heist, Devin is down on himself for being a part of the plan when he receives a text from muscle daddy Myles Landon and heads on over to his hotel for a quick fuck.

The two meet with no words at all and Devin lies back on the bed while Myles pulls out his massive cock to cram it down Devin’s eager throat. After face fucking the toned Beach Rat for a bit, Myles flips Devin over and shoves his tongue up his ass to open it up for his giant dick.

When Myles has had enough of the foreplay, he slides his raw dick deep into Devin’s ass. Devin receives the massive member with pleasure and loves the feeling of the muscle daddy pounding in and out of his hole. After throwing Devin around in multiple positions, Myles is ready to blow.

He fucks Devin a little faster and drives a little deeper until he unleashes a geyser of cum all over Devin’s hairy hole. Myles shoves his bare cock back inside and keeps Devin’s ass full until Devin shoots a load of his own all over his muscled-up beach bod….Join them!


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Gay Rugby player orgy with JJ Knight, Cole Connor, Roman Todd, Drew Valentino, Devin Franco, Luca del Rey, Tristan Hunter, Tarzan Top.

Already naked and ready to fuck, tattooed rugby player jock Drew Valentino slides himself into the hole of Tristan Hunter as a horny Cole Connor is getting barebacked by Roman Todd only a few steps away.

On the other side of the locker room, JJ Knight’s oversized cock is making Devin Franco’s eyes roll to the back of his head while Tarzan Top slams himself into Luca del Rey’s muscular cheeks.

The naked players display some hardcore teamwork as they gather in the center of the locker room to dick down Luca del Rey and take turns burying their raw cocks inside of his furry hole.

One by one, each cock-hungry athlete takes a go at unloading their balls and covering Luca’s eager mouth and hairy body in their fresh cum with a satisfied Luca smiling every stroke of the way.Join them!

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Devin Franco makes his debut condom-less flip-fuck scene with Calvin Banks. In this special Summer bareback scene the popular adult star is excited to be here ON his birthday and Calvin is just as excited to film with him. The chemistry is instantaneous as Calvin rises from the pool to join Devin on the lounge chair and get his huge cock deep-throated.

Devin’s totally concentrated sucking impresses and excites Calvin as does his bubble butt. When Calvin reaches around to play with it, Devin’s hole tightens each time he deep throats him. Calvin turns and bends over and Devin’s tongue-fucking is so good Calvin begs the power bottom to temporarily switch and fuck him. After a little mid-scene foreplay Devin delivers some raw deep pounding into Calvin which spurs him to give it right back.

Calvin bends over Devin and alternates between spit lubing & eating out Devin’s hole, bare-fucking the vocal bottom deep, and going into a full-on, hair-pulling, throat-grabbing bareback ass pounding. Devin takes his turn riding Calvin’s cock every which way, so deep that Calvin’s thrusting cock disappears from view. Eventually Calvin flips Devin on his stomach to drill him into the pool chair and drives himself over the edge. He pulls out to shoot over Devin’s hole and then breeds his thick load right back into him.

Now that he’s had a taste of power-topping from both sides of the coin Devin wants to finish off by fucking Calvin. With his big bubble butt providing extra deep-thrusting action Devin fucks a still hard Calvin and it doesn’t take long before he’s pulls out to cum over his hole.

Calvin still wants Devin to fuck him as Devin slides in his cum-slick cock he holds him close to kiss him passionately. As they embrace with big smiles Calvin officially welcomes Devin with a timely greeting: “Happy Birthday, Mr Franco!”…Join them!

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Over the years, Devin Franco has proven time and again his lust for taking lots of raw dick up his ass. But here’s his ultimate conquest: a double dose of raw black cock.

Devin puts his throat and ass in the hands of two hung black hunks: Andre Donovan and Max Konnor. Andre, an exclusive model, has plenty of fun sharing Devin Franco’s holes with Max, who is a hulking beefcake with a rock-hard, battering ram of a black penis between his tree-trunk thighs…Join them!

Geordie Jackson has proven himself to be a hot, European roughneck who treats his bottoms like objects instead of men, which is exactly why Devin Franco wanted a go in the sack with him.

Georgie and Devin get to know each other in the first gay sex encounter of “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged” before Devin gives in to Geordie’s top cock.

And rest assured: Devin takes Geordie’s bareback cock long and deep in every position you can think of…Join them!

Billy Santoro and Hans Berlin are waiting for Devin Franco’s final decision, is he or is he not going to sign off on their final deal?

Honestly, Devin couldn’t care less about the deal these guys are after, he just wants to strip them out of their suits so they can take turns banging him in the ass bareback.

Devin loves hunky gay guys who can pretend they are his daddy, and both Billy and Hans are more than happy to play along, especially when Devin is always eager to be a good little boy…Join them!

It’s a parody, it’s a reboot, it’s a reboot-parody. It’s Must Seed TV.

Special Agent Cox Smulder (Devin Franco) wants to prove he was abducted by an alien, but with a skeptic of a partner like Agent Sully (Damon Heart) it’s easy to get pulled back to earth.

With one unsolved mystery after another, Sully and Smulder find themselves closer to the truth, until they come face to face, and face to cock and ass to mouth, with a close encounter of the probing kind…Join them!