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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
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Horny older big muscle hunk Killian Knox and ginger Brody Fox’s huge cock ass fucking flip flop.

Training boxer Brody Fox gets some help from his muscular stepfather Killian Knox after injuring his shoulder.

The regenerating massage turns into a hardcore bareback flip fuck between the sweaty studs.Join them!

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Naughty Archie Bakk spends some quality time with his hunky step-uncle Killian Knox during Spring Break.

He can’t help but perv on him during his free time.

They playfully tease each other and eventually, they cater to their sexual desires.Join them!

Sexy big muscle hunk step dad Killian Knox slides his huge thick dick deep into his hot young step son Christian Ace’s tight virgin boy hole.Join them!

After a good workout, Amone Bane enjoys his time in the shower a little too much until his stepdad, Killian Knox, arrives and catches this enjoyment manifest into a complete hard-on.

Embarrassed, Amone hides it.

But hunky stepdad shows he has one too.

Killian shows his stepson how to handle these urges.Join them!

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Hot mature bears Killian Knox and Musclebear Montreal pleasure each other’s hot body with titillating blowjob and rimjob before getting it on with fiery bareback hardcore anal sex that will leave you gasping for air.Join them!

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Cute, twink, Jack Bailey meets bearded, daddy-bear, Killian Knox in this all-raw, red hot encounter.

The two men face each other on the bed, legs seductively wrapped around each other, grinding and writhing their sexy bodies together.

Before long, they’re tearing off clothes and kissing like their lives depend on it.

Their looks of lustful desperation tell us how much they want each other and just how steamy this boy-meets-dad hook-up is gonna get.

Jack pulls down his boxers and his huge, solid dick bounces up, slapping forcefully against his belly button.

This twink is ready for action! Daddy Killian instantly gets to work, wrapping his hungry lips around Jack’s shaft and tickling his balls with his beard.

Jack’s eyes roll back in his head. He’s never felt anything this good before.

Killian gets naked and squats on the bed, pointing his perfectly-sculpted daddy butt towards the excited boy. Jack immediately gets his tongue busy, exploring every inch of Killian’s tight, tasty hole.

Jack spits into the palm of his hand and rubs it on his dick before plunging his rod deep into Killian.

The intensity and speed of Jack’s strokes blow Killian’s mind.

He grits his teeth and winces as Jack delivers blow after internal blow, ruthlessly rearranging the daddy bear’s internal organs in a frenzy of brutal thrusting.Join them!

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Young hairy dude Adrian Rose is in the locker room worrying about his hairy body but his stepdad coach Killian Knox has the solution for him.

Watch Killian give Adrian a little trim before they fuck each other right there in the locker room.Join them!

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Vander Pulaski pulled a few muscles during the game and Killian Knox is the perfect man to help him relieve the tightness he’s experiencing.

When Killian is trying to help with Vander’s hamstring, he gets distracted by Vander’s hairy bubble butt framed by a hot jockstrap and decides to oil Vander up for a different kind of massage.

When the jock comes off, Killian provides a massage with his tongue directly on Vander’s fuzzy hole.

Now that Killian’s intentions are clear, Vander roles over to let Killian deepthroat Vander’s monster dick.

Not a single inch is wasted as Killian works overtime to savor Vander’s juicy pole.

After sucking Vander and getting his own hole rimmed, Killian wants to feel Vander inside as he gets on top and drops himself onto Vander’s dick.

Switching positions, Killian is now getting pumped deep atop the massage table.

Vander takes a break and hands Killian the reigns so he can pound his tight-ass missionary.

Switching it up one last time, Killian gets railed until thick ropes cover his abs in cum while Vander shoots his jizz to add to the mix….Join them!

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Buff, bald-headed Killian Knox and athletic hottie Justin Matthews work up a sweat as they take their training outdoors under the hot sun, but the real payoff comes when they hit the showers to cool off their hard bodies, and hung dicks.

Of course, one would argue that sucking dick, eating ass, and getting your hole pumped is definitely adding another workout, but who’s counting anyway?…Join them!

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Killian Knox is stroking Vic Rocco’s cock through his shorts and quite impressed with how big it is. Once he pulls it out, he is even more impressed with the girth and length as he does his best to take it all the way down his throat.

After a while Vic Rocco has Killian lie on his back and he face/throat fucks him for a while. They then move into a 69 for a while before Vic rolls Killian up on his back and starts rimming his ass.

Vic then puts Killian on his knees and once his hole is wet and ready, he drives his big cock deep inside. Killian grunts and groans in both pleasure and pain with ever stroke.

Killian then rides Vic’s cock two ways for a while before flipping on his back and having Vic fuck the cum out of him…Join them!

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